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15 Free Things to Do in Redondo Beach, CA

  • Published 2023/02/08

Redondo Beach—meaning “round” in Spanish—is a seaside community in Los Angeles County, California.

It is one of three nearby beach towns along Santa Monica Bay’s southern shore.

Redondo Beach was initially a component of the 1785 Spanish property grant known as Rancho San Pedro, which later became the South Redondo neighborhood.

Tourists and a variety of sports enthusiasts frequent the stretch of the beach and Municipal Pier, which are the main attractions.

With its long-standing history and picturesque beaches, Redondo Beach is a paradise waiting to be explored.

Enjoy motorcycling or surfing along the coastline while watching whales in the sea below you.

Marvel at breathtaking sunsets paired with an iconic horseshoe pier outlined by miles of sandy shoreline just before dusk.

Whether you’re visiting alone or with family, checking out the free things to do in Redondo Beach, California, makes for an exciting and memorable experience!

Soak up the Sunshine at Redondo County Beach

People at Redondo County Beach

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With its 1.5-mile stretch of soft sandy shoreline, the waterfront of Redondo County Beach is an inviting spot for those looking to enjoy the ocean breeze and some sunny California days.

Beginning at Redondo Beach Pier alongside Veterans Park and continuing south past many houses and condos, the beach offers ample parking and easy access options along Esplanade Street.

Down the Esplanade along the cliff side, many stairways and ramps lead to South Redondo Beach, a section well known for its many volleyball courts.

For your safety, lifeguard towers are spread along the entire coastline.

Lifeguard tower at Redondo County Beach

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A particular highlight is the Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail along the backside of the beach, offering a unique perspective on this picturesque stretch of coastline.

Redondo Beach is also the birthplace of surfing, an iconic Californian sport celebrated worldwide.

Plaques near its pier proudly proclaim this excellence as visitors revel in the sun and sand.

Enjoy a Day Out at Hopkins Wilderness Park

Hopkins Wilderness Park is the perfect spot to reconnect with nature in body and spirit.

Located in Camino Real, explorers can enjoy 11 acres of captivating terrain.

Four ecological habitats—forests, pastures, creeks, and a pond—are available for exploration.

The park also offers picnic sites, cooking centers, and tables perfect for an afternoon mid-hike snack.

Campgrounds are available for overnight stays, each with an occupancy of up to 40 people.

If you want to make it an eventful day, Story Time in the Park takes place every second Sunday of the month.

It showcases a live reading session and offers other activities.

Hopkins Wilderness Park features an outdoor amphitheater, which seats 150 spectators.

Allowing visitors the chance to engage further with nature, Hopkins Wilderness Park is a beautiful place to explore and make long-lasting memories!

Unleash Your Dogs at the Redondo Beach Dog Park

The Redondo Beach Dog Park is located in Dominguez Park, a 3-acre facility providing separate areas for large and small dogs.

It features amenities such as benches and water fountains and is open every day from sunrise to sunset, except Wednesdays when it closes until noon for upkeep.

Taking your canine companion for a day at the Redondo Beach Dog Park is an ideal way to get them running and socializing with other canines.

The city and the “Friends of the Redondo Beach Dog Park” are responsible for caring for and running the park.

This committed non-profit organization works hard to ensure that off-leash access is safe and responsible.

Since its opening in 1992, thousands of dogs and their owners have extensively enjoyed the park’s facilities.

Experience the Beauty of Nature at Veterans Park

Welcome sign of Veterans Park

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Located at 309 Esplanade, Veterans Park is a majestic place to experience the beauty of nature.

This sizable grassy area is equipped with numerous picnic tables surrounded by trees and even contains a children’s play area.

Additionally, the park has stairs that lead directly to the seashore below.

Memorial at Veterans Park

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An essential feature of this park is the Redondo Beach Veterans Memorial in the back, an ode to veterans and their sacrifices for our country.

Situated at the crossroads of South Catalina Avenue and Torrance Boulevard, the Park is home to an unbeatable Community Center and a Senior Center.

It is the perfect place for all family members to enjoy quality time together outdoors.

Whether you plan on picnicking or enjoying quality time outdoors, Veterans Park is the perfect place to experience nature.

The grounds of Veterans Park

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Spend an Afternoon Outdoors at Alta Vista Park

Situated on Prospect Avenue and Camino Real, Alta Vista Park is a 19.42-acre outdoor recreation facility with three multipurpose sports fields and one little league field.

The City and School Districts hold the property, making it a part of more extensive educational and recreational offerings for local youth.

In addition to the open fields, Alta Vista Park also hosts a 4,900-square-foot community center that includes a multipurpose communal area, kitchen, and restrooms.

Alta Vista Park also boasts dedicated racquetball and tennis courts, which can be used day or night thanks to eight lit courts.

Finally, Julia Field is a unique area maintained by the City for T-ball and soccer that doesn’t include lighting.

However, it gives ample space for kids to enjoy themselves outdoors.

Alta Vista Park offers an ideal setting for patrons of all types looking to get some activity in San Diego’s beautiful climate without having to travel too far from home.

Celebrate Culture at the Annual Festival of the Kite

The Annual Festival of the Kite is an iconic event during the second week of March.

This beloved tradition has been humming for nearly 50 years, bringing a flurry of color and excitement to Redondo Beach with its vibrant assortment of kites.

Attendees will also enjoy performances by local dance troupes, martial arts demonstrations, and live music.

You can also join Craig’s Hot Dog on a Stick Eating Contest!

Each year, prizes are awarded for the best handmade kite, the highest kite flown, and the youngest and oldest participants, so there truly is something for everyone involved!

Admission to this all-ages free festival is free.

Visitors may purchase kites or bring their own from local pier and boardwalk shops if they want to join the contest.

Come to Redondo Beach during the second week of March every year for a fantastic day filled with tons of fun and contests!

Explore Fascinating History at the Redondo Beach Historical Museum

Exterior of the Redondo Beach Historical Museum

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The Redondo Beach Historical Museum celebrates the city’s fascinating history.

It is located at 302 Flagler Lane in Dominguez Park’s Heritage Court.

Redondo Beach Historical Museum is housed in a 1904 Queen Anne House and shares the lot with the Morrell House, a living museum.

The City of Redondo Beach purchased the home on Garnet in 1989 and moved it to its present location.

Another bonus is the small room at the back for more display space.

Visitors can marvel at artifacts from local Native American tribes, such as the Tongva and Chowigna.

Check out a selection of historical records, photos, and yearbooks depicting Redondo Beach’s past.

Take a trip to this captivating museum for an eye-opening journey through time.

Ride a Bike at the Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail

Cyclists and pedestrians looking to explore the beautiful beaches of Redondo County can take a leisurely journey along Marvin Braude Bike Trail.

It winds through the Redondo Beach Pier parking lot and King Harbor marina.

The Marvin Braude Bike Trail, or the Strand, is a 22-mile paved cycling path that follows Santa Monica Bay’s beachfront in Los Angeles County.

It has been dubbed “the most popular bike path” in Los Angeles by many due to its route-taking cyclists past multicolored piers, bustling crowds, and unspoiled coastal vistas.

Spanning about 22 miles of California coastline, the Marvin Braude Bike Trail’s concrete path offers cyclists a wide-open expanse to enjoy the scenery.

Its 14-foot width provides ample space for navigating around fellow riders.

A 1985 bicycle touring guidebook called it “the most popular bike route in Los Angeles County.”

On a clear day, riders may spot Catalina Island on the horizon, along with fleets of weekend sailors and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Adventurers should watch for signage prompting them to remove their bikes before entering main points or slow down while passing boat basins.

Savor all the sights without interruption!

Enjoy a Summer of Fun at the Riviera Village Summer Festival

The Riviera Village Summer Festival has celebrated the neighborhood’s laid-back beach vibes and sunny atmosphere on the last weekend of June for more than 40 years.

It’s a vibrant celebration that has drawn large crowds since its inception.

Around 300 exhibitors give off a lively atmosphere with art and crafts sold from all ends, beer and wine gardens complete with live entertainment, and an international food court.

There’s an international food court and carnival rides for kids as well.

Experience laid-back fun in the California summer sun at the Riviera Village Summer Festival!

Discover History at the Fascinating Morrell House Museum

Exterior of the Morrell House Museum

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Built around the turn of the century, the Morrell House Museum is an incredible example of combining Queen Anne and Craftsman design elements.

It was one of the first homes to obtain electricity; the Morrell family lived there until the middle of the 1950s.

Volunteers and grants worked together to restore this beautiful house, and it was relocated to Heritage Court for completion in 1989.

In February 1991, the Morrell House Museum in Los Angeles reached a landmark moment when it was officially given local landmark status.

Barker Brothers have outfitted this majestic structure since its inception.

It proudly displays those iconic black and white color combinations to this day, perfectly complemented after undergoing an extensive restoration.

With thousands of hours put into restoration efforts by volunteers, The Morrell House remains a testimony to a particular era in the area’s history.

Appreciate the Arts at the Jill Sanders Gallery

Jill Sanders Gallery brings to life some of her finest landscape artwork in the same place it opened its doors back in 2015.

Images of rolling hills, the coast, and sunsets are displayed in a natural, conventional business environment.

As the winner of Best Art Gallery 2021 in the South Bay, Jill Sanders Gallery celebrates its success with accessible and unique art for individual collectors and commercial installations.

Visitors will find limited edition prints on dye-infused metal, giving these unique pieces a rich, sophisticated look.

Explore the Vibrant Beauty of Dominguez Park

Nestled in Flagler Lane, Dominguez Park is a 24-acre haven of outdoor fun!

Enjoy the lush greenery while picnicking and playing at one of its many interactive areas.

Dog owners can join the fray, running around during playtime or visiting the park for extra canine exercise.

Baseball fans will love the South Redondo Little League Field, which contains backstops, dugouts, and plenty more surprises.

It’s a must-visit spot for any sports enthusiast seeking an unforgettable outdoor experience!

The park also contains the Heritage Court, filled with two historic homes—the Morrell House and Queen Anne House—as well as a Victorian rose garden, white picket fence, and vine entryway.

This unique blend of old blended with new makes Dominguez Park an unforgettable destination.

Marvel at the Majestic Coastal Views of the Redondo Beach Pier

Sunset over the Redondo Beach Pier

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature by exploring Redondo Beach Pier, which is situated picturesquely amongst Fisherman’s Wharf.

Take a stroll on the horseshoe-shaped pier and enjoy sights such as whales spouting water off into the distance.

The venue also hosts celebrated events like its Annual Kite Festival, where you can explore its boardwalk while admiring majestic views of coastlines and waves below.

A shop at the Redondo Beach Pier

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This remarkable sight has garnered many nicknames over time due to rebuilding from storms or redevelopment, ‘Endless Pier’ being one example.

Officially, it is known as the “Municipal Pier.”

This 70,000sq ft area stands 25ft above sea level for perfect shoreline exploration opportunities.

Explore the endless beauty of Redondo Beach Pier!

Shops at the Redondo Beach Pier

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Explore the Great Outdoors at El Nido Park

El Nido Park on Kingsdale Avenue is a must-visit destination for outdoor fun!

Spanning 4.8 acres, the park provides excellent sources of entertainment and recreation with its picnic area, barbecues, playgrounds, and secure bouncy castles.

There are sports courts, including softball diamonds, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, and horseshoe pits.

Satisfy your inner athlete or indulge in relaxed game time with friends.

The park also includes meeting rooms with a partial kitchen and handicap-accessible restrooms for guests’ convenience.

With its varied activities and services, El Nido Park is an ideal destination for relaxation or team sports!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Soak up the Sun at Torrance Beach

Sunset at Torrance Beach

A. La Canfora /

Torrance Beach is one of the many gems of Santa Monica Bay and a great getaway from the more crowded beaches to its north.

This quiet paradise offers plenty of space to bask in the sun in Torrance, California, nine minutes from Redondo Beach.

Torrance Beach has a secure parking lot, grade beach access ramps, lifeguards nearby, an extensive bike path, and pleasant locker and bathroom facilities.

Pathway at Torrance Beach

A. La Canfora /

Those who want to catch some waves will enjoy the beach’s relaxed atmosphere without the thick crowds associated with piers and marinas.

Plus, visitors can spend their days lounging on the sand or strolling along the gorgeous coast.

If you want an outdoor escape that lets you truly relax and unwind, head to Torrance Beach for your next day at the beach.

Aerial view of Torrance Beach

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Final Thoughts

Redondo Beach is the perfect place to explore and enjoy all nature offers.

From lush greenery and historic homes to playgrounds and sports courts, there are plenty of activities for everyone!

If you want a quiet beach day away from the hustle and bustle, the city is your ideal destination with its attractions and activities.

Check out the free things to do in Redondo Beach, California!

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