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20 Best Things to Do in Victorville, CA

  • Published 2022/12/08

Victorville, located in San Bernardino County, is the perfect place to go for a vacation or to live with all your family.

Located on the edge of the Mojave Desert, Victorville has great weather all year round and is the gateway to Joshua Tree National Park.

If you’re looking for an exciting place to visit or want to find the best things to do in Victorville, California, keep reading!

Walking Down Memory Lane at the California Route 66 Museum

Exterior of California Route 66 Museum

Carl DeAbreu Photography /

The California Route 66 Museum is a museum dedicated to the history and people of Victorville.

This museum has many interesting things, such as old buildings, a restored motel, a gas station, and much more.

Victorville is located in San Bernardino County, California, United States, approximately 90 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Its population was estimated at 100,826 inhabitants at the 2010 census.

Victorville is a suburb of the Inland Empire region.

Unquestionably, Victorville has been growing and improving over the past several years.

The museum provides information about Victorville’s history.

There are two stories about how the California Route 66 Museum came into existence.

One story says that the museum was initially founded by the Victor Valley Transit District (VVTD).

Another story claims that the VVTD did not want to operate the museum and thus partnered with the National Parks Foundation.

Either way, the museum was established in 2002.

California Route 66 Museum in Victorville

Picturesque Japan /

It was named after Route 66, which was an important highway in America during the mid-20th century.

As noted, Victorville is located on the western border of the Mojave Desert, and Route 66 crossed the Mojave several times during its travels through the area.

The museum is currently located inside the VVTD’s transit depot.

This museum focuses primarily on the history of California Route 66, the famous road that runs through the Mojave Desert.

As previously mentioned, there are many points along the route where Route 66 intersects with the Mojave.

Therefore, the museum is a good place for tourists who want to know more about the desert and the Mojave.

Dine at Pancho Villa’s Mexican Restaurant

Pancho Villa’s Mexican Restaurant is located in the heart of Victorville in the Mojave Desert.

The restaurant is owned by a friendly family who offers you genuine hospitality and a very welcoming atmosphere.

Pancho Villa’s Mexican Restaurant is known for its amazing food and outstanding service!

You will find a nice variety of dishes, including tacos, enchiladas, burritos, burrito bowls, chile con carne, nachos, quesadillas, quesadilla wraps, Mexican flatbreads, and more!

Eating out at Pancho Villa’s Mexican Restaurant, Victorville, CA, is a treat you will not soon forget.

The restaurant offers an outstanding menu of Mexican food.

This eatery serves the best Mexican dishes around, and you should check it out when you are in Victorville.

For starters, try the Jalapeno Popper Nachos.

These delicious nachos are topped with jalapenos, onions, bacon, and cheese.

They’re the perfect appetizer if you are looking for a little spice.

Hunt for Animal Tracks at the Mojave Narrows Regional Park

This small 6.5-acre park is surrounded by an impressive natural wall of cliffs and hills.

It is located in the east end of the preserve, between the towns of Ridgecrest and Victorville.

The park offers an abundance of wildflowers, especially during the spring when they are in bloom.

There are also several wildlife species, such as mule deer and desert tortoise.

For instance, the tortoise can be seen foraging for food along the trail, or if you want to see a mule deer with its newborn fawn, this is the place to go!

A few small trails have been developed for hiking and horseback riding.

Indeed, the park has a trail system that allows you to hike or ride to different locations within the preserve.

There is a visitor’s center on the north side of the park, where you can pick up brochures about the park and its history.

You can also learn about the wildlife that inhabits the park.

There is a small display of the area’s natural history, including fossils found in the cliffs.

It is best to get a map of the park before you go.

While the park is open daily, it is closed during the winter months.

Savor the Best of Seafood at The Galley Fish Tacos

Fish tacos have become a staple of Southern California cuisine; whether you’re at the beach or by a cactus in Victorville, fish tacos are plain, simple, and delicious.

They’re relatively healthy and are full of healthy fats and protein.

Many varieties are available, and they’re so light you won’t even notice that you’ve eaten them.

The Galley Fish Tacos is a locally-owned family business that sells delicious seafood dishes.

Located on Amargosa Rd., it’s the place to go if you want to taste their amazing seafood, in addition to their fish tacos.

This recipe uses wild cod to make delicious tacos like the ones found in coastal Mexico.

It’s a great dinner for two!

There are many types of tacos, so you’ll want to decide between corn or flour tortillas and whether to have a variety of fresh salsas, such as red and green.

The Galley Fish Tacos also provides all the ingredients, which allows you to customize your tacos as you like.

The Galley Fish Tacos website offers recipes with various fillings and toppings, including chorizo, shrimp, and chicken.

The Wild Cod is a local fish and is available at many markets.

It’s fresh, sustainable, and low in mercury, and easy to cook.

The cod is sold whole and cleaned, making it much easier to cook than other types of fish.

Enjoy Quality Family Time at Scandia Family Fun Center

The Scandia Family Fun Center in Victorville, California, USA, is a large amusement park.

It is the only amusement park of this size in the state and features a variety of rides, including coasters and other attractions such as bumper cars and go-carts.

The park also boasts a miniature golf course and is home to many restaurants, a shopping center, and a large water park.

On July 15, 2016, the park was scheduled to open its new expansion called “Scandia Family Fun Center 2”.

This park features many rides that have never been seen before.

The new park has four go-kart tracks, a bumper car area, a racing track, go-carts, a family coaster, and a couple of new fun rides.

Goe Healthy and Organic at the High Desert Farmers’ Market

The High Desert Farmers’ Market is located at the entrance to the Victor Valley Mall in Victorville, California.

The market offers more than 60 vendors who provide various products, from organic produce and foodstuffs to arts and crafts.

The market includes a number of vendors and exhibitors who sell their goods year-round, including the Desert Harvest Co-op, which offers an assortment of products grown by its members.

In addition, the High Desert Farmers’ Market has grown into a staple of the community and provides an outlet for local residents to buy fresh and affordable produce.

It is a member-owned and operated cooperative created to provide access to high-quality organically grown produce that is available throughout the year.

The Co-op is situated in Victorville, California, and is open every day from sunrise to sunset, except on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.

There are a couple of things that I like to do in the spring and summer.

One is to go out with my friends and their children and pick some blackberries.

The other thing is to go on a vacation or just go to the beach for a few days and enjoy the warm sunshine and blue sky.

If you have never had a chance to visit the High Desert Farmers’ Market, it is something you must do before the year ends.

It is the only place to find fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, meats, eggs, and cheese.

Try the 100% Traditional American Pure Beef Burgers at Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Cafe

Signage of Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe

Carl DeAbreu Photography /

In its 74th year of business, the restaurant has seen a great deal of change since its beginnings.

In fact, the owners would even say that their growth has been exponential.

They recently closed on a new property for a larger building, and they are excited about the future.

The menu at Holland Burger is extensive, and there is no shortage of choices.

The restaurant features traditional American burgers, as well as a variety of appetizers and specialty sandwiches.

Exterior of Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe

Felipe Sanchez /

There is also a small selection of salads and homemade desserts.

Formerly known as a place where you could get a quick bite to eat, the owners have taken the time to make sure their food is top-notch and that their customers receive excellent service.

Emma Jean’s Holland Burger has been around for more than seven decades and has become one of the best-known chains in the country.

Known for its hamburgers, this is a place where you can expect to find your favorite burger recipe with the toppings of your choice.

If you’re looking for a delicious hamburger, Holland Burger is just the place to go.

The burgers are cooked fresh daily and are made with only the finest ingredients.

Facade of Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe

Angel DiBilio /

Have Fun at the Holiday Skate Center

The Holiday Skate Center is a public indoor ice rink located in the San Bernardino County city of Victorville, California.

Holiday Skate Center has hosted a number of nationally ranked figure skating competitions.

The facility includes a two-lane, deep ice surface with artificial lighting for night skating sessions.

The main competition venue has seating for 1,500 spectators and is divided into three sections.

The facility also hosts public skating sessions during the winter months and is available for rent by non-profit organizations during the summer months.

Moreover, the arena is host to the local Figure Skating Club of Victorville, as well as the annual National Figure Skating Classic, which draws thousands of visitors each year.

Visit the Organic Fusion Teahouse

It’s true that coffee is king, but coffee isn’t the only thing that people are drinking to stay awake at night.

More and more people are adding tea to their diets because they’re becoming health conscious.

Since they’ve only been around for a few years, Organic Fusion Tea House on Monarch Boulevard in Victorville attracts quite a loyal following.

You can’t go wrong with their menu of healthy drinks made with minimally processed organic ingredients.

Besides the many varieties of juices and smoothies available at Desert Breeze, they also serve a variety of salads and entrees that are big hits during the dog days of summer when the temperature in the desert can be downright stifling.

When you have a busy day ahead of you, the menu at the Dessert House provides an assortment of mouth-watering desserts.

It includes soups, salads, seafood, and entrées with a variety of international flavors.

Absolutely no animal products or meat are used in any of their dishes.

The fusion cuisine is all about using organic produce and the freshest, finest ingredients to make the most delicious and nutritious meals.

They make sure to use only all-natural ingredients to avoid having to worry about your diet.

Their breakfast menu is outstanding as well.

You’ll find all of your favorite foods available for you to enjoy during the morning hours.

You’ll also find an array of healthy snacks and beverages on the menu.

Mastering Swing Fundamentals at the Green Tree Golf Course

This is one of the most challenging courses to design, and it took William F. Bell, ASGCA, three years to complete.

He designed this par 72 golf course, which is set amid the breathtaking beauty of the Mojave Desert.

Golfers can’t afford to be without a Green Tree course.

They have the best quality courses, as well as the most friendly, professional staff.

You’ll love their championship courses!

Green Tree Golf Course offers a great game of golf for a budget-friendly price.

In brief, the course is in excellent condition and is an ideal place for beginners to learn how to play golf.

The course was designed by golf course architect William F. Bell, ASGCA, the Green Tree Golf Course founder.

It’s not unusual for this course to get busy, especially during the summer months.

For the first time, the Green Tree Golf Club is offering golf packages that include lodging.

This is a great deal because you will save a lot of money.

Dine at Molly Brown’s Country Cafe

In the country outside of Victorville, a new restaurant called Molly Brown’s Country Cafe will make you think you are on vacation when you get there.

I have eaten there twice and was very impressed with both meals and with the food service.

The ambiance and decor are very much like a cabin or lodge.

A small wood-burning fireplace sits in front of the kitchen area with tables set up around it, and a huge TV screen hung on the wall facing the fireplace.

The tablecloths are not white but a cheery red and green.

As I have said before, I like to eat when I can sit down in a nice place, and the atmosphere is friendly and inviting.

The staff was very warm and receptive.

There is a small salad bar and bread basket that they have made available, but you do not have to eat anything if you don’t want to.

I found this to be a very healthy alternative.

The food is also very good and reasonably priced.

It has a “family-style” dining set.

You may choose from a variety of appetizers, salads, soups, main dishes, or deserts.

Dine while Enjoying Live Music at D’vine Wine Bar

D’vine Wine Bar is Victor Valley’s premier location for outstanding wine and live entertainment, just blocks from well-known hotels, restaurants, and movie theaters.

They aim to offer customers the finest level of customer service and quality of products imaginable in Victor Valley’s most tranquil and stress-free setting.

Their staff is committed to providing an enjoyable experience for all its visitors.

They provide fresh tapas, local craft brews, and wines from across the world five nights a week.

Come in on Tuesdays for Karaoke and on Fridays and Saturdays for live entertainment.

D’vine Wine Bar is the ideal spot to round off your evening after work, dinner date, or at a movie!

Feel Alive More than Ever at Get Air Trampoline Park

Choose from various activities, including ninja obstacles, foam pools, trampolines, dodgeball, and more!

Get Air Trampoline Park is ideal for various events, including birthday parties, team sports competitions, business conferences, and family reunions.

They feature wall-to-wall trampolines covering thousands of square feet, providing hours of enjoyment for jumping, bouncing, and flipping!

The Main Court has towering trampolines, a trampoline dodgeball zone, and private trampolines.

Additionally, they offer trampoline lanes giving plenty of air, allowing you to jump into a foam pit or slam a ball.

With trampoline dodgeball, you can step up your game!

Participate in a pick-up game or create your custom squad with friends.

Browse the Stores of the Mall of Victor Valley

Exterior of the Mall of Victor Valley

Felipe Sanchez /

The Mall of Victor Valley, a shopping area with well-known retailers, attractions, and restaurants, is situated in Victorville, California.

Visit known eateries and branded retailers, including Macy’s, JCPenney, Hollister Co., Cotton On, Charleys Philly Steak, and Mongolian Grill.

Their shopping outlets provide everything, from trendy new designs to timeless classics.

Front view of the Mall of Victor Valley

Felipe Sanchez /

The beginning goes beyond excellent food and shopping.

To discover the ideal complement to your shopping adventure, go through their schedule of activities.

Loosen Up and Smash Things at Outrageous Family Activity Center

The Outrageous Family Activity Center is the High Desert’s premier Rage Room and Rage Paint Room!

For adults and kids ages seven and up, the Outrageous Family Activity Center offers a secure and entertaining venue where they may let off steam or simply have fun by smashing objects of all shapes and sizes.

Let go and smash things in the given timeframe for an intense and fulfilling experience.

Baseball bats, mallets, hammers, and breakable objects are samples of range room equipment.

With prior Management consent, you are free to bring extra household objects to shatter.

Feel Adventurous at Hangar 18 High Desert

Hangar 18 High Desert, situated in Victorville, is the sole climbing gym in the High Desert.

It is ideal for novice climbers seeking an exciting afternoon outing or hard-core climbers ready to test their boundaries and go to the next level.

The staff at Hangar 18 ensures customers have the greatest experience imaginable, whether you’re new to climbing or the venue.

It has a bouldering area with several different angle options, a vast array of auto belays, and a yoga/party platform.

Learn about bouldering, among the most complex climbing disciplines, by enrolling in their Intro to Bouldering Class.

On the other hand, their Auto Belay Class is an excellent way for lone climbers to access the walls.

All you need to learn about auto belays, such as strapping on gear, locking in, route reading, and appropriate descent strategy, will be covered in the 20-minute session.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Explore the Big Bear Lake

Scenic view of Big Bear Lake

johnny promprai /

Big Bear Lake is about 40 kilometers south of San Bernardino.

It’s one of the best winter resorts in Southern California and should not be overlooked by anyone looking to get away from their desert environment.

The San Bernardino mountains are a great place to live because there are cool year-round temperatures that’s much different than Los Angeles and San Diego, where it’s either hot or cold.

With over 1 million acres of the wilderness area, you can spend your time exploring and enjoying all the activities you want.

Boating in Big Bear Lake

Sahani Photography /

Hiking, swimming, fishing, mountain biking, bird watching, boating, and much more are here for you to enjoy.

This is when many people start taking vacations.

If you don’t already have one planned, it’s an excellent time to book one.

It’s always important to dress in layers, whether it’s for going out or shopping.

The nighttime temperatures often dip into the 40s, so it’s always best to bring warm clothes along.

Besides clothing, it’s always helpful to bring a map since the trails are not always well-marked.

Trail at Big Bear Lake

Bradley Allen Murrell /

And don’t forget sunscreen, because the mountain sun is quite intense.

If you’re a water sports enthusiast, there are a variety of options for your enjoyment.

Kayaks and canoes are available for rent at many spots along the lake.

Some people like to boat from shore, while others prefer the kayaks and canoes that take you out into the lake.

Fishing and spearfishing are also popular.

If you want to go on a guided trip, contact the local fishing guides to get your free fishing license.

Aerial view of Big Bear Lake

Anthony Fontanez /

Dine at Oak Hills Brewing Company

The only brewery in Victor Valley and one of the most popular in San Bernardino County, Oak Hills Brewing Company features an impressive taproom with a large bar and has one of the most exciting beer menus in the area, with 20 beers available on draft.

Oak Hills brews most of its own beer on-site. It’s all draft, all the time in their taproom.

They offer a wide variety of beers, ranging from traditional IPAs and Irish Red’s to Hefeweizen’s and ales.

There are other bars in Austin that are also a favorite for music lovers.

They serve their own unique non-alcoholic drinks like cream soda and ginger ale, and their lot is also usually very crowded with local food trucks serving delicious gourmet grub.

Later in the evening, they may have live music. This place is always packed. The locals love this restaurant.

It’s a casual neighborhood diner. There are several seating areas. It’s got a real family vibe.

They have an awesome patio. They have a large menu with items for everyone.

It’s good to go here for breakfast or lunch, but there are also some great dinner specials.

If you’re looking for a nice meal in the Austin area, then this is a definite place to stop at.

In Downtown Austin, there are a lot of places to eat. There are some great restaurants for every taste.

Taking a Nature Hike at the Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

Waters of Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

Angel La Canfora /

Silverwood Lake State Park is one of the region’s largest and most visited state parks.

It has countless scenic hiking trails.

The nearest exit off Interstate 15 is Victorville.

From there, turn left onto Sawpit Canyon Road.

It’s located in the Sierra Foothills at the confluence of the American and Feather Rivers and is fed from a small portion of the far-off Oroville Dam.

Silverwood Lake often draws big crowds on the weekends when outdoor-loving LA residents get the urge to escape their urban lifestyles to enjoy the fresh air and outdoors.

They hike, swim, fish, and mountain bike in the beautiful park, which offers plenty of adventure for those who take advantage of it.

You’ll have more fun if you spend the night at additional park amenities such as both rough and family-style camping areas, boat ramps, and restrooms.

For a quick bite to eat after your trip, head to the Silverwood Café or the Sawmill Café, located on the main entrance road.

The Silverwood Lake Loop Trail is the most popular of the hikes in the park.

It was named one of America’s best 10-day hikes by National Geographic.

The trail can be hiked in either direction, but it is recommended to begin the hike by heading east to visit the dam site and the dam itself.

After hiking along the shores of the lake for about 4 miles, head back west to visit the visitors center and the campground.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, Victorville, CA, has a lot of great site destinations to offer to everyone who visits.

With so many great attractions, it’s no wonder why Victorville is one of Southern California’s best-kept secrets.

If you’re looking to find a new destination where you can enjoy the outdoors, relax, and have fun, Victorville should definitely be on your list.

The only way to really experience what Victorville has to offer is to come to the area and see it for yourself.

If you are interested in nature, you’re sure to find something that you love while you’re here.

Don’t forget to bring your family, friends, and even your pets to explore all the fun things Victorville has to offer.

Victorville, CA is a wonderful place for you to visit, so you should definitely take advantage of it!

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