15 Free Things to Do in Lynwood, CA

Free Things to Do in Lynwood, CA
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Lynwood is a beach-convenient city with promising cultural and historical attractions.

Though the city's not as large as the others in Los Angeles County, its vibrancy is prominent with its community-inclusive parks and recreation centers.

Its festivals and yearly events are worth checking out if you're new to the area.

Perhaps what makes this California city unique on its own is the history of its name.

Incorporated in 1921, Lynwood is a direct tribute to the local dairyman--Charles Sessions’--wife, Lynn Wood Sessions.

Soon enough, many businesses, including a railroad company, adopted the name.

Just as its name is distinct and memorable, Lynwood also boasts affordable tourism.

If you want to see the city without breaking the bank, here are free things to do in Lynwood, California.

Play Games at Yvonne Burke-John D. Ham Park

Opened in 2009, Yvonne Burke-John D. Ham Park is both passive and active.

This park is an ideal retreat space for individuals, partners, and groups with varying vacation preferences.

This park, sitting at 9 acres, offers both a basketball court and a baseball field with a vast expanse of grass.

And for the little ones, there's a multi-faceted playground that caters to their creativity and exploration needs.

If you need to remain physically active, you don't have to worry because of its five outdoor fitness stations.

Yvonne Burke-John D. Ham Park on Atlantic Avenue is your best bet for a grand time with the whole family.

Go on a Spiritual Respite at St. Emydius Catholic Church

One of Lynwood's historical attractions is St. Emydius Catholic Church, serving the public since 1925.

Named for Ascoli Piceno, a bishop in Italy, the church's property was once a residential and business district.

It's also known as one of the largest parishes of the Roman Catholic church within the Los Angeles area.

The appeal of St. Emydius Catholic Church is in its architecture and exterior grounds.

The church offers a peaceful respite inside or outside its chambers with a circular walking path and a fountain in the middle.

Don't miss out on Lynwood history with a drive by this church on California Avenue.

Admire the Spanish-Inspired Landscape at Plaza Mexico

You don't have to travel at least 2,000 miles to get a taste of Spanish culture when you're in Lynwood.

At Plaza Mexico, you have everything you need for that distinctive cultural landscape and atmosphere!

This center is everyone's one-stop avenue for all things Spanish-related.

From restaurants and shops to offices, this plaza brings together the spirit of Mexico City, Taxco, Guadalajara, and other cities within 420,000 square feet.

Its basic design principle is similar to the archaeological site of Monte Alban.

The central square has a fountain and a raised platform called a "kiosco" that serves as a stage for community events and gatherings.

All around the plaza are buildings with brightly-colored walls that represent the pueblo's usual plaza blueprint.

Go window-shopping at the establishments, or wait for a few public performers gathering at the plaza.

Plaza Mexico stretches around Long Beach Boulevard, State Street, and Imperial Highway.

Admire the Celestial Chance Artwork at Long Beach Boulevard

Regarding public art and city beautification, Lynwood doesn't disappoint.

One of its remarkable public pieces is the Celestial Chance Artwork.

This station art combines ceramic tile ceiling murals and a canopy-mounted sculpture.

The station's platform has skylights with holographic panels that give you a colorful glimpse of the sky above.

The artist, Sally Weber, wishes to convey the message of oneness while underneath the same sky and diversity in comprehending it.

Bring your camera while searching for this timeless art piece.

The Celestial Chance Artwork is on Long Beach Boulevard.

Celebrate Spooktober at the Lynwood Halloween Festival

Mark your October calendars because you are officially invited to Lynwood Halloween Festival when you're in the city.

At this annual festival, you can expect carnival games, costume competitions, and a unique take on trick-or-treating.

There are also live performances you can enjoy with the whole family.

Since inflatables and games are incorporated into the program, you may have to pay a minimal fee.

Otherwise, you don't have to pay to join the celebration.

Party with costumed villains, fairies, vampires, and all sorts of creatures as you celebrate Halloween the right way!

Join the Lynwood community festivities at the front lawn of Lynwood's City Hall on Bullis Road.

Improve Your Skating Skills at Lynwood City Park

The largest park within the city is Lynwood City Park, which spans at least 23 acres.

Located along Bullis Road, this park has various entry points you can access, including one on Allen Road and Venn Avenue.

If you're a sports fan, you'll find this park a refreshing spot to spend your break because of its diversity in sports fields.

To be more precise, it contains three baseball and soccer fields and four tennis courts.

Its skatepark is a massive hit among extreme sports adventurers of differing expertise levels.

Lynwood City Park also has a walking path that stretches to about a mile, ideal for some morning or afternoon jogs.

See the Art at Ricardo Lara Linear Park

Ricardo Lara Linear Park is an impressive Lynwood park creation success.

This passive park was once an underdeveloped and flood-prone area within the Interstate 50 route.

It sits on a five-acre property.

After transforming into a community park, the space features a 20-bed community garden and artwork displayed within its walking trail.

What makes this park stand out from the others is its environmental landscape, home to at least nine native bird species.

The park is home to at least nine native bird species.

While you relax, you can also learn a thing or two about animal habitats, plant biodiversity, and proper ecological preservation.

Start your nature-focused downtime at Ricardo Lara Linear Park on Fernwood Avenue.

Go on a Winter Adventure at Annual Snow Play Day

The annual Snow Play Day is usually hosted at the City Hall on Bullis Road.

Its program includes jumpers and live entertainment for young and older adults.

Local vendors will also be present to offer food, refreshment, and other goods.

Best of all, Santa will make a grand entrance!

Gather your family and spend your holidays at the city's Snow Play Day.

Just don't forget your snow-ready clothes and gear.

Relax with the Palm Trees at Carnation Park

A tropical paradise awaits you at Carnation Park.

This 1.5-acre park is a hidden gem among Lynwood's larger city and public parks.

This park's unique charm is its lined walkway bordered over with a shade of palm trees.

Watch the California breeze bristle past the branches of this foliage at any season and capture the beauty of the ample open space.

Go for a stroll or walk along the walkway around the park's perimeters.

For peaceful meditation, go to Carnation Park at the intersection of Los Flores Boulevard and State Street.

Enjoy a Picnic at Adolfo Medina Park

One of the famous parks in Lynwood is Adolfo Medina Park.

This recreation haven sits on 2.2 acres of trimmed lawn and open space.

One thing you can look forward to when you visit this park is its outdoor basketball court and kid's playground.

This park also has picnic areas for small family gatherings and quick snack breaks.

If you're traveling with pets, let them join the fun at Adolfo Medina Park!

To reach this park, head over to State Street.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Do you have room on your schedule for more adventures outside of Lynwood?

Keep in mind the following free activities you can enjoy.

Hike the Trails at Runyon Canyon Park

View of Los Angeles from Runyon Canyon Park
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Do you want to go on a hiking spree near Lynwood?

Runyon Canyon Park may be your best bet.

With its moderately challenging and overlapping routes, you can make your hiking adventure by passing through unexpected turns.

You may spot rock mandalas, local plants, and native wildlife who consider this place their home.

While traversing along its trails, you might even see vistas of the Hollywood Sign set in a calm backdrop of the California skyline.

People at Runyon Canyon Park
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This 160-acre park, known for its hike-friendly area within the Santa Monica Mountains, is also a great outdoor area for dogs.

So, if you prefer to have your furry companion with you at all times, you can benefit from going up the trails.

Get your hiking gear ready for your Runyon Canyon Park trip.

This park is in Los Angeles, California, 29 minutes from Lynwood.

Scenic sunset at Runyon Canyon Park
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See Another Culture at the Korean Bell of Friendship

Far view of the Korean Bell of Friendship
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California is a melting pot of cultures and world-class architecture.

The Korean Bell of Friendship is in San Pedro, California, 28 minutes from Lynwood.

This public artwork-slash-architecture takes inspiration from the 771 Divine Bell of King Seongdeok the Great.

It features a pagoda-style pavilion fused with columns.

Daytime view of the Korean Bell of Friendship
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At the center of the pavilion is a relief-covered bell made of bronze.

Though bell-ringing only happens every first Saturday of the month and on important ceremonies, you are free to explore the grounds.

Take the opportunity to admire the architecture of this magnificent landmark when you do so.

Close view of the Korean Bell of Friendship
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Feel a Touch of Zen at Lake Shrine Meditation Gardens

The waters of Lake Shrine Meditation Gardens
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Find inner peace at Lake Shrine Meditation Gardens.

Dedicated and opened to the public in 1950, this scenic site offers lush gardens set along the banks of Lake Shrine and numerous waterfalls.

Set within the site's hilltop is a Temple that hosts Sunday services on group meditation and lectures.

Make your meditative journey more immersive with a trip to the site's Golden Lotus Temple, where you can take in the open air and spot a few swans swimming on the lake.

There is also a memorial for Gandhi's ashes and the historic Windmill Chapel within the garden's grounds.

Admission is free, but you may have to call in advance to reserve your spot.

Lake Shrine Meditation Gardens is in Pacific Palisades, California, 29 minutes from Lynwood.

Marvel at Modern Architecture and Art at the Getty Center

Exterior of The Getty Center
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The Getty Center is an art paradise of modern architecture and formal gardens.

This indoor gallery space features spectacular views of Los Angeles and offers a chronological art narration from the Middle Ages up to the present.

While its interior art displays are magnificent in their own right, its exterior artworks are also something else.

The Getty Center's courtyard brings together fountains and sculptures of the highest quality.

Interior of The Getty Center
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Its central garden also offers beautiful plants and an expansive lawn.

You will find artistic inspiration wherever you find yourself within this art center.

You can find this site in Los Angeles, 25 minutes from Lynwood.

Garden of The Getty Center
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Enjoy Waterfront Activities at Shoreline Village

Marina at Shoreline Village
Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock.com

Shoreline Village excels as both a shopping and entertainment center and a waterfront attraction.

This site opened in 1982 and is home to a collection of specialty shops, fine dining restaurants, and the like.

Shoreline Village's boardwalk is an eye-catcher with its views of Rainbow Harbor and its romantic atmosphere.

Trail at Shoreline Village
Curioso.Photography / Shutterstock.com

To fully see the village at its best, stay and watch the sunset with a loved one.

You can access this site in Long Beach, California, about 19 minutes away from Lynwood.

Coastal restaurant at Shoreline Village
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Final Thoughts

With Lynwood's small-town hustle and admirable public attractions, this city has proven itself as more than a city near Los Angeles.

Its sense of community is palpable in its free-use facilities, parks, and even plazas.

What drives this city closer to the hearts of its residents and tourists is its heritage, passed down from various generations.

Bookmark the list above of the free things to do in Lynwood, California, for your next trip.

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