15 Free Things to Do in Montebello, CA

Free Things to Do in Montebello, CA
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Montebello is a vibrant city in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County, California, and is known for its charming historical sites, numerous parks, and lush foliage.

It's the perfect destination for a budget-friendly getaway.

From picturesque parks to monolithic historical sites, there are plenty of things to see and do in this city that won't cost you any money to enjoy.

If you're looking to cut down on expenses while in town, here's a list of the top attractions and free things to do in Montebello, California.

Visit the Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Monument

People approaching the Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Monument
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The Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Monument is a powerful reminder of the atrocities endured by the Armenian people during World War I.

Located at 901 Via San Clemente in downtown Montebello, the monument stands proudly with an impressive 75-foot tower, supported by eight white concrete columns and adorned with majestic arches.

Hrant Agbabian crafted this remarkable memorial, the United States' oldest and biggest commemoration of those lost to the Armenian Genocide.

Exterior of the Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Monument
Serouj, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thousands of Armenians from different parts of the country come to the monument yearly to honor their ancestors and pay respects.

The Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Monument is free for all visitors, making it one of the most memorable free things to do in Montebello.

The beautiful architectural design of the monument is also an excellent backdrop for capturing photos and videos, making it a popular spot for tourists.

Looking up inside the Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Monument
Hedgiusporcus, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy the Vibrant Scenery at Montebello City Park

The Montebello City Park is highly urbanized, with well-maintained equipment like playgrounds, sports courts, and an outdoor public pool.

Located at 1301 W Whittier Boulevard in downtown Montebello, this park and its beautiful surrounding area are made up of lush foliage and vibrant flowers that will surely make you appreciate nature's beauty.

The Montebello City Park also features a skatepark, perfect for skateboarders and BMX riders who want a free ride.

If you want to join local events, the park also has an amphitheater where local events are held regularly.

From the vast open spaces to the natural scenery, there's no better way to experience nature in the middle of the city than Montebello City Park.

Read Books at the Montebello Library

Libraries may not be the first thing on your mind regarding attractions, but make an exception for the Montebello Library.

The library opened in 1914 and continues to serve as a pillar of knowledge for locals and visitors alike in Montebello and its surrounding areas.

The library offers a vast selection of books, magazines, and newspapers for free borrowing.

It also has multimedia resources such as audiobooks, e-books, and CDs.

You can also take advantage of the free WiFi and computer use, perfect for students and researchers looking to do research in the library.

If you love to kill time by reading books, you'll love spending time at the Montebello Library.

The cozy and calming atmosphere of the library is perfect for a laid-back day in town.

Enjoy a Family Picnic at Acuna Park

Acuna Park is a vibrant neighborhood green space with all the best amenities for having a lovely afternoon picnic with the family.

Located at 1700 W Victoria Avenue in downtown Montebello, Acuna Park features a playground, a picnic area with tables, barbecue grilling stations, and well-maintained restrooms.

There are also plenty of benches and walking paths for you to explore and take in the scenic beauty of the surrounding area.

Families will love a free picnic at Acuna Park, taking advantage of the ample space for a game or two.

The park has become a popular spot for locals and visitors, making it one of the best attractions in Montebello, California.

Visit Taylor Ranch Park

Taylor Ranch Park is one of the latest parks in Montebello.

However, despite its recency, it quickly became a popular spot for locals and visitors due to its beautiful scenery and historical importance.

Located at 737 N Montebello Boulevard, the park sits on a 52,000-square-foot lot that was once nothing more than a free land space.

However, the local government saw the potential of the land and decided to turn it into a park, adding amenities such as picnic tables, benches, and a playground.

Today, the park features a playground, basketball court, and a walking path with fitness stations.

Taylor Park is free to enter and makes for a beautiful spot to relax, have outdoor fun, and take in the beauty of Montebello.

If you want to spend a day outside in Montebello, then Taylor Ranch Park is worth a visit.

Splash and Play at George Hensel Aquatic Center

George Hensel Aquatic Center is a public park and swimming facility in Montebello, California.

It was named after the local businessman and philanthropist George Hensel, a prominent figure in the Montebello community.

The aquatic center has two pools: a 25-meter pool and a shallow pool for kids.

It also has diving boards, slides, and waterfalls.

George Hensel Aquatic Center offers free admission to the public and makes for a great spot to cool off during the hot summer months.

It's also a fantastic free place to teach young children how to swim.

The splash pad is also a popular spot for families and is free.

If you want free fun under the sun, head down to George Hensel Aquatic Center for a day of splashing and playing.

Get Active at Ashiya Park

Ashiya Park is a recreational area at 2700 W Beverly Boulevard in Montebello, California.

The park has many recreational and sports facilities, spanning almost one acre.

There's a basketball court, a baseball field, plenty of open space, and a playground perfect for young children.

The park is free to enter and is a great spot to exercise or play basketball or baseball with friends.

It's also a popular spot for kids and young families who love the playground and open space.

There's also a community center with well-maintained restrooms.

If you want free outdoor activities in Montebello, head to Ashiya Park for some active fun.

Visit the Old Site of San Gabriel Mission

The Old Site Of San Gabriel Mission is a historic site in Montebello, California.

On this historic ground, Walter P. Temple erected a tablet to honor the founding of Mission San Gabriel Archangel by Rev. Fathers Angel Somero and Pedro B. Cambon on September 8th, 1771.

Right-Reverend John J Cantwell, Bishop of Monterey Los Angeles, blessed it in 1921.

With reverence for its legacy, locals and visitors celebrate its profound contribution to the community.

Today, this tablet is a symbolic reminder of this sacred spot and is free to visit.

So, consider the Old Site Of San Gabriel Mission if you're looking for free things to do in Montebello that will enrich your knowledge about the city and its nearby areas.

Check Out the Rio San Gabriel Battlefield

Cannons at Rio San Gabriel Battlefield
Konrad Summers from Santa Clarita (Valencia) , California, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Rio San Gabriel Battlefield site is a well-known landmark in Montebello, California.

It's a small spot right along 969 S Bluff Road.

It features a small sheltered monument with a tablet that serves as a marker of the former site of the Battle of Rio San Gabriel, which took place in 1847.

Visitors are welcome to stop by and read the tablet commemorating the battle and explore the grounds.

The Rio San Gabriel Battlefield site is free to visit and makes for a great spot to learn about Montebello's rich history.

So, if you're looking for insight into the city's past, check out the Rio San Gabriel Battlefield Site.

Take a Stroll at Rodriguez Park

If you want to hike and spend quality time admiring the city and its community, head to Rodriguez Park.

Rodriguez Park is a beautiful public park located in Montebello, California.

It spans seven acres and has plenty of space for visitors to stroll.

The park features paved walking paths, large grassy areas, and a playground for children.

It has many trees and plants, making it a great spot to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Rodriguez Park also offers other amenities, such as a baseball field, a basketball court, and dedicated picnic areas with tables.

The park and its amenities are free and a great spot to bring the family for some outdoor fun.

Learn Local History at Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe

If you want a more immersive historical experience in Montebello, consider visiting the Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe.

Located at 946 N Adobe Ave, the Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe is a two-story adobe house built in 1844, the home of one of the original settlers of Montebello.

The staff welcomes you to the Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe Historic Site and Museum.

It is a monument of Montebello's earliest house, located around one mile from San Gabriel Mission.

The Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe holds an impressive history within its walls since it was part of the 2,363-acre Rancho La Merced.

The adobe house is open to visitors who want to learn more about the city's past.

Other Things to Do Nearby

See Local Art at Vincent Price Art Museum

The Vincent Price Art Museum is an excellent spot for art lovers and culture enthusiasts.

The museum, located at 1301 Cesar Chavez Avenue in nearby Monterey Park, California, is a free public art museum dedicated to contemporary local artists' works.

The Vincent Price Art Museum at East Los Angeles College is deeply devoted to providing a distinctive learning experience for all locals and visitors.

They do it by showcasing, interpreting, collecting, and preserving artwork in various mediums across visual arts.

In addition, the museum also offers free educational programs and workshops for both adults and children.

Located nine minutes from Montebello, the Vincent Price Art Museum is free.

Go on a Hiking Adventure at Edison Trails Hike

Edison Trails is a local hiking trail located in Monterey Park, eight minutes from Montebello.

Embark on an adventure to Monterey Park, California, and explore the 2.1-km out-and-back trail.

Enjoy a scenic hike through nature and take in your surroundings' breathtaking sights while discovering new things.

It's a popular easy route that only takes around 37 to 40 minutes to finish.

Exploring this trail is an ideal activity for hikers, runners, and walkers who enjoy a bit of solitude.

October through May are the best months to visit as the trail is mostly shaded with plenty of flora and fauna to enjoy.

You can bring your dog along, but it must always be on a leash.

Get Active at Garvey Ranch Park

Garvey Ranch Park is one of the best outdoor destinations in Monterey Park.

This park has everything you need: two baseball fields illuminated by lights, picnic spots, bathrooms, lighted tennis courts, and a fun playground for the kids!

In addition to these amenities, it also boasts an impressive museum and observatory.

Spanning 28 acres, Garvey Ranch Park is the largest in Monterey Park.

This park is ten minutes from Montebello.

Spend the Day at George E Elder Memorial Park

George E Elder Memorial Park is the perfect place to spend a day outdoors without breaking the bank.

This 15-acre park at 950 Wilcox Avenue in Monterey Park has plenty of amenities.

It features basketball courts, a community center, numerous picnic shelters, a playground, public swimming pool, tennis courts, and well-maintained restrooms.

In addition, this public park also offers a variety of programs and activities, including kickball, karate classes, and more!

There are many things to do here, only seven minutes from Montebello.

Whether looking for a place to relax or get active, George E Elder Memorial Park is the perfect day out.

Final Thoughts

From visiting museums to exploring hiking trails, you have plenty of options for free activities in this historic city.

Whether you're a local or just visiting, take advantage of the attractions in Montebello.

Enjoy the free things to do in Montebello, California!

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