15 Best Things to Do in Marco Island

15 Best Things to Do in Marco Island

Belonging to the group that is commonly known as the ‘10,000 Islands,’ Marco Island is the largest.

If you want to get a true taste of Floridan beach life, Marco Island is the best place to check out. The lifestyle is luxurious here along with plenty of water activities. If you want to enjoy true beach life, do visit Marco Island on your next vacation.

These are the top 15 things to do in Marco island-

Spend a day at South Marco Island Beach

South Marco Island Beach
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Did anyone say beaches of Florida? Yes, we hear you! And, we decided to take it upon ourselves to give you the very best of Floridan beaches. Welcome to South Marco Beach!

South Marco Island Beach is probably the best beach in Florida. As you know- when it comes to public beaches- Florida lacks in them.

There are only two of those here on Marco Island. However, South Marco Island Beach is the place where you go if you want to feel the sea.

Go swimming or just sit on the beach and enjoy the waves, watching the dolphins as they leap into the water. Collect some shells!

Take a cruise on the Marco Island Princess

Marco Island Princess is one of the top attractions here in Marco Island. Anyone knows it by name.

Also, the features are so gorgeous that you can recognize it from far as it gorgeously resides on the water.

Starting from the Rose Marina- the Marco Island Princess takes its cruises over the blue seas.

Did you know that the best way to explore the different coastlines of Florida is to take a cruise in the Marco Island Princess? Yes, it is the most luxurious cruise ship you can get your hands on!

If you can manage to get a ticket- don’t miss the experience at any cost for it will not come twice in your life.

Enjoy the Marco Island Seafood and Museum

Marco Island Seafood and Music Festival is one of the most enjoyable festivals here in Marco Island. It usually happens in March. But, we’d suggest you check out the website to know the accurate date.

However, if you are in town at that particular time- do check out the gorgeous Marco Island Seafood and Music Festival.

Do you love sea-food? Well, this festival might seem like heaven to you. A lot of stalls and food-trucks containing endless amounts of different preparations of sea-foods are put up here.

Also, the crowd is lively and chaotic. All these make the Marco Island Seafood and Music Festival more lovable.

Enjoy the Briggs Nature Center

Are you looking for an easy hiking trail along with some eclectic views? Don’t worry for we shall take you to the land of your dreams.

Here in Briggs Nature Center, you can have everything you want!

A trail that is only 3 miles and extremely easy- Briggs Nature Center also has views of the Rookery Bay. But, it is not in the city of Marco Island.

If you drive towards Naples, you can find this wonderful trail. There is an estuary here. Want to go fishing? This offers some of the best fishes in the area. You can even find the rare bald eagles here flying around!

Check out the Marco Island Historical Museum

Are you interested in the history of Marco Island? Come on, let us make our way to the extremely interesting Marco Island Historical Museum.

This museum has everything there is to know about the exotic Marco Islands.

Also, the Marco Island Historical Museum plays a huge role in the development of the city alongside preserving its golden history.

It has a lot of exhibits, but the particular exhibit that draws attention is the exact replica of a Calusa village.

This gives you an idea of how Marco Island initially used to be. So, head over to the museum for an interesting afternoon!

Explore Cape Romano

Dome Homes in Cape Romano
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Hop on for we are going to explore a cool island now! Cape Romano is quite an interesting island that has some weird buildings which will make you think that you are in space. Interested? Well, let us tell you more.

An oil producer built those bizarre buildings after he retired. And, now those are just objects of attraction. Hurricane Wilma hit this spot. And, for this reason, a lot has been destroyed.

Cape Romano used to be much more. But, after it took hits of so many hurricanes- it lost a lot of land to the sea. You can only travel to Cape Romano by a boat now.

Pay a visit to the Marco Island Center for the Arts

Artists are known for making their way to beauties like Marco Island. After all, where can you find such gorgeous water bodies and greeneries to compliment their looks even more?

Well, here in the Marco Island Center for the Arts lies all the art that definitely needs your appreciation. Also, the artists that crowd Marco Island make some of the most amazing pieces. Come on, let’s explore for a bit.

The art pieces resembling the different elegant features of Florida are known for being colorfu, for this very reason, Marco Island Center for the Arts is an extremely colorful place. All the talents of the local artists can be found on display here.

Go paddling at Isles of Capri Paddle Craft Park

Capri Paddle Craft Park is one of the most quirky places to hang out in Marco Island. If you like waters, and gliding against the waters- then Capri Paddle Craft Park might be a good location for you.

The park allows kayaking through the blue water. You can even go paddle-boating. But, do remember that motorboats are strictly prohibited in the Capri Paddle Craft Park.

Did you know that you can even see dolphins playing around here? Yes, there might be small mammals and fishes in these clear waters! Do get on a boat, paddle your way around, and explore the gorgeous area.

Visit the Otter Mound Preserve

Yes, we know that the name Otter Mound Preserve suggests otters. But, you will not actually find out any otters here. There is something that will seem much better than the animals. And, that thing happens to be lush green forests.

Yes, Otter Mound Preserve has greenery everywhere you turn your eyes to. And, the best fact is that there are lots of hiking trails that go through these green forests. You can hike while enjoying some of the best views.

If you are lucky, you might even get to see some cute little animals on your way. But, do take care for some of the trails might not be well-maintained.

Lift your spirits at Marco Island Brewery

You might be tired after all that sightseeing. It is now time to sit back and relax for a bit. Here in Marco Island- there are somethings that might help you chill for a bit. But, to access those, we have to now take you over to the Marco Island Brewery.

Initially, we are going to talk about the beers. The beers are just wild here, and they are also locally brewed. Apart from that- Marco Island Brewery has some of the best menus that goes along perfectly well with those craft beers.

The pizza and the beer combination after a long day of traveling around is extremely great!

Go on a trip to Keewaydin Island

Keewaydin Island
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Want to see some exotic species on a barren island? As we mentioned before- Marco Island is a slice of paradise for all adventure lovers. But, let’s make our way to the exquisite Keewaydin Island to explore a bit more of this wilderness.

Wildlife like bobcats, wild boar, iguanas, and white-tailed deer can be found in plenty here in Keewaydin Island. The Keewaydin Island also acts as the breeding ground of loggerhead turtles.

Did you know that the entire island is pedestrian-friendly? Yes, there are no signs of any kind of automobiles on the entire island.

The eco-system here is wonderful. And, some of the best places here are extremely picturesque. You can pack a picnic and head over to the island to enjoy a blissful day.

Enjoy the waters

Mother and her young children walking along the shore of Marco Island
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Most of the people travel across Florida to get a taste of their beautiful sea life. Be it just enjoying the views of the different shades of blue or just heading out for an adventure in the water- Marco Island is the haven for all types of water activities.

You can go boating or cruising as we mentioned before. Or, you can just enjoy sunbathing in the brilliant cool waters on a warm and sunny day. Is that not enough? Well, we have certain other options too. Go surfing!

Already done that? Well, you can run against the waves too! There are certain wave runners that can be rented along with several other pieces of equipment that will let you sail through the sea waters with the waves splashing against your face.

Whatever you do- make sure that you enjoy your stay here!

Go ghost-hunting

There are a lot of spooky spots all over Marco Island. In such a scenario, the authorities have taken it upon themselves to create a trip that indulges in all of the paranormal spots of Marco Island.

The person in charge of making the trip rock is Martha Horror- an employee of the program called Frightsee-ing Tour organized by Marco Murder and Mayhem. They provide one of the best trips covering all the horror spots of the city. The trip lasts for almost 3 hours.

Did you know that you will even be offered a cocktail at the beginning so that you get in the dangerous adventurous mode?

The trip starts in Olde Marco Inn- a haunted hotel taking you along for a grave journey through 5 different reportedly haunted spots. Exciting, isn’t it?

Visit the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge

Alligator at Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge
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If you are interested in the withering wildlife and the flora and fauna of the earth, then the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge might be of significant interest to you.

Also, the place is quite gorgeous with a lot of wildlife and nature lurking around in the best way possible. Come on, we shall tell you a bit about the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge now.

Home to a lot of endangered wildlife as well as plants- the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge is one of the top spots to check out when you are here in Marco Island.

Lying on the Floridan south-western coast, the refuge is filled with mangrove forests and endangered species like sea turtles and lots of migratory birds.

If you want to hike a bit and see nature at the same time, choose Tamiami Trail. This trail even gets you a glimpse of a bit of the wildlife.

Have a good time at Tigertail Beach

Tigertail Beach in Marco Island
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We get that Floridan beaches can get a bit crowded. If you are not in the mood to handle a lively beach- we shall ask you to spend an afternoon here in Tigertail Beach.

The best part about this beach is its serene ambiance filled with the wild calls of nature.

The landscape is undisturbed here and you might get to see a lot of sea-birds swooping down to catch small fishes.

Want to go kayaking? Tigertail Beach is the one place to go! Also, there are swimming options as the ocean is calm here. There is even a tidal lagoon here that you can check out if you want to explore more.

This brings us to the end of our wonderful trip here on Marco Island. We hope you enjoyed the trip. We shall again come again some other day with another one of the most beautifully planned trips!