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15 Free Things to Do in West Jordan, UT

  • Published 2023/01/28

West Jordan’s charming points are its arid western desert atmosphere and large bodies of lakes and rivers.

These natural areas bore similarities with the city of Jordan, which the religious dwellers called the “Promised Land,” resulting in the city’s name, West Jordan.

Inhabited in 1849, the first settlers thrived in the land with their discovery of the sawmilling industry.

Years later, the city saw growth in the sugar beet history and fur industry.

In the 21st century, this city in Salt Lake County, Utah, offers a modern suburban ambiance that entices travelers of every preference.

West Jordan is home to various parks, gardens, and public spaces as a suburb of Salt Lake City.

Best of all, it’s an affordable, homely city filled with pleasant surprises at every corner.

Start an adventure of your own using the guide below for the free things to do in West Jordan, Utah.

Trek across the Scenic Jordan River Parkway Trail

Scenic view from Jordan River Parkway Trail

Lucile Purnell /

West Jordan has something special for all hikers, bikers, and equestrians.

The Jordan River Parkway Trail, extending to nearly 50 miles, runs alongside the Jordan River and winds past Salt Lake County’s notable attractions.

Enjoy open vistas of marshes, urban terrains, and the tips of the Wasatch Mountain range within the distance.

Use the trail to go on a biking challenge with a loved one or to get away from the hassle of the city’s modern transport system.

While its entry and exit points are within the northwest section of the Great Salt Lake and at Salt Lake City, there are several trailheads you can enter along the route.

You can access the Jordan River Parkway Trail from West Jordan at its trailhead on West 6600 South.

Smell the Flowers at Conservation Garden Park

When you’re in West Jordan, there’s always a chance to learn more about diverse gardens and landscapes.

Conservation Garden Park specializes in waterwise horticulture and houses over 1,000 plant species native to West Jordan and outside.

This free nine-acre botanical garden is an ideal site for a bit of strolling and relaxation amid unique plants and blossoms.

However, it also offers a unique educational excursion for those interested.

With lawn and planting bed examples and park strip exhibits, you can learn a thing or two about proper irrigation and landscaping.

For your little ones, there are several play areas along the garden.

Are you ready to visit the garden by yourself or with loved ones?

Conservation Garden Park is on South 1300 West.

Spend the Day at Veteran’s Memorial Park

On West 7800 South, Veteran’s Memorial Park is your go-to destination for family fun.

This public park features lawned areas for those wanting to make the most of their outdoor activity.

There are baseball fields you and your group can use for a friendly game of catch and swing.

Veteran’s Memorial Park also has playground areas for your children’s ultimate amusement.

This park is free for everyone to enjoy, so come by when you have the time!

Play Fetch at West Jordan Dog Park

Spanning over three acres of open space, West Jordan Dog Park has your furry loved one’s back when you’re all on vacation.

It’s fully enclosed and features three fenced areas.

Within these areas, there’s one specially made for small dogs and two for larger dogs, all allowing canine friends to play off-leash.

This park allows your pup to meet other dogs and even play with the water fountain during summer or spring.

Kickstart your dog’s outdoor playtime by visiting West Jordan Dog Park on New Bingham Highway.

View the Artifacts and Exhibits at West Jordan Historical Museum

Take a trip back in time as you drop by West Jordan Historical Museum for a friendly visit.

Situated along West 7800 South, this museum is your reliable source of information and memorabilia from years past.

The museum, established in 1998, is home to various photographs, artifacts, and historic buildings.

There’s also a granary building, a homestead, an accompanying orchard, and a themed exhibit on Gene Fulmer, West Jordan’s champion boxer.

Watch a demonstration at the museum’s working blacksmith shop, where original hand tools used in the field are up in a presentation.

West Jordan Historical Museum is open to the public, so you can learn about the city’s and Utah’s fascinating past at your own pace.

Join a Free Event at Gardner Village

Water tower at Gardner Village

An Errant Knight, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A trip to West Jordan is never complete without a stop at Gardner Village.

Since 1980, this Utah promenade has become the ultimate silo shopping and fine-dining center for locals and tourists alike.

Highlighting the historic 1877 Gardner Mill, this avenue continues along brick-lined pathways leading to specialty shops and renovated old homes and buildings.

Regarding restaurants, Gardner Village also has some of the best—from classic American dishes to elegant gourmet cuisine.

A restaurant at Gardner Village

Tricia Simpson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Moreover, its rustic atmosphere and monthly community events add to its appeal.

Some themed events are the Woodland Fairy Festival in June and the 45-day Witchfest celebration.

Head to West 7800 South to experience only the best of West Jordan at Gardner Village.

Beat the Heat at Sierra Newbold Memorial Playground

Like every other park in West Jordan, Sierra Newbold Memorial Playground has a story to tell.

Unlike the others, this story tells of a tragic incident in 2012.

The playground—named after a kidnap victim of the same name—was a tribute to her and other children who lost their lives the same way.

You may find a memorial plaque for her if you visit the playground.

The site has playground equipment of varying sizes and purposes for kids.

From the spinners, climbing walls, and slides, your kids should spend time exploring and playing.

There’s also a seasonal splash pad they can have fun in.

Feel free to visit Sierra Newbold Memorial Playground on New Bingham Highway.

Run around the Grassy Fields at Constitution Park

Constitution Park offers a family-friendly spot with its multipurpose fields and tennis courts.

Spanning 13 miles, its amenities include a playground, a baseball diamond, and picnic facilities.

Gather with friends and family, watch football games, or start one!

Its great view of the mountains in the distance serves as the perfect backdrop to your morning or afternoon neighborhood entertainment.

On West 7000 South, Constitution Park takes you away from the crowds and large buildings of downtown West Jordan.

Explore Art at Schorr Gallery

Along South Redwood Road, go on an art explosion journey at the Schorr Gallery.

The gallery opened in 1994, taking its name from William “Bill” Schorr, a German national who donated to various organizations after coming to Utah in 1925.

He also became an active community member, continually helping the city, which made him who he was.

In remembrance of his efforts, the Schorr Gallery shines the spotlight on various Utah artists and their unique, chosen art medium.

Feel inspired by the paintings, ceramics, photos, and other art forms up for showcase.

The Schorr Gallery also features traditional to contemporary art.

Roam the Streets of West Jordan during Chalk the Walk

Chalk the Walk is an annual free festival celebrating art shown differently—through chalk.

This September event invites the whole family for a day of free activities!

Walking along the streets, you will see enticing artworks from local and international artists.

From portraits to landscapes, vivid to abstract, the subject themes and styles are endless!

Give Chalk the Walk a chance when you come by West Jordan!

Head to Viridian Event Center on South 1825 West to be part of the festivities.

Other Things to Do Nearby

If you’ve gone through each attraction above and still crave more, here are more free activities nearby West Jordan.

Browse the Antique Items at Sandy Museum

Exterior of Sandy Museum

A-M Bernshaw, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located in Sandy, Utah, the Sandy Museum narrates the city’s past through interpretive exhibits.

Established in 1893, this museum stands two stories high.

Browse shelves and wall displays of photographs, documents, and other media forms from as early as the 1800s.

Your child may also like the displays of antiques and toys in the museum halls.

Capturing historic Sandy’s mining and railroad past are slideshows and other programs everyone can enjoy.

Visiting Sandy Museum shouldn’t be a problem if you stay within a specific budget because admission is free!

Drive eight minutes east and then south from West Jordan to reach this museum.

View the Historic Replicas at the Gale Center of History and Culture

Located in South Jordan, Utah, the Gale Center of History and Culture is one of the promising historical centers focused on youth learning since 2006.

Before it housed child-friendly historical items, the building of this museum once served as a branch library within the city.

Now, it’s an ideal attraction for youngsters interested in historical research.

Detailing the past of South Jordan and Americana, it attracts visitors with its hands-on exhibits and building replicas.

Intended for a child’s eyes, most of the artifacts displayed are small.

Play areas are also available for kids for a more immersive educational experience.

You can find Gale Center of History and Culture on South Beckstead Lane, about seven minutes from West Jordan.

Meet the Farm Animals at Wheeler Historic Farm

Scenic view of Wheeler Historic Farm

Pat McGinley /

For an agricultural excursion, Wheeler Historic Farm offers you a lot to look forward to and more.

This farm opened in 1976 and was initially owned by Joseph Hammond, who sold it to Ole Hansen.

The Wheeler family soon inhabited the property and lived in it for about 56 years.

Years later, Wheeler Historical Farm on South 900 East has become a landmark with approximately 6,000 artifacts relating to Utah’s past agricultural venture.

Ducks on Wheeler Historic Farm's pond

Danita Delimont /

There’s also a Machinery Barn onsite that showcases old equipment and tools used in farming.

Another good activity for the whole family is to meet the farm animals on the property.

Just don’t try to pet or feed them!

This farm wouldn’t take you far from West Jordan.

You can find it in Murray, Utah, only ten minutes from the city.

Admire the Stone Art at Gilgal Sculpture Garden

When it comes to public art, Salt Lake City always takes one step forward.

Gilgal Sculpture Garden is proof of this.

Located on East 500 South in Salt Lake City, Utah, this admission-free garden was the masterpiece of Thomas Battersby Child, Jr.

His vision to create a sculpture garden made him create 12 original sculpture arrangements and 70 more stones carved with literary texts and the like.

Enjoy a serene walk along the art pieces and find inner peace with the writings you’ll encounter.

Prepare for a life-altering experience when you finally drop by this public garden.

Gilgal Sculpture Garden is 18 minutes from West Jordan.

Enjoy the Sunset at Ensign Peak Hike

The peak of Ensign Peak

nyker /

See the city of Salt Lake City from the top of Ensign Peak, and the breathtaking sight you’ll meet should become an unforgettable memory.

Discovered by President Brigham Young and his company, this peak had the potential—according to him—to “ensign the nations.”

In 1934, Salt Lake Ensign Stake Mutual Improvement Associations erected a stone monument rising to 18 feet at the peak’s center.

People admiring the views from Ensign Peak

BeimProductions /

Many come by this historical spot for its promise of an enjoyable hiking adventure plus a well-earned view at its top.

This hiking spot is above the Utah State Capitol Building on State Street.

From West Jordan, you can reach Ensign Peak within 23 minutes.

Hiking trail of Ensign Peak

Leonid Andronov /

Final Thoughts

West Jordan’s outdoor recreation possibilities are the fastest way to an outdoorsy traveler’s heart!

From hiking and trekking to nature observation, your traveling group has many to look forward to.

Check out the free things to do in West Jordan, Utah!

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