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25 Best Things to Do in Centreville, VA

  • Published 2023/03/24

Located in Fairfax County and a suburb of Washington D.C., Centreville is full of battlefield attractions and Civil-war history.

People coming from near and far cities and countries go to Centreville for its rich history, numerous parks, museums, and kid-friendly places.

Centreville offers access to the National Air and Space Museum of Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center; historical attractions like Manassas National Battlefield Park and Ben Lomond Historic Site; and a place with the best wine in Winery at Bull Run and Stone Tower Winery.

Explore what the city has to offer with the 20 best things to do in Centreville, Virginia.

Explore the Bull Run Regional Park

Bull Run Regional Park

Cvandyke /

Near the Occoquan Stream Valley, you will find Bull Run Regional Park with tree-lined meadows, campgrounds, and different amenities.

There are hundreds of possible outdoor activities and adventures for you as the park offers 1,500 acres of land with a waterpark, picnic areas so you can have quality time with your family, and scenic hiking trails.

Bull Run Regional Park

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Cool down with a waterslide pool in the Atlantis Waterpark, run one and a half-mile loop in the Bluebell Trail near the waterpark, camp in cabins with electricity and water, and buy camping supplies and items in the camp store.

You can get to see the wildlife in the Occoquan-Bull Run Trail, where there are a variety of woodland songbirds, woodpeckers, and many more.

bridge at Bull Run Regional Park

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There are other amenities and services in the park, such as the bathhouse, dump station, hay wagon rides, recycling station, playground, and picnic shelters.

The park is at 7700 Bull Run Drive, Centreville, and remember that admission to the park is free during the weekdays, but you need to pay during the weekends.

tent at Bull Run Regional Park

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Taste High-Quality Wine in The Winery in Bull Run

The Winery in Bull Run

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Adjacent to Manassa National Battlefield Park is 225 acres of farm vineyard and equestrian farm, The Winery in Bull Run.

You can taste high-quality wine made from 100% fresh Virginian grapes.

One of the wines you can try is the 2019 Delaney, with an aroma of dried spring wildflowers, Cabernet Franc Reserve.

The winery also represents two types of barns in Northern Virginia—the small 19th century-style barn and a dairy barn, complete with cable, beam, and hayloft.

When you go to the winery, you will realize the simple time without the hustle of a busy city, and you can relax in this beautiful countryside where you can enjoy your time with your family while sipping a glass of delicious wine.

The winery also pays tribute to the preservation of 19th century Fairfax County, which you can learn at the Historical Tour and Tasting session.

You can have weekend reservations, but walk-ins are welcome every day, where you can enjoy outdoor lawn seating, campfire date night seating, and many more.

Witness Great Performances in Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts

Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts

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If you are looking for a park with historical significance, cultural events, and dedicated to presenting performing arts, then you should go to Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts.

There are amphitheaters that hold different performances such as dance, musicals, concerts, jazz, opera, country music, popular music, and performance programming.

You will enjoy high-quality performances across all genres, and you will enrich your experience through educational programs too.

Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts

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There are many recreational opportunities you can try, like sledding, hiking or running in trails, or enjoying the moment with your loved ones.

There are also outdoor venues, such as the Wolf Trap Children’s Theater-in-the-woods and Filene Center, and indoor venues, such as the Barns at Wolf Trap.

See Wildlife Animals in Cub Run Stream Valley Park

Cub Run Stream Valley Park

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Take the chance to see the wildlife or go hiking in the Cub Run Stream Valley Trail screened by trees.

Aside from the mentioned activities, you can do numerous things on the trail, such as walking and biking in the lush, wooded valley.

Cub Run Stream Valley Park has about 5 miles of land with a green paved path trail, and it is located very near Centreville.

Take the time to enjoy the majestic view and the picturesque stream crossings, and try hunting wildlife, all in a tranquil setting.

Enjoy Fall Activities at Cox Farms

Locals frequent Cox Farm for their weekly supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, but there’s much more to see and do at this charming family farm.

It’s well-known in the fall for its plethora of pumpkins, hayrides, gigantic slides, rope swings, straw tunnels, farm animals, and live entertainment.

The haunted Fields of Fear opens at night, and there’s also the Festival Market.

Many customers visit during the warmer months to stock up on garden plants and fresh vegetables.

In addition, it grows a wide variety of flowers.

During the colder months, it transforms into a winter wonderland.

You may encounter Santa Claus face-to-face if you plan your trip during the holiday season.

Catch Local Games at Arrowhead Park

Look no further than Arrowhead Park, Centreville’s home field, if you need a location to play ball or watch a local tournament.

A wide variety of sports grounds, including grass and soccer fields, are available.

With the lights on, players may keep playing late into the night on the well-kept field. A small number of stacking bleachers are open for spectators.

You may find the fields conveniently located near a gravel parking area and portable toilets.

Various local sports clubs rent out the grounds, so it’s a superb location to go out and meet new people.

Meditate at Van Hanh Center

Centreville is home to the Van Hanh Center, a stunning and serene Buddhist temple.

This location is ideal for contemplation, an afternoon stroll, or some well-deserved “me time.”

It also has breathtaking scenery.

During festive times, you can see merchants selling items and vegan food to raise money for charity.

In the pond, you’ll also find several large Koi fish and stunning lotus blossoms.

During Buddhist festival times, it is a must-see destination.

The monks pray several times daily, so please remain as quiet as possible.

Teach Your Kids Some Survival Skills at Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Centreville

Children of varying levels can enjoy Aqua-Tots Centreville together.

It specializes in teaching ages four months and 12 years old how to be safe and the ability to swim well in our 900-square-foot indoor pool.

The ability to attend a different class or take a make-up lesson due to a conflict in the timetable includes a dressing area with all the essentials to accommodate your busy schedule.

So kick back and unwind in that cozy crimson seats in the VIP section.

Aqua-Tots Centreville’s instructors are qualified lifeguards and teachers eager to welcome your little one into the water.

The Aqua-Tots program has been successfully teaching millions of kids worldwide how to swim, and the instructors have received extensive training (more than 40 hours) in both the classroom and the water.

Score a Strike at Bowlero Centreville

Bowlero Centreville is a retro-style bowling alley with blacklight lanes.

It offers interactive enjoyment where you can forget about the outside world and enjoy yourself in the present.

It’s immersive entertainment at its finest!

Have a friendly game with your friends and hit a strike at its backlight bowling alleys.

You should also check out the virtual game arcade.

Participate in a laser tag match, or challenge yourself on one of its ropes courses!

Bowlero Centreville also serves food and drinks, so you don’t have to leave the premises should you go hungry.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Check Air and Space Exhibits in Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center exterior /

If you are interested to see National Air and Space exhibits, you should go to Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, a 760,000-square-foot facility that serves as the conservation, restoration, and collection-storage facility of the museum’s archives and artifacts.

There are different exhibits here, where you can see the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, Gemini 7 space capsule, a Concorde, Space Shuttle Discovery, and the still-controversial Enola Gay.

space shuttle at Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

eddtoro /

You can check out many interactive activities and exhibits, view thousands of artifacts, or explore Space Science, World War II Aviation, and Sport Aviation.

Even if you are not an aviation enthusiast, you will be in awe of this expansive museum, with its two hangars-James S. McDonnell Space and Boeing Aviation Hangar, which have numerous spacecraft and aircraft.

ww2 era planes at Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

Chansak Joe /

Be advised that food and drink are not allowed inside the museum.

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy’s Smithsonian Institution donated over $65 million in October 1999 to make this facility. He is the co-founder of an aircraft leasing corporation called International Lease Finance Corporation.

You can find this place along Route 28, south of Washington Dulles International Airport.

planes inside Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

James Mayo /

Know Civil War History in Manassas National Battlefield Park

Manassas National Battlefield Park /

If you are looking for a historical place, you can go to Manassas National Battlefield Park.

It preserves two major sites of the American Civil War battles, such as the First Battle of Manassas or the Bull Run, and the Second Battle of Manassas.

There is also the Henry Hill Visitor Center on the south entrance of the park, which offers exhibits of the Civil War-era weapons, uniforms, an electronic battle map, and an interpretation of what happened in the First Battle of Manassas.

Manassas National Battlefield Park2

Zack Frank /

You can also watch the orientation film called “Manassas: End of Innocence,” as well as check out different books in the bookstore.

If you are walking in the park, you will realize it’s worth visiting as it’s a place with historical significance, with Civil War reenactments.

The Battle of Bull Run features ranger tours that will help you understand what happened in the past.

Aside from this, you can have the opportunity to view wildlife, such as the Eastern Bluebird, Northern Bobwhite, Grasshopper Sparrow, Red-tailed Hawk, and a long-eared owl in the winter.

Manassas National Battlefield Park3

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Stroll in the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

pond and tower at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

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Meadowlark Botanical Gardens is a stunning place to visit, with its azalea garden, herb garden, lakes, lilac and hosta collections, and ornamental grass collection.

There are also many trees and plants planted, such as ornamental cherry trees and Siberian Iris.

Choosing the collection of plants and trees is based on biogeographic factors like topography, regional geology, and forest composition.

korean bell tower at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

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If you want a place for your special event, there is an Atrium, an indoor tropical garden popular as a workshop, meeting, wedding, birthday, and reception location.

You will surely enjoy the scenic space and natural beauty of Meadownlank Botanical Garden, dotted with beautiful cherry blossoms.

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens building

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Drink Premium Wines in Stone Tower Winery

You should add Stone Tower Winery to your list of places to visit, as this family-owned winery has about 55 acres of vineyards with pastoral beauty, rolling hillsides, and ancient geology situated atop Hogback Mountain.

The winery produces world-class fruit for winemaking, and they offer comprehensive samples of premium wine as a labor of love for the family.

Here, you may enjoy a nice barbeque lunch in the field, do a picnic with your family, and drink Merlot or Sauvignon blanc wines.

The owners are working with a team of the best soil specialist, viticulturists, and oenologists to give you the best experience you deserve.

Relax in Ellanor C. Lawrence Park and See Exhibits in Walney Visitor Center

Ellanor C. Lawrence Park

David Byron Keener /

If you want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing place, you should go to Eleanor C. Lawrence Park, where you’ll see forests and meadows, creeks, ponds, and an interpretive center.

The park has approximately four miles of trails in the forest and even along the meadows, and it is accessible from Middlegate/Cabell’s Mill complex, interpretive center, and Walney Pond.

One of the public park facilities here is the Walney Visitor Center, which offers educational programs, historical exhibits, and an area reserved for reading books and solving puzzles.

The center is located in a converted farmhouse, where you can see live animals, historical exhibits, a greenhouse, a touch table area, classrooms, and a covered picnic pavilion.

You will also see native animals such as owls, red foxes, and deers in the center.

You can explore the center and the park by group or own your own, but just make sure you call in advance if you plan to bring a group to the park.

Walney Visitor Center in Ellanor C. Lawrence Park

VA Student4 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visit Sully Historic Site

If you are looking for something interesting you can visit, then you can go to Sully Historic Site, a home with a combination of Georgian architectural style and Federal antique style.

This historic house was the home of Richard Bland Lee, Northern Virginia’s first representative to Congress, and it was completed in 1799.

You can have guided tours of the house; you just need to pre-register and buy tickets via its website.

You will see a smokehouse here, where the meats were hung overhead and a small square building at the end of the Sully house.

Sully Historic Site is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, and it is on the list of the National Register for Historic Places.

Know the Immersive Civil War Hospital in Ben Lomond Historic Site

Front View of Ben Lomond Historic Site

Jerrye & Roy Klotz, MD, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ben Lomond is a historic house museum about the Civil War period, and it is an antebellum farm that served as a hospital during the Battle of First Manassas.

Once inside, you will see union graffiti drawn by soldiers who were hospitalized.

The rooms are also packed with medical tools, soldier and surgeon’s uniforms.

When you walk outside, you will see the grounds full of antique roses, which is one of the largest public gardens devoted to roses.

Did you know that Ben Lomond was never meant to be a hospital?

The original plan was for it to be a private tobacco plantation, but since its location is close to the American Civil War’s First Battle of Manassas, it was converted into a hospital.

Check Different Art Collections in the Kreeger Museum

Front View of Kreeger Museum

AgnosticPreachersKid, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

On your visit to Centreville, do not forget to visit the Kreeger Museum, a contemporary and modern art museum with paintings and collections from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The museum was previously the residence of David and Carmen Kreeger, who amassed a great amount of modern art collection, which reflects the Kreegers’ spirit.

Interior View of Kreeger Museum

AgnosticPreachersKid, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When you go inside, you will find permanent collections whose artworks are made by well-known artists in Washington D.C., such as Reed, Davis, Gilliam, and Christenberry, and there are also temporary exhibitions you can check out.

The Kreeger Museum has educational programs and public programs in which you can join, as the museum’s mission is to share the art, music, and even architecture through its programs, initiatives, gallery talks, lectures, and panel discussions.

The museum rests on acres of land filled with gardens, structures, and terraces, and it was designed by Richard Foster and Philip Johnson in 1963.

Piano at Kreeger Museum

AgnosticPreachersKid, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Go to the Interactive Museum of Children’s Science Center Lab

Northern Virginia’s interactive museum is the Children’s Science Center Lab, where children can explore different concepts about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through exhibits and activities.

The lab is focused on children from 2 to 12 years old, and it has four experience zones, such as Experiment Bar, Inspiration Hub, Tinker Shop, and Discovery Zone.

The Experiment Bar is a rotating menu of experiments that will show you the wonder of science, while the Inspiration Hub demonstrates the real-world application of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Additionally, the Discovery Zone has hands-on learning activities for children five years old and younger.

Going to the Children’s Science Center Lab is a must, as you will have the opportunity to learn through dynamic and easily-understandable content.

Spend Your Weekend in the Beautiful Oatlands Historic House and Gardens

Oatlands Historic House and Gardens

Joe Benning /

Oatlands Historic House and Gardens is a scenic property with a mansion and more than 400 acres of land and gardens.

This place is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in its landmark category, as it has more than 200 years of history and at least 30 years serving as the wedding venue.

Oatlands Historic House and Gardens has numerous buildings with history like the Bachelor’s Cottage, the Carriage House, and several barns.

Oatlands Historic House and Gardens

Malachi Jacobs /

The main mansion has Greek Revival style, which was built in the 19th century, so if you want to check it out, you can join the guided tours of the mansion and even the garden and the grounds.

Know that there is a beautiful terraced garden, which is perfect for your birthday, wedding party, and other special events.

Do not go without visiting the gift shop, and you can buy gardening items, unique collections, and beautiful gifts.

Final Thoughts

Centreville is full of interesting places to go and best things to do.

So make sure you check this list and have a worthwhile vacation.

Enjoy your trip to Centreville and its nearby cities, and spend meaningful time and moments with your family and loved ones.

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