15 Best Small Businesses in Saginaw, MI

Small Businesses in Saginaw, MI
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Saginaw, Michigan, is a city known as a former central hub for lumber back in the day.

This city, home to over 44,000 residents, thrives in diverse industries besides lumber.

After its glory days in the lumber industry, Saginaw turned to the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

These industries remain one of the major economic drivers in Saginaw today.

Some products known in Saginaw include coal, salt, petroleum, and crops.

Despite its rich industrial scene, Saginaw is also ideal for settling down.

This small city nestled on the shores of the massive Lake Michigan is part of the Greater Tri-Cities region of Central Michigan.

The city has exceptional schools from elementary to college.

At the same time, it has plenty of recreational activities and attractions for its tourism side.

Besides its significant industries, Saginaw is also home to an eclectic collection of small businesses.

Here are a few small businesses in Saginaw, Michigan, for your reference.

Montague Inn

Exterior of Montague Inn

Montague Inn is an elegant bed and breakfast considered a local gem in the city.

You can check out this bed and breakfast accommodation along S. Washington Street.

This place is an elegant 1929 mansion with traditional Georgian architecture.

It has 16 rooms for guests, equipped with all the featured amenities to make your stay comfortable and convenient.

This place is also known as a top-notch wedding reception venue.

Interior of Montague Inn

It's mainly for its romantic garden setting and the mansion's well-preserved furnishings and architecture, perfect for weddings.

It can accommodate as many as 100 people indoors and 400 people outdoors.

Above all, Montague Inn is conveniently situated near some of Saginaw's famous attractions.

These attractions include the Saginaw Children's Zoo, Frederick's Sculpture Museum, and the Japanese Cultural Center and Tea House.

A bedroom in Montague Inn

The BoardRoom

The BoardRoom is one of Saginaw's most famous fine-dining restaurants.

It's situated along S. Washington Avenue in Saginaw's historic downtown riverfront.

It features an upscale seasonal menu.

It also features an extensive collection of curated wine labels, craft beer, and cocktail drinks.

Dining at this restaurant lets you experience top-notching dining.

At the same time, it boasts a gorgeous indoor and patio dining area.

Some of its must-tries include its boneless buffalo wings, steaks, burgers, and sandwiches.

These are excellent pairs for its extensive wine collection.

The BoardRoom is known to locals for its Sunday brunch featuring signature dishes guaranteeing a hearty meal.

Coy's Comics

Coy's Comics is already considered an institution for comic books and other collectibles in the area.

You can visit this comic book shop along Bay Road.

This place has served Saginaw comic book enthusiasts for over 25 years.

You can browse its comprehensive collection of new and old-issue comic books, graphic novels, and other reads.

At the same time, it's also home to a wide array of Funko pop toys, action figures, trading cards, and plenty more.

So, dropping by this shop is highly recommended, especially if you're a comic book geek or an avid toy collector.

You'll always be satisfied visiting Coy's Comics because of its great comic book collection and other collectibles.

Ken's General Repair

Tools at Ken's General Repair

Ken's General Repair is one of the longest-operating automobile repair services.

You can visit their shop along W. Remington Street.

This 24/7 call service automobile repair has served Saginaw locals since 1969, making them a trusted name in this field.

Like most trusted auto repair shops, its in-house mechanics always guarantee customers precautions and precision for every vehicle in their repair bay.

True to its excellent service, this shop has a State Certified Differential Repair, which guarantees your car is in good hands.

A vehicle repaired by Ken's General Repair

Some of this shop's expert services include suspension, battery, brakes, and diesel engine repair.

It also includes complimentary carwashes, vehicle inspections, and classic car detailing.

Head to Ken's General Repair whenever your car encounters problems on and off the road.

Daddy's Rich Bitz Boutique

Daddy's Rich Bitz Boutique is a one-stop shop for ladies' apparel.

You can visit this boutique along State Street.

With its vast ladies' apparel collection, this shop mainly provides women with elegant looks from head to toe.

It has all you need, from clothes, accessories, shoes, and other fashion items, to complete your look without spending too much.

It's one of Saginaw's local gems for affordable and excellent fashion items.

The owner would gladly order it online if you want something, not in the shop's collection.

Drop by Daddy's Rich Bitz Boutique whenever you feel like expanding your wardrobe with nice clothes.

Old Town Distillery

Old Town Distillery is an excellent place to meet friends and enjoy drinks.

You can visit this bar along S. Michigan Avenue.

It's housed in an 1800s-era building refurbished to become an excellent spot for drinking.

Many locals love to spend their nights or happy hours at this bar for its top-notch handcrafted cocktail drinks.

These are best paired with its food menu from its Italian cook known to serve pizzas and breadsticks.

It mainly serves handcrafted cocktail drinks from its signature rum, whiskey, vodka, and moonshine, made from its 235-gallon distillery.

If you're a liquor connoisseur, you'll appreciate its excellent self-made spirits, which you can try at its tasting room.

So, check out Old Town Distillery and taste its excellent liquor collection.

Café 476

Interior of Café 476

Café 476 is one of the numerous coffee shops in the city.

This one is situated along Gratiot Road within Point Shopping Center.

Like most small businesses, this one was created from a vision, a dream from its owners, to serve delicious coffee to locals in a welcoming atmosphere.

Grabbing your daily dose of caffeine at this coffee shop is an excellent place to be with.

It has a cute small coffee shop setting within a busy shopping center.

A cup of latte in Café 476

It has a cozy ambiance filled with the fragrant aroma of roasted beans and freshly-baked pastries that instantly sets your mood.

Like most coffee shops, expect a variety of iced and hot caffeinated drinks, usually paired with delicious treats and pastries.

Café 476 has been one of the go-to places for Saginaw locals to treat themselves to delicious drinks, so remember to drop by this coffee shop.

Flatbread in Café 476

Fox Grooming

Fox Grooming is a dog grooming service serving Saginaw locals for many years.

You can check out its shop along Weigl Road.

This locally-owned dog grooming service was started in 2014 by a former dog trainer who decided to open her own business.

Today, it's one of Saginaw's most sought-after dog grooming services.

It offers fur parents a dog-friendly environment and safe grooming methods.

So, remember to drop by Fox Grooming whenever your pup needs a complete makeover.

Red Eye Coffee + Tea

Red Eye Coffee + Tea is one of Saginaw's first coffee houses that serves freshly-brewed espresso and tea.

You can visit this place along N. Hamilton Street.

This coffee and tea shop has served Saginaw locals since 1983, making it a pioneer in this kind of business in the city.

It's known for its excellent coffee and tea, which you can enjoy in its cozy dining area.

This coffee shop is an excellent place for locals to enjoy coffee and tea and to mingle with locals, making it a staple in Saginaw since the 1980s.

At the same time, it has an inclusive environment that welcomes people of all genders and beliefs.

So, drop by Red Eye Coffee + Tea to see what this place offers best.

Artisan Urban Bistro

Food in Artisan Urban Bistro

Artisan Urban Bistro is a neighborhood restaurant known for its delicious meals.

You can visit this restaurant along Hancock Street within the Historic Graebner Building.

Dining at this restaurant is a splendid experience.

It features artful interior décors and furnishings in a cozy bistro setting with European and original artwork.

Fried food in Artisan Urban Bistro

This family-owned restaurant uses the freshest ingredient to serve unique and mouthwatering food to everyone.

Some of its must-tries include pasta marinara, short ribs, salmon, smoked pork chop, classic salad, and all-day breakfast meals.

You can pair its delicious meals with its excellent wine collection from California, Spain, and France to complete your dining experience.

So, head to Artisan Urban Bistro for a delicious and unique dining experience.

Soft tacos in Artisan Urban Bistro

Boardwalk Party Store

Boardwalk Party Store is your one-stop shop for liquors.

You can visit this convenience store along Bay Road.

It mainly serves specialty liquor, fine wines, and various beer brands.

Saginaw locals consider this place their local gem mainly for its extensive collection of alcoholic drinks available.

Its owners ensure its customers have plenty of choices when choosing drinks such as vodka, wines, whiskey, rums, beer, scotch, gin, and more.

Besides that, they also have mixers and other essentials to get you covered for your drinking sessions.

So, check out Boardwalk Party Store whenever you thirst for some booze.

Rockstar Florist

Rockstar Florist is a well-known flower shop and floral arranger.

You can visit its shop along Weiss Street.

This flower shop which opened in 1993, is run by a family that has served locals for two generations.

They are known florists who design funerals, birthdays, sympathy, weddings, congratulatory, and other arrangements for various occasions.

In addition, they use the freshest flowers sourced locally in their arrangements, guaranteeing you a fabulous flower bouquet for your occasion.

Rockstar Florist lived up to its name for its excellent floral arrangements for various occasions.

So, remember to check out its shop to see its fabulous flower bouquets and arrangements personally.

Eurich Home Improvement

Living room designed by Eurich Home Improvement

Eurich Home Improvement is an institution in Saginaw regarding home improvement services.

You can visit its office along Fortune Boulevard.

This home improvement service has catered to Saginaw locals since 1964.

It specializes not just in home improvements but also in complete house remodeling.

Home improvement by Eurich Home Improvement

It also offers vinyl replacement windows, kitchen remodeling, custom bathroom upgrades, and home repairs.

Above all, it proudly family-owned and operated home improvement services in Central Michigan's tri-city area.

For seasoned home improvement services, reach out to Eurich Home Improvements.

Kitchen renovated by Eurich Home Improvement

Peter and Chia's House

Peter and Chia's House is a local restaurant known to serve Asian dishes.

You can visit this restaurant along Bay Road.

This restaurant specializing in fried rice, noodles, and other Asian dishes opened in 2021 from a husband-and-wife tandem.

The husband is known for his passion and cooking.

Meanwhile, the wife is great at mingling with people, perfectly combining their restaurant management expertise.

Many locals queue at this restaurant to grab their favorite Asian comfort food, such as fried rice, Pad Thai, crispy fried tofu, spring rolls, fried noodles, and plenty more.

With all that in mind, Peter and Chia's House is the go-to place whenever you're craving mouthwatering Asian food on the go.

Court Street Antiques

Court Street Antiques is a haven for antique collectors who look for rare finds.

You can visit this antique shop and merchandise reseller along Court Street.

It boasts a vast and excellent collection of vintage antique furniture inside its 5,000 square feet store.

It's a haven for antique collectors who look for pristine-condition antique furniture pieces.

Also available in this store are rare vintage artworks, collectibles, and other items of yesteryear at affordable prices.

In addition, it has an owner who gamely tours you through the entire store, equipped with knowledge of almost all the antique items displayed.

Overall, Court Street Antiques is the best shop for rare quality and antique items.

Final Thoughts

These small businesses in Saginaw, Michigan, are primarily family-owned.

The others are owned by someone who wants to provide excellent products and services.

Like most small businesses, each one on this list has its own inspiring success stories that will surely inspire other entrepreneurs.

Continue supporting local and small businesses!

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