15 Small Businesses in New Hope, PA

Small Businesses in New Hope, PA
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New Hope, Pennsylvania, is renowned for its rich history and heritage dating back to the 17th century.

This small, charming town in Bucks County is situated along the shores of the Delaware River bordering Pennsylvania in the west and New Jersey in the east.

Despite its size, New Hope has plenty of things to offer everyone.

Besides being an excellent historical destination, this town, home to over 2,600 residents, is flourishing economically.

It's home to dozens of unique and exciting boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, shops, and accommodations owned chiefly by locals.

Most of these businesses thrived due to the town's growing tourism industry.

Thousands of tourists visit New Hope annually to witness its festivals and well-preserved historical attractions, showcasing its traditions and history.

At the same time, it's home to various wineries offering excellent wine collections.

Take a sneak peek at this post featuring the small businesses in New Hope, Pennsylvania, worth checking out.

Stella of New Hope

Food at Stella of New Hope

Stella of New Hope is a unique restaurant known for its refined American plates and gorgeous patio seating.

You can visit this restaurant along S. Main Street.

Most of its guests are tourists who want to taste local dishes and enjoy the gorgeous view of the Delaware River from its patio dining area.

This restaurant opened in 2012, drawing inspiration from the traditional farms of Bucks County.

Main course at Stella of New Hope

Its owners, who also owned a famous inn, purchased an old riverside barn and converted it into a charming waterfront restaurant.

They named the restaurant after their rescued one-eared pitbull they found on the streets.

It serves your favorite American comfort food from farm-to-table ingredients sourced locally from local food artisans and farmers.

With all that in mind, remember to reserve a table at the Stella of New Hope.

Cocktail at Stella of New Hope

John & Peter's Place

John & Peter's Place is a local watering hole known for its ice-cold draft beer and nightly music performances.

You can visit this bar along S. Watering Hole.

This bar has been one of the go-to places for locals and visitors in town since 1972.

It has a welcoming and fun atmosphere that bargoers love, especially during the evenings when various musicians serenade everyone with good music.

Ironically, the bar opened as a breakfast diner and didn't serve alcohol.

However, it eventually transitioned from a breakfast diner to New Hope's most famous bar.

Today, John & Peter's Place takes pride in having featured over 48,000 musicians and serenaded more than 640,000 patrons since 1972.

Pod Shop Flowers

Bouquet by Pod Shop Flowers

Pod Shop Flowers is a trusted name in New Hope regarding floral arrangements and fresh flowers for sale.

You can visit its shop along W. Bridge Street. A.

This flower shop is proudly owned by a family of florists who have continued the business since 1973.

They specialize in floral arrangements for various occasions.

It includes birthdays, graduations, weddings, parties, sympathies, and funerals.

At the same time, they have a gift shop where you can buy ideal gift items to pair with their bouquets.

Like most trusted businesses, its seasoned florists provide excellent and memorable products and services, which have become the shop's trademark since 1973.

Amazingly, Pod Shop Flowers can serve as far as Philadelphia, Stockton, Washington Crossing, and other areas through their online shop.

Sky Roast Coffee

Logo of Sky Roast Coffee

Start your day with a cup of Sky Roast Coffee's best espressos.

You can visit this coffee shop along S. Main Street inside the Ferry Market.

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or someone who wants to get a caffeine buzz, visit this coffee shop in New Hope.

It's popular among many, especially coffee lovers, mainly for its Italian-style espresso drinks using artisan coffee beans roasted to perfection.

Of course, remember to pair your coffee with pastries and baked toast for a more satisfying experience.

This coffee shop which has been serving New Hope locals and visitors since 2015, started as "Skylands Roastery."

However, its owners changed its name in 2017 after it opened its full-time coffee shop.

Today, Sky Roast Coffee remains one of New Hope's best places to enjoy your favorite coffee.

Karla’s Restaurant

Karla's Restaurant is another great place in town to enjoy a meal.

You can visit this restaurant along W. Mechanic Street.

This restaurant specializes in homemade European-inspired dishes and its Sunday brunch.

Its dining area has a relaxing vibe with two floors of seating and a pocket outdoor seating area.

It also has a small bar serving refreshing cocktails.

However, your primary business there is enjoying its menu items, mainly fried egg burgers, short ribs, and other mouthwatering dishes.

Overall, Karla's Restaurant is an excellent spot for lunch and dinner, especially for Sunday brunch.

Eight Hands Farm & Bee Co. Mercantile

Interior of Eight Hands Farm & Bee Co. Mercantile

The Eight Hands Farm & Bee Co. Mercantile is a general merchandise store offering handmade products from its farm.

You can check out this store along W. Ferry Street.

This family-operated store has been operating since 2015, ensuring its customers enjoy products made from natural and organic materials.

Its products are mainly a variety of gifts, housewares, home décor, scented candles, and plenty more.

This store takes pride in its top-quality products made intricately by its in-house staff.

Candle-making at Eight Hands Farm & Bee Co. Mercantile

They use farm-sourced materials such as bee wax from their bee farm.

The bee wax is manufactured into scented candles with a mixture of soy and comes out in small batches.

Its best-sellers and scented candles come in various fragrances, perfect as souvenirs, especially if you're a visitor to New Hope.

Remember to drop by Eight Hands Farm & Bee Co. Mercantile for unique products.

Candle at Eight Hands Farm & Bee Co. Mercantile

C'est La Vie French Bakery & Cafe

C'est La Vie French Bakery & Cafe is an excellent place in town to enjoy coffee and traditional French desserts.

You can visit this café along S. Main Street.

It's renowned throughout town as the best place to experience an authentic French café setting.

It serves traditional French desserts such as macarons, strudels, crepes, crème, etc.

Plus, its bakery regularly bakes fresh croissants and other French pastries to pair with its freshly brewed coffee.

It's an excellent place to enjoy delicious food and coffee, especially if you're an avid fan of French pastries.

Add C'est La Vie French Bakery & Café to your list of businesses to check out in New Hope for a unique coffee/pastry experience.


Unique tea at Magikava

Magikava is a haven for tea lovers.

You can check out this tea shop along S. Main Street.

It mainly offers a vast menu of herbal teas, particularly Kava tea, worldwide.

Inside the store, you're guaranteed to have fun browsing its shelves full of different herbal tea varieties.

Herb tea at Magikava

It also has an herbal apothecary with a wide selection of exotic herbs and elixirs with different health benefits.

Visiting this store lets you experience a unique tea-shopping experience, especially when you start sipping it in its café.

Visit Magikava and enjoy this one-of-a-kind tea shopping experience.

Tastings and Tours

People at Tastings and Tours

Don't miss the opportunity to explore New Hope's gorgeous vineyards and wineries through Tastings and Tours.

You can book wine-tasting tours at its office on Lower York Road.

This tour company offers tourists carefree and fun wine tastings and tours.

Its tours take you to New Hope and Buck County's most excellent vineyards, wineries, breweries, and distilleries.

The tour takes pride in its all-inclusive private VIP wine-tasting experience by partnering with local wineries and vineyards.

Amazingly, you can curate your tour by adding more spots to stop by for a more satisfying experience.

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or an average tourist, Tastings and Tours has everything to make a memorable tour.

Best Buddies Landscaping

Best Buddies Landscaping is a home improvement contractor known for its wide array of services.

You can visit their office along N. Sugan Road.

They specialize mainly in landscaping services for residential and commercial spaces.

With their excellent service, they've been serving New Hope and the neighboring Solebury for many years.

They aren't just your typical landscapers who provide essential services.

They design, maintain, and install gorgeous landscapes to add value to your home or property.

At the same time, they offer mowing and snow plowing services.

Regarding your landscaping needs, don't hesitate to reach Best Buddies Landscaping.

Thirteen Vintage

Sunglasses collection of Thirteen Vintage

Thirteen Vintage is an exciting place to shop for vintage apparel.

You can check out its store along S. Main Street.

It's one of the town's favorite places to score rare vintage, boho, punk, and chic apparel.

It carries numerous brands, including Betsy Johnson, Free People, Doc Martens, Jeffrey Campbell, and many more.

Choker necklace at Thirteen Vintage

In addition, it has a considerable band tee collection featuring Nirvana, the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, Bob Marley, and more.

Also, Thirteen Vintage offers beyond its primary product lines.

It offers cute onesies and infant clothing to match its hipster parents, making it a one-of-a-kind clothing store to visit.

Hat for sale at Thirteen Vintage

Phantasm Comics

Owner of Phantasm Comics

Phantasm Comics is a local comic book store that has operated for nearly a decade.

You can visit this comic book store along N. Main Street.

This comic book store is the go-to place for avid comic book collectors and toy collectors.

It's a great place to buy vintage issue comic books and action figures that came out in the 1970s and 1980s.

Its owner is a certified comic book geek and collector.

He is passionate about providing fellow collectors with the rarest and coolest comic books and action figures in town.

Look no further for top-quality comic books from past to current editions, and head to Phantasm Comics.

New Hope Pet Grooming

New Hope Pet Grooming is a trusted name for pet sitting in town.

You can visit its shop along S. Main Street.

This pet service mainly specializes in pet sitting.

It has operated in New Hope since 1987, making it the longest-operating pet-sitting service in town.

If you want to leave your pet in a safe place while running errands or finishing work.

In that case, this is your go-to place to drop them off.

This service has seasoned staff that guarantees your pet a fun, comfortable, and safe time with them.

Its owner personally manages the place to ensure all pups are well-taken care of, giving owners peace of mind.

Besides its pet-sitting service, New Hope Pet Grooming also offers full-grooming service, making it an excellent place for dogs and other pets.

Nektar Wine Bar

Salad at Nektar Wine Bar

Nektar Wine Bar is a restaurant and bistro serving Mediterranean-style dishes.

Visit this restaurant along W. Mechanic Street.

Although this place is a bar, most customers return for its delicious menu, mainly focusing on Mediterranean dishes.

Burger at Nektar Wine Bar

You're guaranteed a splendid culinary experience at this restaurant, especially if you order kabobs, Greek salad, moussaka, gyros, and many more Mediterranean dishes.

Of course, your visit to this restaurant won't be complete without treating yourself to your choice of alcoholic beverage.

During your visit, you can choose from Nektar Wine Bar's eclectic wine collection and a wide array of draft beer on tap and whiskey.

Wine glasses at Nektar Wine Bar

Porches on the Towpath

Table and chairs at Porches on the Towpath

Porches on the Towpath is a charming inn known for its rich history.

You can check out its room along Fishers Alley.

This bed and breakfast is a historic 1830s granary on the Delaware Canal's shores.

It has 12 well-curated rooms to stay for tourists visiting New Hope.

Garden of Porches on the Towpath

Staying at this place lets you travel back in time with its English and French furnishings.

All its rooms have air-conditioning units, a claw-foot bathtub, a spacious bed, and other amenities.

Overall, Porches on the Towpath is an excellent place for those looking for a comfortable place while exploring New Hope's past.

Final Thoughts

These businesses continue to provide excellent services and products.

At the same time, they generate income and provide jobs to New Hope locals.

Support the small businesses in New Hope, Pennsylvania!

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