15 Best Things to Do in Brevard, NC

Brevard, NC
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Brevard is famous for more than a single attraction.

It is known as North Carolina's Land of Waterfalls and is also one of the best biking destinations in all of the United States.

Situated at the entrance of Pisgah Natural Forest, Brevard has already earned its name as a notable tourist destination.

Brevard is also a place of choice for retirement.

The city's bustling culture, pleasant weather, and scenic beauty have contributed to its popularity.

With a population of around 8000 citizens and 5.12 square miles of area, Brevard is the perfect place to visit if you are looking to pause your fast-paced, busy life.

Already thinking about visiting Brevard NC?

You'll be amazed at the number of things you can do and experience there.

From the numerous waterfalls to the serene Pisgah natural Forest, it'll be a trip to remember.

To ease your work, we have compiled the places we think nobody should miss when visiting Brevard.

Let's see what are the things to do in Brevard.

Pisgah Natural Forest

Pisgah natural Forest
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Nothing could be better than Pisgah Natural Forest to kick off your tour of Brevard.

This huge 500,000 acres of pristine forest is a worldwide attraction.

The natural forest used to be the property of George W.Vanderbilt.

Many consider the place to be the birthplace of modern forestry in the United States.

Pisgah also boasts the highest mountain peaks to the east of Mississippi.

Pisgah natural forest has two of the first designated forest areas of the Eastern United States, the Shining Rock, and Linville Gorge.

The entire forest is grouped into three ranger districts.

On either side of the Blue Ridge Parkway, south of Asheville lies the Pisgah Ranger District.

Northwest of Asheville along the North Carolina/Tennessee state line and northeast of Asheville including Mount Mitchell comprises the Appalachian Ranger District.

Further Northern and Eastern areas, like Linville Gorge, are part of the Grandfather Ranger District.

You can go on hikes through the trails of Pisgah Natural Forest.

Along the way, you will see majestic waterfalls and hike up the tallest peaks to the east of Mississippi.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of the most scenic driveways in the United States.

For picnic lovers, the natural forest is dotted with picnic shelters.

Mountain bikers will have a great time here, as the forest has several biking trails which offer stunning access to the depths of the forest.

Nobody should miss Pisgah natural forest at any cost.

There are so many things to do there that you may not want to return when you are supposed to.

Keeping that in mind, it might be wise to either have a thorough plan or have some extra time when you visit.

The forest will rejuvenate your spirits, and you will want to keep coming back for more.

Art Loeb Trail

Art Loeb Trail
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The Art Loeb Trail is situated inside the Pisgah Natural Forest and deserves a special mention.

It is a 30.1 miles long trail with terminal points at Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp in the North and Davidson River Campground in the South.

In this trail, you will find some of the most breathtaking views of the high Appalachian Balds.

Some of the highest peaks in the trail are Black Balsam Knob (6,214 ft), Tennent Mountain (6040 ft), and Pilot Mountain (5095 ft).

The base of the famous Cold Mountain also touches the trail.

It is one of the most popular hiking trails in America and is on the bucket list of most hikers.

Drink craft beer

Brevard is famous for its breweries.

People flock to them after returning tired from the hikes and camps in Pisgah natural forest.

Locals and tourists alike are fans of the famed Brevard breweries.

Craft beer is their specialty, and you should not miss it if you love beers or alcohol.

The Brevard Brewing Company is one such brewery that has mastered the art of distilling lager beers.

They offer seasonal beers along with regular ones.

Oskar Blues Brewery is another very popular brewery in Brevard.

The brewery also organizes bike events like the Fletcher Flyer, the White Squirrel Cycling Classic, and the Looking Glass Tour.

Located right at the entrance of Pisgah natural forest, the Ecusta Brewing Company is a tourists' favorite.

They also have a taproom which is ideal for getting some rest after finishing your hike or biking trail.

Connestee Falls

Connestee Falls
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Transylvania County purchased the Connestee Falls in 2008 and since then, it is open to the public all days of a week.

Connestee Falls is an 85-foot waterfall from where you can see the famous 'Silver Slip'.

The Silver Slip is where Batson Creek Falls meets Connestee across a ravine.

Apart from the stunning waterfall, the place also has beautiful lakes and a championship golf course.

Enjoy yourself at the grand clubhouse, hiking trails, pickleball, pool, tennis courts, and to reenergize you, wellness center.

Connestee falls has also grown to be a popular residential area for people who want to settle in a peaceful, picturesque place.

It will be worth your time to visit Connestee falls.

Slick Rock Falls

Slick Rock Falls
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This waterfall gets its name from the Slick Rock Creek, over which it falls.

It is not a perennial waterfall, and flow may reduce to trickles depending on the availability of water.

It is located in a beautiful wooden terrain, and is a great place to relax and wind down.

The waterfall is 35 feet long, and can be accessed easily from the Pisgah national forest parking lot.

Crystal Mountain Gem Mines

If the thought of mining your gems excites you, you should not miss the experience of visiting Crystal Mountain Gem Mines.

They have brought the experience of going through dirt and soil to uncover your own gems at the heart of Brevard.

You get to keep all the gems you uncover.

It is particularly popular among children, but adults also love this fun and educational activity.

You will find sapphires, emerald, ruby, and even more when you go mining in Crystal Mountain Gem Mines.

The place is open all seven days of the week, from 10 am to 6 pm.

The Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas

A visit to the Veterans History Museum is a great opportunity to educate yourself about the people who gave great service for the country and learn about some historic moments of America.

What you will here includes unique artifacts, uniforms of service branches, photos from overseas and the home front, and more things related to the country's military history.

Famous curator Emmett Casciato looks after the museum.

There are artifacts from the first and second world war, Korean War, Vietnam War, Afghanistan and Gulf Wars, and some more special items.

It is an amazing educational experience for everyone, and a visit to the place might spark your child's curiosity about the country's history and glories.

Silvermont Park

The Silvermont Park is an 8-acre, downtown county park.

It is attached to the famous Silvermont Mansion, which is a 33-room Colonial Revival mansion constructed in the early 1900s.

You can access the museum at the second floor of the mansion.

The museum will educate you about the era of the original Silvermont mansion family, the Silversteens.

Public tennis courts, a basketball court and a new playground along with beautiful gardens and winding trails is what attracts tourists to this place.

There are two gardens- a woodland garden and a learning garden.

The former has many native plants and trees, and the latter is full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

An ornamental conifer garden and a rain garden can also be experienced by visitors.

Log Hollow Waterfalls

Log Hollow Waterfalls
Wncoutdoors, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Log Hollow Waterfall is 4.0 kilometer long back trail which is moderately trafficked out.

Hikers and tourists prefer visiting the place within May and September every year because hikes during other times can get a little difficult.

But that should not deter you in any way, because the rewards are well worth the meager hardships.

You can see 4 waterfalls if you go through the trail.

Two of them, Log Hollow and Logging Road Falls, can be reached easily, and are kid friendly.

Discovery and Upper Log Hollow Falls are slightly difficult to reach as the hiking trail is not as easy.

But you can still easily get there and enjoy the calm and beauty.

Log Hollow Waterfalls is perfect for seasoned hikers and campers.

Beginners should also visit the place to get a taste of it and maybe come back later with more preparation.

Pounding Mill Overlook

Do you love the sight of a beautiful sunrise?

Something about sunrises hits the depth of our souls, and what can be better than experiencing this in your visit to Brevard.

Within just 1 hour south of Asheville, you will reach a spot known as Pounding Mill Overlook.

It is one of the best overlooks in all Blue Ridge Parkway.

You can see the pristine greenery of the Pisgah National Forest, and also catch a glimpse of the iconic Looking Glass Rock.

Before you visit, make sure you check the weather reports.

Get there just in time to witness the majestic sunrise, and we guarantee you won't regret waking up before the sun.

Buckhorn Gap Trail

Seeing two 100-foot tall waterfalls at the same time is not a common sight.

You can witness this amazing phenomenon while you are in Brevard.

The Buckhorn Gap Trail in Pigsah National Forest will get you to the viewpoint from where the twin waterfalls can be seen.

You have to start your hike from the Avery Creek Trailhead, and from there you have two trails to choose from.

One is a 4.5 miles hike, and the other is 6.5 miles.

Pisgah Forest Stables even offer guided horseback rides to Twin Falls for anyone aged 12 and above.

Whistlestop Market

For some organic North Carolina grown fresh produce, consider paying a visit to the Whistletop Market.

They have introduced new gourmet items, wines from around the world and unique items made by local artisans, which you will not get anywhere else.

The motto of this gourmet shop is 'Eating with Integrity', and all their products are selected with this vision in mind.

All their products are available seasonally, which means everything you see here is fresh from the farms.

Like many breweries in Brevard, they also brew their own craft beer.

Founded in 2015 by a former dental hygienist and a former chef, this market gives you the best of North Carolina products.

Doesn't matter whether you love shopping or not, a visit to this place will complete your tour of Brevard.

South Broad Park

The South Broad Park is a beautiful park located at Broad Street, Brevard.

It is a restful spot in the middle of the city.

You can enjoy some quiet time there after shopping and eating in the various locations of the city.

To see an amazing range of flowers, visit the park during Spring.

Transylvania Heritage Museum

Located at 189 West Main Street in Brevard NC, the Transylvania Heritage Museum is a non-profit museum established in 2007.

It is open for the public from March to mid-December.

You can visit it from Wednesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Thomas D.England founded the old house that houses the museum today.

You can get a guided walking tour across the museum, and have access to many educational resources.

You must visit this place if you want to know about the history and people of North Carolina.

Allison-Deaver House

Allison-Deaver House
Warren LeMay from Cincinnati, OH, United States, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Allison-Deaver house is on the National Register of Historic Places list.

This house gives you the vibe of old-time Transylvania, and is a great place to discover local history.

Benjamin Alison made the house in 1815, and for a long time, it was the oldest standing frame house in the area.

As of now, the building serves as a House Restoration Museum.

While you are here, experience an excursion through the house and its new furnishings that incorporate coastal architectural touches.

The open grounds and newly opened Gash walking trail add a special charm to the place, which draws many tourists every year.

It has been a part of North Carolina Civil War Trails program since 2008.

Visiting the place is an opportunity to delve into the history and present of Brevard.

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