15 Best Things to Do in Tarrytown, NY

15 Best Things to Do in Tarrytown, NY

In this blazing October heat, what better for a vacation, then a village located near a river? The beautiful village of Tarrytown is located on the eastern side of the Hudson River. It is very near to prime time city, Manhattan.

The famous poem by Washington Irving, called The Legend of Sleepy Hollow derives its inspiration from this very village and the nearby famous village of Sleepy Hollow.

This beautiful village has all the famous wanted tourist attractions, like wonderful green gardens, alongside the river trails, and various historical and heritage buildings.

Visit the estate of Sunnyside

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What better way to start the tour of Tarrytown then going to the estate of the famous poet who used to live here?

Washington Irving’s work is famous all over the world and continues to captivate generations after generations and this estate is the perfect spot to visit.

Located on the banks of the river, this beautiful vast green estate is also a great piece of architecture.

The estate itself also provides lots of beautiful tidbits of information about his personal life along with insights into how he became one of the most reputed authors of the 19th century.

The house of the “Founding father of literature” in America is a big ode to the literature and writing of the olden times.

Go to Lyndhurst Mansion

Lyndhurst Mansion
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Another huge estate spread over as many as 67 acres is the Lyndhurst mansion, also known as Jay Gould estate.

The most beautiful aspect of this piece of architecture is its vintage and Gothic details, which was very famous during the 1800s.

The house itself is as many as 175 years old. And by God's grace, it still has the astonishing beauty that it had during its prime time.

Its premises, served as the home of as many as three influential families, which earned it a spot on the National Historic Landmarks list.

The most enchanting and depicted details of this Gothic beauty are the narrow hallways, the arched windows, and vaulted and ornamented ceilings. This gives it a spooky and yet very beautiful feel.

There is also a conservatory where various different species and specimen trees are planted.

There are also various artifacts and elegant furniture on display that will leave you gasping with delight.

Explore the Tarrytown Lighthouse

Tarrytown Lighthouse
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The quaint and giant Tarrytown Lighthouse was constructed to help warn locals against the dangerous shoals of fish that used to roam on Hudson River.

This magnificent structure is one of the highlights of Tarrytown. It is also known by various names like Kingsland Point Lighthouse, or the Sleepy Hollow lighthouse.

You're free to go on a tour of the lighthouse on your own and where you can also meet some locals who might even guide you to the best part on the lighthouse for viewing the beautiful sea.

Look on at the far receding shore and river line from this tall structure.

Enjoy some spooky trails at Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow
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Home to the famed Headless Horseman, it is no surprise that Sleepy Hollow is counted among one of the world's most haunted places.

The legendary place and inspiration behind the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the poem by Washington Irving is this sleepy village. It's surprising to know that it is located very near to New York's bustling hustle and charm.

But this old town has all the calm that you will want in a village along with the spooky and frightening thrills.

So all those looking for some thrill and action or to get the adrenaline gushing, try braving taking a walk on the Sleepy Hollow road during night time, but do be careful when you do that.

The village also features prominently in most folklore, and American history. So you're bound to find some very important landmarks here, as well.

Taste some authentic coffee at Coffee Labs Roasters

This quaint little coffee shop is sure to serve you some of the best coffee that you have ever tasted.

It is a very small company and came into existence just 15 years ago. But the coffee has an authentic taste, and is very famous among the locals and visitors alike.

What makes it special is that its main principles are centered on sustainability.

So, all the coffee beans are sourced from various local farms grown by needy villagers.

That's making sure that you get the right quality product and organic produce along with a fair price for both the parties involved.

What also makes this coffee special is that it is roasted every day in a fresh batch. This makes sure you get the perfectly brewed coffee.

Shop for fresh produce at the farmers market at Patriots Park

Located on the border of Sleepy Hollow in Tarrytown is this Patriots Park, which was earlier also called as Brookside Park.

One of the major features of this park is the farmers market, which occurs on every Saturday from June to October. You will get the fresh and healthiest of produce. So make sure that you buy some to take back home.

The park also finds a place it for itself on the United States National Register of Historic Places due to the various monuments and walkways commemorating American history found inside it.

It also features the typical garden along with some kids’ park with cute little playground equipment.

The park remains functional throughout the year, and many times different community events are also held here, so you can partake in them if you are around at that time.

Tour the hamlet of Kykuit

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The majestic home of the Rockefeller family was mainly built under the vision of John D. Rockefeller Jr. It was then converted into Historic House Museum.

With as many as 40 rooms, it is especially famous for the vast array of art collections, including artworks gifted by the governor of New York, and vice president of United States. The tours are guided and conducted by the Historic Hudson Valley.

The word Kykuit is a Dutch word, which means “look out”. The estate is located on the Pocantico Hills, and looks out on the Hudson River, hence the name.

The Hamlet is perfect for some exploration and taking a walk around in the beautiful green gardens.

There are also empty basement passages, which were transformed into a private Art Gallery, and includes works by various notable artists including Warhol and Picasso.

Pray at the Old Dutch church

Old Dutch church
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If you are at Tarrytown, then the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is never going to leave your face. Another prominent feature in this poem was the Old Dutch church similar to this one amazingly described in this poem.

This church is another beautiful architectural piece that you will find in Tarrytown. The tour on the grounds is free and the church is active even today. It hosts Sunday sermons as well.

A special attraction of this church is that during some days in October, there is also a performance of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

So if you are lucky enough to visit Tarrytown during the time of Halloween, then make sure that you visit this church.

Learn about flour making at the Phillipsburg Manor

Phillipsburg Manor
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Located in Sleepy Hollow, the Phillipsburg Manor was home to the one of the wealthiest families, the Philipse family.

The manor is open only from May to November. And the tours are strictly regulated by the Historic Hudson Valley. So make sure that you book them in advance.

Some of the interesting features that you will come to know when you take the tour is how flour was made, and what techniques were used during the ancient times.

It also throws an insight into the hard and ugly lives of enslaved people who worked on this plantation. The Philipse family was also the family which made the Old Dutch Church mentioned above.

Also near to the Phillipsburg manor, is the famous bridge of the poem. Make sure that you do cross the famed Headless Horseman Bridge that was featured in the ballad.

Though not the original covered bridge, which was mentioned, this bridge is located near to the area which was the inspiration behind it.

Take a leisurely walk on the Old Croton aqueduct trail

Old Croton aqueduct trail
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With a long history, this 41 mile underground aqueduct was later preserved for historic and recreational purposes.

Built originally during the mid-19th century, it was used to bring fresh water from the Croton River to the city of New York until 1968.

After this, about 26 miles of this trail was preserved as a reminder of the olden times, along with becoming a recreational spot.

It's a long trail and starts from the New Croton Reservoir and continues right up to the city of New York. Enjoy a beautiful walk as you pass many of the tourist attractions mentioned above like Kykuit and the Rockefellers estate.

Some of the other sightings that you will see as you wade your way across this passage is other important structures like the Ossining Museum.

Have a fun experience at the Puzzle Parlor

Another awesome, funky and memorable experience that you can have with your family is the Puzzle parlor.

It hosts a game room according to your group size, where you can have fun figuring out clues and solving the puzzles as you move forward.

It's a great team building activity, along with having some fun time with your family or friends.

Another pro tip is that if you go with a larger group, then your per head cost will be less. So get all your friends before going.

Moreover, there are a wide variety of themes that you can choose from including vampires, or surgical rooms as per your set of interests.

There are also interesting props on your way as you key through the locks and unlock each new room. It’s a definite recommendation for its sheer queer and fun experience.

Take a ride on the Tappan Zee Bridge

Tappan Zee Bridge
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Situated on the Hudson River is this bridge, officially named Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.

With majestic views on both sides of the bridge, do take a cab ride here. You might even use the bicycle or pedestrian path and enjoy a long walk or biking along its entire length.

The lighting and LED lights on the bridge light up during special days like Christmas or Memorial Day, which makes it a very beautiful sight.

Satisfy your sweet tooth at the Lighthouse ice cream company

A little sweet has never hurt anyone, and the locals here would swear by this ice cream house!

With a variety of delightful and delectable items on its menu this ice cream parlor opened in May of 2011 still continues to rock the taste buds of locals and tourists alike.

There are pastries, sorbet, ice cream, gelato, and espresso available on its menu. The best part is the ice cream is produced fresh every day and made in small batches, thus ensuring maximum freshness.

The ingredients are all sourced from local farms thus further enhancing the taste. If you are visiting Tarrytown with your kids, then make sure that you indulge them with an ice cream at this place.

Have a meal at Goosefeather

Try some exciting new cuisines like Cantonese at this eatery. With fresh and organic produce used to make all the signature dishes from Hong Kong, Cantonese cuisine could not get any better.

Do try out the barbeque and authentic noodles while here. Pair it up with some special cocktails from their menu to end the meal perfectly.

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