15 Best Things to Do in Redlands, CA

15 Best Things to Do in Redlands, CA

A great place to visit during the winters is Redlands in California. With a dry summer or subtropical climate, almost throughout the year, it makes for a pleasant stay and tourist destination.

The city's mainly known for its rich history and culture, and many historical monuments that it houses.

It is also a very cultural city in the sense that it respects almost all art forms including theater, music, and more.

There are many festivals that are conducted here throughout the year, which mainly focuses on music and theater.

Commemorate the great Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial Shrine

Lincoln Memorial Shrine
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Built in 1932, by the great businessman Robert Watchhorn this beautiful structure was designed by the eminent architect Elmer Grey.

The shrine was originally built as an octagon, is set in limestone. But in 1998, two new wings were added to enhance its beauty.

There are guided tours available all around the building, which you can undertake to get detailed information about the life of the renowned Abraham Lincoln.

The shrine there celebrates the life of Abraham Lincoln, and is very important and active role during the Civil War.

Take a Stroll at Kimberly Crest House and Gardens

Kimberly Crest House and Gardens
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A beautiful huge mansion set in the château-style. This Victorian beauty is a must visit place. It is spread over a sprawling 7000 square feet of area.

This three story Villa was originally built in 1897 for the very wealthy Mrs. Cornelia A. Hill. The design is also set in a typical Victorian theme and were designed by eminent architects Oliver Perry Dennis and Lyman Farwell.

Opulent and rich Italian style gardens surround the exquisite villa. For those looking for a destination wedding. Do make sure to keep this on your list as well.

The house is rented out for private weddings and other occasions. For those who are visiting there are public guided tours available.

Performance at the Redlands Bowl

Redlands Bowl
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Enjoy music performances which are held free for the public, and there is no admission charge. The Redlands Shakespeare Festival is one of the main highlights and occurs in May.

Another special event that is conducted here is the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival, which occurs in June and August.

What makes it special is that it is the oldest continuous Music Festival in USA. As many as 20 programs are held catering to a variety of genres, so make sure that you try to attend this and take your pick.

Sample some beer at the Escape Craft Brewery

Who doesn't like to make merry and have a glass of craft beer every now and then. This exceptional brewery is locally owned and ensures that all its brews are well crafted with the maximum taste.

Spread over a sprawling 5000 square feet campus and five barrels involved in production, it makes the beer here really tasty and well produced. The tasting room is also present where you can sample a variety of different beers.

Some of the different types of beers that you can find are the typical rich English brown beer to a coffee chocolate version, along with some different seasonal beers. There are also some sodas crafted using locally produced fruits, herbs or spices.

On the menu, there are various other signature cocktails and brews made especially here. They are curated by the Brewery themselves so do order it!

Look at glass art at the Historical Glass Museum

A large collection of American made glass art is available at this historical museum. It was founded by the historical glass museum foundation to keep the extinct glass art forms alive.

There are various really authentic and beautiful glass works, which you can look and gaze at. At this museum, they are preserved very well to give you a complete feel about the glass arts.

The museum showcases various art forms by famous and local artists alike.

And the special attraction is the virtual tour of the facility that you can take online as well before visiting to get an idea of what to expect at this beautiful museum.

For those believing in the traditional form of walking and exploring tourist attractions, there is also a guided tour available.

See live animals at the San Bernardino County Museum

San Bernardino County Museum
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One of the major attractions of this museum is the live animal Discovery Center where you can look at actual live animals and observe them and their natural habitat.

It is called exploration station, and there are also beautiful cactus gardens around.

The museum focuses mainly on the local Natural History of Redlands. Built by the San Bernardino County Museum Association in 1952.

It provides an educational insight into the rich and abundant natural animal forms and plant forms that abound in this city. It is also extremely popular among students and adults alike for the various workshops and educational programs that are organized by the Association.

Families looking to educate their kids about conservation and nature foster a special interest in this museum.

Attend a Comedy or Musical performance at the Redlands Footlighters

A women run organization and venue which was made in 1945, this beautiful theater hosts a variety of different performances. From comedy to drama, to classical and even theatrical performances.

There are a wide variety of art forms that you can choose to attend. It was solely established to provide an active platform for budding actors or directors to perform and sharpen their art.

The tickets can be purchased at the theater itself or can be purchased online. It has come a long way since its inception in 1945 and remains one of the most packed theatrical venues in Redlands.

Art lovers throng to the Redlands Art Association (RAA)

The Redlands Art Association (RAA) is an exhibition center built in 1964 to display various different types of art forms.

One of its other main purposes was to create a sales gallery where you can buy affordable and beautiful art pieces. The association itself stands for stands and supports causes like visual arts and creativity.

If you're really interested then it also hosts art classes or educational programs, and even small workshops for children and adults both.

There are a series of lectures by well-known artists from September to May, on every fourth Tuesday, so if you are an art connoisseur, try scheduling your visit accordingly.

Meet cute furry friends at the Redlands Dog Park

Redlands Dog Park
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If you also love dogs, and love playing with them, then this is the place for you. The park is located in the northwest corner of Ford Park and is a great place for some for making some dog friends.

What makes it special is that dog owners are allowed to remove their leashes on the dogs and the dogs can play at their own will.

There are also special provisions for all the different dog breeds available and there is a small dog Park and a large dog park where people can walk the dogs as per their variety.

For those looking for some other forms of outdoor fun, there is also the typical Garden and playgrounds for children.

A tennis court is also available to wield that racket after a long time if you wish to. The park was opened by an NGO: Redlands Unleashed Fidos & Friends (R.U.F.F.) and it continues running through charity and donations since 2011.

Have some water fun and frolic at the Splash Kingdom Waterpark

A waterpark is the perfect way to beat some summer heat. And this one is definitely one of the must visit waterparks. Set in an Egyptian theme it is constructed very beautifully and includes many fun filled water rides.

There is a trampoline park water slides and various other rides alongside the swimming pools where you can splash around and have fun.

It also takes utmost precautions and safety is the first priority with as many as 200 certified lifeguards on campus to help if needed.

The lounging areas are cool and breezy where you ca have a drink or two and some delicious snacks too.

Take a walk at Caroline Park

Caroline Park
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This bountiful Park houses many natural wonders and various green trees over a sprawling 16.8 acres of land.

A major attraction inside is the botanical garden that houses a variety of endemic and native Californian species. This is also a dog-friendly park like the Redlands Dog Park so dog lovers make sure that you book your tickets to Redlands soon.

The Loop Trail is very beautiful, and filled with a variety of tiny and wonderful species in wildflowers.

Alongside them are the creepy crawlies and creatures like the typical garden lizards or others. Picnicking is another fun activity that you can enjoy here at the grassy lawns.

Pack those sandwiches, get some cola or Pepsi and have a peaceful family oriented afternoon.

Have a meal at the Caprice Cafe

This cute little fuzzy Cafe is the perfect spot to dine at after a long tiring day of vacationing and doing touristy stuff. Its eclectic dishes make it one of the hotspots for tourists and locals alike.

It is located near the Historic Downtown Redlands and overlooks the Ed Hales Park. The quaint and modern outdoor seating is also one of its many perks.

The garden makes for a great view as you nibble on your pastas and breads. The bar has a well curated menu with a variety of different beverages, including craft beers, wines, and signature cocktails.

These can be paired up with fresh salads, or seafood, or wood fired pizzas. Also give a try to their pastas cooked in delicious, rich sauces.

Have a fun family night at Open Door Escape Games

Escape rooms are always a fun and awesome way to spend your vacations. It helps build a team spirit along with some beautiful lifetime memories with your family or friends.

The rooms here are quite challenging and there are three different difficulty levels available. Escape rooms is a new and highly famous trend right now.

The concept is that you are locked in a room and you need to escape from it in a limited time span usually an hour. To help you escape there are various clues strewn around which you need to figure out to escape in time.

You can sandwich this awesome and quirky spot between visiting other cultural attractions that you would visit since it is open all day from Wednesdays through Sundays.

Take a sip of handcrafted wines at State Street Winery

Built in 2011, this family owned business serve some of the most tasty and well curated wines, which are handcrafted.

There are a variety of wines to choose from, including red wines, white wines and fruit wines.

The delectable array of wine spread in the tasting room is a treat to those who love their classic wines. Here you can sample some of the finest handcrafted wines produced by this winery.

The wine club is another elite offering and lets you taste the latest and new handcrafted wines. You can also buy bottles at a special price if you are a part of the club.

Enjoy Thai cuisine at MU Restaurant

A delightful mix of France and Thai, the restaurant setup is inspired by the French and the cuisine consists of Thai dishes. It is a hot spot for most Foodies alongside various culinary experts.

The authentic Southeast Asian and Thai cuisine include dishes like grilled marinated chicken satay, Bangkok duck, Bo Luc Lac and others.

Pair it up with some craft beers or signature cocktails for the perfect date night. But make sure that you visit the restaurant from Tuesday on to Sunday only since it remains closed on Mondays.

Redlands is the perfect spot for cooling off in the heat owing to its many gardens and the wonderful water park. It is also a food haven and has many other restaurants too serving delish food and cuisines. Go visit soon!