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15 Best Things to Do in Strafford County, NH

  • Published 2022/12/15

Journey to the must-visit scenic destinations and historical sites that Strafford County has to offer!

Nestled in the eastern portion of New Hampshire, Strafford County is one of the only five primary counties founded in the state in 1769.

This county also houses one of the first places that catered to settlers in the state.

Here, you’ll see fascinating attractions and exciting destinations you can explore

Whether you are a history buff, an art lover, or an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll definitely find something fun to do in Strafford County.

Bring along all of your loved ones as you go on an adventure to see the fun destinations the county has to offer!

You can start by checking out these 15 best things to do in Strafford County, New Hampshire:

Check Out Artifacts Related to Science, Arts, and History at Woodman Museum

Exterior view of Woodman Museum

Wangkun Jia /

Witness how arts, science, and history come together through the artifacts at Woodman Museum.

Based on Central Avenue in Dover, Woodman Museum provides its guests the opportunity to widen their knowledge of natural sciences, the arts, and history.

Set your sights on massive collections of artifacts that date back to the colonial period to discover more about the region’s history!

View of Woodman Institute

Wangkun Jia /

This museum also features a fossil, mineral, and shell gallery that will let you learn more about nature and different historic creatures that once walked the Earth.

There are also animal specimens, furniture, and artworks that you can look at when roaming around this museum.

Whether you love learning more about the past, art, or scientific topics, this is the place to be!

Foster Curiosity in Your Kids at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire

Let your children discover new things through fun and engaging exhibits and activities at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire.

Located along Washington Street in Dover, the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire offers both kids and parents exciting educational activities.

Here, your kids will experience learning more about nature, world cultures, and many more through stimulating hands-on exhibits.

They will also have the chance to unleash their creativity through interactive exhibits, like the Messy Play section!

Roam around this museum with your children and let them play at the different themed displays, like the Build It, Fly It exhibit that focuses on aerodynamics.

You can also motivate them to be more curious about scientific concepts by checking out the STEAM area of the museum.

Enjoy a fun-filled educational experience when you visit this museum with your children!

Gaze at All the Enchanting Flowers at Coppal House Farm

Stroll around a stunning landscape filled with beautiful flowers and friendly farm animals when you visit Coppal House Farm.

Coppal House Farm is a grain and livestock farm located along North River Road in Lee.

Here, you can roam around the farm premises and see all the beautiful sunflowers planted around the area.

Ready your cameras because you’ll definitely want to take a lot of photos with the captivating landscape here.

This farm also features a corn maze you can explore and get lost in.

The shape of the corn maze changes annually, making it a fun and unique activity to come back to every year.

Make sure to stop by their shop before you go home to score fresh eggs, meat, and even sunflower oil!

Explore Nature with the Whole Family at the Winnie the Pooh Trail

Lace up your hiking shoes and bring your kids along as you see the beauty of nature while exploring the Winnie the Pooh Trail!

The Winnie the Pooh Trail is accessible through Franklin Pierce Highway in Barrington.

If you want to spend the day exploring the beautiful natural areas of the town while still letting your kid enjoy, this is a unique destination you can go to.

This trail is called Winnie the Pooh because signs all over the path that point to sections of the area where characters from the beloved Winnie the Pooh stories supposedly live!

You’ll be able to explore Pooh’s Cave and see Owl’s Tree with your kids and maybe even act out their favorite scenes from the story.

If you explore deeper, you’ll even find Christopher Robin’s home as well as Eeyore’s little house!

Marvel at the Striking Architecture of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church

Street view of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church

AlexiusHoratius, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Feast your eyes on the extraordinary and enchanting architecture of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church.

St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church is based on Hale Street in Dover and stands out in the neighborhood because of its castle-like structure.

This church was designed by Henry Vaughan and is considered to be a significant example of his talent as an architect.

With a combination of the English Perpendicular and Gothic Revival styles, the architecture of this church is incredibly unique and beautiful.

When you see this church, you’ll be instantly transported to another place because of its majestic facade.

It’s no surprise that this church made it to the list of National Historic Landmarks because of its beauty!

If you’re an architecture buff, this destination is a must-visit.

View Stunning Artworks at the University of Hampshire Museum of Art

Deepen your appreciation for great artworks and exceptional artists when you see the captivating works on display at the University of Hampshire Museum of Art.

University of Hampshire Museum of Art is located on Academic Way in Durham.

Here, you can take a gander at stunning artworks made by highly skilled and talented artists.

If you want to see extraordinary sculptures, unique photographs, and intriguing paintings, you’ll find them all here!

Roam around this museum and check out all the beautiful works of art with your friends or family.

If you visit at the right time, you might even be able to catch an event and deepen your knowledge about the art styles of different artists.

Relax by the Waters at Milton Town Beach

Get a break from your everyday routine in the concrete jungle by unwinding at Milton Town Beach!

Nestled along White Mountain Highway in Milton, Milton Town Beach is a scenic destination that is perfect if you’re looking to relax while basking in the rays of the sun.

This beach is extremely taken care of, so you can feel confident lying in the sand and not worrying about waste or trash.

There are also numerous picnic areas where you can dine on a meal with your loved ones and an awesome playground where your kids can play.

If you want to keep active, there’s also a sandy area where you can play volleyball!

Let go of your stresses and recharge as you dip in the refreshing waters or sunbathe by the sand at this beach.

Bond with Your Furry Best Friend at Friendly Pets Dog Park

Create new memories with your beloved pups during your visit to the area by heading to Friendly Pets Dog Park!

Friendly Pets Dog Park is a vast open area dedicated to man’s best friend and is located along Concord Road in Lee.

Here, you can play and run around with your dogs in their 30,000 square feet area!

This park also features a smaller fenced area for smaller dogs, so you don’t have to worry about your little pup being anxious around larger dogs.

Let your furry best friend socialize with other dogs as you meet new fur parents.

You’ll surely have a fun and memorable time playing with your furry buddy when you visit this destination!

Catch a Sensational Performance at the Rochester Opera House

Outside view of Rochester Opera House

Rklawton, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Be amazed by all the outstanding performers as you witness an electrifying show at the Rochester Opera House!

Rochester Opera House is a theater on Wakefield Street in Rochester that has been entertaining the community for more than a century.

Whether you want to watch a concert, a musical, or a play, this is the place to be in the city.

Watch actors and actresses put on incredibly stellar performances as they bring some of your favorite stories to life on stage!

Although this theater is smaller compared to others, you’ll still enjoy watching the shows here.

You might even have a better experience since its size will allow you to have a more intimate viewing experience.

Get some memorable entertainment and visit this destination!

Be Intrigued by Contemporary Artworks at the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts

If you like seeing extraordinary works of art and finding meaning within them, you must visit the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts!

Based on Wakefield Street in Rochester, the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts features a large collection of artworks made by different renowned artists in the industry.

All the works on display here reflect a wide range of creative expressions that will pique your interest and maybe even intrigue you!

Set your sights on colorful paintings filled with vibrant hues in a seemingly random pattern.

You can also check out the museum’s Pixel Room, an area where you can take a gander at various digital works on an LED display.

There are also extraordinary statues and original sketches from iconic television shows on display at this museum.

Stroll around the Scenic Hilton Park

Let the fresh breeze and the stunning view of the waters at Hilton Park greet you as you visit and stroll around the area.

Nestled along Dover Point Road in Dover, Hilton Park is a historic destination that provides its visitors with many opportunities for water recreation activities.

You can launch a boat and paddle through the waters, go fishing, or maybe even have a picnic at this park!

Despite offering many activities, many locals frequent this park to find a moment of peace and enjoy the absolutely beautiful and pristine view of the sky and waters here.

Stroll around the grassy areas as you take in the captivating sight of the boats gliding slowly through the lake.

You can even wait for the sun to set at this park to make the view even more beautiful.

Set Your Sights on Celestial Bodies at UNH Observatory

Get a better view of the mystical beauty of the stars and the planets when you visit UNH Observatory.

UNH Observatory is a facility on Spinney Lane in Durham that houses high-technology telescopes you can use to view celestial bodies near the planet.

If you are interested in all things related to astronomy, this destination is a must-visit!

Use the modern telescopes here and be wowed by the clear view of different celestial bodies.

You can also ask some of the staff members around the area about different constellations, planets, and other objects in outer space.

There are also events where experts talk about outer space, exoplanets, and many other astronomy topics you can join when you visit the observatory.

Spot Birds and Other Local Wildlife at Bellamy Reservoir

Winter view of Bellamy Reservoir

Bazza Productions /

Go birdwatching and wildlife spotting when you explore Bellamy Reservoir.

Bellamy Reservoir is located in Madbury and serves as the main water supply for Portsmouth.

Here, there’s an abundance of wildlife, making it the perfect destination for you if you want to spot birds and other animals.

Hike around the reservoir and find extraordinary creatures hidden by the luscious foliage of the trees around the area.

You can also explore and take pictures of the scenic views this destination has to offer.

Bring your binoculars and try to spot doves, swallows, and many other bird species when you explore this area!

Stop by the General Sullivan House

Set your sights on a historic property when you drop by the General Sullivan House.

The General Sullivan House is nestled on Newmarket Road in Durham and is one of the 23 National Historic Landmarks in all of the state.

This home was originally built during the 18th century and was the home of one of Washington’s best generals, John Sullivan.

Although this property has gone through many restorations, most of the original structure and architecture of the home still stand.

Near this home, you can find a small cemetery that is the final resting place of General Sullivan, as well as a monument dedicated to him.

If you love history and architecture, make sure to stop by this home and take pictures of its magnificent and historic facade!

Find Out How Farm Life Was like Back Then at New Hampshire Farm Museum

Get a glimpse of how farmers went about their daily routine in the past at the New Hampshire Farm Museum!

Based along White Mountain Highway in Milton, New Hampshire, Farm Museum is a facility dedicated to preserving the interesting history of farming life in the region.

Here, you can explore historic buildings like barns, exhibits that focus on the area’s agricultural past, and many artifacts used by farmers in the past.

Delve into the rich history of rural and farm life as you roam around the museum and check out all of the exhibitions and items on display.

There are also programs and events that you can join to discover more about the history of farming life.

Since this museum is also a working farm, you can also take a look at adorable farm animals or stroll around the beautiful gardens within the area.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a history buff, an architecture lover, or just want to take in some beautiful scenery, these places in Strafford County will not disappoint.

Take note of these 15 best things to do in Strafford County, New Hampshire, to make the most out of your exploration of the region.

Schedule your visit and start planning your adventures in the county today!

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