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15 Best Things to Do With Kids in Tuscaloosa, AL

  • Published 2022/11/03

The county seat of Tuscaloosa County, Tuscaloosa the city is well-known for its love of football and as the location of the famed University of Alabama.

Found in western Alabama, the city got its name from Choctaw chief Tuscaloosa, who battled it out against Hernando de Soto in 1540.

Aside from being a college town, Tuscaloosa has plenty to offer kids and families looking for fun activities, such as antebellum houses, interactive museums, and parks.

Here are the best things to do with kids in Tuscaloosa, Alabama:

Watch a Football Game at the University of Alabama’s Campus

Exterior of the Bryant-Denny Stadium

Rob Hainer /

If you’re an Alabama supporter and your kid has never been in a rowdy crowd shouting “Roll Tide,” visiting the University of Alabama on Wallace Boulevard during football season is a must-try.

Troop to the Bryant-Denny Stadium for an exciting game, tour the beautiful campus, and stop by the Paul W. Bryant Museum for a dose of Crimson Tide history.

Welcome sign of the Bryant-Denny Stadium

University of College /

If Alabama football is not your thing, there are plenty of basketball and baseball games, competitions in different sports, and a variety of other special events you can watch on the University of Alabama campus.

View inside the Bryant-Denny Stadium

Matthew Tosh, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Learn the History of Football in Alabama at the Paul W. Bryant Museum

If you’re visiting Tuscaloosa, you must visit the Paul W. Bryant Museum to start your kids young in appreciating sports.

An absolute must-visit for any sports fan, the museum is dedicated to “The Bear,” one of the most famous Alabama Crimson Tide football coaches in history.

Children will enjoy the treasures and souvenirs from the rich history of the University of Alabama football displayed at the Paul W. Bryant Museum.

A Waterford Crystal houndstooth hat commemorating Coach’s headgear and the Daniel Moore painting used to design the 32-cent U.S. postage stamp honoring Bryant’s life are two examples of the exhibits at the museum.

You and your kids must visit the museum’s archives, as they were used to create cutting-edge displays with videos showcasing outstanding players and games.

Take Your Kids to the Tuscaloosa Civil Rights Trail

Take a step back in history and visit the 18 sites along the Tuscaloosa Civil Rights Trail on Jack Warner Parkway to educate your kids on the city’s role in the civil rights movement.

Your kids will learn about this critical historical period through interactive exhibits and displays that bring Tuscaloosa’s involvement in the Civil Rights Movement to life.

Visit the Paul R. Jones Museum of African American Art, which showcases African American art and the struggles they faced during their time.

After exploring, take a break at Brummi’s Yummies which offers Cookie Dough Brownies, Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes, and other unique delicacies to satiate your hunger.

Bring Your Kids to Children’s Hands-on Museum for an Interactive Learning Experience

Perched in downtown Tuscaloosa, the Children’s Hands-On Museum offers an interactive learning experience for kids through various exhibits and programs.

Established in 1986, Children’s Hands-On Museum’s first home was on the University of Alabama’s campus, but it transferred to Tuscaloosa Downtown in 1989, now its permanent home.

The museum offers various exhibits, including Choctaw Indian Village! where kids can learn how the Indians live in the 1700s.

Your kids can also explore Beaver’s Bend, where they can participate in activities designed to simulate what it feels like in the forest.

Children’s Hands-On Museum also offers educational programs such as Survive in the Wild or Ancient Egypt, where kids can learn about surviving in the jungle and building their geoboard.

On specific dates, the museum also offers special events like Summer Science Camps and Learning Labs, where kids can participate in various educational activities.

Teach Your Kids How to Fish in Tuscaloosa Lake

The waters of Tuscaloosa Lake

Tiffany Marie Green /

Kids love learning new things, and what better way to bond with them than by teaching them the basics of fishing?

Tuscaloosa Lake is perfect for some casual recreational fishing with its 5,885-acre water supply and coastline that’s 177 miles long.

Tuscaloosa Lake is five miles north of Tuscaloosa and Northport in west central Alabama.

Lake Tuscaloosa was built because of the city’s expanding population, which started to use more water than its two reservoirs could supply.

You’ll need more than a whole day to explore the lake’s abundance of activities, such as swimming, boating, camping, hiking, and picnicking.

Visit the nearby Lake Lurleen State Park, or bring your gear and teach your kids how to fish in Tuscaloosa Lake.

Indulge in the Amenities at the Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation

Located on Greensboro Avenue, Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation offers various amenities for people of all ages to enjoy the outdoors.

The park features 2,000-acre of green spaces, parks, hills, and beautiful terrain, where people can fish, hike, or kayak.

There are also walking trails for those who prefer a stroll or want to challenge themselves with a hike.

Children can opt to go swimming at the Faucett pool, McAbee Pool, or play around the Splash Pad at Palmore Park.

The Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation also offers a bathhouse, banquet rooms, and boat rentals.

Camping is available at the park with amenities like restrooms, showers, and electrical hookups.

The Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation also features picnic areas and pavilions perfect for events or family outings.

Bond with Your Kids and Furry Friends at the Randall Family Park and Trailhead

Randall Family Park and Trailhead on Rice Mine Road Loopis an excellent spot for outdoor activities with your kids and pets.

The Randall Family Park and Trailhead opened to the public in February 2021 and offers several amenities, including picnic tables, a playground, a dog park, and walking trails.

Randall Family Park and Trailhead is a great place to go for a stroll or to let the kids burn off energy on the playground.

The Randall family has donated 19 acres of land for the park, located near several residential areas, making it a convenient spot for families to visit.

Take your furry friends to play with other dogs and make new friends while at it.

The Randall Family Park and Trailhead offers an excellent opportunity for families to spend quality time together outdoors.

Learn about Alabama’s Heritage Alabama Museum of Natural History

Exterior of the Alabama Museum of Natural History

Ken Wolter /

Founded in 1831, the Alabama Museum of Natural History features various collections that showcase Alabama’s natural heritage and ecosystem diversity, from prehistoric fossils to recent flora and fauna specimens.

The Alabama Museum of Natural History offers many exhibits for kids, including a display about the state fossil–Basilosaurus cetoides–an ancient whale species.

Your kids can join the Discovery Lab Experience for a minimal fee, with activities including Fossil Dig, Fossil Impressions, and Rock and Minerals.

Interior of the Alabama Museum of Natural History

Skusnr, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Explore the Coal Age Alabama, a gallery of fossils during the coal age, easily identifiable with one of the more enormous murals featuring a swamp on the museum’s wall.

Peruse the cabinets as they display remarkable animals during the late Cretaceous period when Alabama was submerged in the sea.

These fossils include the enormous predatory fish Xiphactinus audax, several marine turtle bones, and the prehistoric mosasaurs, the major predators in the waters throughout the Late Cretaceous period.

Jump High at the Upsurge Trampoline Park

Situated on McFarland Boulevard, the Upsurge Trampoline Park offers various trampolines for kids and adults to jump, climb, and play on.

Your kids can perfect their flips at the foam pit or test their agility at the ninja course with various obstacles to climb on and jump off.

The park also offers different activities for kids, such as a battle beam.

Explore the Main Court for more jumping action and bonding with friends.

Plan your visit with their website’s online booking, and remember to bring a pair of socks for hygiene purposes.

The Upsurge Trampoline Park also offers private party packages where you can host your child’s next birthday party with excellent jumping fun.

Head to Tuscaloosa Barnyard with Your Kids and Pet Some Animals

In the Northport area, Tuscaloosa Barnyard offers families a chance to have fun and learn about animals at the same time.

At Tuscaloosa Barnyard, visitors can see various farm animals such as horses, pigs, sheep, and goats.

Children can also participate in activities and attractions such as fish feedings, pedal karts, and hayrides.

The barnyard also offers birthday party packages for a fun and unique celebration for your child.

Tuscaloosa Barnyard also has a playground for children to play on and a picnic area for families to have a meal together.

Stroll along the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk with Your Kids

View of black warrior river from Tuscaloosa Riverwalk

Deutschlandreform, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located along the Black Warrior River in downtown Tuscaloosa, the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk offers a peaceful and scenic spot for families to come together and relax.

The 4.5-mile trail will treat your eyes to various views of the river, bridges, and beautiful landscapes.

The Riverwalk also features a playground and splash pad for kids to play on and picnic tables for family bonding time.

View of the paved Tuscaloosa Riverwalk

Deutschlandreform, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Visitors can also learn about Tuscaloosa’s history at the Heritage Museum along the trail.

The Tuscaloosa Riverwalk is the perfect place for families to spend time together and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Fall in Love with the Great Outdoors at the Snow Hinton Park

Located in the heart of Tuscaloosa, Snow Hinton Park offers a variety of recreational options for families to enjoy the great outdoors.

Snow Hinton Park features walking trails, slides, public art displays, and open fields.

The 40-acre park boasts athletic fields where kids can play sports or simply chill around the park.

Picnic tables are also available for families to have a meal together in the great outdoors and bask in the sunshine.

You can also stroll with your kids on the one-mile trail of Snow Hinton Park, where you can spot various wildlife and plants.

Enjoy the Attractions at the Palmore Park

There are a lot of amenities and facilities for families to enjoy at Palmore Park.

Palmore Park features a playground, picnic tables, a skate park, and a park trail and grills.

Children of all ages can play on the Harrison Taylor Splash Pad, which is housed in Palmore Park.

The park also features a disc golf course where you can play with your family and a dog park for your furry friends.

You can also host events at Palmore Park’s covered picnic pavilion.

Visit Palmore Park on Greensboro Avenue for a day of fun and relaxation with the family!

Let Your Children Socialize at the Mason’s Place

Located on Greensboro Avenue, Mason’s Place is an inclusive playground for children of all abilities to play, socialize, and learn.

Themed with well-known Tuscaloosa sites, Mason’s Place features GameTime equipment that offers play activities for kids of all ages.

The playground features ramps and wheelchair-accessible swings to ensure that all kids can have fun.

Mason’s Place also offers sensory-friendly activities such as a water play area and musical instruments.

It’s the perfect spot for your child to make new friends and stimulate their senses through play.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Explore the Wonders of Nature at Moundville Archaeological Park

Daytime view of Moundville Archaeological Park

Donn-beckh /

Situated on the shore of Black Warrior River, Moundville Archaeological Park in Moundville, Alabama is 21 minutes away from Tuscaloosa.

Children will enjoy one of the largest American Indian towns preserved in the Moundville Archaeological Park from prehistoric times.

The waters of Moundville Archaeological Park

Donn-beckh /

The prehistoric Moundville Archaeological Park site is close to the present town of Moundville in Hale County.

Moundville Archaeological Park was a wealthy ceremonial and political center of Mississippian civilization for more than 300 years before it was abandoned in the 1600s.

A mound at Moundville Archaeological Park

Donn-beckh /

The current park includes the original site, which features substantial clay mounds around an outdoor plaza, the Jones Archaeological Museum, educational artifact exhibits, an archaeology research center, a wilderness walk, and campground amenities.

Today, the expansive environment offers breathtaking panoramic views of these historic structures, and the park’s museum showcases many of the exquisite artifacts discovered there, including the renowned stone Rattlesnake Disk.

Picnic shed at Moundville Archaeological Park

Donn-beckh /

Final Thoughts

Tuscaloosa offers a variety of fun and educational activities for families with kids.

From the scenic Tuscaloosa Riverwalk to the new Randall Family Park and Trailhead, the city offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor family bonding.

There’s no shortage of family-friendly activities in Tuscaloosa, making it an excellent destination for families with kids.

Make the most of your trip by trying these best things to do with kids in Tuscaloosa, Alabama!

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