15 Best Things to Do with Kids in Clearwater, FL

Things to Do with Kids in Clearwater, FL
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Any tourist spot is tailored to appeal to couples and friend groups.

What about the people traveling with their kids?

Choosing a destination appropriate for you and the children is a task made all the easier by going to Clearwater, Florida.

As a sunny city in Florida’s Pinellas County, Clearwater is surrounded by the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay.  

Beaches are one of the best ways to engage adults and kids.

Likewise, Clearwater has it all – shimmering waters, sandy beaches, and picturesque sunsets – making it an excellent escapade point.

The city also offers a variety of children and family-friendly activities, ranging from cruises and museums to adventure and nature parks.

Here are the best things to do with kids in Clearwater, Florida:

Explore Pier 60 – Clearwater Beach

People at Pier 60 – Clearwater Beach
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Pier 60 - Clearwater Beach is the perfect family-friendly place in the entire city.

Because of the fishing facilities, recreational park, telescopes, relaxing pavilions, playgrounds, and a plethora of fun activities taking place daily.

Your children can enjoy water sports on the beach, slide down The Hippo, a giant inflatable slide, play in the playground, watch the dolphins, and shop for souvenirs.

Sunset over Pier 60 – Clearwater Beach
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You can go fishing on this beloved fishing spot, and maybe let your kids try fishing too.

Spend the evening attending the nightly sunset celebration that starts two hours before sunset, featuring musicians, dancers, firebreathers, and local stalls.

If you’re hungry, the restaurants and cafés around Pier 60 - Clearwater Beach will satisfy your appetite.

Souvenirs for sale at Pier 60 – Clearwater Beach
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Play at Captain Bligh’s Landing Mini-Golf

If your kids are active and love all kinds of sports, make sure to visit Captain Bligh’s Landing Mini-Golf!

A short distance from Clearwater Beach, this small golf space provides an extensive 18-hole mini-golf featuring exciting elements such as caves, waterfalls, and a giant pirate ship.

Its design will make your kids focus all their energy on the course.

You can engage their attention at an on-site arcade filled with games if they still have the energy to spare.

So that you know, those games are not only for children – you can play those too.

If you want to escape the crowd without leaving the beach, Captain Bligh's Landing Mini-Golf is the place!

Explore Moccasin Lake Nature Park

The waters of Moccasin Lake Nature Park
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Nature can be peaceful and simultaneously provide the best engaging activities!

One example of this phenomenon is Moccasin Lake Nature Park, a nature preserve spread over a whopping expanse of 51 acres.

The park is blessed with blooming wildlife; you can catch glimpses of gopher turtles, raccoons, birds of prey, and shelter birds while you explore.

Children can participate in classes, programs, and educational camps conducted all year round, each educational and fun!

More importantly, the park is famous for its trail, which passes through its beautiful butterfly garden and the turtle pond.

The Moccasin Lake Nature Park atmosphere is exciting yet peaceful, perfect for your kids.

Spend the Day at Coachman Park

Coachman Park is where all the fun is!

Located in Downtown Clearwater, this waterfront park is spacious and lovely.

It’s a hot place for concerts and other big-scale events, but don’t worry.

Your kids will also have something fun to do there.

The area is blooming with lush gardens and features a playground with themed equipment, a covered splash pad, and a canopy walk.

Then, check out the Pagoda by the small lake, a calm little space in the middle of nature.

You can indulge in tennis, disc golf, hiking, and other activities at Coachman Park.

Your kids will readily agree to spend the entire day in this scenic beauty!

Watch the Karts at Tampa Bay Grand Prix

Go-karting is a great way to keep your kids happy and engaged; Clearwater’s Tampa Bay Grand Prix will help you with that!

The tracks – indoor and outdoor – provided here are simple yet challenging, filled with twists and turns perfect for some friendly competitions.

You can compete with your friends and family at up to 50 mph!

More impressively, the go-kart options are for adults, teens, and children.

Tampa Bay Grand Prix offers junior karts that kids can race with up to 25 mph.

You can rent rooms if you plan to spend the whole day there or even for parties, events, and meetings.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Sand Key Park

People at Sand Key Park
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Sand Key Park is not your ordinary park; it is a beach park with pristine white sand and stunning ocean views.

The park has plenty of amenities and is perfect for a quiet family outing.

There are many things to rent for your visit, including umbrellas, beach cabanas, kayaks, and even bikes.

You can use the on-site restrooms, walk your dog in the designated dog park, and let your kids loose on the playground!

The waters of Sand Key Park
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One of the best things about this park is the sea turtles!

These endangered species often come to the park’s beach to lay eggs, nest, and feed, which you and your children can observe.

The picturesque Sand Key Park is a must-visit!

A heron at Sand Key Park
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Play the Exit Games FL

Having won over five awards for the Best Escape Room, the Exit Games FL is a delight to visit!

This escape room is entirely family-operated, owned by Frank and Josh, the father-son duo.

They were later joined by Tay, the hostess, and co-designer, creating magic in their intensely impressive escape rooms.

The Servants of Sleight is a tricky room, allowing two to six players to play as magicians.

The other room – Pins & Needles Tattoo Parlor – is suitable for children above 16 years, featuring a tattoo parlor setting.

People flock here from different cities to experience these escape rooms; you should too.

Give your children 90 minutes of absolute fun at the Exit Games FL!

Join the Mega Bite Dolphin Cruise

Imagine sitting in a shark’s belly as it cruises in the sea! You can’t do that, but the Mega Bite Dolphin Cruise would provide the closest experience.

This cruise boat is 50-foot-long, with a giant shark head designed at the front, perfect for accommodating up to 50 passengers.

The cruise departs from the Clearwater Beach Marina and cruises around parts of Intercoastal Waterways and the Gulf of Mexico, searching for the lovely dolphins.

While the boat is covered, there is an open area where you can relax in the sun.

Restrooms are available, and so are refreshments.

The Mega Bite Dolphin Cruise lasts an hour and is packed with fun, adventure and relaxation!

See the Fishes at Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Exterior of Clearwater Marine Aquarium
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Clearwater Beach houses an aquarium, one of the best establishments any city can have.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates injured and sick marine animals.

The organization opened in 1972 as a water treatment plant but soon transformed into a family-friendly aquarium.

Several marine creatures are permanent aquarium residents, including Winter, a bottlenose dolphin.

Bottlenose dolphin at Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Beyond My Ken, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

She’s been there since 2005, has a prosthetic tail, and was in the movie Dolphin Tale; she is also why the aquarium has garnered so much attention!

The aquarium not only conducts research about marine life through its Research Institute division but also hosts programs for visitors.

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium gets more than five hundred thousand visitors annually.

Pick up a New Hobby at Flowrider Indoor Surfing

Do you want to try surfing but are hesitant to do that in the ocean?

Flowrider Indoor Surfing will solve your problem!

Situated quite close to Clearwater Beach, this place lets you experience the thrill of surfing in a secure area.

An artificial wave machine pushes out water waves on a soft slope, where you can surf down on the provided surfboard.

Even if your child is a fresher, the place offers an instructor to teach you how to surf.

No age restrictions exist, meaning anyone can surf as long as the height criteria match.

You can leave your kids at Flowrider Indoor Surfing for their 30-minute sessions while you eat, shop, or relax by the beach!

Ride a Bike along the Memorial Causeway Bike Trail

Bike your way into a peaceful evening with your kids on this local favorite bike trail!

Memorial Causeway Bike Trail runs from the Pinellas Trail to the Memorial Causeway, with many notable points in between.

The far end circles Pier 60 Park before passing Gulfview Boulevard, an area full of lovely resorts.

Most of the route swings by the waters, making it scenic, pleasant, and relaxing.

You can rent out bikes for you and your children; with your family, this 2.5-mile trail can be completed quickly.

The Memorial Causeway Bike Trail offers a dedicated parking space on either side, as well as seats and trash bins.

If you don’t want to get bikes, you can always walk on the trail, which is just as fun.

Join Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise

Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise on the waters during sunset
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Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise would like to disagree if you think becoming a pirate is just a silly dream.

This day cruise, sailing on the sparkling waters of Clearwater beach, has operated for more than 40 years.

The cruise was owned by Bill Wozencraft (Captain Memo) and his wife Pam, and it has won several awards!

Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise offers exciting things for the people on board.

Your kids can join water gun battles, treasure hunts, and games, get their faces painted, listen to pirate stories, and so on.

The experience is lovely, made even more special by the breathtaking scenery, dolphins, and complimentary beer and wine for adults!

Ride the Sea Screamer

Speedboats in Clearwater are a sight to see: magnificent, thrilling, and so fast.

However, the best of the lot is the Sea Screamer, beloved by kids!

It is the world’s largest speedboat, measuring 72 feet long.

The ride on this speedboat is as thrilling as comforting, made smoother by the safe buckle seats, access to the two restrooms, and refreshments.

The Sea Screamer cuts through the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico, going 35 miles per hour.

The kids love the fast excitement it offers and the dolphins that join the ride.

From babies to older people, the Sea Screamer is fun for everyone.

Celebrate the Sugar Sand Festival

San sculpture of Sugar Sand Festival
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The Sugar Sand Festival is one of the loveliest festivals to experience.

World-famous sand artists flock to the city to display their talents during the 17 days of the festivities.

The result is sculpted artwork made of Clearwater’s signature sugar sand!

These are placed in the spacious 21,000-square-foot tent; you can walk around and observe the sculptures.

The festival also offers sand sculpting classes, competitions, and quick demonstrations.

San sculptures at Sugar Sand Festival
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Your children can play in the designated play area, watch the live entertainment from artisans and street performers and enjoy the fireworks.

The only catch is that it takes place in April; you must plan your Clearwater trip to join the Sugar Sand Festival.

Turtle sand sculpture at Sugar Sand Festival
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Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit the Great Explorations Children’s Museum

Great Explorations Children’s Museum is a fun, interactive little place built for children up to 12 years of age.

The museum, located a half-hour drive from Clearwater, promises to give your children a fantastic experience!

The exhibits are incredibly fascinating, where the children can play with building materials and Lego blocks, wander around a child-sized supermarket, create their art, explore the AR sandbox, and much more.

Exciting events are conducted annually, including workshops, seminars, and small field trips.

The museum will keep your children busy even if you visit any time of the year.

If you are wondering what the adults are supposed to do, the Great Explorations Children's Museum also has attractions for adults!

You can find this place in St. Petersburg, Florida, 33 minutes from Clearwater.

Final Thoughts

Clearwater is a hot spot for families who love the beaches.

The city is also full of natural tourist spots, a plus for nature-loving children.

Make the most of your vacation in the Sunshine State with these best things to do with kids in Clearwater, Florida!

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