15 Best Things to Do in Redondo Beach

15 Best Things to Do in Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is one of the prime locations for a vacation. If you were planning to sneak away to the sunny beaches of California for the weekend- we have got a nice list for you.

Redondo Beach is blessed with some of the best features. You can get your fair share of beaches, sea breezes, and greenery here. Come on- let us take a look at the top 15 things to do in Redondo Beach-

Spend a Beach Day at Redondo County Beach

Redondo County Beach
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The first thought that crosses almost anyone’s mind when they are in California is ‘beach.’ And, when they are in a place as luxurious as Redondo Beach, the cravings somehow get stronger!

So, we decided that we’d start this list of ‘Top 15 things to do in Redondo Beach,’ with the one and only Redondo County Beach. This pristine beach glistening with sand stretches for 1.5 miles. Redondo County Beach is also nicknamed ‘LA's Ocean Adventure Capitol.’

If you are someone who loves the water and the adventure that comes along with it- Redondo County Beach is the one for you. With ample opportunities for surfing- this beach is the favorite among all surfers.

There are options for volleyball and biking along the beach too. People just love walking along the length of the beach watching the sunset.

Pay a Visit to The Redondo Beach Historical Museum

Redondo Beach Historical Museum
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If you want to know in-depth about the city of Redondo Beach, we’d suggest going to a local museum. After all, there are no better history teachers than museums.

Learn about the history, culture, as well as every other aspect of the city from the Redondo Beach Historical Museum. A trip to the museum will help you in knowing what kind of city Redondo Beach was in the past.

Even the building of the museum is old. It happens to be located inside the infamous Queen Anne House of 1904. The exhibitions are vast inside.

You can get your hands on a lot of artifacts and newspaper cuttings. The photographs and the memorabilia will also help you learn more about the city.

Snap Pictures of The ‘pleasure Pier’

Redondo Beach Pier
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It is time to take a look at a Redondo Beach landmark now. The Redondo Beach Pier is well known among all the locals and tourists. Tourists love spending their time on the pier so much that it is nicknamed the ‘Pleasure Pier.’ The shape of the pier is such that its other name is ‘Horseshoe Pier’

The place is always crowded for the hip ambiance. Hungry after a long day at the beach? There are a plethora of restaurants to choose from. You can even go on kayaking trips from here.

The best part of the pier is the fact that it provides some excellent views of the ocean. No matter when you go- you are always going to find a lot of people sitting and enjoying the views.

Make Your Way to The Torrance County Beach

Torrance County Beach
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Perhaps you are done with Redondo County Beach for the day. Thinking if there are any more lovely beaches nearby? Well, look no more! Torrance County Beach is another one of the glamorous beaches here. It is quite close to the Redondo County Beach just lying on the southern side.

It is not as crowded as the former beach. So, if you want to spend some time alone engrossed in the views of the ocean- this is the place to choose. It is also near Manhattan Beach. Make sure you pack a picnic to the beach. You can even try out sunbathing.

Make Sandcastles at The Seaside Lagoon

Seaside Lagoon Redondo Beach
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The Seaside Lagoon is the favorite place for all tourists. This place is family-friendly and is a hub of fun. You can always head over to this location on a warm summer afternoon and have fun in the waters till you are tired. Swimming is not restricted.

You can swim around till your limbs give up! The picnic options are endless- you can carry a big box with you to eat near the water. Also, there are volleyball courts all around. So, you can easily spend a lazy afternoon hanging out in the waters playing volleyball.

A restaurant by the name of Ruby’s is nearby, so you can always get some great snacks to snack on.

Spend Some Time Amongst Nature at Hopkins Wilderness Park

Redondo Beach is filled with some of the most exquisite greeneries all around it. But, there are some of the best opportunities in the heart of the city as well. Hopkins Wilderness Park stretches across for 11 miles and has everything one needs to relax. You can even find streams inside the park.

The park presents a lot of opportunities for adventure. You can go biking in the various trails inside the park. You can even go hiking. Get to know more about the ecology of the place.

There is even an observation center here. Enjoy to your fullest, and stay a night here, camping under the star if you want!

Try out Sailing

Redondo Beach Sailing
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Sailing is one of the most popular activities in Redondo Beach. Let us just say- Redondo Beach has been blessed with some of the most amazing ocean waters.

In such a scenario- if you refuse to go gliding against the smooth ocean waves- it is just a shame. Let us tell you a bit more about the sailing trips that are organized by various operators.

The charter cruises are some of the best offers in Redondo Beach. Also, if you are new to the whole sailing thing- you could easily take up the various lessons that are offered by different experts. Spring and summer times are the best when it comes to sailing.

Plan Your Meals at Sea Level Restaurant and Lounge

Sea Level Restaurant and Lounge is just the tinge of fancy and luxury that you need to have on your good vacation time. Did you explore all around Redondo Beach? Did not have time to eat? Make the best ending to your day by planning your dinner here.

The ambiance smells luxurious and chic. When you step a foot inside- you will realize how different it is from the others.

Most of the things that you are going to see on the menu are infamous and recommended by some of the top lifestyle or food bloggers. This menu has brought home a lot of awards too.

Take Your Kids to The Dominguez Park

Dominguez Park is one of the most favored tourist attractions in Redondo Beach. You can spend a quiet morning here. The best part about the park is its ample open spaces. This amount of open-air and greenery is not available in the heart of the city often.

Take your family and little ones to enjoy a day. spend some quality time with your kids as they play. Bring a picnic back with several tour operators organized along with you.

There are plenty of open areas to sit down with a picnic. Have a nice break before you get back on with the various sightseeing.

Get Experienced at Whale Watching

Whale Watching in Redondo Beach
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Whale watching is one of the top activities on any of the Californian beaches. But, Redondo Beach has something special about it. Whale watching is organized by the government as well as many private companies. The trip starts from the Redondo Beach pier itself.

We urge you to take on such a cruise. It is one of the most luxurious things on this trip, and also the experience will be once in a lifetime.

All types of beverages are served on deck. You can even get dinner if you opt for an overnight cruise.  You can see different varieties of whales like gray whales, sperm whales, minkes, and a lot more. Sharks and dolphins are also visible in shallow waters.

Joshua Serafin and Jill Sanders have created this beautiful space that portrays some of the most mesmerizing works in Redondo Beach. Gallery JS is indeed one of the premium galleries in California.

Jill is a photographer and you can see some of her brilliant works portrayed on the walls of the gallery. Also, the position of the gallery in the Hollywood Riviera makes it one of the hotspots for tourists.

People usually like to visit from all around the globe because Jill’s works are quite well known. This gallery even lets you rent it out if you are looking for a nice and upscale place to hold anyone of your special events.

Grab Some Breakfast at Eat at Joe's

If you want to grab a quick breakfast at a traditional American diner, then Eat at Joe’s might be an ideal recommendation for you. It has been a part of Redondo Beach for a while now and is one of the most talked-about breakfast places.

When it was put to business in 1969, all it did was serve burgers. But, since then- the diner has made a lot of progress.

It provides an all-day breakfast now. You get the best hotdogs and burgers of Redondo Beach from here. And, the best part of the diner is its sitting arrangement. It makes you feel like you are sitting down and having a picnic.

Try out Your Luck in Golf at The Westdrift Golf

If you are interested in golf- we have a very good suggestion for you. The Westdrift Golf is a piece of paradise for all gold lovers. The best part about this pitch is that even if you are an amateur who knows nothing about golf- you will learn in no time. Both amateurs and pros can play in this course freely.

Especially novice golf players spend their morning and afternoons in the Westdrift Golf course whenever they are in Redondo Beach. There is even a restaurant attached to this golf course that makes things even better. After a long morning of golf- you can easily have your brunch right here.

Spend a Quiet Morning at Veterans Park

Veterans Park is another one of the lovely green spaces in the city that you need to check out. The best part about this park is not its greenery but the ocean views. It overlooks the ocean for which people love to spend some time in this local park.

You can find lots of locals on their morning walks or evening walks, but recently tourists have also taken over this place with their picnic boxes. An attribute to the veterans has been made in this park.

There is also a children’s playground where you can let your kids run around and play while you can relax with your partners.

Go Biking Along the Infamous Redondo Beach Bike Path

Redondo Beach Bike Path
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Biking is one of the most favored activities here in Redondo Beach. When you go out to explore the city on your foot- you are going to find a lot of bikers going past you.

There are bike stands almost everywhere in the city. If you know the top destinations and paths, you just just get a bike and go off on your own. However, several tour operators organize such bike tours all around the city.

The Redondo County Beach is the best place to take your bike on a tour. The pleasant sea breeze will brush past your face. Then, take your bike to a cozy eatery nearby and just enjoy coffee with some of the best ocean views.

This is everything we have on Redondo Beach right now. If you are a beach person- you’d fall in love with the beaches and the ambiance. Bon Voyage!