16 Best Things to Do in St. Croix

16 Best Things to Do in St. Croix

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A holiday on a beautiful island with loads of rum on offer sounds like the perfect vacation.

This is precisely what St. Croix has to offer tourists visiting its hallowed shores. Sr. Croix has a sizeable population of over 50,000 people and is the biggest of the Virgin Islands.

This island is thus a boisterous place with plenty going around all the time.

Famous for its many distilleries, St. Croix also has many other holiday delights to offer tourists.

We strongly urge you to plan a holiday to this magical place located in the middle of the high seas. You will return refreshed!

Here is our list of 16 awesome things to do on your holiday in St. Croix:

Fort Frederik

Fort Frederik
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This legendary fort was built a long time ago, in the period between 1752 to 1760.

Denmark and Norway initially constructed it as a defensive fortification against the many pirate offenses to loot the island.

The Fort Frederik booked its place in the galleries of history by being the place where the United States was honored with its first-ever foreign salute.

This place has earned its place in the National Register of Historic Places.

It is also privileged to be marked as a National Historic Landmark.

You can learn more about the historical significance of this place by taking a tour through the museum and art gallery located inside.

Point Udall

Point Udall
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Point Udall is the farthest point in the east in all the islands owned by the United States.

This place takes its name after Stewart Udall, who served as the United States Secretary of the Interior during Johnson's presidency and earlier with Kennedy.

A beautiful sundial edifice honors this place as the sun first rises at Point Udall.

This impressive structure was built in the year 2000. It is called the Millennium Monument.

From here, you can also begin your trail to the main point.

The main point is an elevated volcanic place. The views of the azure waters from here are breathtaking.

Sandy Point Refuge

Sandy Point Refuge
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This wildlife refuge borders the coastline of St. Croix along its southern and western periphery.

It is a two-mile stretch of natural land that is the natural abode of the famous leatherback turtles found in these regions.

The Sandy Point Refuge was set up back in 1984, and you can find gorgeous long expanses of sand along the beach.

The 4-acre prominent Aklis Archaeological Site is also located here.

You can find exciting exhibits, some of which are as old as 400 A.D.

These items depict various aspects and habits of the native population and their way of life as evolved over the centuries.

St. George Botanical Garden

St. George Botanical Garden
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Stretching over more than 20 -acres of lush green space, the St. George Botanical Garden is a heaven for lovers of plants.

This place was originally a famous 19th-century plantation that grew plenty of sugarcane on its lands back then.

Even before that, this place was the home of one of the earliest native settlements. Some estimates say the indigenous population here goes as far back as 100 A.D.

In 1972, the St. Croix Garden Club procured significant areas of this space.

This garden is now planted with more than 1,500 unique plants and trees.

You can find a fantastic array of native as well as rare species in this garden.

Plenty of orchids and cacti sprout in this place to form the perfect botanical contrast.

You can catch a glimpse of rare and impressive items dating back to the indigenous and colonial times at the St. George Village Museum.

If you are the kind of person who nibbles on books when hungry, you can find a lot of valuable information about plants at the horticultural library.

Virgin Islands Food Tour

For food lovers out there, the Food Tours organized here are just the perfect culinary delight.

Plus, you have the option to enjoy the fascinating, rich local culture along the way.

These three-hour-long excursions will take you through the historic alleys of the downtown area.

You will halt at numerous restaurants on the way.

The tour is unique because the restaurants let you order customized dishes from their rich collection of delicious recipes.

You can also find several tasty dishes even if you a vegetarian.

Similarly, the tour offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones to the participants to cater to every taste and liking.

Eco Adventures in St. Croix

Snorkeling in St. Croix
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Enjoy a tour with the BushTribe Eco Adventures in this territory. Every kind of adventurous activity is available on this tour.

You can go snorkeling in the inviting waters and watch some beautiful marine life.

Alternatively, enjoy a rush of adrenaline as you navigate your way in a kayak through the oceans.

If you are more of the landbound type, attempt a hike through the great green forests and natural beauty.

A special place to explore is the St. Croix East End Marine Park that preserves the ecology of over 17 miles of the shoreline along this island.

You can also kayak over to one of the grand waterfalls. The views of the gushing water and the accompanying roar would leave you spellbound!

Captain Cook Charters

Tour guide Captain Colt Cook heads this excellent fishing company.

Its unique tours will take you on exciting fishing expeditions deep into offshore waters in the 26-feet long Panga, the Captain's glorious charter boat. Captain Cook himself designed this beauty and oversaw its construction.

These tours are specialized in catching pelagic fish such as mahi-mahi and wahoo.

You can also head into the deeper waters, where you will be able to make a haul of more amazing fish varieties.

Snappers, swordfish, and groupers are all found plenty in the high seas here, and you can catch quite a few of them quickly.

The tour is complete and provides you with professional videographers who will record notable films as you play the perfect fish catcher in the gorgeous waters.

Adventure Tours the Caribbean Style

Head into the exciting Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve and enjoy the great pleasures of kayaking in the beautiful blue-green waters.

The tours to this place are organized by the Caribbean Adventure Tours, a reputable company that has gained its fame by featuring in the New York Times and the Discovery Channel.

You can take any kayaking tour here as per your mood on the day.

You will have ample fun sunbathing or birdwatching on the lands.

Alternatively, plunge into the gorgeous waters and beat the heat and lethargy away.

If the history bug smites you, dig into some archaeological sites to uncover some more indigenous history.

One particular attraction here is the experience of the bioluminescent bay.

This view is a visual feast, and this place is one among only seven other bays in all of the Caribbean Islands.


St. Patrick’s Church
Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view from Los Angeles, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Get a deep dive into local cultural history with the beautiful CHANT tour.

This tour is a heritage walk through the many Crucian historical sites of cultural significance sprawled across St. Croix.

Some of the famous places you will come across are famous plantations of the past, magnificent churches, and imposing forts.

You must book a spot on the Frederiksted walking tour that will cover famous monuments such as the impressive St. Patrick’s Church, which is a sight to behold.

The Hamilton’s Christiansted walking tour is another fantastic walkthrough where the legendary Alexander Hamilton spent his youth years.

Sun Charters

Enjoy the waters with an excursion into the deep seas by booking a spot on the fantastic yacht of Captain Jens Hookanson.

Enjoy snorkeling and fish catching to your heart's fill.

Some of the colorful and exciting fish species you can catch here include kingfish, tuna, and various pelagic fish.

You can practice casting nets on one of the coastal tours and bag a handful of local fish such as tarpon, snappers, and barracudas.

The stretches of glorious barrier reef lining the periphery are a feast to watch. They lie along a five-mile reach on the shores here.

Leatherback Brewing Company

This brewery opened shop in 2018 but has gained quite a fanbase in the short span of its existence.

The founders named this place the Leatherback Brewing Company to celebrate the beautiful leatherback turtles found in the waters here.

On the south side, you can explore the fantastic brewing plant inside the William Roebuck Industrial Park.

You can enjoy their delicious brews in the public drinking space.

Their flagship Reel Life IPA is a must-try lager. You will enjoy its biting taste and enormous froth floating to the top.

Lyric Sails

Lyric Sails
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Emily Weston is the owner of this one-of-a-kind sailing charter company, and she brings her passion for sailing to the waters of St. Croix.

Lyric Sails offers excursions into the sea on the Jolly Mon, Emily's boat, which carries up to 49 people.

This amazing sailing boat was initially intended to be used for racing across the Atlantic.

You can opt for one of their specialty excursions and enjoy hours of unique joys.

For instance, we advise you take one of their private full-day sails and have a fun-filled day soaring the waters around St. Croix.

Alternatively, you can go on the fantastic sunset sails tour, where you enjoy soul-churning live music and delectable beverages.

Their wines are incredibly delicious, and you must give them a try when you visit this charter.

Zion Kitchen

Master chef Michael Ross has been operating this excellent eatery since setting shop here back in 2015.

The specialty of this place is that it procures its ingredients from the local areas.

These freshly plucked seasonal supplies add layers of toothsome delight to these foods. The place is located inside the Quin House and has a rich history dating back to the 18th century.

You can find delectable seafood offerings in its rich menu. Also, you can choose from a variety of delicious foods.

It would be best to try their specialty crab cakes which will fill you with incredible culinary pleasure.

Diving STX

Enjoy amazing views of deep-water rich marine life by taking a diving excursion with the Adventures provided by the Diving STX company.

Diving enthusiasts Andrea Hemphill and Mitchell Nestor founded this fantastic company back in 2015, and now it is the leading diving company in St. Croix.

You will enjoy deep-sea diving here as certified divers and expert trainers lead all tours.

If you are new to diving, you can also learn through their educational programs NAUI Passport and SSI Scuba.

You can rent out one of their high-quality complete diving equipment and gear for maximum safety during your dives.

Buck Island

Buck Island Reef National Monument
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The Buck Island Reef National Monument is a vast island located off the coast of St. Croix, and that is the natural nesting home for beautiful brown pelicans and least terns.

The island covers a massive area of over 18,000 acres after significant underwater lands were merged with it through the refurbishment project in 2001.

This renowned island draws over 50,000 visitors every year.  

This island is unique as it is the only one in the entire United States with an underwater trail for snorkeling lovers.

The Turtle Beach at this place is just majestic and a must-visit.

It has been recognized by National Geographic as one the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Christiansted National Historic Site

Fort Christiansen
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This site is constructed to preserve the history of the Virgin Islands from the 18th and 19th centuries.

This place was built in 1952 and is a famous landmark in the region.

It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

There are six monuments of great historical significance inside this place.

These include the Fort Christiansen, which was the former warehouse used by the famous duct West India and Guinea Company.

Many notable government buildings from the past are the other important historical sites here.

You can take a tour through the fort, where you can explore the many exhibits depicting the indigenous population's lives and the European settlers from that period.

St. Croix can be a fantastic holiday destination. This place blends exotic charm with historical finesse.

You’ll enjoy endless hours of great pleasures in the waters.

You’ve got to pay this heavenly island a visit. Don’t forget to let us know which site you enjoyed the most from the list!

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