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20 Best Things to Do in Vero Beach, FL

  • Published 2022/04/24

Vero Beach is the dream destination of almost every beach lover.

It’s one of the prime attractions of Florida’s Indian River County.

A place offering opportunities for recreational activities like fishing, hiking, sunbathing, and plenty of beach fun, the city is a visual treat.

Interested in learning more about what it has to offer?

These are the best things to do in Vero Beach, Florida:

Go Birdwatching at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

Beautiful wooden boardwalk in Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

Sergey and Marina Pyataev /

Not only is Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge a massive hit among tourists and locals, but it also happens to be historically significant.

When you visit Vero Beach, locals will always recommend adding Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge to your itinerary.

It happens to be among the first wildlife refuges to be ever built in the United States, which makes it more iconic.

A lonely white bird resting in Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

Sergey and Marina Pyataev /

The Indian River Lagoon is the home of this charming 5,400-acre refuge that houses a lot of birds.

The ecosystem is marshy, which is highly suitable for the endangered species that stay here.

You can find over 150 bird species and over 700 bird species.

Swamp covered with green plants on both the sides at Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

Sergey and Marina Pyataev /

Have a Picnic in Round Island Beach Park

An old wooden bridge at Round Island Beach Park

Norm Lane /

Round Island Beach Park is quite a charming tourist spot in Vero Beach.

Situated in A1A, it’s quite accessible to tourists and locals.

It is a vast space and comprises two parts: the Oceanside Park and the Riverside Park.

Calm waters in Round Island Beach Park

Norm Lane /

There are plenty of options for grilling, BBQ, and simply setting up a picnic and having a good time.

Visitors can also enjoy kayaking here.

If you venture to Oceanside Park, you’ll see sea turtles while basking on the white sandy beach.

Learn about the Plants at the McKee Botanical Garden

Water Lilly at McKee Botanical Gardens

Norm Lane /

Home to some of Vero Beach’s most beautiful flora and fauna, the McKee Botanical Garden boasts a wide range of plant species.

This botanical garden is truly a slice of heaven for nature lovers.

There are many themes within this garden, and the paths connecting them are paved and well-maintained.

Night view of a pond surrounded by tall trees at McKee Botanical Garden

Phillip Sunkel IV /

You can learn about the various species here.

There are over 10,000 species packed within this garden.

The water lily collection is vast and impressive.

Beautiful arches made with natural twigs in McKee Botanical Garden

Joni Hanebutt /

There is now a children’s garden inside, where kids can nature in the vicinity of nature.

The place is beautifully decorated with various waterfalls and ponds, which adds more to its beauty.

Explore the Vero Beach Museum of Art

Black Statues in the entrance of Vero Beach Museum of Art

Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Vero Beach Museum of Art is for all the art lovers planning to make a trip to Vero Beach.

After all, it is one of the main attractions and receives a lot of crowds every day.

You can expect this much from the city’s main museum.

Its diverse collection consists of almost 880 displays.

Front view of Vero Beach Museum of Art

Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Vero Beach Museum of Art focuses on art from the 20th century.

It represents the works of upcoming national and local artists.

Though it mainly displays comparatively new art pieces, art lovers can find some old and contemporary art pieces.

Spot Turtles along Seagrape Trail

Vero Beach is home to some of the best beaches in Florida.

Since they’re pretty famous, they tend to get extremely crowded.

If you are looking for something more isolated, head over to Seagrape Trail.

It’s one of Vero Beach’s hidden gems and has yet to be discovered by a large number of tourists.

Take advantage of this and enjoy a quiet day at the beach.

The shoreline is rugged here, and you can find a lot of sea turtles nesting around.

Catch a Show at Riverside Theatre

The star of Riverside Park Drive, Riverside Theatre is a must when you visit Vero Beach.

This professional theater is one of the most enjoyable places in the city.

No matter when you visit, you will get to see some unique plays, as there are more than 300 shows that go on every year.

Once a private theater solely built on the money collected by a few locals, it is now one of the jewels of Vero Beach.

Acting classes are also available here.

If you are interested, you can sign up for one of their classes or special lectures.

There is also a restaurant and bar inside the theater.

Learn about the History of the Hallstrom House

Exterior view of the Hallstrom House

SebasTorrente, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Vero Beach has some of the most famous pieces of history.

No matter where you go, you are bound to find some scenic places with some history attached to them.

The same is the case with the Hallstrom House, also known as the Hallstrom Farmstead.

In the late 1800s, Scandanavians who settled down in Vero Beach started a pineapple plantation on this piece of land.

Once you visit this place, you can learn a lot about how they lived their life and what other things they did to earn their livelihood.

The place is now under the Indian River County Historical Society and is filled with many interesting historical photographs and documents.

Make a Trip to the Environmental Learning Center

Vero Beach is filled with family-friendly activities.

This is one of those tourist places where you can visit with your entire family and not be bored for a moment.

Moreover, there is a lot of stuff to learn here, and the tourist attractions are designed in a way that you get to know new things.

Similarly, the Environmental Learning Center provides a lot of options.

Tourists head over to this place and can easily spend three to four hours here.

The inside is well-decorated with different natural ornaments.

The main attractions are the different wildlife species that you can find here.

Did you know that there is even a lagoon inside these 60 acres of land?

You can even go boating here!

Search for Treasure at the McLarty Treasure Museum

 McLarty Treasure Museum

Leonard J. DeFrancisci, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Most of you might know Vero Beach as the land of perfection.

The ocean is beautiful, as is the sparkling sunlight that falls on the beach.

But despite its beauty, the ocean is also has a side that causes a lot of turmoil.

Such an incident occurred with the infamous Spanish fleet back in the 18th century.

Display of old coins at McLarty Treasure Museum

Edward L. Perry IV, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is said that the ship was carrying a lot of valuable gems and stones.

To search for those, people even try to dig up today.

The McLarty Treasure Museum is one of the best places to carry out your investigations.

Sign board of McLarty Treasure Museum

Leonard J. DeFrancisci, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area

The Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area is the epitome of beauty in Vero Beach.

Located in the prime location of the exotic Indian River County, Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area is built on a massive area of almost 400 acres.

There are lagoons and forested land inside that will provide you with many options for adventures.

Shop at the Farmers’ Market Oceanside

Signboard of Farmers' Market Oceanside

GreaterPonce665, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Farmers’ Market Oceanside is not as old as the other tourist spots in Vero Beach.

It is what you call the latest addition to the city’s many feathers, but it has gained immense popularity since its start.

Locals and tourists do their shopping here.

The market is set up every Saturday and is filled with delicious goodies.

Many vendors sell different art and craft pieces.

You can easily buy souvenirs or gifts for your family and friends at an inexpensive rate at this market.

The homemade goods that are sold here are both organic and fresh.

You can bring your pets to the market, too.

Tour the Piper Aircraft Factory

For anyone interested in aircraft and airplanes, the Piper Aircraft factory is a must-visit.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an aircraft enthusiast, a visit here would still be worth your time, as it is one of the most interesting locations in Vero Beach.

The owner dreamed similar dreams to those of Henry Ford.

He wanted to be the creator of these marvelous flying machines, which led to the creation of this huge company.

The company that was once just a vision eventually went on to produce almost 120,000 aircraft.

Different guides will give you a tour of the factory.

It will be a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Check Out Sebastian Inlet State Park

People enjoying the view of the ocean from the pier in Sebastian Inlet State Park

Noah Densmore /

Sebastian Inlet State Park is one of the most scenic places in Vero Beach.

The spot isn’t right in the heart of the city, but a short 6-mile drive will take you there.

It is quite accessible to everyone.

Bird's eye view of Sebastian Inlet State Park

Thomas Barrat /

The fishing game is fantastic here, making it a haven for fishers.

Mackerels are Sebastian Inlet State Park’s specialty.

There is also a museum located inside depicting events of the dinking Spanish fleet.

Birds eyeing on its prey at Sebastian Inlet State Park

Sergey and Marina Pyataev /

Go on a Shopping Spree at Vero Beach Outlets

A bealls outlet in Vero Beach

Ryan_hoel /

When the ocean is inaccessible in Vero Beach, there is only one thing to do: go shopping at the iconic Vero Beach Outlets.

Located on 94th Drive, this shopping center is considered the best in the city and offers the perfect excuse for shopaholics to go on a spree.

The best part about this mall is that it got some of the best deals and discounts if you compare the prices to those anywhere else.

There are a large number of branded and more affordable shops for you to browse through.

Participate in the Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival

Beaches are best paired with the dazzling sun and good wine.

But how about adding some award-winning movies to the mix?

If you want to enjoy a magical combo of these three, plan your visit to Vero Beach in the initial weeks of June.

The Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival is among the city’s most exciting annual events.

The best part is that all the food sold at the festival comes from the most lip-smacking local restaurants.

The movies shown here belong to different genres.

You can find a lot of performances here, too.

The festival usually comes to a close with a huge concert!

Watch a Play at the Vero Beach Theatre Guild

This community theater features local performers whose performances are said to be outstanding.

During the summer, the Vero Beach Theatre Guild presents a summer show.

All seats offer excellent visibility because of the theater’s small size.

Comedy, drama, and musicals are all forms of entertainment here.

To transform a disused church into a performance space, the Guild of Theatre Crafters put in more than 16,000 volunteer hours between 1985 and 2008.

To this day, they continue to provide top-notch theater at a reasonable price.

Join the Vero Beach Theatre Guild’s long-standing loyal audience in the experience of superb local theatre.

Feel the Thrill as You Join Florida Cracker Airboat Rides

Flying above a river of grass, you may experience nature up close with the wind in your hair.

Using talk-around headphones, guests may converse with Captain Lawrence and learn from his decades of expertise aboard an airboat on the St. Johns River.

Soar into the air on a boat propelled by an actual airplane engine, designed by none other than Captain Lawrence himself.

For better visibility, thrilling speeds, and accessibility to less-traveled regions, the boat’s capacity should be kept at or below 11 people.

This is one of the most exciting attractions in Vero Beach you may experience with your friends.

Go Fossil-Hunting with Paleo Discoveries

Discover prehistoric sharks, saber-toothed cats, mastodons, mammoths, tapirs, sloths, horses, and even gigantic armadillos with Paleo Discoveries’ assistance.

Your child will never forget their next birthday party if you have it at this local fossil dig.

Guests can find fossils dating back millions of years once they meet at local locations with the guidance of local experts.

Discover a piece of history that you can literally hold with your very own hands.

These tours are safe, educational, and enjoyable.

Fossil excursions can be taken on foot or by boat.

After the exploration, you may purchase their souvenir items.

See How Chocolates are Made at How Sweet It Is Chocolate Factory

As classic movies play in the background, you can watch chocolate and fudge crafted by hand in this local factory.

There are over 200 varieties of hand-dipped and sugar-free chocolates and 12 variations of butter fudge at this family-owned business.

This old-fashioned chocolate factory-slash-ice-cream shop is a must-see for the whole family.

Try Italian ice cream or one of the 16 different flavors of handcrafted ice cream on the menu.

The Three Stooges collectible plates, sculptures of Louie Armstrong and Bill Clinton, and I Love Lucy collector dolls are just a few of the items you may purchase from various collectors.

A 1938 Packard is parked in the large parking lot.

The Christmas Room, which boasts a full-sized horse-drawn sleigh year-round, is fantastic during the holiday.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, Vero Beach may appear to be your typical Florida beach town.

However, there’s more to this tropical oasis than just the endless sunlight, sugar-white dunes, and crystal-clear waters.

In addition to vitamin sea, you’ll discover a wide range of historical landmarks, high-end boutiques, and cultural attractions in the city.

Spend a few days at Vero Beach or have a quick weekend getaway!

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