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15 Free Things to Do in Tamarac, FL

  • Published 2023/02/12

Located in Broward County, Tamarac has a rich history and plenty of attractions that won’t break the bank.

It was formally incorporated on July 19, 1963, by developer Kenneth E. Behring to provide retirees with the comfort of a condominium and the solitude of single-family homes.

Its name comes from the nearby Oakland Park golf club, and Tamarac Lakes was Behring’s first community developed there.

Eventually, other communities, such as Mainlands and Woodlands, emerged, which accounts for its unique shape.

From exploring parks to admiring monuments and even tending to community gardens, many activities in Tamarac can be enjoyed for free.

Take advantage of these 15 free things to do in Tamarac, Florida.

Explore Tamarac Sports Complex

The grounds of Tamarac Sports Complex

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The Tamarac Sports Complex, located on Commercial Boulevard, has many features to suit the needs of sports lovers.

Tamarac Sports Complex is the perfect spot to enjoy various sporting activities.

The Sports Complex features picnicking at tables set in an inviting playground, playing football or soccer on its spacious field, and challenging your friends in competitive tennis and basketball games.

People at Tamarac Sports Complex

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You can also take full advantage of the hockey arena and enjoy snacks from the refreshment stand.

In 2009, the Tamarac Sports Complex Expansion project revitalized recreational opportunities and introduced new features for residents to enjoy.

Plus, additional parking spots create easy access for community members.

Bouncy castle at Tamarac Sports Complex

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Relax at Mainlands Park

Mainlands Park, located at 4500 Monterey Drive, allows visitors to experience the beauty of nature in a safe and friendly environment.

A wide range of amenities is available at the park, including a multi-use walking path, nature kiosk, exercise stations, fishing pier/observation platform, covered picnic tables, drinking fountains, and restrooms.

With its one-mile-long trail for walking, jogging, and biking, visitors can observe burrowing owls or mine coconuts along the route and use exercise amenities like cardio loops.

Picnic beside the upper lake with family and friends or enjoy some quiet contemplation among the trees and sea of grass.

Additionally, visitors may bring their furry friends to stroll around since leashed pets are allowed in the park.

Enjoy the fresh and peaceful atmosphere at Mainlands Park!

Pay Tribute to the Veterans at the Picturesque Tamarac Veterans’ Park

The City of Tamarac has erected a sprawling “Veterans Honor Wall” in the picturesque Tamarac Veterans’ Park to honor locals who have served in the military.

The wall features plaques that show each veteran’s name, rank, branch of service, and years of duty.

In total, 1,000 veterans have been recognized and immortalized on panels 1 through 10.

Visit the Veteran’s Honor Wall to see the robust public artwork exhibition “In the Spirit of Peace” by renowned local artist Beth Ravitz.

This awe-inspiring sculpture is illuminated at night from University Drive and serves as a radiant symbol of honor to those who have served in times past.

Memorial Day and Veterans Day events are held annually in Veterans’ Park on Southgate Boulevard to celebrate these brave individuals for their courageous service to their country.

Relax at Waters Edge Park

Waters Edge Park on 61st Street is the perfect destination for an active and enjoyable day!

The park is an ideal spot for various activities, from basketball to fishing and more.

Catch up with friends over the fully equipped grill, or fire up the BBQ for a picnic lunch on one of many tables strewn throughout the area.

Engage those muscles further by exploring fitness stations dotted around the site as you make your way along the walking track before taking a break in public shelters nearby.

Whether you want to enjoy outdoor exercise or relax with friends and family while having lunch at the picnic tables or under the pavilion’s shade, Waters Edge Park has something to offer everyone.

Guests may use public restrooms and take advantage of the parking lot while they cool off at the splash pad before stepping on the walking track or challenging each other over volleyball.

Discover the Natural Wonders of Woodmont Natural Area

Nestled among the shopping centers and subdivisions in Tamarac, Woodmont Natural Area is an ode to nature.

This 22-acre designated Urban Wilderness Area is home to ferns, beautyberry, wild coffee, and lime.

It’s a paradise for birdwatchers as it features several hawks, wood warblers, owls, woodpeckers, and shore birds.

The area is especially suitable for viewing spring and fall warblers and great crested flycatchers.

Located on 80th Avenue, Woodmont Natural Area boasts nature pathways, explanatory signage, a concrete walkway, a 2154-foot raised boardwalk, and benches.

Check out the interpretive signage providing insight into the local environment as you stroll along the nature trail or take a break at one of the seating areas scattered throughout the property.

Spend a Day at Caporella Park

Perched along Prospect Road, Caporella Park serves as an idyllic waterfront escape.

It is the ideal spot for your next family or friends gathering, with convenient amenities for your comfort.

Enjoy grilling and eating outdoors at picnic tables close to calm waters while enjoying nature’s charm from a nearby pier.

There are also covered playgrounds, shelters, and restrooms available at this beautiful park destination—perfect for that day trip you’ve been planning!

All these make Caporella Park an excellent choice for enjoying pleasurable times outdoors with loved ones.

Enjoy Recreational Activities at Sunset Point Park

Sunset Point Park is a scenic 8.5-acre park located on the western outskirts of Tamarac and is a popular destination for families looking to relax, play, and learn.

Picnic pavilions with grills and electricity offer the perfect spot for a memorable afternoon meal, while marshes present ample opportunities to appreciate local wildlife through bird watching.

An environmental area boasts native plants and an information kiosk that provides more insight into the region’s ecosystems, making it ideal for educational outings!

If you want to get active outdoors, take advantage of the multipurpose walking/fitness track, with fitness stations available along its path.

The centerpiece of Sunset Point Park is an impressive universal ADA playground with a cover—perfect for a game of tag or just relaxing in the sun.

The park includes a charming small amphitheater perfect for outdoor concerts or acoustic jams among friends.

Stroll along Tamarac Park

Tamarac Park on University Drive offers a variety of activities for individuals and families to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for some time on the diamond, enjoying the playground, or grabbing lunch with restroom access nearby—this is the ideal place!

Numerous picnic tables provide additional gathering spots where everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature.

In addition, the park boasts an office building and Tamarac Recreation Center that offers activities such as an award-winning senior program, card games, arts and crafts, movies, exercise programs, and more.

Tamarac Park is also home to two stunning public art sculptures.

For those looking to further their learning experiences, Tamarac Parks and Recreation also offers a range of classes for teenagers and adults.

Enjoy Outdoor Fun at Swim Central Annex Park

Swim Central Annex Park on 94th Avenue offers an incredible outdoor experience for the whole family.

With plenty of amenities to take advantage of, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Visitors can explore the shaded playground, take leisurely walks along the trail, and spend quality time with their loved ones at one of the picnic shelters with a convenient grill station.

Its sun-drenched swimming pools provide the perfect opportunity to cool off and have a good time with family and friends.

This park provides a unique opportunity for fun and relaxation right in the heart of the city!

It is no wonder so many people come to Swim Central Annex Park for a day filled with laughter and entertainment.

Have a Fun Day at the Tephford Park

Tephford Park on Southgate Boulevard is a tranquil haven for those who seek a peaceful getaway.

The park offers unique opportunities to connect with nature with picnic areas, multipurpose paths, a playground, and a fishing dock.

If you listen carefully, you can pick up the sound of an owl burrowing beneath the surface.

Visitors may also enjoy remarkable views of the open skies and beautiful canal waters that border the park between Southgate Boulevard and C-14.

You’ll also find plenty to keep little ones entertained all day long, from the playground to the fishing dock.

Tephford Park was built in honor of Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brian, who died in 2006 when responding to a traffic check in Tamarac.

Play with Your Dogs at the Gary B. Jones Park for People and Pups

Take your pups to the Gary B. Jones Park For People And Pups on Southgate Boulevard and spend quality time together!

This off-leash dog park is a large grass field that has been securely divided into two halves: the Tam-A-Bark Run, which is reserved for large dogs, and the Wiggley Field, which welcomes all puppies under 24 pounds.

Dogs and dog owners will enjoy paved walking routes, pavilions with seating, and dog-friendly drinking fountains scattered throughout both halves of the park.

In addition, a particular dog cleaning facility has been set up in case of unexpected messes.

Furthermore, there are plenty of poop bag dispensers conveniently located around the park and trash cans to discard used bags.

All dog breeds are welcome at the Gary B. Jones Park For People And Pups!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Bask in the Beauty of Nature at Forest Nature Center

Moss trees at Fern Forest Nature Park

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Located 14 minutes away from Tamarac, Fern Forest Nature Park in Coconut Creek offers the breathtaking beauty of nature at its 244-acre wilderness refuge.

Established in 1979, this public area emphasizes conservation and education through its various programs and activities.

Its numerous features and amenities make it the perfect spot to retreat into nature’s evergreen splendor.

A swamp at Fern Forest Nature Park

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Take an educational tour of the park with an amphitheater, an exhibit hall, and plenty of nature trails!

Guests are invited to explore an ever-changing display of natural ecosystems that is sure to captivate the senses.

With its spacious arena, exhibit hall, meeting rooms, picnic areas, shelters, and room rentals available for weddings, Fern Forest Nature Center offers a fun day out in nature!

Fly a Kite at Sherwood Forest Park

Just eight minutes from Tamarac, Sherwood Forest Park in Coral Springs offers a picturesque setting for relaxing and fun-filled activities.

Whether you want to enjoy some quality time alone or with friends and family, this enchanting park offers a wide variety of features that make it an irresistible destination.

From its horseshoe pits, sand volleyball courts, grills, bocce ball court, and generous open play area to its picnic tables, shaded areas, benches, pavilions, and accessible walking paths—there is something for everyone here!

Moreover, the park is famous for kite flying, and it’s the perfect spot for exploring different cultures through colorful kites.

So pack your bag and head to Sherwood Forest Park this weekend!

Enjoy Breathtaking Views at Ralph Diaz Memorial Park

Need to escape the noisy city life and retreat to a serene environment?

Look no further than Ralph Diaz Memorial Park.

Nestled in Coral Springs, eight minutes from Tamarac, this park is just what you need to destress.

It has eight acres of the lush natural environment and walking trails.

On top of that, Ralph Diaz Memorial Park has an exercise station featuring outdoor gym equipment, benches, picnic tables, and restrooms, making it perfect for those who want to stay fit while enjoying nature’s beauty.

Explore the Lush Gardens at the Plantation Woods Park

Plantation Woods Park is a stunning oasis 19 minutes from Tamarac, situated in the famous Historic District of Plantation.

It’s a picturesque 2.5-acre park with three shaded playgrounds and plentiful trees and foliage to explore, complete with whimsically designed art pieces by artist David Serrano.

Families can let their kids roam free among the tree huts and specialty swings or chill out at the park’s many amenities like an open play area, pavillions, benches, and restrooms.

They can also enjoy the water playground in the center, which boasts 0-depth spray features for little ones to stay cool during hot days.

Plantation Woods Park is an ideal summer getaway for families.

Final Thoughts

With Tamarac’s diverse range of activities, there is something for everyone.

From its sprawling parks to captivating public art sculptures, immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance and get ready to explore all this inviting locale has in store—at no cost!

Discover what hidden treasures await you on your visit and embark on an exciting adventure through Tamarac’s endless attractions.

Check out the city’s attractions and enjoy these free things to do in Tamarac, Florida.

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