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15 Best Things to Do in Childersburg, AL

  • Published 2023/04/01

Childersburg, Alabama, is the oldest continually occupied city in the United States, dating back to the 1500s.

This small city in Talladega County spans only 32.59 square kilometers.

It started as a small village occupied by the Coosa Indian Nation.

The village grew larger after Hernando de Soto, a Spanish explorer, arrived in the 1500s.

Childersburg is a famous tourist destination today for its gorgeous caverns, history, natural beauty, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

If you want to visit Childersburg in the future, read this post for the best things to do in Childersburg, Alabama.

Cross the Historic Kymulga Covered Bridge

Exterior of the Historic Kymulga Covered Bridge

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For a historical detour, check out the Kymulga Covered Bridge.

You can visit this bridge north of Childersburg along Grist Mill Road.

The bridge, constructed in the 1860s, connects Childersburg and the neighboring city of Alpine.

The bridge, made of wood and metal, spans over 105 feet above Talladega Creek.

It’s adjacent to the historic Kymulga Grist Mill.

Walkway leading to the Historic Kymulga Covered Bridge

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Visiting this bridge not just provides you with some fascinating history.

Many couples love to cross the bridge because of its romantic scenery.

Those visiting the bridge don’t just end up crossing it.

They usually proceed hiking through its gorgeous natural trails on the riverside.

Add Kymulga Covered Bridge to your itinerary for a fascinating outdoor adventure while visiting Childersburg.

Facade of the Historic Kymulga Covered Bridge

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Explore the Majestic Caverns

Besides history, Childersburg is famous for the Majestic Caverns.

You can visit this natural attraction along the Desoto Caverns Parkway.

This natural attraction is a network of caves on the Appalachian Mountains’ foothills, also called “Alabama’s Big Cave.”

George Stiggens discovered these caverns in 1796.

They even wrote a letter to then-President George Washington to describe his amazement at the place.

Majestic Caverns is also home to many onyx-marble stalagmites and stalactites.

It was even argued to have the most deposit of these minerals worldwide.

Today, guided tours allow you to dive deep into the caverns and explore their beauty.

Upon arriving in Childersburg, the first thing to do is explore this famous attraction.

Have Fun at the DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park

Once you’re finished exploring the Majestic Caverns, spend some time at the DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park.

This park is above the caverns, with plenty of amenities and entertainment for the whole family.

Many visitors to the famous caverns usually stay at its gorgeous campground to enjoy what the park offers.

It has over 20 attractions, including water amenities, games, and obstacle courses.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy plenty of scenic picnic areas, ponds, streams, and wooded areas to explore at this park.

With all the amenities and features, this family fun park is often identified as a separate attraction from the caverns.

The DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park is an excellent place to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Wait for Your Big Catch at the Coosa River

Coosa River is a tributary that runs more than 280 miles or 451 kilometers and runs through Childersburg.

This river isn’t just an important historical site for the Coosa Indian Nation and a popular fishing spot throughout Talladega County.

Many anglers love to cast their line from their boats because of the river’s abundance of fish species.

It’s one of the best places to catch some smallmouth bass, blue catfish, alligator gar, channel catfish, carp, bluegill, green sunfish, and plenty more fish species.

Bring your fishing gear and head to the Coosa River for some excellent fishing experience.

Satisfy Your Cravings at the Old Town Grille

Old Town Grille is one of the local favorites you can drop by to enjoy delicious home-cooked meals.

You can visit this restaurant along River Run Road.

This locally-owned restaurant opened in 2003.

It is known for its grilled meat menu, including the locals’ favorite steaks.

They also serve delicious barbeque chicken, pork, and other grilled dishes, including pizzas and entrees.

You’ll enjoy plenty of food and drinks at the Old Town Grille.

Watch Sports at John Cox Stadium

John Cox Stadium is the best place for sports lovers visiting Childersburg to enjoy games.

You can visit this stadium along 4th Avenue Southeast.

This stadium can accommodate as many as 4,000 sports fans.

It is the home of the Childersburg Tigers.

This high school varsity team plays football, athletics, and soccer.

It has an artificial turf that regularly hosts football and soccer games, especially the Tigers’ home games.

At the same time, it has an eight-lane rubberized track that also hosts athletic events.

If you’re searching for a top-notch venue to enjoy local sports events, go to John Cox Stadium in Childersburg.

Have a Relaxing Time at Sally West Park

Sally West Park is a neighborhood park that is a beautiful place to hang out.

You can visit this park along 3rd Street Southeast.

This park boasts a peaceful ambiance with plenty of trees for shade and green open space for outdoor activities.

The park is a stone’s throw away from two churches, the First United Methodist Church and the Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church, which makes this place peaceful.

If you want a peaceful spot in Childersburg, head to this park and enjoy its best offers.

Enjoy a picnic at Sally West Park with your loved ones or games in its green open space.

Discover Fascinating History at the Butler-Harris Rainwater Museum

The Butler-Harris Rainwater Museum is the best place to learn about the rich history of Childersburg.

You can visit this house-turned-museum constructed in 1894 along 10th Avenue Southwest.

The museum boasts gorgeous Eastlake Style Victorian architecture, adding beauty to its exterior.

The Childersburg Historic Preservation Commission operates the museum and cares for the house.

This house was included in 1996 in the National Register of Historic Places to preserve its historical value.

You can explore the house and find many artifacts and original furnishings of the original owners, George and Marion Butler.

These artifacts are displayed at the museum’s exhibits which detail Childersburg’s long and fascinating history through the accounts of the Butlers.

At the same time, plenty of donated historical artifacts from locals are displayed at the Butler-Harris Rainwater Museum.

Take a Break at Lickin’ Good Donuts and Coffee

Those getting hungry while exploring Childersburg can always take refuge in the Lickin’ Good Donuts and Coffee.

You can visit this donut and coffee shop along US-280 Highway.

This place doesn’t just serve delicious donuts and freshly brewed coffee.

It also serves mouthwatering pastries like croissants, sandwiches, and hotdog buns.

It’s a favorite place for locals to stop by and grab some delicious snacks before they continue with their day.

Remember to stop by Lickin’ Good Donuts and Coffee to treat yourself to some delicious food on the go.

Practice Your Swing at the Coosa River Golf Course

Coosa River Golf Course is a haven for golfers visiting Childersburg.

You can visit this golf course along Plant Road.

It’s a top-notch championship 18-hole golf course overlooking the scenic Coosa River.

The course spans over 6,429 yards with a 70.2-course rating and 121 slope rating.

This course has been operating since 1952.

It’s been a favorite place for golfers throughout Talladega County to play their favorite sport.

So, pack your best golf club and gear and head to the Coosa River Golf Course.

Treat Your Tastebuds at the Las Poblanas Mexican Restaurant

Las Poblanas Mexican Restaurant might be the only place to enjoy authentic Mexican dishes in Childersburg.

You can visit this place along US-280 Highway.

This restaurant serves delicious authentic Mexican dishes and buffet-style Tex-Mex dishes.

It’s the perfect restaurant for those craving Mexican food because of its buffet-style dining.

Enjoy street-style tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and more authentic Mexican dishes at Las Poblanas Mexican Restaurant.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Don’t go home just yet after exploring Childersburg.

Talladega County and its neighboring places have plenty of attractions to visit.

Here are some recommended attractions and things to do nearby Childersburg, Alabama.

Take a Tour of the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory

The famous ice cream brand Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory offers its loyal customers an exciting experience through its Sylacauga factory tour.

Join a one-of-a-kind tour by heading to the neighboring city of Sylacauga, Alabama, 16 minutes south of Childersburg.

Your trip to this place won’t just be about enjoying a scoop of their delicious ice cream.

You’ll also see how they make dozens of ice cream flavors at its production facility through its guided tours for everyone.

Enjoy watching the ice cream-making process inside the factory and cap off your tour with over 20 flavors of ice cream at its ice cream parlor.

You can check out Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory’s scheduled tours to plan your visit to this remarkable place.

Marvel at Gravity Hill

One of the unusual and fascinating attractions you can see in Talladega County is Gravity Hill.

You can visit this place in Sylacauga, eight minutes or six miles south of Childersburg.

Gravity Hill is a section of road that creates a phenomenon to baffle everyone.

Drivers passing through this portion are mysteriously pulled uphill even if their vehicle is on neutral.

However, science has an explanation for its mysterious phenomenon.

It mainly has something to do with gravity and a bit of optical illusion.

According to scientists, drivers passing through this place are under the impression they’re going uphill when it’s heading downhill due to optical illusion and gravity.

Nonetheless, visiting Gravity Hill remains fascinating, especially when you pass through it.

Appreciate the Gorgeous Farmlinks at Pursell Farms

FarmLinks at Pursell Farms is a massive outdoor attraction with a full-scale golf course.

You can visit this place in Sylacauga, 22 minutes or 14 miles south of Childersburg.

This place is technically a golf club equipped with a fully-functional inn with cottages, cabins, and plenty of top-notch amenities to make your stay worthwhile.

At the same time, it has a world-class 18-hole golf course built on scenic farmland called the Pursell Farms.

Visiting the FarmLinks at Pursell Farms allows you to enjoy golf and family time through its amenities and features.

Remember to visit this fantastic place in Sylacauga.

Check Out the Stars Fell on Alabama Meteorite Historical Marker

Check out the Stars Fell on Alabama Meteorite Historical Marker in Oak Grove, Alabama, nine minutes from Childersburg.

This historical marker details the events that happened to a local in 1954 after a meteorite struck a house’s roof.

Although nobody got hurt during the meteorite strike, it remains one of the fascinating things in Oak Grove.

The Alabama Tourism Department and the Town of Oak Grove erected a historical marker in the exact area where the meteorite fell to preserve this odd event.

Drop by the Stars Fell on Alabama Meteorite Historical Marker for another fascinating historical detour near Childersburg.

Final Thoughts

Your visit to Childersburg will be filled with outdoor activities, history, and recreation.

Of course, Childersburg has plenty of hidden gems left undiscovered, so keep your eyes peeled while strolling through its streets.

Pin this well-curated travel post about the best things to do in Childersburg, Alabama, as your handy itinerary.

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