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20 Best Things to Do in Yuba City, CA

  • Published 2022/12/31

Yuba City serves as the seat of Sutter County.

It is a part of the Greater Sacramento statistical area and has a population of around 65,000.

While smaller than the power-house, tourist hub cities in California, you can find that this place has a lot to offer for travelers.

There are several recreational facilities within the city, along with many outdoor areas and nature paths.

It’s also part of a region steeped in history, and it houses the smallest mountain range in the world.

There are many things to love about this place, and you can discover them by designating this small city as your next holiday destination.

Here are the 20 best things to do in Yuba City, California:

Learn About the Region at the Community Memorial Museum of Sutter County

View of Community Memorial Museum of Sutter County

Jhougen, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Learning about a place you visit is one of the most exciting things you can do when traveling.

If you’re in Yuba City, visit The Community Memorial Museum of Sutter County for a rundown of the region’s background.

The museum first opened its doors in 1975, and today, it houses a collection that shares the history of Sutter County, including that of Yuba City.

This place features over 15,000 exquisite artifacts, which gives visitors like you an idea of what life was like here throughout the years.

Here, you can learn more about the area’s culture from the indigenous Nisenan Maidu.

You can also discover its pioneer history and how the area has evolved in modern times.

Apart from history, you can also learn more about the geology of the nearby Sutter Buttes and the influence of agriculture on the region.

Get to know more about this beautiful area in Northern California by visiting this museum.

Solve Thrilling Puzzles at NorCal Escape Co.

In recent years, escape room attractions have seen a rise in popularity and with good reason.

It combines the fun of mystery puzzle games with a more thrilling ambiance that provides players with an exhilarating atmosphere.

You can find a fantastic escape room attraction right in Yuba City.

Make sure to head over to NorCal Escape Co. for a one-of-a-kind experience that provides you with exciting challenges and baffling mysteries.

This place is popularly known for an escape room series unique to NorCal Escape Co – the Condemned series.

It lets you follow the legend and learn more about a notorious serial killer whose fans have continued to carry out wrongdoings even after he was captured.

It also has other game themes that you can choose from, such as Fox Tail Saloon and Escape Truck.

The games here are unique, engaging, and gratifying once you solve them.

For a thrilling escape room experience, don’t forget to check out NorCal Escape Co.

Spend Family Time at Gauche Aquatic Park

Have a blast with your friends and family at gauche Aquatic Park.

Locals fondly call this park “GAP,” and this 10,000-square-foot structure features up to 10 lap competitive swimming pools.

It also has a “sprayground” and a 25-foot high water slide to add some thrill.

If you want to hang out of the pools, you can find picnic and barbecue-related amenities, a boulder climbing area, horseshoe pits, and other play areas for kids.

Make a splash during your visit to Yuba City by spending some time at GAP.

Stroll Around Sicilia Vineyards

There’s something romantic about strolling through vineyards.

When you visit Yuba City, don’t miss out on discovering that romantic feeling for yourself by going to Sicillia Vineyards.

The owners of the vineyards say the creation of this site was inspired by one of their trips to Italy.

Today, this place is known to be the home of the outstanding Thompson Seedless Grape.

Apart from this, your wine tasting experience here will surely be unique as this place focuses on the unusual but still delicious varieties of wine.

If you want to try those out, consider booking a wine tasting session with Sicilia Vineyards.

Alternatively, you can join open-tasting days and their other events, such as grape stomping days.

Appreciate the Outdoors at the Sutter National Wildlife Refuge

An amazing destination that you can visit when you’re in Yuba City is the Sutter National Wildlife Refuge.

Here, you can experience the natural beauty of the region in its best state.

There are many hiking trails that you can follow that will let you witness how incredible the outdoors truly is.

Alternatively, this place also offers visitors the opportunity to hunt for waterfowl.

If you’re in Yuba City with your family, consider going to the Sutter National Wildlife Refuge.

Hang Out at Greenwood Park

Are you looking for a lowkey hangout spot in Yuba City for those downtimes while exploring the area?

Greenwood Park may be the place you should go to.

This place provides a large green space for the people in the city.

It is filled with gorgeous flowers and grassy areas.

It also has a community hub for recreational and fitness-related activities.

There, you can play sports like soccer and ultimate frisbee if you wish to do so.

Of course, you can also just choose to take a stroll through the park or have a picnic.

It’s a place to relax while in Yuba City.

Explore Feather River Parkway

If you want to discover more of this region’s natural blessings, consider visiting Feather River Parkway.

This place is the perfect starting point if you want to look for some of Yuba City’s fantastic nature trails that you can hike or bike through.

The parkway itself first opened to the public in 2012.

You can find it on Willow Island, and this 84-acre parkway runs along the Feather River.

The river itself allows you to swim or do some fishing.

Other than that, you can discover 3 miles worth of biking trails.

Picnic equipment and restrooms are also available here.

Stand in Awe of the Rose Garden

If you want to witness a stunning, well-kept garden, head over to the city’s town hall grounds and visit Rose Garden.

Many consider this to be one of the most beautiful gardens around.

The place features fantastically manicured lawns and stunning blooms that make the layout of the entire area pop.

It’s a great place to find respite after a long day of traveling.

The place also has many walking trails that you can follow to appreciate the entire garden fully.

When you’re in the city, make sure to stop by the Rose Garden.

Follow the Start Yuba-Sutter Bike Path

Are you looking for some adventure while in Yuba City?

Grab your bike, and head over to the Start Yuba-Sutter Bike Path.

A roundtrip through this route spans around 9 miles.

By following it, you get access to some of the most stunning countryside views around.

This bike path starts on Hooper Road, heads towards the charming town of Sutter, and heads back to Yuba City.

Apart from providing gorgeous views, the route is also safe as cars rarely come through here.

Additionally, the path is cemented, so it’s easy to just ride through it.

Discover more of what Yuba has to offer by following this fantastic bike route.

Race for Fun at Millennium Kart Racing

Take your family to Millennium Kart Racing for fun amusement activities.

This indoor kart venue is located on Spiva Avenue and features emission-free race karts for juniors and adults.

Fasten your seatbelts and speed your way up to 40 miles per hour on the race track.

Go on an exciting race while other family members cheer you in the spectator area right next to the track; you’ll surely feel like a professional race car driver.

Aside from kart racing, you can also enjoy a game of Lazer Tag and strategize your way to beat your opponents.

Want to show your throwing skills? Play Axe Throwing for a unique kind of fun.

Have a great family time at Millennium Kart Racing.

Enjoy Custom Brews at Sutter Buttes Brewing

For a taste of local house brew selections, make a stop at Sutter Buttes Brewing.

They’ve been operating in Yuba’s Center Street since 2011 and underwent expansions in 2014.

Drop by the brewpub, and enjoy locally-made beers like their signature Water Tower IPA, Franklin Double IPA, Brown Ale, and others.

They also produce one of the region’s most delicate liquors you can sip and savor.

Of course, beers and drinks are best paired with good food.

Try an array of pub grubs like their wood-fired oven pizzas, wonderful appetizers, tasty fish and chips, and delicious juicy burgers.

Satisfy your appetite with hearty sandwiches, salads, and dinner meals on the menu.

Then, end your meals with delightfully sweet desserts.

Sutter Buttes Brewing also serves Kids’ Meals that your little ones are sure to enjoy.

Spend a Day at Regency Park

Relax and enjoy more of the city views at Regency Park.

You can find this public park on the corner of Parc West Drive and Stabler Lane.

It spans more than five acres with plenty of amenities you can enjoy on your visit.

Little tots will enjoy the play area designed for small kids, while older kids also have their play space to run, climb and enjoy.

Water features are also available from the last week of May to the first week of September.

Enjoy a family picnic at the shaded area and set up your packed lunch on the tables.

Stroll around the park on the concrete sidewalk and visit the parterre garden.

Likewise, have more fun and games at Regency Park’s large outdoor play area.

Catch Entertaining Shows at The Acting Company

Spend some family time and catch wholesome live entertainment with The Acting Company.

It was founded in 1984 and has evolved to improve and promote the local Yuba theater scene.

The 74-seater community theatre is found on B Street and features local stage performances all year round.

The non-profit theater company is composed of the Main Stage and Magic Theatre productions run by volunteers.

The Main Stage shows Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons while Magic Theatre is open on Saturdays with two shows in the afternoon.

The company also offers several children’s acting classes your kids can join.

Check out The Acting Company website for ticket bookings, and schedules of current and upcoming shows you can catch.

Savor Tasty Food at Dancing Tomato Caffé

If you’re looking for a laid-back dining place serving fantastic Italian eats, dine in at Dancing Tomato Caffé, right at North Walton Avenue.

Owned and managed by Kevin and Share Katz, it has become a popular home-grown restaurant in the Yuba-Sutter area since 2004.

This local pizzeria, grill, bar, and coffee shop welcomes you with its nostalgic, laid-back ambiance and sumptuous breakfast, lunch, and dinner fares made with the freshest ingredients.

You’ll enjoy every bite of their flavorful handcrafted pizzas made with hand-tossed doughs, your choice of sauces like marinara, pesto, alfredo, or vegetables, and a variety of delicious toppings.

Dig into the best Italian pasta dishes, filling sandwiches, steaks, and lighter fares like appetizers, entrees, salads, and soups.

Need a good breakfast to kick off your day? Try their breakfast options like omelets, pancakes, biscuits, and omelets.

You can also enjoy drinks like beers and cocktails at Dancing Tomato Caffé’s full-service bar.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Visit the Sutter Buttes

View of Sutter Buttes

S. Graue /

Yuba City is most likely known for being the site of the Sutter Buttes, the world’s smallest mountain range.

This place is made up of eroded lava domes found within the Sacramento valley.

The buttes were estimated to be formed around 1.6 million years ago by volcanic activity along a no-non-active faultline.

Besides its geologic significance, the Sutter Buttes were also important religious sites for the Maidu and Winton Indigenous people.

Daytime view of Sutter Buttes

inaegren /

However, its name comes from the pioneer John Sutter.

While park facilities have not yet been developed around this attraction, 200 acres of the buttes’ area can be accessed.

However, you can only go on guided hikes, and those are indeed worth your time.

The landscape of this area is breathtaking, and don’t miss out on witnessing stunning views when you come to Yuba City.

Hikers at Sutter Buttes

S. Graue /

Check Out Bok Kai Temple

Interior of Bok Kai Temple

Frank Schulenburg, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Bok Kai Temple in Marysville is another attraction you can visit just 5 minutes away from Yuba.

This place was constructed back in 1854, and it serves as a religious and community center in the area.

The place was created by Chinese workers going to California during the height of the Gold Rush.

Display in Bok Kai Temple

Frank Schulenburg, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When you come here, you can witness the stunning architecture of the temple.

You can also attend community events held here and learn more about the Chinese community that took root here.

The temple itself is a breathtaking sight to see, while the events and festivals they hold here are always a sight to behold.

Find Out the Significance of the Region at Mary Aaron Memorial Museum

An interesting museum you can visit just five minutes away from Yuba is the Mary Aaron Memorial Museum.

This place houses a collection made up of thousands of artifacts related to the history of Marysville and its neighboring communities.

Apart from tangible items that share the region’s history, it also houses an extensive collection of photographs.

These photos let visitors see the buildings, structures, and people of the region throughout the years.

The museum also features a collection of records and documents that are from the years between the 1840s and the 1920s.

Some of them include tax records, marriage certificates, and others.

Learn more about the region and visit the Mary Aaron Memorial Museum.

Stay Active at Ellis Lake Park

The waters of Ellis Lake Park

ZikG /

You will find the artificial lake called Ellis Lake just six minutes away from Yuba, in Marysville.

The lake was originally built back in 1939, and it is currently located within Ellis Lake Park.

The park itself features two tennis courts, a dock, and a boat landing.

It also houses Gazebo Island and North Ellis Lake Island, connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Water fountain at Ellis Lake Park

ZikG /

At the park, you can rent pedal boats to sail around the lake.

You can also go fishing from the shore or by boat when you come here.

The park also features a fountain and light system that lights up the lake in spectacular patterns each night.

You can also catch events at the park, like the annual Fourth of July celebration regularly held here.

Learn About Falconry at West Coast Falconry

One of the unique experiences you can have while in Northern California is falconry.

You can find West Coast Falconry just 20 minutes away from Yuba City, and it offers falconry-related experiences that everyone can enjoy.

Their primary service is to provide classes for those who want to become certified falconers.

However, for visitors, they offer attractions that will let you get a glimpse of the ancient hunting tradition of falconry.

They have experiences suitable for all ages – from kids to adults.

There are also demonstrations that you can watch here.

Apart from the lessons and falconry experience, you can also try out their owl encounters, excursions, and their Hawk Walk.

Consider adding this place to your itinerary when you’re in this part of California.

Discover a Forgotten History at Chinese American Museum of Northern California

Many Chinese Americans live in the United States, but somehow, their history has been underrepresented.

In Marysville, just 5 minutes away from Yuba, you can find the Chinese American Museum of Northern California.

This place aims to preserve and share the “forgotten” history of the Chinese in the United States.

The museum can be found in Marysville’s own Chinatown.

The building that houses it was initially built in 1858 during the gold rush.

Given this, it’s interesting to note that over 30 Chinatowns were established back in the said era, but only the one in Marysville remained.

In this museum, you can find artifacts and documents connected to the Chinese in this part of the US at the height of the gold rush.

It also houses items that depict the development of modern Chinese history in relation to the Chinese community in California.

Learn about this forgotten history by visiting this outstanding museum.

Final Thoughts

Yuba City offers many exciting and breathtaking sites in this part of Northern California.

It has a long history and incredible natural landscapes that are waiting to be discovered.

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