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15 Free Things to Do in Buena Park, CA

  • Published 2023/01/23

Buena Park is a picturesque small city in Orange County, California.

This city is a vibrant place to enjoy a quick vacation or weekend getaway with your family or friends.

Buena Park is renowned for its theme park, which has remained open since the 1920s, historical attractions, laid-back vibes, and top-notch leisure activities.

Many people across southern California travel to Buena Park to experience it firsthand.

Although Buena Park’s mainstream attractions have an entry fee or tickets, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy free things in this gorgeous city.

Buena Park has many gorgeous parks named after local personalities, natural areas, and historical attractions.

If you’re already intrigued, here are the free things to do in Buena Park, California, for your next adventure.

Explore the Outdoors at Ralph B. Clark Regional Park

Pond at Ralph B. Clark Regional Park

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Ralph B. Clark Regional Park lies on the foot of Coyote Hills, offering parkgoers top-notch outdoor activities.

You can visit this park along Rosecrans Avenue.

The park encompasses 104 acres, one of the local’s favorite places to do outdoor activities such as hiking, off-road biking, fishing, and sports.

It has sports facilities such as tennis courts, volleyball courts, and baseball fields.

Ducks at Ralph B. Clark Regional Park

Davefoc, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

At the same time, you can also check out its amphitheater, which hosts free concerts and local events that locals enjoy.

The Ralph B. Clark Regional Park has a lake regularly stocked with various fish species if you fancy relaxing fishing.

Nothing can go wrong if you spend your time at this park, whether you’re in for some outdoor adventure or simple relaxation.

People walking along Ralph B. Clark Regional Park trail

Davefoc, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Step inside the Jain Center of Southern California

The Jain Center of Southern California is a religious place where South Californian Indians go to worship.

You can visit this wonderfully constructed place of worship along Commonwealth Avenue.

The Jain Center is in this post mainly because of its remarkable architecture, which you’ll see in its interior and exterior.

The original ancient Jain temples inspired its design in Palitana Tirths, Ranakpur, and Delwada in India.

It’s also among the very few religious places you’ll find in the United States.

Inside the Jain Center of Southern California, you’ll see its alabaster stones, intricately designed tile patterns, elegant altars, and life-sized sculptures of its deities and gods.

Take some photos for souvenirs or join guided tours to complete your experience visiting this gorgeous religious center in Southern California.

Play Basketball at Carl Brenner Park

Head to Carl Brenner Park if you’re up for more park visits.

You can visit this park along Ridgeway Drive.

The park was named after a local Buena Park doctor and former Parks & Recreation Commissioner.

It encompasses five acres of greenery equipped with four lighted basketball courts, a children’s playground, a picnic area, a wading pool, and a community center.

If you’re itching to play basketball with your friends or with some locals, this park is your go-to place.

Bring your basketball gear and showcase your A-game at Carl Brenner Park for action-packed basketball.

Catch the Summer Concerts at Henry Boisseranc Park

Henry Boisseranc Park is a lovely 20-acre park known for its activities.

You can visit this park along Dale Street.

The park was named after a Buena Park local who donated the park to the city for everyone to have a recreational area to enjoy.

Today, the park is home to dozens of events scheduled year-round for everyone to enjoy.

A couple of the most sought-after events at the park are the summer concerts and the movies.

Locals always look forward to the summer nights to catch various musicians and bands performing for free at Henry Boisseranc Park.

At the same time, everyone gets excited by the free movies at the park, making this place worth visiting in Buena Park.

Walk Down Memory Lane at Buena Park Historic District

Buena Park Historic District is the best place in the city to uncover its rich history and heritage.

The historic district comprises numerous historical buildings and spots which play relevant roles in Buena Park’s history.

You can join free guided tours in the historic district.

During the tour, you will be taken to various places, such as the Whitaker-Jaynes House, which serves as the city’s local museum.

At the same time, you can also visit one of Orange County’s oldest surviving structures, the Bacon House.

Also, you’ll stop by the historic Stage Stop Hotel.

Of course, you’ll discover plenty of historical attractions while exploring the Buena Park Historic District.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Buena Park’s past.

Take a Break at Images Park

Images Park is a gorgeous neighborhood park, perfect for another round of exciting outdoor activities with your loved ones.

You can visit this park along Stratford Circle.

The park was named after the New Images Home Development, which constructed the houses surrounding the park.

This park is incredibly small, roughly smaller than an acre.

However, it’s equipped with a top-notch children’s playground and exercise equipment locals love using.

Check out this neighborhood park if you want a nice spot to take a break from exploring Buena Park.

Besides its children’s playground and exercise equipment, Images Park has greenery and trees for shade, making it a worthwhile place to drop by.

Spend the Day at William Peak Park

William Peak Park is great for quality family bonding and outdoor activities.

You can visit this park along El Dorado Drive.

It has a gorgeous picnic area, a children’s playground, and plenty of outdoor facilities.

Besides that, this park, named after a former Buena Park council member, has a basketball court, a horseshoe pit, a skate park, and ball fields.

So, visit William Peak Park if you’re looking for a relaxing spot in Buena Park to spend time with your friends or family.

Step Back in Time at Knott’s Independence Hall

Exterior of Knott's Independence Hall

Redspork02, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you don’t fancy the theme park of Knott’s Berry Farm, you can check out Knott’s Independence Hall.

You can visit this historical attraction along Beach Boulevard.

This place is easy to spot because of its remarkable brick building replica of the original Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

This one in Buena Park is a testament to its owner, Walter Knott.

He wished to build a replica of the Independence Hall, which the public could visit for free.

Inside Knott’s Independence Hall are various historical displays, including replicas of significant national artifacts like the Liberty Bell.

In addition, you can also see various presidential artifacts and a replica of the Declaration of Independence, making this place fascinating to explore.

Bring Your Dog to George Bellis Park

George Bellis Park is one of the dozens of charming neighborhood parks you’ll come across in the city.

This park is situated along 8th Street.

This park is not just known for its picnic area, children’s playground, and other amenities.

Most locals love to visit this park mainly for its nice dog park.

The dog park has a fence divided into two sections for big and small dogs, making it a convenient place to let your pup have fun.

If you’ve brought your pup, then bring them to this park and let them have fun with other dogs.

George Bellis Park was once home to the Buena Park Lynx, a renowned softball team in the 1950s that won the national championship back in the day.

Get Fit and Strong through the Nutrilite Experience Center Tours

For a one-of-a-kind experience, join the Nutrilite Experience Center Tours.

You can join this tour at the Nutrilite Health Institute Center along Beach Boulevard.

This nutrition company offers the public a free tour of its facility, allowing visitors to learn how they manufacture their leading nutritional supplements.

During the tour, you’ll see the facility’s manufacturing area, supplement displays, and other fascinating sections, which attract many elite athletes, medical professionals, and fitness experts worldwide.

Seize the opportunity to join the one-of-a-kind Nutrilite Experience Center Tours.

Check Out Rick Gomez Park

Rick Gomez Park is one of Buena Park’s most beautiful outdoor attractions.

You can visit this park along 8th Street.

The park covers .46 acres of lush greenery and baseball-themed amenities, virtually a haven for baseball enthusiasts.

Its play areas, fitness equipment, picnic areas, and barbeque area have baseball themes, which is quite fascinating.

The park was named after former Park & Recreation Commissioner and local sportsman Rick Gomez as a tribute from the City of Buena Park for his contributions to the community.

Overall, Rick Gomez Park is a must-visit place for some picnics and other activities such as baseball.

Have a Picnic at Larwin Park

Larwin Park is another neighborhood park with excellent amenities and sceneries.

You can visit this park along Ball Road.

The park, which is adjacent to a housing area, has a splash pad for toddlers, sports facilities, restrooms, and a lovely picnic area.

Everything you need for a great picnic with your family is at this park.

It has enough trees to give you shade from the sun while enjoying your lunch with your loved ones or friends.

At the same time, it has a lovely children’s playground and spacious greenery for various outdoor activities.

Larwin Park has a pathway for jogging and hiking if you want to become more active.

Hike the Silverado Trail

Silverado Trail is a short hiking and biking trail popular for locals to sweat out and have fun.

You can visit this between Knott Avenue and Valley View along the Southern California Edison Right-of-Way.

The one-mile trail features a 12-foot-wide cemented path and an eight-foot-wide granite path used for various purposes.

Most locals love to hike, jog, skate, or bike on this trail, making it a nice place to stretch your muscles and burn calories.

If you’re itching for some exercise, the Silverado Trail is the best place to work out.

Stop by John Beat Park

John Beat Park is one of the many neighborhood parks you will likely visit in Buena Park.

You can check out this park along Mt. Shasta Circle.

Make one last stop at this park before wrapping up your Buena Park adventure.

The park was named after former Parks and Recreation Commissioner John Beat.

It spans over two acres featuring a picnic area with barbeque pits, a children’s play area, a basketball court, and restrooms.

It’s a nice place to chill, enjoy the outdoors, and reminisce about your experience visiting Buena Park.

Otherwise, you can rub elbows with locals who also love visiting John Beat Park during their free time.

Travel Back to the Prehistoric Period at the Ralph B. Clark Interpretive Center

Fossils displayed in Ralph B. Clark Interpretive Center

Davefoc, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Ralph B. Clark Interpretive Center is a fantastic place to explore prehistorically finds dating millions of years ago.

You can visit this place within the Ralph B. Clark Regional Park.

Its interpretive center offers everyone a free educational experience about the prehistoric period of Orange County through its guided tours.

It takes you to various exhibits and displays, which include one of its main attractions, a nine-million-year-old baleen whale skeleton.

It’s been touted that the skeleton is the only fossil left from the Ice Age.

With that in mind, it’s a remarkable experience you mustn’t miss in Buena Park.

Besides the prehistoric whale skeleton, kids can enjoy the interactive prehistoric lectures at the Ralph B. Clark Interpretive Center.

Final Thoughts

Buena Park is an ideal family getaway destination because of its wide array of wholesome outdoor recreation and attractions to enjoy.

It perfectly blends small-town vibes, top-notch outdoor activities, a bit of history, and natural beauty, making it a recommended weekend getaway destination.

Start planning your next adventure with this list of free things to do in Buena Vista, California!

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