25 Best Things to Do in Santa Clarita, California

25 Best Things to Do in Santa Clarita, California

Situated in the Los Angeles County of the golden state of California in the United States of America, Santa Clarita is the third-largest town of the county. The city is located only 35 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles and makes up for a worthwhile adventure. This Californian city has a population of over 200,000 residents.

You must have seen Santa Clarita's rolling hills and cowboys in many Hollywood movies. However, despite that, the city is not very popular, and many people visiting California completely overlook this city. This unsung Hollywood star has tonnes to do and see. The best part of Santa Clarita is the stunning views and scenery of the town. It is located deep inland with no beaches and is entirely surrounded by incredible hills. You can enjoy trekking, horseback riding, hiking, walking, biking, and much more in the numerous trails located all over the mountains to fully appreciate the town's stunningness.

Apart from natural beauty, the town is full of vibrant culture and rich history. There are several museums, landmarks, musical attractions, art installations, wineries, and so much more for you to see here. The food is noteworthy and absolutely scrumptious. You will see fresh and delicious seafood served in charming eateries all over the town. Here are 25 of the best places to visit and the best things to do in the Californian city of Santa Clarita.

Endless Fun At Mountasia Family Fun Center

Mountasia Family Fun Center is an amusement park with classic rides and games such as go-karts, bumper boats, miniature golf, batting cages, and much more. You can also enjoy rock climbing, laser tag room, and vintage arcade games. The options are almost endless. After enjoying all the rides, games, and activities, you can enjoy delicious ice cream from their in-house ice cream parlour to finish up your day.

The Historic St. Francis Dam

St. Francis Dam dates back to the 1920s and is one of the most significant historical sites in Santa Clarita. This Californian Historical Landmark collapsed and burst catastrophically in 1926 and caused the deaths of hundreds. The visitors can visit the little of the dam's remains with guides by a small and scenic trek. The guides will tell you all about the history of the dam and why it collapsed.

Learn About Gibbons At Gibbon Conservation Center

Opened in the 1970s, Gibbon Conservation Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation and research about the cute little primates. This is a must for you if you love animals and want to see and learn about Gibbons. You can take a guided tour of the centre to see all the work that the facility does and also to see the conservation centres where all the Gibbons live.

Rock Climbing At Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park
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Located in the Sierra Pelona Mountains, Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park is a 932-acre park with rock formations that constitute the scenery's stunningness. It has also served as the location of shooting of many famous TV shows and movies such as Friends, New Girl, Star Trek IV, more. You can climb the rocks or go for a picturesque hike with rangers who will tell you all about flora and fauna of the area.

Enjoy A Picnic At Santa Clarita Central Park

Located near Bouquet Creek, Santa Clarita Central Park is a lovely park covering about 130 acres. The park has a playground, sports fields, the city's first community garden, meadows, a food stand, and more. There is also a 3-mile long trail where you can enjoy hiking, walking, or biking. You can enjoy a lovely picnic in the park's designated picnic area with tables and barbeque.

Hiking In Santa Clarita's Trails

Santa Clarita's Trails
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Santa Clarita is a haven for people who love hiking in scenic trails. There are more than 70 miles of trails designed for commute and recreation, stretching across the city. All the trails are very well equipped with facilities such as parking areas, benches, and restrooms. Some of the most popular trails in Santa Clarita are Lost Canyon Road Trailhead, Iron Horse Trailhead, Auto Center Trailhead, Promenade Trailhead, Camp Plenty Road Trailhead, and South Fork Trailhead.

Learn About Bible At Passages

Passages is a museum in the city that focuses on teaching and showcasing the history of the Bible. This 300,000 square feet museum features various exhibits and displays that showcase all the important and noteworthy moments from the history of the Bible.

Appreciate Santa Clarita's Public Art

Santa Clarita is a perfect place for art lovers, and its art scene is flourishing with very fascinating public art installations all over the city. You can find sculptures, paintings, fountains, murals, and statues throughout the town. You can take a self-guided walking tour of the town to see the public art dotted all through Santa Clarita.

Attend The Cowboy Festival At Old Town Newhall

Old Town Newhall is a shopping spot with cafes, restaurants, and entertainment. It is known for its walk of fame exhibit that pays tribute to celebrities from Western movies, television, and radio. You can also attend the annual Cowboy Festival held here in April. You can take a walking tour of the place and learn about the historic sites and filming locations of Western movies.

Enjoy Horseback Riding At Quigley Canyon

Located in the Newhall area of Santa Clarita, Quigley Canyon is a 160-acre area where you can enjoy hiking, biking, horseback riding, and walking. There 4.1 miles of trails that vary with the level of difficulty. So you will definitely find something for you even if you are a beginner.

Take Golf Lessons At Robinson Ranch Golf Club

Robinson Ranch Golf Club is an award-winning destination for golf. It is known for being one of the best places for golfing in California. It has a valley course and a mountain course to choose from, along with a 25,000 square feet clubhouse with a restaurant, terrace lounge, and a huge banquet room. You can also take lessons from professional golfers if you do not know how to play golf.

Self-Guided Tour Of Tesoro Adobe Park

You can follow the footsteps of legendary cinematic artists such as John Wayne and Gary Cooper at the Tesoro Adobe Park. It is a delightful park with picnic areas, nature trails, historical buildings, and more dotted all over. You can visit the original ranch located in the park that the famous actor Harrey Carrey constructed. You can take a self-guided tour of the park to know more interesting facts about the colourful history of the park or to enjoy its lovely atmosphere.

Interact With Animals At The Gentle Barn

Founded in 1999, Gentle Barn is a six-acre property in Santa Clarita with more than 170 rescued animals, including cows, pigs, turkeys, and more. This organisation rescues abused animals, nurtures them back to health, and allows visitors to interact with the animals. You can take a tour of the barn and pet the adorable animals while doing so. You can also make a donation or sponsor an animal to help the organisation continue its fantastic work.

Ride The Roller Coaster At Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain
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Six Flags Magic Mountain is Southern California's largest theme park in the Valencia neighbourhood of Santa Clarita. It is a 262-acre theme park packed with endless fun and adventure. There are tonnes of things to do and explore here, such as dining options, shopping centres, rides, and much more. You can start your day by riding the roller coaster to get that adrenaline rush and end the day by eating delicious food in the different eateries in the theme park.

Hike The Trails Of Placerita Canyon Nature Center

Placerita Canyon Nature Center
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Located a 13-minute drive away from Santa Clarita in the north slope of the western San Gabriel Mountains, Placerita Canyon Nature Center is a 350-acre wildlife sanctuary. It has 7 trails that cover an area of more than 12 miles and range in sizes. You can hike the trails to see the Pacific Ocean's incredible views, and on clear days you can even see the Channel Islands. Apart from hiking, you can see the gorgeous waterfall and enjoy a lovely picnic in the picnic areas.

Shop From High-End Stores At Westfield Valencia Town Center

Westfield Valencia Town Center
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Located on Valencia Boulevard in Santa Clarita, Westfield Valencia Town Center is a shopping mall with various stores and restaurants to choose from. It also has a movie theatre where you can enjoy watching the latest movies. You can also shop from multiple high-end stores, including Swarovski, Michael Kors, and more.

Visit The William S. Hart Ranch and Museum

William S. Hart Ranch and Museum is a museum and pays tribute to the history of Southern California. It is located in the former retirement home of the prominent silent film actor and director, William Hart. The beautiful mansion is built in the Spanish Colonial Revival style. The museum has an extensive collection of Western artwork along with a large collection of Hart's saddles and tacks. Visitors can visit both the ranch and the mansion located in a beautiful park with trails and picnic areas.

Learn About Santa Clarita's Heritage At Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society

Situated in the William S. Hart Park, Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society was founded in 1975. It is a volunteer organization, and its aim is to preserve and safeguard Santa Clarita's heritage. The society supports a museum and hosts guest lectures to create awareness about this Californian city's nature and culture.

See Hollywood At The Melody Ranch Museum

The Melody Ranch Museum is a museum located in a movie studio, and it showcases the iconic history of the movie studio with an expansive collection of artefacts. The movie studio served as the filming location of several Hollywood movies and has a whole set with its own streets, salons, banks, jail, gun shop, and more. You can take a guided tour of the museum and visit these sets and see all the films' props.

Attend The Gilchrist Farm Harvest Festival

Santa Clarita hosts Gilchrist Farm Harvest Festival every year in October with a farm store, petting zoo, a straw bale maze, a pumpkin patch, and more. You can also enjoy several vendors and participate in various activities such as face painting, pony rides, pumpkin decorating, live entertainment, and more.

Eat The Best Sandwiches In LA At Bricks

Bricks is a famous local eatery that serves the best sandwiches in Los Angeles county. However, its menu is not limited to only sandwiches, and it serves delicious burgers, salads, tacos, fries, onion rings, tater tots, and much more. Don't forget to try the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich and the House Burger when you visit this place.

Delicious French Food At Le Chene

Rated the most romantic restaurant, Le Chene is a sophisticated french restaurant that serves scrumptious food with high-quality wine. This award-winning restaurant is a popular spot for dates because of the beautiful setting and upscale classic french food. Make sure to order Black Angus Bone-In Rib Eye, Butternut Squash Ravioli, Beef Bourguignon, and Chocolate Souffle when visiting Le Chene.

Excellent Wines At Pulchella Winery

Opened in 2005, Pulchella Winery is an award-winning winery with a tasting room and outdoor patio in Santa Clarita. You can sample several wines and ask questions about the process of making wine from the friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Drink Delicious Craft Beer At Telco Brewery

Telco Brewery is a microbrewery in Santa Clarita that brews and serves quality craft beers. You sample different types of beers from their diverse menu. Make sure to try their Ring Pale Ale, Rotary Red Ale, Static Haze IPA, Low Voltage Wheat Ale, and Muck Out Stout when you visit Telco Brewery.

Stay At The Hampton Inn

Located only a 5-minute drive away from Six Flags Magic Mountain, The Hampton Inn is a 4-star hotel with several amenities to make your stay as comfortable and worthwhile as possible. The rooms are very spacious and clean. The staff is amicable and informative and provides top-notch service. Make sure to stay at the Hampton Inn when you visit the delightful city of Santa Clarita.

Santa Clarita is a gorgeous Californian city with incredible nature trails, fascinating museums, lovely parks, amazing animals, delectable food, and so much more. What are you waiting for? Visit Santa Clarita and experience its rich history and culture by yourself. Do not forget to tell us your favourite thing from the list and make sure to do all these things when visiting Santa Clarita.