15 Free Things to Do in North Miami, FL

Free Things to Do in North Miami, FL
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North Miami, Florida, is a vibrant and diverse city with plenty of activities for visitors.

This city in Miami-Dade County on the Atlantic coast offers visitors a diverse array of recreation, attraction, and entertainment.

These attractions vary from extremely expensive and luxurious to affordable and modest.

Whether you're looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure or want to explore the area's unique culture, North Miami has something for everyone.

However, just because you're in the Sunshine State doesn't mean you must break the bank for an enjoyable stay.

North Miami and its surrounding areas have a good selection of free activities and attractions.

From nature walks and parks to cultural sites and shopping centers, many activities are available at no cost in North Miami!

Grab your sunscreen and get ready to explore.

Here are some free things to do in North Miami, Florida!

Stroll around Biscayne Boulevard

Buildings along Biscayne Boulevard
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Biscayne Boulevard is a historic and vibrant street in North Miami's heart.

Biscayne Boulevard is a part of the iconic US Highway 1, providing easy access from North Miami, Central Miami, and its Upper East Side, eventually leading to the airport.

This street is lined with multiple business establishments, including restaurants, local stores, high-rise buildings, and other attractions.

Rail system at Biscayne Boulevard
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A stroll around Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami is all it takes to have a fun-filled time without spending money.

You can take in the sights, explore the interesting shops and stores, or take a leisurely walk with your friends or family.

This stretch of road is bustling with activity and is a great spot to people-watch, as you'll find locals and tourists alike.

Meet Friendly Locals at Griffing Park

Griffing Park is a community park where you can find and meet locals of all ages.

Griffing Park is a triangular green space between NE 123 Street and W Dixie Highway with expansive grounds for playing sports.

There are also plenty of large trees that provide ample amounts of shade, perfect areas to have a picnic with the family.

There are also designated waste disposal containers throughout the Park, so keeping the area clean is super easy.

The sidewalks on the outskirts of Griffing Park connect to a walking path that leads to the center of the Park, where a fountain and a miniature clock tower can be found.

The whole area is well-maintained, and the atmosphere is peaceful and pleasant.

Many people pass by or spend time in Griffing Park on any given day, so it's a great place to meet friendly locals and make new friends.

Admire the Surroundings at Passive Park

Passive Park at 12120 NE 7th Avenue is true to its name.

This park is one of the most peaceful places in North Miami, perfect for those who want to get a good feel of the place while enjoying its serenity.

The park doesn't have much going on for activities.

It's simply a decent-sized grassy area with several trees at the edges.

It has a single bench where you can sit and admire your surroundings.

It's conveniently located under a tree that provides decent amounts of shade.

This spot is perfect for reading, meditating, or daydreaming about your next Miami adventure.

The green open space is decent enough for kids to run around and play.

Passive Park is a simple area to appreciate nature.

The serene atmosphere and peaceful vibes make Passive Park a great place to spend quality time in North Miami.

Relax in the City of North Miami Public Library

Enjoying a vacation can be as simple as reading a good book in a quiet and peaceful environment.

The City of North Miami Public Library is the perfect place to do that.

Located at 835 NE 132nd Street, North Miami Public Library is a stunning oasis of learning.

This library values its visitors with unequaled enthusiasm and service; it's no wonder why many call it the pride of North Miami.

Entering the library is free; you can browse its vast selection of reading materials such as books, magazines, and newspapers.

The library offers cozy seating areas to relax and read in peace.

Most books here are available for borrowing if you own a library card.

However, spending time reading at the library is already free.

The City of North Miami Public Library also provides free Wi-Fi and free computer use with internet access, making it the perfect spot for digital nomads and business travelers.

It's open from Monday to Friday and features several programs and activities, such as book clubs and a community read-along.

Commune with Nature at Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park

It's always refreshing to take a break from city life's busyness.

You should take the entire family to the Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park at 1725 NE 135th Street.

With its captivating name, Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park guarantees a delightful time for your children!

From the lush landscape to playgrounds and hiking trails, this park provides an extraordinary outdoor experience.

Step into a lush 22-acre paradise filled with beautiful canopies of the forest, local wildlife species, and breathtaking subtropical vegetation.

The Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park boasts butterfly gardens, horse stables, and a monument dedicated to the LGBT community in Greater Miami.

Let your children have the time of their lives at the playground, or let them romp in wide-open fields!

Are you thinking about taking a picnic?

This park has plenty of spots to set up a meal or eat snacks!

You can go butterfly-watching or take the kids to the nature center for fun and informative activities.

Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park is the perfect destination to explore and bask in nature in North Miami.

Enjoy the Open Space at Cagni Park

Cagni Park is an open sports complex located at 13498 NE 8th Avenue, and it is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor sports with friends or family.

The park features a whole track and field with a full-sized football field within its parameters.

The track and field area is perfect for running laps and setting up competitive sports games.

Cagni Park also features four basketball courts and a soccer field, all free and open to the public.

You can also take your kids with you and have them enjoy the well-maintained open space.

Whether you want to practice your three-point shot or pass around a ball with friends, Cagni Park has everything you need.

Join Community Activities at Good Neighbor Stormwater Park

Good Neighbor Stormwater Park is a recently renovated neighborhood park at 901 NE 144th Street in North Miami.

This ample open space is a local favorite and offers a variety of free activities to the public.

You can find people together, discuss civic issues, host community events, or play sports.

Before its renovation, Good Neighbor Stormwater Park was vulnerable to floods.

It has undergone a complete restoration and is a multi-purpose space for locals and visitors to enjoy.

If you want to spend a quiet afternoon, Good Neighbor Stormwater Park also provides a calming environment with plenty of shade and green areas to relax.

Play Sports at Keystone Park

Keystone Park is another public park in North Miami where you can get active and play sports for free.

Located at 13050 Ixora Court, this fully-fenced Park offers a full-sized basketball court and a game of open soccer, football, and other sports field.

The park also recently opened two pickleball courts where players and pickleball enthusiasts can come together and enjoy a match!

All these sports facilities are accessible for free.

Reservations are unavailable, so you'll need to either come early or wait your turn to play.

Many locals and tourists come to Keystone Park to socialize, break a sweat, or enjoy a friendly competition.

So if you're looking for a great spot to stay active and have fun, stop by Keystone Park!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit the Wynwood Neighborhood

Wynwood garden at Wynwood Neighborhood
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Since North Miami is next to Miami, there's no reason not to head over and experience the free attractions in the 305.

One of the free attractions in Miami, Florida, is Wynwood, a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood filled with street art.

Located 13 minutes from North Miami, Wynwood will take you on a colorful journey through its many art murals and graffiti-filled streets.

Graffiti walls at Wynwood Neighborhood
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Some abandoned warehouses in the neighborhood have also been converted into public galleries containing beautiful artwork.

This neighborhood truly exemplifies the artistic side of Miami; it also showcases many local artists.

Exploring Wynwood is free, so visit this artistic neighborhood during your trip to North Miami.

People at Wynwood Neighborhood market
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Visit Lemon City Port

Lemon City Port is a historic landmark in Miami, 13 minutes from North Miami.

The Lemon City Port was the first port built in the region.

Its location now bears a marker to commemorate its history.

Before, Lemon City was a community on the shores of Biscayne Bay; today, it's known as Little Haiti.

All that's left of Lemon City now is a marker.

However, the views from there are incredible; you can take a moment to admire the beautiful waterfront vistas.

You should also learn a little about the history of the area and its evolution over the years.

Jog along the Beautiful Biscayne Bay at Morningside Park

Welcome sign of Morningside Park
Pietro, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Morningside Park is a waterfront park in Miami, 15 minutes from North Miami.

It offers one of the best views of Biscayne Bay and is an excellent spot for jogging, walking, kayaking, fishing, or enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

The park also offers other amenities, such as a boat ramp, weekly kayak and paddleboard rentals, a basketball court, a tennis court, and a recreation center.

Trail at Morningside Park
Pietro, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

There are also picnic areas with tables, a barbecue grill station, a kids' playground, outdoor gym equipment, and plenty of open space.

The park is also dog-friendly, as long as you keep your dog leashed and well-behaved.

Morningside Park is a perfect spot to get in touch with nature and enjoy the beauty of South Florida without spending money.

The grounds of Morningside Park
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Learn about Native Americans at Arch Creek Park

Learn about Native American culture at Arch Creek Park in North Miami Beach, Florida, six minutes from North Miami.

Arch Creek Park got its name from the picturesque archway over a stream connecting Biscayne Bay with the Florida Everglades.

To honor this historical landmark, the city constructed a replica of the limestone bridge that crumbled in the 1970s.

Today, the arch bridge inside the park is now a reminder for visitors to learn about and appreciate its significance.

At the nature center, you can view fascinating exhibits on the Tequesta Indians and Miami's early European settlers.

Arch Creek Park is also perfect for experiencing nature without traveling too far.

The bustling creek is teeming with various wildlife, and visitors can take advantage of this by having their cameras ready for photo opportunities.

Explore Greynolds Park

Mound at Greynolds Park
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Greynolds Park is a 249-acre park near North Miami Beach, Florida, 13 minutes from North Miami.

This massive park is home to various recreational activities, such as fishing, biking, hiking, and kayaking.

The park also features many facilities, including a nature center, fishing lakes, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

Despite its size, Greynolds Park isn't the most well-known among visitors, yet it's worth a visit.

Fox at Greynolds Park
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This park is ideal for explorers who want to escape city life and spend time in nature.

Greynolds Park has something for everyone.

Spot Florida's native wildlife, enjoy breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay or relax in one of its many open spaces.

Get Active at Burke Recreation Center

Burke Recreation Center in Biscayne Park, Florida, is a multi-purpose facility for North Miami residents and visitors looking for free activities.

This recreation center offers various activities and amenities for people of all ages and interests, from a skate park and an aquatic center to basketball courts, playgrounds, and more.

The Burke Recreation Center is also home to various indoor and outdoor classes and activities such as aerobics, yoga, Pilates, and other forms of fitness.

There's also an outdoor playground where kids can have a blast.

Burke Recreation Center is for everyone.

Visitors should take advantage of all the activities and fun it offers!

This center is five minutes from North Miami.

Visit Amelia Earhart Park

Signage of Amelia Earhart Park
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Amelia Earhart Park in nearby Hialeah, Florida, offers visitors a fantastic free experience with something for everyone.

The park is named after aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, who took her last known flight from Miami to Hialeah, Florida, in 1937.

At 515 acres, this urban park is the ultimate destination for outdoor recreation.

Bikers can explore miles of winding trails, skateboarders will find plenty of ramps and jumps, and anglers can try to catch a prize-winning fish!

This large park also has other amenities for the entire family, such as fishing docks, bike trails, playgrounds, and a wildlife refuge.

There's also a fenced dog park where you can take your pet for a romp.

Amelia Earhart Park offers something for everyone and is the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

This park is 12 minutes from North Miami.

Final Thoughts

North Miami and its surrounding areas have plenty of free activities, attractions, and outdoor recreational options.

Check out these free things to do in North Miami, Florida.

Start planning your next budget-friendly adventure today!

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