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15 Free Things to Do in Hialeah, FL

  • Published 2022/12/17

Other Florida regions, such as Miami, have historically overshadowed Hialeah.

Still, residents would assure you that this city, among the oldest in South Florida, has a lot to offer.

Hialeah, which combines the words “Haiyakpo” (prairie) and “hili” (beautiful) to mean “beautiful prairie,” is most frequently traced to Muskogee ancestry.

Located in Miami-Dade County, Hialeah was primarily wrecked by a hurricane in 1926, but it is now known to match Orlando in terms of commerce, restaurant, and recreational opportunities.

Outdoor enthusiasts can explore Hialeah’s parks, golf courses, and fountains.

On the other hand, nature lovers can take advantage of the city’s pristine wildlife sanctuaries and botanical gardens to spot native flora and fauna.

There is a blossoming arts and culture scene here, and many residents claim you miss out on a great deal if you don’t visit Hialeah in Florida.

There are also several free things to do in Hialeah, Florida, and it would be wise to include the city in your itinerary.

Explore Amelia Earhart Park

Welcome sign of Amelia Earhart Park

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Free during weekdays, visiting Amelia Earhart Park on 65th Street is an excellent way to spend the day outdoors in Hialeah.

The park is home to hiking trails, lakefront picnic areas, and recreational facilities that are perfect for families with kids of all ages.

One of the most well-liked parks, Amelia Earhart Park is popular among many Floridians for picnics and other outdoor activities.

Due to its huge open space, it’s also the ideal park for afternoon strolls down meandering pathways past lakes and lazily sprawling in the grass on a picnic mat.

The playground, located on an island in the middle of one of the park’s small lakes, offers tree homes resembling forts and balance beams for pretend play.

You’ll also find a soccer complex, a zoo, and a disc golf facility; volleyball courts are all included in the 515-acre park.

Discover the Stunning Murals at The Leah Arts District

The Leah Arts District is next to Flamingo Plaza in Hialeah’s Eastern section.

In the 1980s, the area was a center for production and industries.

The Leah Arts District, which Councilman Paul Hernandez created, is the only place in the city where artists can live and work.

Established in 2015, The Leah Arts District is also home to an art gallery, a communal workshop and performance space for local artists, and a live music venue.

Approximately six city blocks of the neighborhood are currently made up of light industry, secondhand stores, dining establishments, and retail.

The area is designed to showcase Hialeah’s arts and culture scene and to provide city artists with a venue to gather, share ideas, and exhibit their most recent works of art.

Beautiful murals and other works of art are displayed on the majority of the walls of the district’s buildings, which you can see and appreciate as you pass them by.

Explore Wilde Activity Center

If you have time, why not tour Wilde Activity Center to take advantage of the many things to do in Hialeah?

Victor Wilde, who served as a councilman for the City of Hialeah from 1959 to 1984, is commemorated by Wilde Community Center.

The center is at Terrace St., an eight-acre public recreation facility.

It offers various indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, including lighted basketball courts, a children’s playground, and a community library.

The Wilde Community Center is also perfect for those who want to enjoy physical activities, as the center has walking trails, parks, and dance rooms.

The Hialeah Housing Authority runs a free lunch service for older residents at the Wilde Community Center.

Go Biking at the Amelia Earhart Mountain Bike Trails

Amelia Earhart Mountain Bike Trails boasts eight miles of biking trails that range in difficulty for newbies and experts.

Cycle path routes are accessible, including uphill climbs, banked corners, and a few spots where you can fly.

The pathways wind past Amelia Earhart Park’s magnificent lake and into green wooded areas.

The open space also makes it perfect for cycling and running enthusiasts who prefer quieter routes that aren’t too crowded with people.

Biking competitions like the Coconut Cup are also held at the Amelia Earhart Mountain Bike Trails.

Whether you’re just looking to enjoy a casual ride or you want to compete in an event, this is the place for you.

Appreciate Artworks at the Garden of the Arts

You can escape all of your troubles in the Garden of the Arts.

One of Hialeah’s newest parks, Garden of the Arts, has quickly acquired popularity for being one of the most stunning outdoor areas in the neighborhood.

The park is like a crossover between an arts center and a museum; paintings, carvings, and art exhibitions accent the landscape.

This artistic haven gives visitors a choice of creative and imaginative pursuits in addition to its lovely scenery and gorgeous trees and flowers.

There is an amphitheater in the Garden of the Arts, where live performances are conducted all year.

There are also vast stretches of breathtaking scenery in the Garden of the Arts, which you can discover by strolling along one of the many pathways ideal for trekking or bicycling.

There’s no better way to spend a relaxing afternoon than in the Garden of the Arts, so make sure you visit it on 76th Street.

Find Your Zen at the Don Quijote Plaza

One of Hialeah’s best art pieces can be found at Don Quijote Plaza on 49th Street.

The Don Quijote sculpture stands over the Palmetto Expressway entrance to Hialeah as a homage to Don Quijote and the City of Hialeah.

Ramon Pedraza’s 28-foot sculpture greets visitors traveling along West 49 Street and West 20 Avenue in the plaza’s center.

With its benches, plants, and palm fronds, the plaza serves as a contemplative park.

Whether you want to wander its grounds, look up at the artwork, or sit and enjoy the view, this is a perfect place for those looking for some relaxation.

Don Quijote Plaza is a welcome respite from the busy city, and it’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed and at peace.

Bond with Your Friends at Carl F. Slade Park

Carl F. Slade Park was named after an appointed officer in World War 2 and is a perfect place to enjoy with friends.

Carl F. Slade operated funeral establishments that also offered free ambulance services to the city.

Today, the park honors him by providing residents of Hialeah with a beautiful space to spend time with family and friends.

To give children a chance to spend time outside throughout the school day, Carl F. Slade Park is also used by the nearby Hialeah Educational Academy.

You can watch kids play at the lighted basketball courts or softball courts.

Children’s playgrounds and tennis courts are also available, along with a fitness area where you can enjoy the outdoors.

Whether you want quiet reflection time or an opportunity to socialize with friends, Carl F. Slade Park on 74th Street is the perfect destination.

Delve into the Beauty of the Cuban Culture in Exile Heritage Park

The Cuban Culture in Exile Heritage Park, also known as Monument Park, is a beautiful space that immerses you in the history of Cuban culture.

Cuban Culture in Exile Heritage Park, created by Pedro Roman, includes memorials and markers such as image plaques, rock handprints, and ceramic paintings.

These memorials pay tribute to notable figures from Cuban heritage, including Damos Perez Prado and Olga Guillot.

Cuban Culture in Exile Heritage Park also has memorials to the neighborhood that contributed to its establishment.

The park also has a stage and many open areas for communal engagement.

It is located on Hialeah Drive and North East 9th Avenue.

Let Your Kids Have Fun at the Bill Graham Farm Village

The Bill Graham Farm Village was built to give today’s kids a chance to discover the farming history of Miami-Dade County by touring a recreation of the types of farms that once covered a third of the area.

Nestled inside Amelia Earhart Park, The Bill Graham Farm Village takes visitors back to the late 19th century to experience living and surviving on a farm.

Children can play with the animals at the petting zoo and interact with farm animals, such as goats, chickens, and pigs.

Another attraction you can visit is the demonstration shed to witness farm chores, such as milking a cow.

There’s also a general store where kids can buy snacks, including ice cream and popcorn.

The Bill Graham Farm Village is an excellent destination for families who want to discover what life was like during those days and help their kids learn about how farming has played such an essential role in the city’s history.

Engage in Outdoor Recreation at James H. Goodlet Park

James H. Goodlet Park is a sprawling 13-acre park with something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you want to hike along the park’s trails or spend time with friends on its well-kept fields, James H. Goodlet Park is the perfect place for outdoor recreation in Hialeah.

The park features a large playground that both children and adults can enjoy, as well as soccer fields for the sports enthusiasts in your group.

A Racquetball court is also available at the park, as are tennis and basketball courts.

If you want a quiet place to relax and unwind, James H. Goodlet Park is where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hialeah.

Discover the Stunning Past of the Hialeah Park Race Track

The Hialeah Park Race Track on 32nd Street was built in the early 1920s and quickly became a popular destination for people looking for some thrill.

The Hialeah Park Race Track was a former greyhound racing track before it became one of the oldest attractions in the city.

After suffering significant hurricane damage in 1926, the property was sold to Philadelphia horseman Joseph E. Widener in 1930.

To create a brand-new stadium, Renaissance Revival mansion, manicured grounds with native plants and animals, and a lake with flamingos, Widener employed architect Lester W. Geisler.

Hialeah Park Race Track, hailed as one of the most stunning racecourses worldwide, re-opened on January 14, 1932.

Have a Blast at Tom Sawyer’s Play Island

Tom Sawyer’s Island is a 7,500-square-foot playground inside Amelia Earhart Park.

The former director of Metro-Dade Park and Recreation Department sought to create a “play-in-the-woods” atmosphere in the park near the farm town.

The island, which can be reached from Amelia Earhart Park via a long footbridge, was intended to be Tom Sawyer’s Play Island.

You’ll see cypress, oak trees, and big rocks along the shore.

The all-inclusive play island, which is described as the biggest playground in Miami-Dade County, also has a cave and a cover of old oak trees.

Playground accessories, including ladders, swings, and slides, were installed after the island had been constructed.

Chill Out at Bright Park

For a relaxing escape from your city life, head to Bright Park.

The park was named after James H. Bright, one of the founders of Hialeah.

This charming park is located on 35th Street and is the perfect place to de-stress after a long day at work or school.

Bright Park is next to Flamingo Elementary School, which uses it for recess and physical education lessons, so you can watch kids having fun while you’re there.

Bright Park offers plenty of space to sit back and unwind under the shade of its many trees with your favorite book or magazine.

You can also bring along a picnic lunch and dine al fresco or enjoy the playground at the park for some fun family time.

Explore the Beauty of the John F. Kennedy Library

With its facade covered in stunning murals, the John F. Kennedy Library is a beautiful structure you need to see for yourself.

Gorgeous paintings are scattered throughout the library, which you can examine as you also peruse the vast collections of books and documents.

As you stroll through the library, you will be struck by the enormity of its exhibits.

Fall in love with the vast space of the audio and video section as you sift through the thousands of media items housed in the library.

You can also look for the sculptures that are part of John F. Kennedy’s charms and take a selfie with them!

The John F. Kennedy Library on 49th Street is open to everyone, so make sure to drop by at least once during your stay in Hialeah!

Experience the Amazing Nature Sites of Timothy H. Artman Park

Looking for a natural getaway that is just a short drive away?

Look no further than Timothy H. Artman Park, one of Hialeah’s most beautiful and well-maintained parks near Palm Lakes Park.

Timothy H. Artman Park is home to sprawling greenery, which can make you forget that you are still in a city.

Explore the park’s winding paths as you visit its different natural attractions, such as its butterfly garden.

The City of Hialeah established Timothy H. Artman Park in 1992 in honor of the hometown hero who gave his life in action in the Vietnam War.

This park acts as a reminder of those who have served and are serving this wonderful country.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an escape from mundane city life, you should visit Hialeah and take advantage of all the fantastic free attractions in the city.

From exploring breathtaking nature sites to soaking up some culture, there is something for everyone in this stunning city.

So what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and try these free things to do in Hialeah, Florida, today!

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