The Best Things to Do in Brooklyn This Weekend: November 18-20

Best Things to Do in Brooklyn, NYC, This Weekend
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Brooklyn in Kings County is a borough separated from Manhattan by the East River and is home to a variety of attractions and food destinations.

But before it had grown into the electric, tree-lined street-filled community it is today, it was once filled by Dutch settlers in 1636.

By the 18th century, the borough became a modern suburb known amongst commuters and travelers alike.

Back then, the once-city was a manufacturing hub specializing in sugar refining and ironworks.

So much has changed since then!

Now, this contemporary community is a buzzing place with live events as well as arts and music scenes.

To help you get into some of Brooklyn's best assets, here are the best things to do in Brooklyn, NYC, this weekend:

Bring the Whole Family at Time Out Market New York

View of Time Out Market New York
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If you are visiting Brooklyn with your family, don't miss out on matinee nights with the entire gang with a trip to Time Out Market New York.

This waterfront hang-out spot is popular among the locals for its curated events and good local food and drinks.

When it comes to cultural events, it also doesn't disappoint.

View of Time Out Market New York
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One of the events to look out for this weekend is the Sunday Family Matinees, an ideal time for families to bond over preloved and new movies.

There will also be fun arts and crafts activities for the kids while the screening is ongoing.

Time Out Market New York is located on Water Street.

View of Time Out Market New York
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Admire the Art Pieces in the Frida Kahlo, The Life of an Icon Exhibit

Have a knack for arts and history?

Then, the Frida Kahlo, The Life of an Icon exhibition may offer you an adventure you've never seen before.

This walk-through exhibition comes with seven transformational spaces that all offer a glimpse of Frida Kahlo's best artworks over the years.

Alongside the impressive reproductions of her signature pieces, there are also original films, collector's items, and other forms of art installations through virtual reality.

Be amazed by the light shows and historical photos onsite, as well as the splash of colors in an immersive presentation on the walls.

Kids are welcome to become part of this exhibition, too!

The Frida Kahlo, The Life of an Icon exhibition currently accepts visitors on Water Street in the neighborhood of Dumbo.

Catch New Local Bands at St. Mazie Bar and Supper Club

At St Mazie Bar and Supper Club, find a blend of good music and jazz music all in a single place.

This restaurant on Grand Street doesn't only dazzle you with its menu variety, but it also captures your heart with its fairytale-like ambiance.

Its outside garden has many hanging and thriving plants that make your dining experience extra special.

But perhaps what makes this eatery stand out from your regular Brooklyn dining spot is its array of events every night.

St. Mazie Bar and Supper Club welcomes new local artists and bands for a fun time.

Come by the Main Floor and get your stomach filled with good food while listening to live music from local artists.

Learn More about Yourself by Joining BAX Open Studio with Jessie Young at the BAX Theater

Situated in the BAX Theatre on Fifth Avenue, BAX Open Studio with Jessie Young is an event you should list in your itinerary.

This exhibition, led by the choreographer from which the exhibition gets its name, is a performance experiment.

With the use of storytelling to bring forward concepts of the self, Jessie Young will share the importance of the body with the mind and voice.

Get the chance to talk with the woman herself, and catch her enigmatic slow-build performances for yourself.

You can also get your ticket for free, so you have no reason not to join the event.

Get yourself a seat at BAX Open Studio with Jessie Young before the theater fills out!

Join the Festivities at DTBK Gets Lit: Holiday Lighting Party in Downtown Brooklyn

Join in on the fun when everyone takes the holiday start-off celebrations in downtown Brooklyn.

DTBK Gets Lit: Holiday Lighting Party offers a way to get into the holiday spirit with the most important in your life in the most vibrant borough in New York.

Hosted on Albee Square, this holiday program features performances centered on electricity and light themes.

Some artists to look out for include Flowjuggle, DJ Mike Doelo, and Bond Street Theater.

Watch out for the lamp dance in honor of Diwali, as well as the free hot cocoa.

If you are looking for art inspiration, DTBK Gets Lit: Holiday Lighting Party also promises art installations.

And most of all, the most important highlight of this program is the lighting of the tree at the center of the square.

Pay a Visit to The Center for Fiction

Brooklyn's weekend events are an ideal getaway for artists, musicians, and, most especially, aspiring writers.

The Art of the Short Story: Andrea Barrett on Natural History with Ruth Franklin is a conversational program that sheds light on National Book Award-winning author Andrea Barrett.

Her short story collection, Natural History, takes center stage in this event.

With its impressive storytelling and connected plots, this collection carefully weaves the lives of teachers, scientists, and innovators.

And in her The Art of the Short Story: Andrea Barrett on Natural History with Ruth Franklin exhibition, she will be up close and personal with her creations and the importance of little events within generational change.

Be sure to come by The Center for Fiction on Lafayette Avenue.

Discover More about Korean Musicals at Trojan Women

Brooklyn's theater scene comes to life with a live performance of Trojan Women.

This musical tells the story of courageous women in the face of tragedy and war at Troy.

Survival and resilience lie at the core of the plot, as led by over 25 singers and actors with original music from K-pop producer Jung Jae-il.

He collaborated with Ahn Sook-sun, a known pansori master and one of South Korea's Living National Treasure.

For about 2 hours, feel the magic of great music that moves and shapes people to change the world.

BAM Peter Jay Sharp Building will host the majestic Trojan Women show on Lafayette Avenue.

Solve Puzzles at DNA Learning Center NYC

Situated along Tillary Street, DNA Learning Center NYC adds a bite of mystery to scientific experiments and shows.

The Mystery of Anastasia is an immersive puzzle exhibit that allows teens to explore forensic science in solving identity cases.

What's more, this program showcases a century-old mystery depicting the last Royal Family of Russia.

Participants will be inside a computer-based lab and compare DNA evidence and sequences to uncover the mystery behind the titular woman.

You don't have to accompany your child; the Mystery of Anastasia is a child-friendly exhibit with which your child is sure to have fun.

Listen to Some Music at Yuko Fujiyama: Contemporary East I in Roulette Intermedium

Looking for a grand time in the company of new jazz music?

Brooklyn's Roulette Intermedium has a special stage for you and your specific music taste.

Yuko Fujiyama: Contemporary East I is a music escapade that focuses on improvisational new jazz within a small ensemble.

Yuko Fujiyama has been an improvisational musician since 1993 and has made it a mission to share the wonders of this genre with the world.

Get tickets to this show, which will be on Atlantic Avenue.

Dress up for an Unforgettable Night at The November Experience

Brooklyn's glamor and finesse manifest themselves in its cultural events and gala celebrations.

The November Experience is one such remarkable example.

This all-black gala has the theme: Fashion Meets Illusion.

Enjoy a night of music and dancing at Brooklyn's finest party venue, Arts District Brooklyn.

Sign up for VIP service and feel like an A-lister when you get access to private entry to the place and a complimentary glass of champagne when you arrive.

Come with your best attire, and prepare for a night you won't ever forget at The November Experience on Franklin Street.

Chill with a Beer at Wett Sundays in Round 2 Cafe

Planning a night out by yourself or with a few friends while in Brooklyn?

Join Wett Sundays at Round 2 Cafe to make your Sundays even more outstanding.

This party welcomes everyone for free with RSVP, so this works well if you're looking for a budget-friendly way to become part of Brooklyn's party culture.

Chill to some Hip Hop and Afrobeats in your best well-dressed outfit.

Who knows?

You might even find a stranger at this venue who could change your life forever.

Wett Sundays also accept reservations for special events, so you and the crew can celebrate milestones at the heart of Brooklyn.

This event will be held every Sunday, hosted in Round 2 Cafe on Utica Avenue.

Have Your Face Painted at Fèt Gede in Cafe Erzulie

For a bit of cultural exploration and discovery, Fèt Gede is one event you should mark your calendars for.

Gede Season, or the Haitian Season for the Dead, runs from the latter week of October to mid-November.

This traditionally works the same way as Halloween or its Mexican celebration counterpart, the Day of the Dead.

At Fèt Gede, learn more about the Haitian culture through traditional Gede performances and Gede trivia that will be onsite.

Participate in intuitive card readings, too, if you fully want to immerse yourself in this culture.

Don't forget to bring your offering for the Ancestral Gede Altar.

It's a celebration of entertainment and tradition at Cafe Erzulie, where Fèt Gede will take place on Broadway.

Start an Investigation on Brooklyn Bridge Park at The Environmental Education Center

On Plymouth Street, The Environmental Education Center provides an entertaining way to spend your afternoon.

Open Hours at The Environmental Education Center gets you free access to a self-led investigation of the stories surrounding Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Among the amenities you can expect at this educational center include a 250-gallon aquarium and a miniature-scale model of the park itself.

Bring your children along for improved learning and a stimulating journey.

Make this event a way to get closer to your loved ones as you explore the place and share this experience.

Enjoy Free, Live Music at Lena Horne Bandshell

Outdoor entertainment has never been this carefree and inviting before.

In Prospect Park, Lena Horne Bandshell is your ideal open-air entertainment choice.

From live classical concerts to movie screenings, you never run out of choices to destress and have fun, whether solo, with your partner, or with family and friends.

And most of them come with no charges as well!

At the same time, Lena Horne Bandshell is home to the Celebrate Brooklyn festival hosted annually.

Find the infamous stage where local and world-class acts perform on Prospect Park West.

Experience Outstanding Music and Audio at Pataphysics in Delight Factory

Delight Factory's Pataphysics is a perfect blend of innovative music and sonic visual simulations.

This one-of-a-kind audiovisual concert series brings back the charm of avant-garde and psychedelia.

Set within a comfortable, intimate environment, and find yourself amazed by the combination of good music and art.

Bring your partner with you as you scan the walls of this concert and feel inspired by the massive display of creativity all throughout.

Are you ready for Pataphysics?

Delight Factory is on Saratoga Avenue, should you want to visit.

Final Thoughts

Brooklyn's main attraction is its brownstone neighborhood, filled with shops, boutiques, and all sorts of entertainment within a single establishment.

But more than that, just like the city it currently resides in, it's a borough that never sleeps!

Brooklyn's up-and-coming events vary in purpose and location, but every show only highlights the borough's best features.

Which of the best things to do in Brooklyn, NYC, this weekend are you going to see and experience for yourself first?

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