15 Best Small Businesses in College Station, TX

Small Businesses in College Station, TX
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College Station, Texas, is a small but famous city in Brazos County.

It's mainly known as the home of Texas A&M University, which caters to more than a thousand college students.

At the same time, College Station became more famous upon the construction of the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Since it's home to a famous university, College Station has a lively and innovative community full of possibilities.

This city, home to 120,000 Texans, has plenty of small and locally owned businesses.

These small businesses focus on the food, hospitality, and commerce industries which keep the city's economy thriving.

Meanwhile, students at Texas A&M contribute to College Station's growth by using the skills they learn by fostering a productive, creative, and innovative nature in the community.

Over the past years, College Station and its neighboring city Bryan have grown exponentially, thanks to the hardworking locals bringing life and fresh opportunities to everyone.

Check out the small businesses in College Station, Texas.

Sweet Eugene's

Donuts from Sweet Eugene's

Get your daily caffeine fix at Sweet Eugene's, known for its top-notch coffees and pastries.

You can visit this charming coffee shop and café along George Bush Drive East.

Coffee shops in College Station have become a commodity for many.

It's mainly because students at Texas A&M frequently look for the perfect spot to study and energize themselves with coffee.

Coffee in Sweet Eugene's

Many locals, especially Texas A&M students, love to spend their free time studying and sipping freshly brewed coffee at this place, mainly for its cozy and welcoming interior.

Moreover, it serves coffee from freshly roasted java coffee beans complementing its delectable sandwiches and pastries.

Before you start your day, drop by Sweet Eugene's to get your caffeine fix, whether iced, hot, or frozen frappe.

Otherwise, have breakfast at its charming café and join locals starting their day with a hearty meal.

Interior of Benjamin Knox Gallery

Benjamin Knox Gallery is a unique, locally owned art gallery and shops famous for its unique artworks.

You can visit this art gallery along University Drive East.

This gallery and shop specialize in oil paintings created by its owner and professional artist Benjamin Knox.

You can see his famous artworks primarily up for sale inside the gallery.

At the same time, his more notable works are displayed at the Texas A&M art museums and other universities.

Knox's gallery and shop have been in business since 2001 and remain one of the city's most special places for art.

Besides gorgeous oil paintings, the Benjamin Knox Gallery specializes also in other aspects.

It includes diploma frames, custom framing, degree frames, Texas A&M Art, and cultural atmosphere events.

Montelongo's Fine Jewelry

Wedding bands from Montelongo's Fine Jewelry

Montelongo's Fine Jewelry is one of the go-to places for College Station's locals for luxury jewelry and accessories.

This jewelry shop is situated along University Drive E.

It's one of the best places in College Station that sell a wide array of jewelry pieces.

It has sold designer wedding rings, Swiss watches, fashion jewelry, and accessories since 1991.

Many locals buy or trade in their precious jewelry pieces at this shop owned by College Station locals.

If you want to upgrade your jewelry collection or propose to your better half, go to Montelongo's Fine Jewelry.

Jewelry maker of Montelongo's Fine Jewelry

Advanced Locksmith

Advanced Locksmith is one of the most trusted experts in College Station regarding your security essentials.

You can visit this locksmith shop along Winecup Circle.

This locksmith has served College Station locals since 1992.

It has gained the trust of the majority with its exemplary work in opening cars, key replacements, safe combinations, and plenty more.

The fine work is credited to its owner, a second-generation master locksmith.

The owner has a credible background in locksmithing based on his training and experience in the business, making him one of College Station's finest.

Whenever you're having trouble with your keys or locks, contact Advanced Locksmith.

They'll be at your doorstep in no time.

1541 Pastries and Coffee

A cup of coffee in 1541 Pastries and Coffee

1541 Pastries and Coffee is another local favorite for freshly-brewed coffee and latte art.

You can visit this coffee shop along Brothers Boulevard, Suite H.

This family-owned coffee shop is famous for its quirky cappuccino latte art, European desserts, and panini, serving locals since 2011.

Enjoy all these in its mellow café ambiance or outdoor seating area.

Bear-shaped latte art in 1541 Pastries and Coffee

Its owners, who studied in Austin, Texas, have vast experience working at numerous French restaurants in Austin, which helped them hone their latte art skills.

Today, they share their passion for food with their hometown folks in College Station, which you can pair with coffee and other food items.

Some of its must-try desserts include its signature tiramisu, cupcakes, muffins, crème brulee, and other desserts.

Head to the 1541 Pastries and Coffee for a one-of-a-kind coffee experience.

Living Water Pottery Studio

Interior of Living Water Pottery Studio

The Living Water Pottery Studio is one of the most unique local businesses in College Station.

You can visit this place along Hunters Creek Road.

Its studio offers everyone pottery lessons and workshops.

It's a unique experience, especially for those who plan to hone their skills in this craft.

People in Living Water Pottery Studio

It offers regular pottery classes with various courses from clay to mosaic and other art mediums.

Besides its regular pottery lessons and workshops, it also hosts parties such as birthdays, baby showers, and ladies' night outs since 2009.

When you're planning to learn to craft pots and jars, don't hesitate to visit the Living Water Pottery Studio.

Sabi Boutique

Exterior of Sabi Boutique

Sabi Boutique is a clothing company specializing in women's apparel and fashion.

You can visit its shop along University Drive E.

This shop has been in business since 2012.

It specializes in rompers, dresses, tops, bottoms, loungewear, jeans, swimsuits, etc.

Also, it specializes in making Aggie Game Day attire for Texas A&M students as sorority wear.

This charming family-owned business continues to provide College Station locals with its up-to-date fashion trends and customized apparel.

Drop by Sabi Boutique and check out its collection whenever you're itching to shop for new clothes.

Stampede College Station

Stampede College Station is a famous watering hole and restaurant.

You can visit this place along Harvey Road.

It mainly features a new country-themed restaurant and a live music bar.

It is now one of the new favorites for College Station locals who want to have fun and enjoy delicious food.

It serves tasty brunch, mainly focusing on American comfort food.

Meanwhile, when the sun goes down, the place turns livelier with drinks and live music performances from DJs and musicians.

At the same time, this place hosts some College Station events and activities.

Its dancefloor measures over 4,000 square feet.

You can party until the break of dawn!

Stampede College Station offers everything you want if you wish to party or satisfy your cravings.

Maroon & White Barber Shop

Interior of Maroon & White Barber Shop

Maroon & White Barber Shop is an excellent place to pamper yourself or get your hair done while you're in the city.

You can visit this barber shop and salon along Holleman Drive.

This place was the former Northgate Barber Shop.

It specializes in various haircuts and hairstyles.

It has professional barbers that can give you an old-fashioned haircut and shave.

At the same time, it has hair stylists to make you look the best you can be.

Visit the Maroon & White Barber Shop for a refreshing look.

Bluebonnet Pet Ranch

Dogs at Bluebonnet Pet Ranch

Bluebonnet Pet Ranch specializes in pet services on a broader scale.

You can visit this place along Golden Mist Street.

It offers full-service dog boarding, daycare, and grooming services for your sweet four-legged companion.

Its daycare facility lets your dog mingle and play with fellow dogs while you're busy attending affairs in College Station.

Also, it has a highly-rated grooming service whenever your pup needs to trim its hair or nails.

Drop by Bluebonnet Pet Ranch to give your pup top-notch pampering.

Dogs playing at Bluebonnet Pet Ranch

O'Bannon's Tap House

Alcohol bottles in O'Bannon's Tap House

O'Bannon's Tap House is a unique place to enjoy your happy or drinking session with your buddies.

You can visit this place along Boyett Street.

It is a convivial Irish bar serving a wide selection of beer and whisky.

It has a lovely patio to enjoy drinks and an indoor area.

This Irish pub regularly hosts various nightly events to entertain its patrons.

It boasts over 75 of the world's most excellent beers and a vast selection of spirits, making it a recommended pub to enjoy a bottle or two.

One of its most popular beers is the famous Irish stout Guinness.

Drinking a mug of this famous Irish staple lets you virtually travel to downtown Dublin and experience the authentic Irish pub's warm and cheerful atmosphere.

Overall, O'Bannon's Taphouse is a beautiful place not just to unwind and have fun.

It's also a great place to meet College Station locals amidst the lively atmosphere.

Marfa Texas Kitchen

Marfa Texas Kitchen is an upscale restaurant with a vast menu selection for lunch and dinner.

You can visit this restaurant along Greens Prairie Road Suit 100.

It's one of College Station's newest places to eat, featuring excellent dishes in its cozy yet upscale dining area.

It serves delicious fall-off-the-bone ribs, steaks, grilled chicken, salads, sandwiches, and seafood.

At the same time, it also serves a great selection of cocktail drinks and beverages to pair with its delectable menu items.

Whether you want to enjoy a romantic date or treat your loved ones to delicious meals, Marfa Texas Kitchen has something for you.

Stella Southern Café

Breakfast food in Stella Southern Café

Stella Southern Café is a locally owned restaurant known for its industrial-chic appeal that serves authentic Southern dishes.

You can visit this restaurant along Highway 6.

This restaurant opened in 2018.

It serves Southern dishes, mainly focusing on breakfast food made from scratch.

Oatmeal in Stella Southern Café

Some of its must-tries include fried green tomatoes, New Orleans-style beignets, southern-style egg benedicts, buttermilk biscuit and sausage, banana nut oats, Stella granola, etc.

Also, it serves breakfast platters in different variations depending on the breakfast item you want to enjoy.

So, head to the Stella Southern Café if you're searching for an excellent place to enjoy breakfast in College Station.

A BLT sandwich in Stella Southern Café

Raging Bull Street Tacos

Soft shell tacos in Raging Bull Street Tacos

Raging Bull Street Tacos is a food truck that serves delicious Mexican street food.

This food truck stations in various locations throughout College Station and its twin city Bryan.

This taco food truck opened in 2019 and has served thousands of tacos, quesadillas, and burritos to hungry College station locals, especially Texas A&M students.

Beef tacos in Raging Bull Street Tacos

When craving Mexican food, drive to this food truck and join the locals lining up for delicious tacos.

Also, Raging Bull Street Tacos, a family-owned business, offers on-site catering for various occasions.

Now you know where to look for the best tacos and Mexican food in College Station.

Shiner Park

Shiner Park is a locally owned nightclub where locals, specifically Texas A&M students, love to hang out.

You can visit this club along University Drive.

This club boasts the home of the biggest dancefloor in Northgate.

It's where most of the area's hip-hop dance battles and competitions happen.

At the same time, many DJs and country musicians love to perform at this club, making it an excellent place to have a blast, especially with friends.

Of course, it also serves a wide selection of beer and spirits to spice up your time at this club.

Bring your friends to Shiner Park for a fun-filled night out.

Final Thoughts

One thing's for sure with College Station: it will continue to grow progressively, thanks to the small businesses that serve the locals with excellent services and products.

You're guaranteed to have everything you want and need within your reach.

Support the small businesses in College Station, Texas!

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