18 Best Things to Do in Surf City, NC

Surf City, NC
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Surf City in North Carolina is one little town, which is a popular spot for a vacation.

This town, to date, remains the commercial hub of the famous Topsail Island.

Surf City is famous for its majestic beaches with pristine waters and attracts a lot of travelers, especially in the summers.

The pristine blue waters of the beaches are calm to the soul.

Apart from the beaches, there are many other places to go and fun things to do in this beautiful town.

From a variety of water sports, amusement parks to shopping centers, Surf City has many offerings!

Some of the best things to do have been listed for you.

Topsail Island

Sunset in Topsail Island
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The beach is definitely one of the best attractions in Surf City for all the water babies!

The beach is extremely comfortable for you to take a long walk, and the water is always warm if you want to take a dip.

This laid-back beach is one of the top choices for travelers who like a serene atmosphere.

It is a quiet beach, where you can relax with your friends and family.

The perfect season for you to visit this beach is from May to September, but you can also visit in the springtime.

You can watch the beautiful sunset and can also go for fun rides.

If you are a fan of art, then this is just the place for you to visit.

This sophisticated art gallery is one of the famous and attractive places in Surf City.

It is filled with wonderful works of art.

It portrays the work of the local artists and includes works of painting, pottery, photography, sculpture, and so much more.

This place must be on your bucket list, where you can enjoy many unique items like seashells or jewelry.

This cozy art gallery is a brilliant intermingling of talent, culture, and sophistication.

Soundside Park

Soundside Park
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The Soundside Park is an amazing place for you to visit in Surf City NC.

This recreational park is family-friendly, with lots of slides, swings, elaborate playgrounds for your kid to enjoy.

This park will also meet your urge to enjoy nature, as this park comes with beautiful views of the natural ground.

Along your stroll through the park's lengthy boardwalk, you might come across wildlife in their natural habitat!

Also, the view of the sunset from this park is simply unbeatable!

There are exclusive travel packages, and you can also plan a stay in one of their beautiful resorts.

If you are interested in water sports, then you should also try out the kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing sections.

Kenneth D.Batts Family Park

Among the parks of Surf City, the Kenneth D.Batts Family Park is another attractive spot.

This extensive park comes with a large playground for your kids with other features like a basketball court, boardwalk, and many more!

While your kids are enjoying it, you can also share a cozy picnic with your family in their serene picnic shelter!

Surf City Ocean Pier

Surf City Pier
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The first-ever ocean pier in Topsail island, the Surf City pier is an excellent fishing spot.

This is a major attraction for all the tourists and offers excellent shopping opportunities to travelers.

The surf city pier offers excellent ocean views, and it is yet another great spot for sunset lovers.

It is definitely worth a visit during the weekends, if you wish to enjoy the lively crowd here.

It comes with the added advantage of amazing restaurants all around it, which provides you a portion of tasty lip-smacking food.

As you enjoy the food, you can hear the ocean waves crashing on the shore!

And it is worth mentioning that this pier is an excellent spot for a photoshoot too!

Tiki Tours

The Tiki tours are a perfect getaway for you if you want to experience the guided tours of this majestic island.

This tour comes in a paddlewheel or a pontoon and gives you the most relaxing experience on the cruise.

It will take you to tour the exclusive wildlife of the sea, including dolphins, pelicans, sea turtles, ospreys, and many other creatures!

This tour will also give you a view of the gorgeous sandbars of this island, and you will also be a spectator to the beautiful barrier islands!

You can choose from their wide range of package options and set sail!

Shipwreck Point Golf

For all the lovers of golf, the Shipwreck point golf is a must-visit.

The best way to spend an hour or two in Surf City is to pay a visit to this mini-golf center.

It has courteous staff to greet you and show you the place around.

The Gathering Church

This Baptist church is an absolute delight to the eyes and is surely worth a visit.

Apart from the warm welcome given at the entrance, its architecture is magnificent.

The atmosphere is so friendly and warm that you will be delighted, and pairing with the somber music, and this church is a treat for travelers.

You can visit this church at any time of the day, but they hold the main service on Sundays, at sharp 10:00 am.

They also hold occasional events from time to time, and if you are lucky, you will surely be able to witness one!

Inis Spa

The Inis Spa is aptly called the spirit of this very beautiful island and is a perfect escape from your hectic day.

You can get an absolutely relaxing treatment at this spa after traveling all day.

They provide generous services and outstanding hospitality.

Their holistic treatments are absolute of top-notch quality and range from Lomi Lomi to facials and body massages.

Their staff is extremely talented and is definitely worth paying a visit.

You can schedule your spa day any day from Monday till Saturday.

The timings of this spa are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

All you need to do is book a schedule and enjoy relaxation!

Surf City Jet Ski Rentals

The Jet ski rentals of Surf City are immensely popular for lovers of outdoor sports and other allied activities.

When you are tired from all the beach vibes, you can easily come to this rental spot and hop on to jet ski!

This rental service is located exactly at the heart of this beautiful Topsail Island and is quite close to all the other tourist spots.

You can easily visit Wrightsville Beach & Wilmington, which is only half an hour's distance from this spot.

If you get lucky, you will also spot some dolphins in the waterway, which come to this water body to play!

Apart from having courteous staff, they also provide some of the best equipment for jet skis in the entire Surf City.

Ecological Marine Adventures

While you are visiting Surf City, why not try out the outdoor activities at Ecological Marine Adventures?

This is a highly popular center for all types of outdoor activities, especially for the kids.

From all types of outdoor games to playful learning scopes, your child will be able to experience them all in EMA.

This amazing center provides the learning experiences hands-on, and all the instructors are extremely friendly to work with!

Bumblebee Market

A trip can never be complete without shopping, isn't it?

The Bumblebee market is just the spot for that!

From all types of gifts to souvenirs, there is something for everyone!

This shop holds a huge collection of bags, jewelry, books, soaps, candles, and so many more eye-catching items.

For kids also, you will find a lot of gift items, like chocolates, toys, and cute stuffed animals!

Listed at rank 4 at Tripadvisor, the Bumblebee market remains open from 9 in the morning till 8 in the evening.

This shop is a must-visit for all the shopaholics, and this charming little boutique will not fail you!

You will surely be glad that you paid a visit to this cozy shop.

Mia's Marketplace

For all the shopaholics, Mia's marketplace is another heaven that provides lots of options for you to shop from.

Here you will get to suffice all your food cravings because Mia's marketplace brings you all the tasty snacks and pastries!

This charming boutique holds the second rank among all the shopping places of Surf City in Tripadvisor, and the reasons could not be clearer.

From delicious saltwater taffy to lip-smacking salsas, sauces, and dips, you will find everything to satisfy your taste buds!

This boutique also has a good collection of resort wear, decoration items for your home and office, and jewelry too!

Isn't this shop a must-visit?

Other Things to Do Nearby

Patio Playground

Patio playground is yet another amusement park, which is absolutely fun for all ages!

It has the only facility for Putt-Putt golf in the entire Surf City and is extremely family-friendly.

This playground comes with lots of other treats for you to enjoy.

These treats include bike rentals, ice cream parlors, family arcades for all the members of the family, and even DJ sessions!

You can have all the fun while dancing to the tunes of the DJ and might take part in the hula hoop contest as well!

The DJ here plays all your favorite tunes, from the 80s to the oldies.

They also take request songs on request nights!

Missiles and More Museum

Are you a lover of history?

Then the perfect stop for you will be the famous The Missiles and More Museum.

It will offer you a detailed history of all the military and naval activities that took place in Topsail Island.

This museum exhibits the operation bumblebee, tells you about the contribution of the women air force, and will also retell the stories of the infamous pirate attacks.

This beautiful museum sports several displays, including a number of pictures, local arts, movies, and short films.

These are exclusively made available to history lovers for viewing.

Take out 1 or 2 hours from your trip schedule, and you are all ready to set foot on historical adventures!

This art gallery is considered to be home to the top-notch quality of art and is a must-visit for art lovers.

This gallery is home to the works of art by the owner, Sherry Thurston, herself.

This art gallery is a perfect inspiration for the local residents and is an attractive tourist spot.

It is most often visited by students and art enthusiasts.

All you need is an hour or two, and you can be a witness to the grandeur of this gallery.

Of recent, this art gallery had a grand opening, and it will be worth spending your time here.

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