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15 Best Things to Do in Wabash, IN

  • Published 2023/03/19

Wabash is a city in Wabash County, Indiana, part of the Noble Township.

It has a population of around 10,300 within its 26-square-kilometer area.

Wabash is a fascinating place to explore because of its history.

It was the first city in the world to be lit with electricity in 1880.

Besides, Wabash has a more profound history than being the first electrically lit city in the world.

It also served as a vital location back in the day for the railroading industry.

Because of its rich history, Wabash is a great place to explore its past, which you can see through its streets, buildings, and parks.

Aside from history, Wabash boasts plenty of exciting outdoor activities for everyone.

What are the best things to do in Wabash, Indiana?

Read this curated list below.

Feel the Nostalgia at the Eagles Theatre

Exterior of the Eagles Theatre

Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Eagles Theatre is an important historical attraction situated in downtown Wabash.

You can visit this theatre constructed in 1906 along W. Market Street.

Besides being an important historical attraction, the theater is one of the city’s best places to watch movies and theatrical performances.

It features a five-story building with an indoor theater that regularly shows movies, concerts, theatre plays, and other public events.

Besides the theater, it has a recording studio, music lesson rooms, and a restored grand ballroom.

Like most entertainment hubs in Wabash, this theater is also managed by Honeywell Arts and Entertainment.

Book tickets to the Eagles Theatre to enjoy a movie and explore history.

Travel Back in Time at the Wabash County Museum

Wabash County Museum is the perfect place to start your tour through Wabash because of its extensive collection detailing the city’s past.

You can visit this museum along E. Market Street.

This museum houses artifacts, memorabilia, heirlooms, and other items relevant to Wabash’s history.

It has interactive exhibits which showcase local history and is one of Indiana’s best regional museums.

Browse the Wabash County Museum and get acquainted with the city’s fascinating history before embarking on your travel adventure.

Hang Out at the Wabash City Park

Head to the Wabash City Park for a splendid time outdoors.

You can visit this park along W. Hill Street.

The park spans over 30 acres and has three picnic shelters, grills, and spacious pavilions.

To add more, it has a children’s playground, three baseball diamonds, and other amenities that make your visit there convenient and full of fun.

If you want a cost-free activity during your visit to Wabash, go to Wabash City Park.

The perfect atmosphere, amenities, and surroundings make a wonderful time outdoors, especially with your loved ones.

Marvel at the Sanctuary of Wabash

The Sanctuary of Wabash is a unique tourist attraction that highlights Wabash’s fascinating past.

You can visit this attraction which now serves as an overnight event hub along N. Wabash Street.

The place is a former 1903 Gothic-style church renovated as one of the city’s most famous events centers.

The owners of this place took three years to renovate and bring back the church’s former beauty.

Today, it’s one of Wabash’s local gems.

Many tourists take photos of the church’s massive stained-glass windows and elegant Gothic architecture.

Meanwhile, others book special events at the Sanctuary of Wabash, making it a unique historical attraction you mustn’t miss.

See Movies the Old Way at the 13-24 Drive-In

The 13-24 Drive-In Cinema is one of the best-kept local gems in the city.

You can watch movies at this drive-in cinema along Interstate-13, just north of Wabash.

This drive-in cinema has provided locals with top-notch movies for over sixty years.

It has screened hundreds of movies since the 1950s, making it a unique and nostalgic place for locals.

Since drive-in cinemas are very hard to find, you mustn’t miss booking a ticket or two to watch movies in the comfort of your car.

Thanks to some private individuals and Honeywell Arts and Entertainment, the 13-24 Drive-in Cinema remains operational today.

Catch Fish along the Wabash River

The waters of Wabash River

Brian C. Gossard /

Wabash River isn’t just one of the longest rivers in Indiana.

This river which runs through the city of Wabash, is also a popular outdoor attraction, especially for anglers.

This river which runs more than 500 miles throughout the State of Indiana, is home to a variety of local, rare, and threatened wildlife.

At the same time, it’s also home to over 150 fish species, making it a haven for anglers.

Anglers report that this river is abundant in smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, sauger, catfish, rock bass, and prehistoric paddlefish.

Pack your fishing gear, head to the Wabash River, and await your biggest catch.

Catch a Show at the Honeywell Center

Enjoy your night out at the Honeywell Center, home to top-notch entertainment.

You can visit this place along W. Market Street.

It’s a renowned events venue with a theater, a restaurant, and an art gallery regularly hosting events.

It’s where most of Wabash’s best concerts, comedy shows, musicals, and theater shows happen throughout the year.

At the same time, many renowned artists in Indiana hold art exhibits and events at this place.

Like the 13-24 Drive-In Cinema, Honeywell Arts and Entertainment also manages the Honeywell Center.

Buy a ticket and watch exciting events at Wabash’s most excellent entertainment hub.

Hike through the Wabash River Trail

The Wabash River Trail is a premier outdoor attraction in the city.

You can visit this trail just west of the city near the Wabash River.

The trail stretches 13 miles, leading to various historical and natural attractions.

Along the way, you’ll pass by the Tippecanoe Battlefield Park in the neighboring Battleground.

At the same time, you’ll pass by various parks such as Davis Ferry Park, Riehle Plaza, and other towns such as La Fayette and Fort Ouiatenon.

Hiking through this trail offers a worthwhile hiking experience because of the history and sceneries you pass.

Besides these attractions, most hikers traversing Wabash River Trail appreciate its abundant local wildlife, making it a top-notch outdoor attraction.

Bring Your Child to the Friendship Hill Inclusive Playground

Friendship Hill Inclusive Playground is a beautiful place for kids from all walks of life to enjoy top-notch play amenities.

You can visit this playground along S. Carroll Street.

It’s one of the best places in Wabash to enjoy a cost-free wholesome activity with your family.

The park is renowned throughout Indiana for its inclusive and safe play area and environment.

It means its play area and equipment are designed for all kids, especially those with disabilities.

Like most playgrounds, this one has slides, ropes, seesaws, swings, and climbs, which are safe to enjoy for all kids.

When your child starts to grow bored tagging along with you in Wabash, bring them to the Friendship Hill Inclusive Playground for a fun experience.

Immerse Yourself in Nature at the Charley Creek Gardens

Charley Creek Gardens is a gorgeous horticulture center and a botanical garden near Charley Creek.

You can visit this garden along N. Miami Street.

The whole place covers six acres, serving as a non-profit horticulture center to collect, conserve, and study plants, both native and exotic.

At the same time, it’s also a great place for plant lovers and even ordinary visitors to immerse themselves in nature by strolling through the garden.

The garden has a path that stretches for half a mile taking you to various areas featuring different plant species amidst its tranquil atmosphere.

Drop by the Charley Creek Gardens for a splendid time with nature.

Embrace Nature and History at the Paradise Spring Historical Park

Cabins at Paradise Spring Historical Park

Chris Light at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Paradise Spring Historical Park is where you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

You can visit this park along W. Market Street.

It’s best known by locals as an excellent place to enjoy both nature and history for various reasons.

One this park is home to numerous well-preserved 1800s log cabins, historical sites for Native American Indians, and other cultural resources.

Second, the park boasts gorgeous sceneries, top-notch park amenities, and a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for picnicking on a sunny day.

Besides outdoor recreation and history, the park also hosts festivals, free concerts, and public activities, which adds excitement to this place.

Whether you’re searching for more historical sites or want to enjoy the outdoors, something exciting awaits you at the Paradise Spring Historical Park.

Wander the Dr. James Ford Historic Home

Dr. James Ford Historic Home is an important historical site in the city.

You can visit this restored home along W. Hill Street.

The home, constructed in the mid-1800s, was Dr. Ford’s official residence and surgery center.

Visiting this historical site allows you to experience how Wabash’s locals lived their daily life back in the day.

You can enjoy a tour inside the house and see its original furnishings, furniture, rooms, and sections up close.

The house also features a Victorian-inspired flower garden where Dr. Ford planted medicinal herbs back in the day.

The Dr. James Ford Historic Home attracts thousands of visitors annually, making it a recommended historical attraction in your itinerary.

Drop by this historic house and dive into its fascinating history.

Play Sports at the Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams is a massive outdoor sports complex that regularly hosts sports activities for all ages.

You can visit this sports complex along Water Ridge Parkway.

It’s where most of Wabash’s local sports events, from youth to grownups, happen.

Most sports events are baseball, soccer, softball, and football.

Go to the Field of Dreams if you want to stretch your muscles or flex your athletic skills in Wabash.

You can join locals or bring your friends for a friendly match at the Field of Dreams.

Otherwise, watch some of its most exciting tournaments, such as the Wabash Little League, the USSSA Softball tilt, and various high school sports events.

Enjoy the Festive Atmosphere of the Wabash County Fair

The annual Wabash County Fair is like the county fair you’ve grown up with back at home.

This county fair happens at the Wabash County Fairgrounds along Gillen Avenue.

There’s always something special at a county fair, and this one in Wabash is nothing different.

Bringing your family to this county fair lets you see how Wabash locals celebrate local agriculture with games, food, and music.

Besides the usual county fair activities, the Wabash County Fair has become a long tradition for locals since 1868.

Join the festivities and experience what this county fair best offers.

Grab a Meal at Harry’s Old Kettle Pub & Grill

Harry’s Old Kettle Pub & Grill is a local favorite known for its mouthwatering comfort food menu.

You can enjoy your meal at this diner along Stitt Street.

This diner has served locals and visitors in Wabash for more than 50 years.

It was recently purchased by new owners, which brings in new delectable treats for everyone.

It serves plenty of comfort food such as pulled pork, barbeque, sandwiches, wings, burgers, and its award-winning chili.

Pair its delicious menu with craft beer on tap and a wide array of cocktail drinks.

Whenever your stomach growls, head to Harry’s Old Kettle Pub & Grill and treat yourself to some of Wabash’s finest dishes.

Final Thoughts

Wabash is a charming place full of local and hidden gems many haven’t explored yet.

It has a rich history, unspoiled natural beauty, and a welcoming atmosphere making it an ideal weekend getaway destination.

Don’t miss visiting Wabash’s parks, museums, vintage theaters, and riverside trails to experience what this city offers fully.

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