15 Free Things to Do in Clearwater, FL

Free Things to Do in Clearwater, FL
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Clearwater lives up to its name as an excellent beach destination in Florida's Tampa Bay.

Despite its small size, Clearwater is home to over 100,000 Floridians, primarily working or studying in the more extensive neighboring city of Tampa.

Clearwater, part of Pinellas County, is best known for its three-mile stretch of sugary-white sand beach lined with hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

For those yearning for a great vacation without traveling outside the nation, Clearwater is an ideal destination.

It has some of the best beaches on Tampa Bay and a laid-back tropical town vibe that instantly relaxes your mind and body.

So, whether you're planning a beach-themed vacation or simple relaxation, Clearwater has something to offer everyone.

Remarkably, you won't need to spend a lot when vacationing in Clearwater since it has plenty of attractions with no entry or admission fees.

To find out, here are the best free things to do in Clearwater, Florida:

Get a Tan at Clearwater Beach

Sunny day at Clearwater Beach
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Clearwater has numerous beach sections that stretch over three miles, giving you plenty of options to soak up the sun and achieve your tan lines.

One of its most popular beaches is Clearwater Beach, which boasts soft, white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters that instantly mesmerize you.

There are plenty of water activities at Clearwater Beach, whether swimming, sunbathing, jet skiing, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, or parasailing.

People swimming at Clearwater Beach
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Whatever your plans, something exciting awaits you at this iconic beach in Clearwater.

In addition, plenty of events and activities regularly happen at this beach, adding more excitement to your visit.

Parasailing at Clearwater Beach
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Catch Fish at Lake Lucille Park

Lake Lucille Park is one of Clearwater's community parks that is popular for fishing.

You can visit this park along Long Street.

This neighborhood park has an extensive lake, a favorite spot for local anglers for catch-and-release fishing activities.

Besides the extensive lake, it has scenic walking trails, picnic areas, and benches for other outdoor activities.

You won't regret casting your line at Lake Lucille Park since many anglers reported that it contains abundant fish species.

At the same time, you're guaranteed to appreciate its peaceful atmosphere and gorgeous sunset in the afternoon.

On top of that, this park is highly accessible to the rest of Clearwater's other attractions, making it a convenient place to visit.

Play Racquet Sports at Bay Park on Sand Key

Head to the Bay Park on Sand Key to play lung-busting but fun racquet sports.

You can visit this park along Gulf Boulevard.

This park has a tiny beach access, picnic areas, children's playgrounds, lush greenery, and other amenities.

However, locals love to spend their time at this park playing tennis or pickleball.

The park has multiple hard courts for tennis and pickleball for the public to use.

It also regularly holds equally entertaining pocket tournaments.

Pack your tennis or pickleball gear when visiting Clearwater and play these sports at the Bay Park on Sand Key.

Join the Sunsets at Pier 60

Entrance arch of Pier 60
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Sunsets at Pier 60 is a famous nightly activity at Clearwater's iconic Pier 60, nestled on Clearwater Beach.

You can visit this pier along 1 Causeway Boulevard.

It's a year-round free event celebrating the breathtaking sunset of Clearwater, which made this city famous.

Exterior of Pier 60
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At the same time, dozens of street performers, artisans, and musicians provide entertainment to beachgoers and sunset chasers who visit the pier.

The event usually starts two hours before sunset so everyone can find their perfect spot before the Golden Hour.

Sunsets at Pier 60 have been happening since 1995, making it a traditional activity in Clearwater up to this day.

People admiring the sunset from Pier 60
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Get Active at Crest Lake Park

Crest Lake Park is known for its dozens of amenities for fitness buffs and outdoor enthusiasts.

You can visit this park along S. Glenwood Avenue.

The park features not just your typical picnic area and playground.

It's best known for providing parkgoers with an active and fun experience through its exercise equipment area, sand volleyball courts, regular volleyball courts, a hiking trail, and a splash pad.

With all that in mind, Crest Lake Park is one of Clearwater's best parks, especially for fellow fitness buffs.

Enjoy plenty of sports and outdoor activities that stretch your muscles and give you a memorable experience during your trip to Clearwater.

See the Pristine Beauty of Moccasin Lake Nature Park

Moccasin Lake Nature Park encompasses 51 acres of lush green environment and unspoiled natural beauty.

You can visit this nature park along Park Trail Lane.

The park is one of Clearwater's local gems, adjacent to the busy US 19 highway.

If you're yearning for quality sightseeing, this is your go-to park in Clearwater.

While strolling through its premises, you'll easily immerse yourself in the park's serenity and natural beauty.

Its walking trails lead you to natural areas such as creeks, ponds, and forested regions which are ideal for nature-related activities.

At the same time, Moccasin Lake Nature Park is connected to other attractions in Clearwater, such as the Cypress Trail and Brigham Dock.

Commune with Nature at Sand Key Park

A heron at Sand Key Park
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Sand Key Park is known for its distinct area comprising a beach and a gorgeous park.

You can visit this park along Gulf Boulevard.

This park covers 95 acres and is an idyllic place to take a dip at the beach or explore nature and local wildlife.

Sand trail at Sand Key Park
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Besides its gorgeous beach, the park has a wildlife habitat from its salt marsh and wooded areas that support thriving local flora and fauna.

One of the sought-after attractions at Sand Key Park is the sea turtles, which seasonally lay eggs at its beach.

At the same time, birds, amphibians, and small mammals are frequently seen at the park, making it a great place to connect with nature.

People at Sand Key Park beach
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Feed the Waterfowl at Cliff Stephens Park

Cliff Stephens Park offers parkgoers a scenic and peaceful spot for some worthwhile outdoor activity.

You can visit this park along Fairwood Avenue.

The park stretches over 44 acres and is home to various waterfowl, from local to migratory birds.

Most parkgoers love to bring bread or biscuits to feed ducks and birds that love to hang out at the park's pond.

Feeding ducks and birds offer a satisfying and fun experience, especially if you bring your loved ones to this park.

Meanwhile, other parkgoers love to have their photoshoot at the park because of its picturesque atmosphere.

Besides feeding ducks, birds and photoshoots, you can also enjoy hiking, biking, or skating at Cliff Stephens Park.

Traverse the Clearwater Dolphins Trail

The Clearwater Dolphins Trail is an iconic public art installation loved by locals and visitors.

You can visit and take photos of this public art installation at Pier 60 Park.

When visiting Clearwater, keep your eyes peeled for the six-foot-tall colorful dolphin sculptures you can spot throughout the park.

The trail got its name since parkgoers must walk the path to discover these dolphin sculptures, which number over 120.

Thanks to local artists, the dolphin statues gave more color to Clearwater's already vibrant atmosphere with their artworks made from ceramic, glass, and fiber.

Don't forget to traverse the Clearwater Dolphins Trail and pose for a memorable photo souvenir beside the dolphin sculptures.

Embrace the Tranquility of Lake Chautauqua Park

Boardwalk at Lake Chautauqua Park
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Lake Chautauqua Park is one of Clearwater's extensive and secluded nature parks you mustn't miss visiting.

You can visit this park along Landmark Drive.

Locals know this lakeside park as one of Clearwater's most peaceful parks.

It's less crowded than most parks in Clearwater, making it a perfect place to take a break, meditate, or relax.

It has numerous trails for hiking, horseback riding, and biking, taking you to some of its unspoiled natural areas.

At the same time, Lake Chautauqua Park is a thriving wildlife habitat filled with turtles, waterfowl, owls, and small reptiles, perfect for viewing wildlife.

Follow the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail

Head to the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail for a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure.

This trail spans 54 miles and starts from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs, which passes Clearwater along the way.

Many bikers and hikers consider this as their outdoor haven since it takes them to gorgeous natural areas and fascinating historical sites throughout their journey.

Since it's a linear trail, it's pretty easy to traverse it whether you're a seasoned or a newbie hiker or biker.

It runs through an abandoned railroad corridor, making it a nice place to explore history.

Pack your hiking or biking gear when visiting Clearwater for a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure at Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail.

Explore the Clearwater Historical Society Museum and Cultural Center

Head to the Clearwater Historical Society Museum and Cultural Center if you're intrigued by the city's past.

You can visit this local museum along S. Ft. Harrison Avenue.

This local historical group opened this museum in 2019, comprising six buildings within a five-acre area.

The museum allows you to travel back to learn about Clearwater and Pinellas County's history.

Inside the museum are revolving and permanent displays of artifacts, documents, photographs, and artworks that detail the area's past.

Besides the museum, the Clearwater Historical Society Museum and Cultural Center regularly hosts art-related and historical-themed events, which you can catch up on during your visit.

With all that in mind, remember to include this historical attraction in your itinerary when visiting Clearwater.

Spend the Afternoon on a Beach Walk

People walking along Clearwater beach
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One of the best ways to experience Clearwater's tropical beauty is doing the Beach Walk through its scenic coastal boulevard.

You can stroll along Gulfview Boulevard and enjoy Clearwater's scenic beach area, usually packed with beachgoers year-round.

It's a satisfying experience you mustn't miss when visiting Clearwater or other coastal cities in Florida.

You'll appreciate the fresh sea breeze brushing against your skin while looking from a distance on the horizon.

Trail at Clearwater beach
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At the same time, it's also one of Florida's best spots to catch the sunset every afternoon.

If you want to take a break from strolling, take a seat at one of its concrete benches installed throughout the walkway.

If you want a place in Clearwater to pass the time, head to Gulfview Boulevard for a lovely beach walk, especially with your loved ones or friends.

Explore the Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail

Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail is another hiking spot in the area you mustn't miss checking out.

This trail is idyllic for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

The trail spans over seven miles and is known for its easy access to many tourist attractions in Clearwater and neighboring towns and cities.

Some of the best places to stop by while traversing this trail are Cliff Stephens Park.

The trail's end takes you to Tampa Bay, which overlooks the Gulf of Mexico.

Remember to head to Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail for another round of hiking adventures.

Stroll through the Cleveland Street District

Cleveland Street District serves as Clearwater's downtown area.

It's where you can enjoy Clearwater's urban scene after discovering its gorgeous beachside scene.

Besides the typical shopping and dining experience, this place is famous for many activities, such as free concerts and public art events.

Many visitors in Clearwater love to stroll through this area for quality leisure time.

At the same time, some spend their time there to relax and enjoy its vibrant atmosphere.

Head to the Cleveland Street District to get acquainted with Clearwater's locality.

Final Thoughts

Start planning your adventure with this well-curated post about the free things to do in Clearwater, Florida.

You should have a blast exploring Clearwater's famous attractions and hidden gems without breaking the bank.

From swimming, sunbathing, and hiking to simple relaxation at one of its parks, there are plenty of exciting things to enjoy in Clearwater.

Remember to list this Floridian coastal city on your travel bucket list whenever you're itching to spend your next vacation on the beach.

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