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18 Best Things to Do in Page, AZ

  • Published 2021/07/01

If you are looking to enjoy the pleasures of wandering in majestic deserts, then you must travel to Page in Arizona for your next holiday.

This place is a heaven for those who would like to go on long hikes and treks among glorious canyons and other geological wonders.

The areas surrounding Page are exquisite natural artwork with their stunning landscape.

Enjoy a relaxing walk next to the many lakes found in this region.

We have prepared a list of some exciting things you MUST do when you travel to Page.

We are sure they are going to make your tour a whole lot more enjoyable.

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

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Located approximately 30 miles to the northeast of Page, the Rainbow Bridge National Monument is a stunning rock configuration covering a small canyon and a nearby stream in a majestic arch.

You can take a guided tour in a boat to reach this place and enjoy the unusual rock formation.

Plus, we recommend that you visit the Bullfrog Marina and the Wahweap Marina with a further 50-mile boat ride from here.

These areas are an absolute godsend for hikers to crisscross the excellent trails cutting through the landscape.

Red Rock formations present a breathtaking view and the perfect opportunity to take out your expensive DSLRs and capture these stunning scenes in memorable photographs.

Vermilion Cliffs National Park

Vermilion Cliffs National Park

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You will find geology at its artistic best with the gorgeous views of the landscape in the vast 2,94,000 acres of the Vermillion Cliffs National Park.

The region is home to breathtaking geological configurations such as the famous Paria Canyon, Vermilion Cliffs, and Paria Plateau.

You can spend endless hours navigating these exquisite landscapes for a perfect backpacking experience.

You also get a rare opportunity to spot the rich animal life native to these areas.

If you are lucky, you may even get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to catch a glimpse of the elusive California Condor.

Keep in mind that you would need to acquire a permit to hike in some of the areas.

If you plan to stay overnight on an exciting excursion in the Paria Canyon, you would also require a permit.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell

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Situated between the triangle formed by the Arizona border, the Utah border, and Downtown Page City, Lake Powell is an exquisite water body that is perfect for boating or kayaking.

This lake can also be visited with a personal watercraft or a beautiful houseboat.

You can capture the scenic views of Glen Canyon Dam and the Red Rock desert as you roam these beautiful waters.

Enjoy the exciting water activities available on site.

Perhaps you would want to hone your balancing skills by paddle boarding on the lake waters.

Alternatively, just take a plunge and enjoy a refreshing swim.

You can also take out your angling line and sit patiently for that perfect catch.

The impressive Powell Museum is located nearby.

You can make a quick halt here to explore the exciting exhibits and archives and learn about the rich history of the place.

Glen Canyon Dam Overlook

Glen Canyon Dam Overlook

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Glen Canyon Dam Overlook is an easy trail along the Glen Canyon where one can take a quick 20-minute hike.

The beauty of this short hike is in the picturesque visuals that lie on both sides of the path.

Feast your eyes on the breathtaking views over the Colorado River and the adjoining Red Rock desert.

The Dam itself is an engineering marvel and a wonderful sight to see.

Powell Museum

Powell museum

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The Powell Museum is dedicated to one of the famous citizens of this area, Major John Wesley Powell. Set up back in 1969, this museum celebrates the many achievements of the Major.

Powell Museum is located on North Lake Powell Boulevard.

It has an extensive collection of archives and exhibits that narrate important events in the life of Major John Wesley Powell.

A gift shop is located within the same complex. You can buy helpful local maps and items of local art from this little shop.

Hanging Gardens Trail

Hanging Gardens Trail

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It is a beautiful trail near US Highway 89 that will give immense pleasure to hikers.

Nature lovers can reach the exquisite Hanging Garden after completing this hike.

These stunning gardens are located on an elevation overlooking the Colorado River and Lake Powell.

The rich patch of green growth adds to the beauty of this place.

The trail itself is not very difficult, which makes it suitable for rookie hikers.

The blue skies interspersed with lovely white clouds also add to the charm of this walk.

Navajo Village Heritage Center

This Center aims to spread information and awareness about the local Navajo culture.

One fantastic experience at this Heritage Center is the chance to listen to traditional Navajo oral stories in a live storytelling session.

You will also meet Navajo families who will regale you with little glimpses of their traditional culture.

Some of the activities that you will watch here include Native American dancing and weaving.

It is an enriching experience that will expand your horizons.

Lees ferry

Lees ferry

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Lees Ferry is a historically prominent natural corridor between Arizona and Utah that provided the route for the early exploration of the North Arizona wilderness.

You’ll come across numerous buildings of historical significance around the area.

You can take exciting white water trips by hiring a raft or flow down the Colorado River in a recreational boat.

These waters carry some of the best quality trout, and you will spot many fishers bagging a rich haul here.

One of the exciting things about this little corridor is that it is one of the four gateways to the great Grand Canyon National Park.

Antelope Point Marina Village

You can enjoy buying gifts, dining, or touring at the gorgeous Antelope Point Marina Village.

If you do not want to undertake tiresome hiking or kayaking expeditions through the canyon, you can rent a boat here and enjoy a calm tour through the canyons and cliffs.

The tour through these waters can be awe-inspiring and delightful at the same time.

You can choose from various boats, such as a kayak, powerboat, or even an exciting houseboat.

Carl Hayden Visitor Center

Carl Hayden Visitor Center

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This observatory is located at the extreme western corner of Glen Canyon Dam.

Constructed in 1963, the Carl Hayden Center provides splendid views over Lake Powell.

The observatory building is itself an architectural marvel with its entirely glass-enclosed ceiling.

You can take a guided tour of the Glen Canyon Dam.

You would get to see their amazing hydroelectric generators, green grass expanses that they use to keep the place cool, and the mesmerizing view of the crest of the Dam.

Knowledgeable members of the Glen Canyon Natural History Association will guide you on this tour with exciting information about the place.

Waterholes Canyon

Waterholes Canyon

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This drainage system cuts out several majestic canyons through the glittering red sandstone found abundantly in the areas around Lake Powell.

Just like with the Antelope Canyon, the water here runs on both sides of the road.

As you move further downstream, it gets deeper, interspersed by a few scary sharp drops.

Rock configurations here provide delightful views as they form intricate carving patterns through the red sandstone that glitters under the gorgeous sun rays.

This scenic location is an ideal spot for capturing these beautiful scenes in memorable photographs.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

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Glen Canyon National Recreation Area spreads over a mammoth 1.25 million acres of land.

You can enjoy water recreation to your heart’s contentment in this area.

The geology of this region is exquisite, with several brilliant natural formations.

Some of the suggested activities to do here including touring the Glen Canyon Dam and going on exciting water rafting tours down the waters of the Colorado River.

This place has been designated as a Dark Sky Sanctuary and enjoys the privilege of being one of four such sanctuaries in the entire world.

The night sky views are breathtaking, with the twinkling stars adding the icing on the top.

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon

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Antelope Canyon is located a few miles to the southeast of Page and is one of the region’s best geological wonders.

There are two canyons here, the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon. These have been given the colorful names of “The Crack” and “The Corkscrew”, respectively.

Enormous flash floods that eroded the neighboring Navajo sandstone regions formed this canyon.

The gushing rainwaters have carved out beautiful niches in the passageways that are a delight to watch.

You can take a hiking tour of these canyons.

The most beautiful scenes are when sun rays get inside the mammoth cavities of these canyons from the narrow openings above.

You have got to capture a few photographs of this natural artistic wonder.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

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This is yet another exquisite, natural and beautiful formation found in the regions around Page in Arizona.

Outdoor lovers will enjoy this fantastic curve cut out by the Colorado River in the natural landscape.

The hike on the way to this bend is equally refreshing, with panoramic views of the landscape on both sides.

The rock walls surrounding the river are rich in precious minerals, including platinum and hematite.

This place is located at a considerable height of 4200 feet above sea level, providing multiple opportunities to feast the eyes on the surrounding beauty.

Slackers Quality Grub

Get a bite of authentic American food at the Slackers Quality Grub without breaking the bank.

This famous restaurant has been entertaining food lovers by providing them with the most delicious American culinary delights for almost half a century now.

The atmosphere in this place is easy and friendly, while the top-notch customer service will pleasantly surprise you.

The extensive menu consists of popular American innovations like cheesy burgers and famous recipes from other parts of the world, like Italian subs.

The chicken wings at this restaurant are incredibly delicious, and you must try them when you visit this place.

Top off your hearty meal with mouth-watering sweet desserts, including shakes, ice creams, and malts.

If you ask us, we would strongly recommend you to try the cheeseburger.

They prepare it with their specialty recipe from juicy ground beef and top it up with toothsome fresh tomatoes, lettuce leaves, pickles chips, and delicious red onion.

Hidden Canyon Kayak

Kayak and canoe on the glorious waters of Lake Powell by taking up a tour with the Hidden Canyon Kayak agency.

You’ll enjoy the gorgeous views of the surrounding geological beauty along the way.

Also, you will spot some long-lost human relics as you are meandering along in your kayak.

Some of the exciting tours they offer include the Antelope Canyon Kayak Tour, the Lone Rock Canyon tour, and the excellent Slot Canyon tour.

If you decide to stay back and spend the night, you can further elevate your pleasures by camping in these gorgeous landscapes.

The shining waters of the lake and the stunning views from the cliff-edges make the trip even better.

Bonkers Restaurant

You can enjoy authentic Italian culinary wonders in Page by visiting the fantastic Bonkers Restaurant.

This bustling center of toothsome Italian delight is special because of its strong commitment to using only the freshest ingredients.

They procure abundant fresh local produce and seafood to provide their guests with the most delicious flavors.

The master cooks at Bonkers have a strong cook-it-from scratch ethic.

They pride themselves on shunning all off-the-shelf components and using only natural fresh ingredients in their delicious preparations.

The place has an easy and laid-back vibe to it. You can enjoy a relaxing meal in peace.

Some of their Italian recipes that you must try are the Blackened Salmon Fettuccine, the Shrimp Linguini, and the Chicken Parmesan.

Finally, you can drink down your delicious meal with some elegant wine chosen from their wide range of options.

Alternatively, choose from any of the fantastic beer available in the bar.

Barbeque at Big John’s

Situated along the South Lake Powell Boulevard, Big John’s Texas BBQ dishes out authentic juicy Texas barbeque to its many cult followers.

This place has become a celebrity eating-joint of sorts because of its incredibly delicious recipes that draw in hordes of loyal fans.

The place’s ambiance is in an old discarded gas station, which is the perfect setting for a barbeque evening.

The beef brisket and the pulled pork are their best-loved items. If you go to the Bonkers, you must try each of these.

Do not miss out on the sides either. They are second-to-none in the richness of their juicy bites. Coleslaw, potato salad, and cowboy beans are fan favorites among these.

Page in Arizona is a geological marvel. For outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts, this place is almost like a dreamland.

Aside from these natural wonders, the city also has its share of rich historical and cultural sites.

The food is equally fantastic. We wholeheartedly recommend that you visit Page in Arizona on your next holiday.

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