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15 Best Things to Do with Kids in Santa Clarita, CA

  • Published 2023/01/09

Santa Clarita, close to Los Angeles, is an often overlooked city in Los Angeles County, which is a shame as the city has so much to offer.

The scenery in and around the place makes the trip more than worth it.

It also offers various fun activities for the whole family.

Interested to know more about this stunning city?

Here are the best things to do with kids in Santa Clarita, California:

Channel Your Inner Tony Hawk at Santa Clarita Skate Park

Skateboarding at Santa Clarita Skate Park

Jeffrey Crockard /

Skateboarding at the Santa Clarita Skate Park is a surefire way to spend and enjoy quality time with your kids.

Practice your half-forgotten tricks and let your kids teach you new ones.

The park is open all year, weather permitting, so you and your children can always visit and get on your boards for the time of your lives.

People practicing at Santa Clarita Skate Park

Jeffrey Crockard /

There’s a U-shaped half-pipe, a 10-foot square bowl, and other facilities for both beginner and pro skaters.

Remember to bring your helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads and wear them at all times at the Santa Clarita Skate Park to ensure everyone’s safety.

Children playing at Santa Clarita Skate Park

Jeffrey Crockard /

Enjoy an Arcade Adventure at MB2 Entertainment

MB2 Entertainment is an entertainment park with both indoor and outdoor space offering fun adventures for every member of the family.

Whether you’re looking for classic activities like bowling and go-karts or a new and exciting experience like laser tag or axe throwing, this place has it for you.

There’s also a full-service restaurant to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Head to the arcade, try some axe throwing, have a laser tag competition, and head over to the restaurant once you’re done.

MB2 Entertainment is on Golden Triangle Road.

Go Rock Climbing at Top Out Climbing

Top Out Climbing is home to some of the most impressive climbing and bouldering terrains in the city.

If you or someone in the family is passionate about rock climbing, this is the perfect place to visit.

With the help of some of the best boulder route settlers out there, the climbing routes in this place are designed to be challenging enough to ensure that everyone who tries them out has a blast.

Whether you’re a beginner or already at an advanced level, you can expect something that can challenge you both mentally and physically.

Before you use Top Out Climbing’s facilities, remember that you must sign a waiver to help ensure everyone’s safety and security while climbing.

You can find Top Out Climbing on Ferry Court.

Play with Barnyard Animals at Gilchrist Farm

Gilchrist Farm offers a fun rustic adventure for the whole family.

The place is open year-round and offers various family-friendly activities.

Your kids can take a ride on horses and ponies, while older children can try out more exciting activities like axe throwing and archery.

If you and your family are looking for something a little more laid back and relaxed, there are also farm crafts and animal visits.

Gilchrist Farm is on Bouquet Canyon Road.

Explore the Old Town Newhall

Walk of western stars at Old Town Newhall

Crossover1370, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As one of the oldest neighborhoods in the area, Old Town Newhall is the historic core of Santa Clarita, and no visit to the city is complete without it.

It’s the premier arts and entertainment district in the area, and a walk through its streets is a delight.

If you and your family want to experience and discover Santa Clarita culture, this is the perfect starting point.

Support their local businesses, chat with the residents, and soak up the culture as you explore deeper into the district.

Old Town Newhall is on Valencia Boulevard.

Discover Literary Worlds at the Old Town Newhall Library

Take your kids to Old Town Newhall Library and let them discover the joy of reading.

Help them find new stories or rekindle their affection for books.

The library also offers various events for all ages.

The Old Town Newhall Library is located on Main Street.

Help Out the Gibbon Conservation Center

The Gibbon Conservation Center is a nonprofit center wholly dedicated to studying and caring for gibbons by educating the public and preserving their habitat.

The place was established in 1976; nowadays, it houses some of the rarest apes in the Western Hemisphere.

Aside from that, it has a lot of accomplishments to its name, including successfully reproducing seven gibbon species.

Here, you’ll learn about these rare and endangered animals.

It offers various educational opportunities for students of all ages.

Take note that a reservation is required when scheduling a tour, so make sure to plan accordingly.

Guided tours are available on the weekends, starting at 10 in the morning.

The center also has a gift shop where you can grab a souvenir.

The Gibbon Conservation Center is on Esguerra Road.

Cool Off and Have Fun at the Santa Clarita Aquatics Center

Daytime view of Santa Clarita Aquatics Center

Ponderosapine210, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

California is well-known for its hot summers; if you and your family are visiting during the season and are looking for a way to cool off, head to Santa Clarita Aquatics Center.

The center has three pools, concession stands, lockers, and changing rooms.

You can also find a lot of deck space where you can rest after swimming or hang out there while the rest of your family enjoys the water.

Don’t miss the water slide, which is among the center’s highlights!

Santa Clarita Aquatics Center is the perfect summer destination on Centre Pointe Parkway.

Discover the Mysteries of the Arcane at The Olde World Emporium

Throughout history, witchcraft has been both ubiquitous and mysterious, and there’s no place where that’s more evident than at The Olde World Emporium.

If you want to explore the world of magic and all things arcane, then this is the right place.

Here, you can purchase crystals, divination tools, and books on the topic.

The place also offers various tours and events.

Olde World Emporium is on Lyons Avenue.

Visit Arcane Escape Rooms

A fun adventure at Arcane Escape Rooms is a great time to test your deductive and logical skills with your family.

They have different stories for different parties, and they’re all new and unique experiences that’ll push you and your family to unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes.

To get out, you need solid teamwork and logical skills to solve all the puzzles.

Arcane Escape Rooms is the perfect place to visit for any family looking for something new and a unique way to spend time with each other.

It’s located on Lyons Avenue.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Feel the Adrenaline Rush while on the Rollercoaster of Six Flags Magic Mountain

Aerial view of Six Flags Magic Mountain

Robert V Schwemmer /

Less than 15 minutes away from Santa Clarita is the theme park Six Flags Magic Mountain.

It offers a new and exciting event every few months, so you and your family will have something fun and interesting to do.

Of course, the rides are the highlight of the theme park.

Rollercoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Denis Galushka /

There are thrill rides, such as rollercoasters, or family-friendly ones, like the roaring rapids or the scrambler.

Whatever it is you want from a theme park, Six Flags Magic Mountain is bound to have it, so book your tickets as soon as you can.

The theme park is located in Valencia.

Rollercoaster ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Robert V Schwemmer /

Nurture Your Child’s Creativity at Color Me Mine

Color Me Mine in Valencia is just five minutes away from Santa Clarita.

Kids will love their creative art camp for children, especially if they’re artistically inclined.

Aside from drawing and coloring, they can try other activities here, like pottery.

You can sign them up for workshops online, drop them off on the scheduled date, and leave them there for an afternoon of artistic adventures.

Color Me Mine is in Westfield Valencia Town Center on Town Center Drive.

Aim for a Strike at Santa Clarita Lanes

Everyone in the family will enjoy bowling at Santa Clarita Lanes.

Despite the name, the bowling alley can be found in Saugus instead of Santa Clarita—but don’t fret since it’s less than a 10-minute drive away.

Bowl with your friends and family, or teach the younger ones some of your tricks while you’re there.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to try their delicious pizza and famous hot wings.

Santa Clarita Lanes is on Soledad Canyon Road in Saugus.

Explore Santa Clarita Woodlands Park

Trail at Santa Clarita Woodlands Park

Jeff Turner from Santa Clarita, CA, United States, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Santa Clarita Woodlands Park is on the north side of the Santa Susana Mountains, just 11 minutes from Santa Clarita proper.

The place has a unique biodiversity home to various trees, wildflowers, and abundant wildlife.

Here, you may see black bears and mountain lions roaming the woods; remember to take safety precautions, though, as these are highly dangerous creatures.

The park itself is into four different parts: the Ed Davis Park, East Rice Canyons, Pico Canyons, and Mentryville, each with its unique qualities and features.

Santa Clarita Woodlands Park is on Old Road and Towsley Canyon Road in Newhall.

Watch a New Theater Production by Canyon Theater Guild

If you’re looking for a fun theater experience, visit Canyon Theater Guild in Newhall, a five-minute drive from Santa Clarita.

It hosts various shows throughout the season, ranging from heavy and thought-provoking plays to fun and lighthearted musicals.

Check the program and see what’s playing before purchasing tickets for the entire family.

Aside from shows, the guild hosts theater workshops for kids in the spring.

If you’re interested in developing your child’s love and interest in the theater, then take advantage of this opportunity.

Canyon Theater Guild is on Main Street.

Final Thoughts

Historic sites, cultural centers, and natural scenery are just some of the things you’ll enjoy in Santa Clarita.

It is a unique place to visit, with amazing attractions at the heart of California.

Check out these free things to do in Santa Clarita, California, for a budget-friendly adventure in the city!

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