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15 Best Things to Do with Kids in Virginia Beach, VA

  • Published 2022/11/25

Virginia Beach has a lively coastal community that offers a lot of fantastic experiences.

Discover the flourishing local culture, arts and entertainment, maritime history, and many attractions in the place where the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet.

Come and experience more of Virginia Beach than just the sun, sand, and surf!

The following attractions await you and your family on your well-deserved vacation to the city.

Here are the best things to do with kids in Virginia Beach, Virginia:

Take a Stroll at Virginia Beach Boardwalk

A statue along Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Sherry V Smith /

Virginia Beach Boardwalk stretches from 2nd to 40th Street and offers seaside park attractions with wonderful rides, a fascinating history, and a stunning beach backdrop.

Your kids will have fun at the park’s thrill and kiddie rides, family rides, bike rentals, and other attractions.

You can also enjoy the city’s local cuisine at nearby family restaurants with desserts and refreshing drinks that kids will love.

Wooden benches at Virginia Beach Boardwalk

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This area is full of historical sites perfect for a leisurely stroll.

The landscaped walkway was built to honor Virginians who have made vast contributions nationally and globally.

You’ll find monuments dedicated to these individuals scattered throughout the boardwalk.

Souvenir shops are also available, providing a great opportunity to buy keepsakes for friends and family back home.

Aerial view of Virginia Beach Boardwalk

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Enjoy an Exhilarating Outdoor Adventure at Adventure Park

Nothing beats a day of adventure amid nature, whether on your own or with your children and family.

The Adventure Park on General Booth Boulevard was founded in 2008, inspired by adventure parks in Switzerland that aim to provide an experience that connects people with nature.

The park has several various “aerial routes” up in the trees that you can choose from based on your skill level; they vary from beginner course (easier and lower to the ground) to intermediate to advanced (the most challenging).

Before your climb, you will be given a thorough safety orientation.

The climbing system is double-connectedits “always-locked-on” design keeps your climbing harness firmly tied to the safety line at all times, ensuring your safety.

Park guides are also on hand to assist climbers as needed.

Visit this aerial adventure park in Virginia Beach for the best ropes course climbing and tree-to-tree zip-lining adventure with the whole family!

Explore the Military Aviation Museum

An aircraft preparing for takeoff at the Military Aviation Museum

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One of the world’s largest exhibits of rare World War I and World War II military aircraft can be found in the Military Aviation Museum.

This museum preserves and restores aircraft to their pre-military state using authentic components.

The aircraft’s beauty and flying ability will amaze you during flying demos.

Aside from wandering through aircraft exhibits, you will also enjoy family-friendly activities, such as airplane rides, the Jurassic Park hunt, museum airshows, and more.

Consider scheduling a flight on a vintage World War II aircraft like the Waco YMF-5 or the 1941 Boeing Stearman.

An aircraft in the Military Aviation Museum


Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for an exciting flight with the Military Aviation Museum veteran pilot.

Fly over Virginia Beach’s rural countryside, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge sand dunes.

However, the adventure here doesn’t end with airplanes; your youngsters will also enjoy the museum’s Jurassic Park.

Let your kids explore the assortment of dinosaur statues on the museum grounds.

Don’t pass up on this breathtaking experience by visiting the museum on Princess Anne Road!

A display in the Military Aviation Museum


Enjoy Exciting Activities at Apex Entertainment Virginia Beach

Looking for a time-consuming yet enjoyable and entertaining experience?

Within its 85,000 square feet, Apex Entertainment Virginia Beach provides pure family fun activities.

Bumper cars, Blackbeard’s Revenge mini golf, go-kart tracks, a ropes course, and axe tossing are just a few activities your entire family can enjoy.

Dare your family to showcase their wits and skills in a laser tag game!

There are also 95 arcade games your kids can choose from.

If your tummy rumbles, grab some food and beverages at Apex American Cuisine Restaurant.

Get some sand off your feet and shake things up at this entertainment haven located at Columbus Street.

Introduce Your Kids to Sea Creatures at Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Exterior of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

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Your children will have a great time seeing 10,000 animals of 300 different kinds at Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

With its 3,000,000-liter tank and live animal habitats, you’ll see sharks, jellyfish, sea turtles, and other aquatic animals at the aquarium.

A shark in the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center


Discover rare Southeast Asian animals in the Malaysian Peat Swamp; interact with horseshoe crabs in shallow touch pools; and be awedif not terrifiedby seahorses and cobras in the Mediterranean Sea display.

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center on General Booth Boulevard has enough activities to fascinate the entire family!

A fish in the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Chansak Joe /

Have a Splash at Ocean Breeze WaterPark’s Shimmering Waters

Virginia Beach is home to many attractions, one of which is the Ocean Breeze Waterpark, perfect for a family outing.

It’s a popular destination on General Booth Boulevard for locals and tourists.

It has four attractions filled with exciting slides, games, and food trucks.

Take in the excitement of the wave as you flow down the cool and refreshing tubes, or ride the massive water slide!

You and your children will enjoy the wave water park, which is two feet deep and 50 feet long.

Splash around in the warm, clear waters while having fun in the sun!

Find Your Way at Lost Planet: Selfie Art Adventure and Mirror Maze

Don’t underestimate the classic Lost Planet: Selfie Art Adventure and Mirror Maze attraction, where you can get lost and have fun with the entire family.

Bring your kids to this Mirror Maze attraction on Atlantic Avenue, nestled in a jungle temple with an illusion-themed self-reflection.

In this family-friendly maze of mirrors, you’ll have a fantastic time navigating your way to the treasure cave, the bench of self-reflection, and more.

The 3D fun house is great fun to go through with your 3D glasseseverything you see is an optical illusion.

Lost Planet: Selfie Art Adventure and Mirror Maze’s art on the walls is also spectacular, with bright neon hues.

Take plenty of pictures with these 4D designs; it’s a selfie adventure after all!

Spot Sea Creatures with Rudee Tours

View of a dolphin from Rudee Tours

Mandy-Jo Chitwood /

Treat your children to this boat excursion at Rudee Tours, where they can see dolphins and whales jumping from and swimming in the waters.

You’ll get the chance to see acrobatic humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, seabirds, and ducks in Virginia Beach’s waters.

Come and feel the salty ocean mist brush your cheeks while you spot jellyfish and fishing birds coming your way.

Learn about Virginia’s coastal wildlife, such as the majestic seabirds, fascinating sea turtles, and rare fish species, from the trained tour guides.

Remember to bring your fishing rods, or rent one and take advantage of one of the best fishing spots on the East Coast!

Bear in mind, though, that whale sighting is not guaranteed, as all journeys are weather-dependent.

Rudee Tours is located on Winston Salem Avenue.

Go on a Racing Adventure with Your Family at Motor World

Motor World is one of the best places to take your family for a fun day out.

It has 11 go-kart courses with 250 karts; 16 different types of go-karts are available.

Motor World offers several exhilarating rides for thrill-seeking youngsters, such as the heart-pounding Skycoaster, bumper boats, shipwreck golf, and other thrilling attractions.

Another feature of this theme park that your kids will love is Kiddie City, which offers 10 rides.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may try the adult speed track attractions, which include the Cannon Ball, two-seater Family Track, Grand Prix, Super 8 Slick, and the particularly lengthy Road Race Track measuring half a mile.

Be one of the top racers by bringing your finest racing performance to these tracks on South Birdneck Road!

Enjoy Outdoor Fun at Mount Trashmore Park

Landscape of Mount Trashmore Park

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Mount Trashmore Park opened in 1993 and was established at an abandoned landfill with layers of compacted solid garbage and clean soil.

The park is known for its environmental achievements, including the Water Wise demonstration garden, which contains xeriscaping and teaches visitors how to construct a beautiful landscape with low water requirements.

Scattered across the ground of Mount Trashmore Park are picnic spots with vending machines and charcoal grills.

Have a fun recreational activity at playground areas, volleyball courts, and outdoor fitness stations.

Steps at Mount Trashmore Park

Sherry V Smith /

It also offers a large street skate park with a seven-foot-deep bowl and a big 13.5-foot-tall vert ramp.

Traditional family bonding activities, such as kite flying, bonding on the park’s walking track, and kid-friendly activities at the Kid’s Cove section, are among the fun activities you can do here.

There are also two lakes at Mount Trashmore Park where fishing is permitted.

Bikes at Mount Trashmore Park

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Enjoy Exciting Surf Lessons with Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp

If you’re searching for a thrilling yet safe water adventure, look no further than Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp!

Professional surfer Brendan Petticrew established it in 2001.

At Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp & Lessons in Virginia Beach, professional surf instructors will guide you so you can have the best possible experience, regardless of your age or skill level.

You can also join your kids in a private surf instruction tailored to your needs.

Surf classes are available all year for youngsters ages seven and up; scheduling at least 24 hours in advance is best.

If you’ve always wanted to catch a wave, Virginia Beach is the best spot, as the waves here are constant and range from three to six feet.

Gather your squad and sign up for a family lesson or two so you can all have a fun family ocean adventure.

At Wave Riding Vehicles Surf Camp on Cypress Avenue, highly experienced and CPR-trained surf instructors are waiting to share their love of surfing with you!

Hav a Spooky Adventure at the Famous Nightmare Mansion

Entrance to the Nightmare Mansion

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Walk, run, crawl, or be dragged through one of the country’s top 10 haunted attractions: Nightmare Mansion!

Dare your family to enter this frightening mansion sporting a giant skull on top.

Various attractions at the famous haunted house include a spine-tingling maze, a petrifying movie room, a medieval time-themed escape from hell, and an amusement park.

It’s perfect for visitors looking to get spooked.

Exterior of the Nightmare Mansion

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The Scary Maze is one of the top reasons to visit Nightmare Mansion on Atlantic Avenue.

You’ll have to move fast through the twists and turns to find all the deadly creatures before they get you first.

After your adventure, you can enjoy delicious food options like “creepy clowns,” “scary monsters,” finger appetizers, and refreshing drinks, including pina Coladas, sangria, and shakes.

If you’re not up for a spooky adventure, there is a theater within the Nightmare Mansion where you and your family can stay and enjoy movie nights, karaoke, comedy clubs, and other activities.

Play a Game of Twists and Turns at Breakout Games

Breakout Games on Virginia Beach Boulevard provides immersive entertainment where players can escape daily life, pretend to be the story’s hero, and save an uninhabited island.

Each breakout venue has its own set of difficulties and exciting escape room game themes suitable for the entire family.

Your children can play as investigators and discover the secrets of the dark alley before stopping a syndicate from carrying out its next attack.

Themed escape room games available at Breakout Games include Runaway Train, Mystery Mansion, Do Not Disturb, Island Escape, Museum Heist, and Operation Casino.

Will your children save the family and aid in their escape?

Soak up Scenic Views at False Cape State Park

The waters of False Cape State Park

Judy Ozmar /

Wrap up your high-octane adventure in a calm and serene setting by visiting False Cape State Park on Currituck Banks Peninsula.

It’s an amazing place to enjoy nature with camping and family events and beautiful views of dusk and dawn.

Ride off-shore on False Cape State Park’s Terra Gator, a popular way to explore the park.

Marker of False Cape State Park

Kyle J Little /

The Terra Gator transporter looks like an army tank and has gigantic wheels.

Some activities you might enjoy with your kids include migratory bird watching, guided kayak tours, rustic camping, and interpretive programs.

There are also hiking and biking routes and six miles of unspoiled Atlantic Ocean coastline at False Cape.

If you want to extend your family’s vacation, consider renting a camper van or pitching a tent in the camping area; make a reservation beforehand!

Pet Your Four-Legged Friend at Hunt Club Farm

On a 35-acre plot of land on London Bridge Road, Hunt Club Farm nurtures hens, goats, and other animals.

The zoo isn’t just a place for school field trips and to learn about nature and agriculture; it’s also perfect for seasonal farm festivals that the whole family will love!

At Hunt Club Farm, you can expect to meet various animals at these festivals, such as friendly goats, cuddly parakeets, gentle llamas, and more.

Children can also ride ponies at the farm and will enjoy petting their new four-legged friends.

The entire family can enjoy the park’s amenities and the local wildlife.

You can get up close and personal with hundreds of free-flying parakeets at the Bird Walk Aviary.

With the Tree Walk Adventure’s suspended bridges, you’ll be able to explore the farm above the forest floor.

You’ll also enjoy a panoramic view of the zoo park.

If you’re planning a picnic, bring snacks with you or purchase refreshments like ice cream from nearby vendors.

Finally, don’t forget to grab some Souvenir Feed Cups before leaving and take lots of pictures with your new furry friends!

Final Thoughts

Virginia Beach is a historic coastal destination that will entice beach lovers of all ages, die-hard sports fans, and outdoor enthusiasts with its abundance of natural beauty, history, culture, and boardwalk activities.

Make the most of Virginia’s arts and entertainment attractions, from water activities to historical sites and natural wonders.

Take some time to relax and rejuvenate in Virginia Beach with your children by checking out this list of the best things to do with kids in Virginia Beach, Virginia!

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