15 Free Things to Do in Vero Beach South, FL

Free Things to Do in Vero Beach South, FL
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A small-town charm, Vero Beach South is rich in nature and wildlife, which have drawn many tourists.

It's a census-designated place in Florida and is part of the Vero Beach-Sebastian Metropolitan Statistical Area.

It's part of Indian River County and had a population of 23,092 as of the 2010 census.

Because of its balmy weather, this unincorporated area has become one of the popular tourist destinations in the Sunshine State.

With wild marshlands, scenic greenways, beautiful beaches, and a laidback atmosphere, the community is filled with endless recreation opportunities for locals and tourists.

It also has great access to other communities, cities, and towns, which makes it easier to get lost in the area's best-kept secrets, free of charge!

Here's a round-up of the top free things to do in Vero Beach South, Florida:

Hike the Lagoon Greenway

Located at the intersection of Indian River Boulevard and 8th Street, the Lagoon Greenway provides an ecologically diverse trail system for hikers.

The three-mile trail offers a stunning forest of cabbage palms, expanse mangroves, Spanish moss, and oak domes through shaded boardwalks.

As soon as you get to the observation deck, you'll witness the stunning beauty of the Indian River Lagoon.

It will only take a mile of an out-and-back hike to reach the overlook, but if you seek more lengthy walks, you can try the two-mile long loop trail.

You can also choose to do the Mini-Adventure trail to see more of the natural areas.

The Lagoon Greenway is a 187-acre property opened in 2012 by the Indian River County, Land Trust, and the Florida Inland Navigation District.

Bike on the Scenic State Road 5

Also called Florida State Road 5 or FL-5, State Road 5 is one of the most scenic roads in Vero Beach South, which runs from north to south.

The state road has a dedicated bike lane for those who want to ride in this coastal community.

It can be pretty busy here between the months of February and April, but the designated lane should be safe for traveling cyclists.

Along the way, you'll pass by McKee Botanical Gardens, which boasts beautiful green foliage comprising native trees, bushes, and plants.

You'll also pass through several establishments and commercial centers while enjoying the scenic road with fresh coastal air!

State Road 5 is mainly signed as U.S. Highway 1.

See the Beautiful Grounds of St. Augustine Episcopal Church

With a serene ambiance and a peaceful community, the beautiful grounds of St. Augustine Episcopal Church are worth a visit.

The spacious grounds offer an amazing calming vibe with spectacular gardening.

This scenery welcomes churchgoers and those who want to take scenic walks in a relaxing atmosphere, away from the big city's noise.

St. Augustine Episcopal Church offers several programs for children, teens, and adults, including Sunday School service and Holiday Craft Day.

It was established in 1993 on 43rd Avenue.

Admire the Artwork Display at Unity Spiritual Center of Vero Beach

Whether or not you're a religious person, you can get closer to the whimsical and amazing artworks displayed at Unity Spiritual Center of Vero Beach.

The church is home to beautiful grounds and an amazing labyrinth.

But what makes it more interesting is the art display at the church's garden made by the members of the church.

It's open to everyone, so if you're into meditation, it's available every Sunday.

Unity Spiritual Center of Vero Beach is located on 43rd Avenue.

Check Out the Large Pond at Willow School

Willow School's seven-acre grassy property is home to a beautiful large pond.

As soon as you leave the street where the Unity Spiritual Center is located, you can see the pond along the way on 43rd Avenue.

The school also has wooded areas surrounding the property, making it closer to nature.

Its green foliage is also a sight to behold.

Strike a pose with the large scenic pond as your backdrop!

Take a Ride along Old Dixie Highway

If you're driving around Vero Beach South, you shouldn't miss riding down Old Dixie Highway, which was an auto trail built in 1916.

It has a total of 5,786 miles, running from Mackinaw City, Michigan, to Miami, Florida, linking the Midwest to the south.

In the Southeastern United States, this historic highway has the longest original brick road that spans nine miles.

The highway was platted in 1914 led by businessman Carl G. Fisher, founder of the Lincoln Highway Association.

In Vero Beach South, the Old Dixie Highway is among the historic roads to check out, where you can see lots of commercial establishments along the way.

Walk around the Public Park

On 53rd Avenue, there's a small grassy area designated as Public Park by the Indian River County Parks & Recreation.

The small area has nice grass, which is great for spending some time walking around the neighborhood.

Because it's a small space, there is no playground equipment or benches around.

However, if you pass by the street, it's a great spot to either sit on the grass while sipping your favorite cup of coffee or simply walk around the small area for a few minutes.

You'll also see shady trees around if you're following the street at the intersection of 24th Street.

Take a Photo of the Scenic Green Foliage on 4th Street

For nature lovers traversing 4th Street, the beautiful green foliage that neatly aligns the street on Citrus Road is a sight to behold.

The foliage comprises palm trees, native trees, bushes, and grass that make up the panoramic greenway road.

This part of the street is a perfect spot for taking Instagram-worthy photos.

It's also a great stop for those who are driving or walking while checking out establishments and commercial centers.

The scenic 4th Street is close to Citrus Elementary School.

Other Things to Do Nearby

As pretty as the entire Vero Beach South, its neighboring cities and communities are also packed with wonderful gems to visit and explore.

Discover these amazing places past the borders that are only a few minutes drive away from each other.

Have a Picnic at Jaycee Park

Aerial view of Jaycee Park
Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock.com

A family day also means a picnic, and Jaycee Park doesn't disappoint!

The park offers stunning ocean views with open and covered picnic areas with grills for barbecues to share with the entire family.

For traveling families, the park is a great escape from the modern metropolis, with amazing views of the coast, perfect for a family who loves the salty air.

It also has lifeguards on duty, who are all employed by the City of Vero Beach.

The kids can also enjoy the park's play area.

There are also cute tamed rabbits everywhere on site, which usually get close to visitors.

Jaycee Park is only 16 minutes away from Vero Beach South to the City of Vero Beach off Ocean Drive.

Read a Book at the Indian River County Library

Can't get enough of good books even when traveling?

At the Indian River County Library, traveling bookworms can spend some time reading in the library's spacious reading nooks.

The library has a wide collection of books, magazines, newspapers, CDs and DVDs, and many other resources for all ages.

There are also rooms to use for reading, computer use, studying, and researching.

If you're keen on getting some souvenirs or gifts for your loved ones back home, the library has a small gift shop to browse through.

Make yourself comfortable at the Indian River County Library and complete your day by spending some reading sessions at this spacious spot.

You can find the library in downtown Vero Beach on 21st Street.

Get Closer to Nature and Wildlife at Osprey Acres Stormwater Park and Nature Preserve

Ecologically diverse and packed with natural areas, Osprey Acres Stormwater Park and Nature Preserve is a great spot for those who want to get closer to nature.

The preserve offers tons of wildlife to see, including species of birds like egrets, woodpeckers, bluejays, anhinga, herons, and other animals.

In addition to wildlife, you'll also discover how the preserve maintains the site's natural area through the lively Florida conifers, native plants, and wildflowers.

Osprey Acres Stormwater Park and Nature Preserve perfectly fits the flora and fauna destination for nature lovers.

It's located at 5th Street Southwest.

Get Your Beach Fix at South Beach Park

Daytime view of South Beach Park
Rockerchi379, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For your beach day, head to South Beach Park, a popular spot for those who love the ocean with the amazing smell of the Atlantic.

The park provides easy access to the beach, which is great for swimming, especially since there are lifeguards on duty.

Restrooms and showers at the park are also available to use.

You'll love the intertwined trees at the entrance of the park, making it more inviting for all visitors.

It's also a great spot for beach walks, especially on a fine afternoon while enjoying the salty air and sandy floors.

South Beach Park is located on Ocean Drive in the City of Vero Beach, only a 12-minute drive from Vero Beach South.

Explore Downtown Vero Beach

Filled with historic buildings, unique art galleries, local dining, and more, Downtown Vero Beach beams with history, as well as a vibrant and welcoming lifestyle.

Wander Main Street and see how history and culture have helped shape the city today.

Everywhere in the downtown area is thriving, but the remnants of the past can still be observed through its historic buildings occupied by local businesses.

Do this with your favorite drink in hand and enjoy the tropical weather in this coastal city.

Downtown Vero Beach offers pulsating nightlife, dainty shows, great music, and more!

Follow the Downtown Mural Trail

Art is also thriving in Vero Beach, and you can see it by following the Instgrammable Downtown Mural Trail.

From downtown Vero Beach to the City of Sebastian, larger-than-life murals adorn the pathways, buildings, and small businesses.

These masterpieces showcase the Indian River County and the state of Florida, from native wildlife, beaches, flowers, and homes, among others.

Local artists worked on these amazing artworks to continue the county's efforts in keeping the communities together.

Check out the Downtown Mural Trail and don't forget to take a photo!

Learn about History at the Indian River Historical Society

Welcome sign of Indian River Historical Society
Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the best destinations when visiting a place is a museum, which gives you a glimpse of the past.

At the Indian River Historical Society, you get to learn about the historic city's past and the Indian River County's history.

The museum preserves and restores all the environmental and historical resources of the entire county.

The old 1903 railroad station was also transformed into a museum with exhibits such as photographs and artifacts.

In 1987, the station building was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Indian River Historical Society is located off 14th Avenue and is about 10 minutes away from Vero Beach South.

Final Thoughts

With various attractions and amazing hospitality, Vero Beach South promises an unmatched visit to the Atlantic coast.

The community is a low-key tropical haven for both locals and tourists.

Try these free things to do in Vero Beach South, Florida, for a budget-friendly trip!

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