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15 Best Things to Do in Yuba City, CA with Kids

  • Published 2022/10/11

Yuba City in Sutter County, which is in the Sacramento Valley, California, is a small city offering huge possibilities.

Established in 1849, the city served as a supply center during the time of the California Gold Rush.

Eventually, as the Gold Rush came to an end, many came to Yuba City for its abundance of fertile soil.

This natural asset made the community thrive economically over the years and until the present time.

Now, the city is popular because of its large Sikh influence all over.

This is why Yuba City prides itself on being ethnically and traditionally diverse.

It also has numerous family-oriented events and tourist landmarks that can be your family’s next memorable experience.

Here are some of the best things to do in Yuba City, California, with kids:

Host Your Kid’s Birthday Celebration at Playzeum Yuba-Sutter

On South Walton Avenue, Playzeum Yuba-Sutter elevates your child’s learning experience.

More than a travel spot, it’s an all-in-one center for growth, discovery, and entertainment.

Playzeum Yuba-Sutter offers many exhibits and programs for your child, as well as for your entire family.

For example, its On-the-Go Programming provides a collection of exhibits for community events.

Some exhibits include a wind tunnel, a dramatic play, a mud kitchen exhibit, and more.

It also has Family and Me Classes, which specialize in strengthening familial bonds through play and social connection.

From themed events to general learning, your child can surely find excitement and entertainment while at Playzeum Yuba-Sutter.

Admire the Exhibits with Your Child at the Sutter County Museum

If you’ve ever wondered how you can help improve your older kid’s memory skills, why not take them to a museum?

The Sutter County Museum on Butte House Road is an ideal travel stop in Yuba City.

This museum explores the city’s past from its earliest settlers, the Native Americans, to the more remarkable ethnic communities still residing today.

It also wishes to honor and respect the legacy left behind by the Nisenan people whose land the museum stands on.

Browse through approximately 20,000 artifacts and over 8,000 photographs of yesteryears.

For a more immersive cultural exploration, tour the exhibits.

Exhibits at the Sutter County Museum constantly change, ranging from floral knowledge to more important mementos of the past.

Play Child-Friendly Games at At The Pier Arcade

For optimal entertainment, At The Pier Arcade may be your child’s favorite stop at Yuba City.

This entertainment center provides multiplayer games, memorable prizes, and party rooms alongside the usual arcade experience.

You may also appreciate the classical take on arcade games presented at the venue.

For your children, modern gameplay is accessible and enjoyable.

You can find this arcade center on Colusa Avenue.

The fun never stops at At The Pier Arcade, so be sure to visit!

Explore the Play Structures at the Gauche Aquatic Park

If you come to Yuba City during the high peak of summer, make sure to visit the Gauche Aquatic Park on Center Street.

This outdoor aquatic center offers age-appropriate fun for everyone.

The 10,000-square-foot building on site provides the perfect shade for relaxation and leisure.

Inside the Gauche Aquatic Park, acquaint yourself with the first aid station and the concession area.

Across from the establishment, come face-to-face with a 25-by-25-yard competitive pool.

There’s also a 25-foot water slide you can enjoy with the whole family.

If splashing and swimming is not your little one’s favored hobby of interest, there are play structures within the property, too.

Let your kids explore the climbing boulders and horseshoe pits to complete a day of physical and mental wellness.

Try the Party Rooms at Millennium Kart Racing

Are you seeking indoor enjoyment for the whole family?

You can never go wrong with a visit to Millennium Kart Racing on Spiva Avenue.

Known as the official demo site for Scribner Barrier Systems, Millennium Kart Racing is also the first indoor kart track.

The 1,100-foot track provides six turns for your child’s definite relaxation and fun.

Watch by the spectator’s area as they immerse themselves in their role as a race car driver.

After a grueling day of competing with other kids, your children can try Lazer Tag to improve their strategy-forming skills.

While they play at the track or the tag center, relieve your stress and worries with a stop by Millennium Kart Racing’s Axe Throwing center.

Enjoy a Picnic at Happy Park

On Pebble Beach Drive, Happy Park offers a wide array of playground experiences for your kid.

Play equipment and a garden are within site.

Make your visit to this park more memorable with a picnic complete with your family’s favorite snacks.

You can also walk or exercise around the large play area while keeping an eye on your kid playing.

Better times await at Happy Park!

Let Your Child Learn Gymnastics at Youngsters Gymnastics

Do you have an energetic kid who loves jumping around and being physically active?

It never hurts to enroll them in some fitness classes to help strengthen their build and improve motor development.

Youngsters Gymnastics provides a comprehensive range of classes for preschoolers and children already in school.

From gymnastics to tumbling, the added physical simulation and learning can also be an enjoyable experience for your kids.

The center also offers open gym sessions where your kid can practice what they’ve learned during regular practice sessions.

A coach will be present to maintain order and structure.

Youngsters Gymnastics gives them the chance to meet new friends and improve their confidence while in a safe, air-conditioned space.

This gymnastics center is on Tharp Road Suite.

Bike around with Your Kid at Yuba City/Sutter Bike Trail

Encourage your child’s biking abilities with a trip around Yuba City/Sutter Bike Trail.

This flat trail extends up to 10 miles—large enough for your kids still learning the basics while not being too small for adults with expert skills.

What’s most exciting about this trail is the possible presence of some waterfowl.

If you and your child are lucky, you might find a group of migrating birds.

Not only will you be breathing in the scent of fresh air all around, but you will also get to interact with and study some birds along the way.

Yuba City/Sutter Bike Trail starts from Hooper Road with a few bicycle crossings within the path and ends on Acacia Road.

Watch a Show at The Acting Company

Founded in 1984, The Acting Company is a volunteer-run community theater that features musicals and other shows.

What makes this theater stand out from all the rest is its devotion to looking back at its past and the events that shaped it.

The shows are family-friendly, offering intimate storytelling from local artists and writers.

Let your kids appreciate live theater by sitting in one of the shows at The Acting Company.

Prepare for a wild ride at this theater on B Street.

Admire the Parterre Garden at Regency Park

Regency Park, on the corner of Stabler Lane and Parc West Drive, offers a distinctive park experience unlike any other at Yuba City.

This 5.66-acre park combines water, grass, and garden fun.

Its large open play area and wide expanse of grassy lawn make the area spacious and pleasant to the eyes.

Playground equipment for different age ranges is guaranteed, so whether your child is a toddler or older, they’ll have fun.

There’s also a participatory water feature and picnic tables for a bit of snack time in between plays.

Most importantly, the park has a parterre garden you can admire and get lost in.

Regency Park will welcome you with open arms if you ever care for a visit.

Get Some Local Sweets at Sawyer’s Sweet Spot

After strolling around Yuba City, you and your child deserve a cold treat.

At Sawyer’s Sweet Spot, get what you are looking for to feel refreshed and calm.

This candy store on Plumas Street has an inspiring and hopeful backstory.

After the owner’s son, Sawyer, died of Burkitt Lymphoma in 2016, they decided to start a candy store business in memory of Sawyer’s fun personality and infectious smile.

As you visit this local shop, you’ll find yourself taken back into your childhood.

There’s candy, ice cream, and many more desserts for your little one’s sweet tooth, too!

Don’t miss out on a sugary surprise at Sawyer’s Sweet Spot!

Enroll Your Kids in a Painting Class at Color Me Cutie

Yuba City never runs out of art studios for your and your kids’ journey to creative expression.

At Color Me Cutie, it’s time to unwind from the daily stresses of life with a painting class.

There are separate kids and adults classes at this studio.

Tired of painting?

Browse through Color Me Cutie’s handmade collections for sale.

From wood sign decors to shelf decors, you are sure to bring home a token of your Yuba City travels.

Should you have an upcoming party, the studio also offers face painting services to make your event stand out.

You can drop by this art studio when you come around Franklin Avenue.

Play Bocce Ball with Kids at Kingwood Park

On Gray Avenue, Kingwood Park is a small outdoor recreation site for family members of all ages.

This 4.21-acre park brings children together in various play areas.

There are playground spaces for toddlers and older children aged five to 12 years old.

There’s a swing set and a slide where your little ones can indulge themselves.

While letting them have fun, stay by the benches and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful skyline.

The large open space also allows you to play bocce ball or tag with your kid.

When it comes to safety and serenity, Kingwood Park gives everything and more for you and your child.

Go RV Camping at the Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds

One of the best experiences you can try with your little ones is RV camping.

At the Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds, this is highly possible!

While not only a campground site, this fairground is one of the recommended places for nature exploration and stay.

In July 1941, fairs were officially held at the current property after years and years of changing venues.

During four-day fairs, this fairground opens its gates to recreational and agricultural activities everyone can enjoy.

Competitions are also common, so everyone gets in high spirits.

Another activity you can do while at the site is to host an event at the rental venues.

As for RV camping, you can be sure that your kid learns a few survival skills while spending precious time with you in an intimate and peaceful environment.

The Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds is on Franklin Avenue, should you care for a stop.

Help Your Kids Learn Martial Arts at Instinctive Combat Arts

Get your child prepared to defend themselves during moments of danger and attack.

Enroll them in a class at Instinctive Combat Arts.

Situated on Teegarden Avenue, this martial arts center teaches a variety of defense tactics that are both simple and effective.

Most importantly, it focuses on educating children on two types of martial arts.

The first type, Kenpo Karate, delves more into kicking and blocking.

On the other hand, Combative Knife/Hand to Hand brings special light on proper footwork when defending oneself.

Your child’s strength and defense skills are not the only lessons they’ll acquire.

Discipline and sportsmanship are just as essential, and they can learn these while in one of the classes at the family-run center, Instinctive Combat Arts.

Final Thoughts

From the arts and culture to sports and mental strength, Yuba City exudes diversity and inclusion for everyone regardless of age, gender, and other factors.

You’ll find proof of that on this list of the best things to do in Yuba City, California with kids.

So, if you ever decide to go on a trip to this vibrant and vivacious city, you know what to do!

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