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15 Best Things to Do in Sugar Mountain, NC

  • Published 2021/11/27

Are you planning for a trip, a weekend getaway, or a weeklong vacation?

North Carolina’s Sugar Mountain doesn’t run out of attractions to explore and activities to experience.

Nestled on top of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains is the iconic and whimsical village of Sugar Mountain, a prime winter destination around the area.

Home to one of the top winter destinations in North Carolina, you can take pleasure in the various events and activities that Sugar Mountain has to offer.

Choose between historical attractions, interesting natural wonders, some bold outdoor, or have a little bit of everything on your escapade to Sugar Mountain.

Sugar Mountain has a plethora of activities to do even when winter is over, so the fun goes all year long.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Sugar Mountain, North Carolina:

Try Skiing & Snowboarding at Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

View of Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

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Your vacation in North Carolina isn’t complete without grabbing the opportunity to try skiing down the snowy mountains of Sugar Mountain.

The Sugar Mountain Ski Resort has 125 acres of regions available for you to freely ski around.

To arrive at the resort, you have to take the chairlifts throughout the mountain.

View of Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

J K Laws /

You can opt to bring your own skiing equipment, but if you chose to leave it at home, there are available sets of ski equipment for rent in the rental department.

Your vacation at Sugar Mountain is the perfect time to hit the slopes and have the best time of your life when you try skiing and snowboarding in Sugar Mountain Ski Resort.

View of Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

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Play Golf in Sugar Mountain Public Golf Course

Sprawling on 64-acre greenery lies the Sugar Mountain Public Golf Course.

Though the short 18-hole course gives enough challenge for experienced golfers, this place is accommodating for beginners.

Hailed as the second-best short course in the United States, the Sugar Mountain Public Golf Course is one of the best-hidden gems tucked in the mountains of North Carolina.

Sugar Mountain Public Golf Course is regarded as one of the region’s most attractive courses with beautiful scenery and landscape.

The Golf Couse has a breathtaking view of the mountains, native flora, and babbling brooks.

You can also unwind on the spacious outdoor deck and dig in with the delicious snacks and refreshing beverages from Caddyshack Cafe.

Enjoy the Scenic Views on the Lift Rides at Sugar Mountain Resort

Want to enjoy a panoramic view at the top while doing nothing?

Try the lift rides available at the Sugar Mountain Resort.

The Summit Express chairlift can transport you from Sugar Mountain’s base to its pinnacle.

You can hop off the lift when you reach the top and appreciate the views up the mountains.

On your way back to the base, catch a sight of the adjacent villages surrounding Sugar Mountain, or you can choose to stroll the trails down while enjoying a sight of nature.

Have a good time, a fun ride, and a spectacular view of some of the most beautiful scenery in Sugar Mountain.

You don’t have to do anything to get to the top. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Stop and Shop at Mast General Store

Experience a blast from the past when you stop by the Mast General Store in Sugar Mountain.

Established in 1883, the Mast General store is one of the fascinating destinations visitors should visit.

Enjoy the historical and classic facade of the building while shopping for your necessities when having a vacation on Sugar Mountain.

This store has a wide variety of products to choose from, like groceries, toys, clothes, and many more.

Shopping has never been this fun because you can also listen to some tunes from the live performances in the store.

Drive Around Blue Ridge Parkway

If you love gazing at scenic views along the way, try taking a trip on Blue Ridge Parkway!

The 23-mile parkway is one of the marvelous routes to take on your way to Sugar Mountain.

It presents overlooking spots where you can stop by and take pictures or simply adore the panoramic views it offers.

You can even find some hiking trails all the way through your road trip, where you can also stroll around.

Travel around the community of Sugar Mountain and explore restaurants and shops along the way.

You should plan your road trip ahead of time so you can savor every bit of time, enjoying the sights on your drive along Blue Ridge Parkway.

So gas up, put your seatbelts on, and just drive!

Mountain Biking at Sugar Mountain Bike Park

If you are a biking enthusiast, then it is now your time to celebrate.

This new destination adds a little spice to the wild world of Sugar Mountain.

The Sugar Mountain Bike Park is the latest addition to the activities in Sugar Mountain dedicated to cyclists, mountain bikers, speed bikers, or any kinds of bikers in the area.

Sugar Mountain Bike Park is made for advanced runs, downward slopes, and it also has a beginner-friendly path all throughout the region.

This is a must-see place for bike enthusiasts who want to traverse the mountains.

Have a Picnic at J. Douglas Williams Park

This tranquil 14-acre forested park is located in the village of Sugar Mountain.

Residents and visitors can have a picnic, hike, and enjoy nature in the park free from commercial establishments.

The park provides recreational and educational activities, as well as environmental and scenic protection for forests and wildlife in the area.

The type of forest in J. Douglas Williams Park is a rare kind and localized.

J. Douglas Williams Park also has a nature trail which consists of a gravel path that circles around the picnic area.

Take yourself on a half-mile hike that begins past the pavilion, passes the stream, winds down to a hardwood forest, and then ends at the park entrance road.

Two additional short trails are also available, which will take you down to the opposite side of the park road.

You can find benches along the trail for resting and relaxation.

Ride a Cart at Wilderness Run Alpine Coaster

Located at the base of Sugar Mountain, you can find the first-ever Alpine coaster in North Carolina.

The Alpine Coaster is a cross between a roller coaster and a toboggan sled run.

You don’t need experience just to try this thrill-seeking ride! Each cart has hand brakes, so you have control over your speed.

The ride begins at the top of Sugar Mountain, where you can catch an exquisite view before descending and going in between the woods.

The carts are available for two persons, but you can also ride solo if you don’t have a companion.

Enjoy a Hot Cup of Coffee in Mountain Grounds Coffee & Tea

After a long, fun day playing in the snow, soothe your tired muscles and enjoy a warm cup of beverage from Mountain Grounds Coffee and Co.

Mountain Grounds Coffee and Co. makes sure that you have a lot of delightful and cozy options to choose from.

Every cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate that comes from the coffee shop is made with community love.

This shop sources its ingredients from local farmers, and the beans are ensured to be ethically sourced and locally-roasted coffee.

Their hot cocoa will definitely warm up your heart!

Other Things to Do Nearby

When you’re done checking out these destinations from Sugar Mountain, you should try to visit these nearby attractions as well!

Hike at Grandfather Mountain State Park

A Bridge in Grandfather Mountain State Park

Chansak Joe /

After a 20-minute drive away from Sugar Mountain, you can find the popular neighbor and the ultimate destination for hiking any hikers should try to explore.

Grandfather Mountain State Park is a habitat for 70 rare species.

Aside from being one of the most beautiful places in North Carolina, it is also designated by the United States as a nature Biosphere Reserve of international significance.

View of a Sign at Grandfather Mountain State Park

Kristi Blokhin /

The rock formations in Grandfather Mountain can be considered historical, as they could be dated back to 1.2 billion years ago.

If you’re planning to visit Sugar Mountain, you should add Grandfather Mountain State Park to your itinerary.

View of Grandfather Mountain State Park

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Make a Splash in Wildcat Lake

Wildcat Lake is rather a simple but wonderful spot for families perfect for relaxation and enjoyment.

It is a popular attraction in Banner Elk, especially during the summer months.

The 13-acre lake is a famous summer getaway located just a few miles away from Sugar Mountains.

It features publicly accessible utilities, such as white sandy beaches, a fishing dock, and a swimming pier that will entice you to go for a swim and soak in the cool waters.

You can do activities such as swimming, sunbathing, boating, and fishing at Wildcat Lake.

Many individuals have observed that Wildcat Lake is similar to an old-fashioned water park that draws thousands of visitors each summer.

Play Tennis at Sugar Mountain Tennis Club

A Sign at Sugar Mountain Tennis Club

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Ranking among the best in North Carolina, the public courts at Sugar Mountain Tennis Club are made to be outstanding.

Six Har-Tru clay courts are beautifully kept, which are quite popular among players.

Just like the Golf Course located next door, the courts are open to everyone, whether you are a professional or just a novice practicing to hit some tennis balls.

A scenic mountainous view and cool summer temperature await you in Sugar Mountain Tennis Club.

Feed Animals at Apple Hill’s Alpaca Farm

The Apple Hill Alpaca Farm is located 8 miles away from the main entrance of Sugar Mountain.

You can join an informative tour of this alpaca farm and store situated on a mountainside near Sugar Mountain.

Grab the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with the animals on the farm, especially the alpacas and llamas.

This entertaining and informative tour lasts for about 45 minutes, where you can do a little patting, and you can also give a little treat to the cute and friendly animals.

Finish your trip by visiting the farm stores that sell alpaca yarn, hats, gloves, and many more.

And for your information, Apple Hill Alpaca Farm doesn’t have apples.

Try the Ziplines at Hawksnest Zipline

Looking for a thrilling adventure? Hawksnest Zipline got it all for you.

Hawksnest Ziplines boasts four mega zips, two zip lines that are over 2,000 feet long, and two zip lines that are over 1,500 feet long.

The ziplines are strategically placed over the trees and over the lakes, where you can spot scenic and panoramic views with each ride.

You can also choose to relax on the observation deck at the mountaintop lodge after riding the ziplines.

This place is an ideal location for thrill-seekers or first-timers on ziplining.

Mine Jewels at Sugar Creek Mining Company

Sugar Mountain has an ancient legacy of mining.

Long ago, miners have discovered gems and jewels tucked in the hidden coves of Sugar Mountain filled with treasures.

The Sugar Creek Mining Company is dedicated to compiling historical items to give visitors a worthwhile museum experience.

Here you can observe how experts have crafted fragile and elegant jewelry items from gems that were uncovered in and out of the mountains.

A perfect souvenir from your Sugar Mountain adventure is your own mined gemstone.

Gem cutters can polish your rough gemstones and carve them to your own liking; you can even set them as a piece of your favorite jewelry.

Bring your family or go alone and have a fun and educational activity in Sugar Creek Mining Company.

Final Thoughts

Even if Sugar Mountain is regarded as a prime winter destination in North Carolina, it still has plenty of activities available for any season.

On Sugar Mountain, there’s no doubt that your days will be filled with adventurous explorations, thrilling and exciting outdoor activities, and a peaceful and relaxing stay.

Planning a vacation to North Carolina’s Sugar Mountain is definitely a rewarding experience all year round.

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Things to Do in Sugar Mountain, NC

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