15 Best Things to Do in Watertown, NY

15 Best Things to Do in Watertown, NY

Watertown is one of the most prosperous and rich cities in the United States of America and located near New York. As its name suggests, Watertown has a lot of water bodies, especially waterfalls, from the Black River. As the name suggests, many small but very important inventions, like the safety pin, or the five and dime store, are also said to be invented here. Along with this, the air fresheners range of little trees. Owing to the many water bodies, and naturally abundant atmosphere, the climate here is usually humid and continental throughout the year, making it one of the best places to cool off during the summer heat.

Visit the Public Square

Public Square
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Situated right in the heart of the city, is this open air mall, which also finds a place for itself in the National Register of Historic Places, due to the as many as 58 buildings situated on one side.

The square is very beautifully constructed, and is rectangular in shape with buildings lining on its sides, and an oval Park situated in its center. One of the most marvelous architectures of the 20th century is also located here at the buildings include a variety of different things like shops, restaurants, churches, houses, etc.

Hiking at the historic Thompson Park

Thompson Park
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The Thompson Park is one of the most beautiful urban parks located in Watertown. It was designed by the famous architect John Charles Olmstead and had been established in 1899 by John C. Thompson. He then gifted it to the city.
What makes it famous are the various lovely wooded trails, where you can go hiking or trekking.

There is also a monument constructed here, which is dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives. The playground is also very beautiful, and kids love prancing around there. The splash pad is another special feature of this park. It is spread over a very large area of lush green lawns and wooded trees.

Look at animals at the New York State Zoo located at Thompson Park

The zoo located inside the Thompson Park mentioned above is also a great tourist attraction and loved by children and families alike. It may be small in size, but the animal species kept here are really beautiful to look at, and include some native species as well.

The exhibits are placed at long distances and make for a great walking exercise. The best part is the fee is only dollar 10. So it's quite cheap to visit.
Some of the species that you can find here include bears, lions and otters. The tours are well guided and information is provided on each animal that is kept here. Most of them were rescued from the wild and now nurtured here in safe and habitable living conditions.

Enjoy adventurous activities on the Black River

Black River
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Whitewater rafting on the Black River is one of the most joyous and exciting experiences that you should experience on Watertown.  The Black River is one of the many mighty tributaries of the large Lake Ontario and make for a great adventure and watersports activity. Whitewater rafting and kayaking and very popular on many stretches of the river. So you can try these out, especially if visiting in the summer.

Fishing is also another outdoor activity that can be enjoyed here. The river provides a very hospitable environment for various varieties of species like trout, salmon and bass making fishing a very enjoyable activity here. The Black River also obtains its name from the natural tannic acid deposits which are present in the river or so it is believed. This makes for a mysterious backdrop for pictures if you visit so it's a great photography spot as well.

Have some apple cider at the Burrville Cider Mill

If you want to try some authentic cider then the Burrville cider mill is the place you need to go to. Apple lovers swear by this mill and its apple juice, apple butter and more. Apple season at the cider mill is the greatest time to visit. They have fresh, delicious and pressed apple cider, along with apple cider doughnuts that are a rare specialty. These are definitely a must try.

Most of the tourists and visitors who visit say that this is some of the best apple cider that they have ever drunk. You can buy some to take back to your friends or family or enjoy yourselves after returning back as well. There is also honey and pumpkin butter on sale. The staff is really warm and leave you feeling Happy and at ease. This quaint cider mill will thus leave you feeling fuzzy and happy long after you have left.

Buy some fresh produce at the Watertown Farm and Craft Market

One of the hot favorites among locals is this farmers market where you can get fresh and organic produce at cheap super cheap prices. Corn, carrots and other veggies are handpicked by farmers and sold here. To create a quaint and hospitable atmosphere, there is live music played at the venue as well.

Some of the other vendors that set up stall here are those selling baked goods, honey, jams, cookies and cupcakes. So indulge your sweet tooth while at it. Food trucks are also quite popular at this farmers’ market with those selling French fries and more. It is also a hot favorite among families, or people coming with children and kids. Another special attraction of this market is the Crafts that are displayed and on sale, such as yarn animals and word furniture.

Exercise your minds at The Escape Works

Another store with the popular escape rooms theme is the Escape Works. The rooms are all great and very well made. You will have a lot of fun if you visit with a large group of friends or up to three families as you solve clues and try to win against time. The hints are subtle, but quite difficult to understand. So make sure that you put your minds to good use.

A pro tip is if you have experienced escape rooms before and feel that you are an amateur at it, then you can surely go for the pirate trail, which is quite difficult and requires practice. Overall, it's a great and fun experience and a great way to bond with friends and peers or with the family

Plan a trip with the Whitewater Challengers

If you want to make the most of your day on the Black River, and are confused about how to handle all the events, then these people will make sure that you have the best day organized. Really great trips are organized over a day and include all the fun activities that you can do on the river, including rafting, kayaking, and more.

You can also swim next to their boat for a little while. The shorts, swimsuits and all other sporting gear is provided by the company itself. They also take pictures for you as you have fun with your friends and family, which are later provided at reasonable rates. The package also includes your breakfast, lunch and dinner with options for all people including vegetarian and vegan options.

Go to movie at the Black River Drive In Theater

Watching movies is always fun, add to it a drive in theater and you're set for a great movie night. The prices of the tickets are really inexpensive. You will love visiting this place. The restaurants located here are also quite cheap and provide great fast food options to laze with like pizzas and chicken tenders. It's great to relax at the end of a long trip day. The facility is also very well maintained and safety and cleanliness is a high priority. The bathrooms are kept very clean and hygienic. It's thus the perfect place for a night out.

Explore an island with the Clayton Island Tours

Clayton Island Tours
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One of the only tour companies that allow you to actually get down on the island and explore it is Clayton Island tours. They plan really meticulous and fun tours to the T. And there are various options available as per your interests. Some of the options available are the Rock Island tour, the Clayton Island tour and the Boldt Castle tour.

The boats are all glass bottom, and makes for a fun and beautiful experience as you can look at the waters underneath. The guides are all well informed and give you really great bits of information. It is one of the perfect companies to take a tour of islands located on the St. Lawrence River.

Take your kids to the Fun On The Run Arcade

One of the most loved places by kids, this arcade is fun and amazing to go. The game room is small but neatly organized with various different arcade boxes located. There are also dart boards and pool tables for adults and parents who are visiting with their kids. The place is run by college students, and there's a much laid back and cool atmosphere here.

Shop at the Salmon Run Mall

What makes this mall special is that it has a lot of local stores and boutiques along with the typical high end stores. It’s made for some light shopping and to shop for souvenirs to take back. It's also great to get some beauty regimen done since there's a barber shop and eyebrow threading shop as well. You can also get your nails done if you're visiting with girlfriends at Lee nails. There are also food shops located where you can have a quick bite as you shop around. There's also a quaint little theater, where you can watch a movie.

Dine at Maggie's On The River

The perfect mixture of a great and hospitable staff and extremely delicious food is what defines Maggie’s on the River. This place will make for the perfect dinner date and after you have had a long and tiring day. With all the typical American cuisine, such as the cheesesteak, and the burger and fries, what makes the menu special is that they are all prepared by great chefs and the food is phenomenal.

Pair it up with some red wine or a beer and you have a great night ahead. The staff is super cool and warm and takes care of all your needs. The prices also not very high. Some of the must try dishes are the appetizers such as the Philly egg rolls or the chicken parm sandwiches.

Visit the Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library

Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library
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Built in 1904 is this incredible library set in a Grecian theme. Though, primarily a library, the architecture is so beautiful, it gives you a feel of a museum due to its antique style. There is a sprawling garden located all around alongside Roman style statues. The wall murals are very beautiful and intricate set deep and intrinsic into the structure. There is also a large center Rotunda located on the grounds.

Bowling at Pla-Mor lanes

Bowling is one of the most fun sports and this place in Watertown is great for some bowling fun. Bowling is a great sport and cultivates a healthy competitive spirit among friends and family alike. With as many as 16 lanes this center is the perfect playdate and provides a great opportunity to polish upon your skills.
Various locals also host small parties here like birthdays and more. There is also a pro shop a snacks bar where you can buy some food and drinks to go along with your games.

Thus, Watertown is one of the most beautiful and prosperous cities of the United States of America. An eclectic mix of gardens, parks and historical structures are present here. Those with a throbbing heart and bodies running on adrenaline will definitely love this place for all the different sports activities available here. This is especially true if you are a water baby as we saw above. So, get those bags packing to cool off from the sticky and sunny summers at a cool place.