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15 Best Things to Do in Spring Hill, TN

  • Published 2023/07/30

Spring Hill is a lovely city in Tennessee bordering Maury and Williamson County.

This charming city is packed with much military and war history during the Civil War, several historical landmarks, and sites that will appeal to history buffs and enthusiasts.

In addition to its rich history, Spring Hill boasts outdoor amenities where guests can escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

You can even visit their historic downtown area which can give you a glimpse into the city’s antebellum past while doing a little shopping.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or wish to find adventure, this lovely city can provide you with what you’re looking for.

Here are the best things to do in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

How this article was written: Our team first analyzed the scores and feedback across major platforms like Google Maps, Yelp, and Trip Advisor, considering not only the ratings but also the consistency of positive feedback. Following this, we conducted interviews with over 30 local residents who have been to these attractions and places to gather authentic, first-hand experiences. You can read more about our research process here.

While this list showcases some remarkable attractions, it’s important to note there are many other exceptional places in Spring Hill that are not featured here. Our aim is not just to guide you to popular places but to encourage you to venture out and experience the city for yourself.

Indulge in Various Activities at Longview Recreation Center

Longview Recreation Center is a popular go-to place for all kinds of activities for all ages!

Located just 2 miles from the city center, this state-of-the-art facility boasts its gym and wellness center, sports courts, and popular aquatic center.

Their aquatic center features an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, complete with water slides, diving boards, and a lap pool.

You can even join one of their many programs and activities, such as acrylic painting, dance classes, sports events, and more.

Longview Recreation Center features an extensive range of activities for you to enjoy, so head on over to this facility with the whole family!

Visit the Historical Rippavilla

Rippavilla, also known as Rippavilla Plantation, is one of the most visited historical landmarks in the city with its rich historical past and beautiful layout and greens.

Situated just south of the heart of Spring Hill, this destination allows guests to tour the historic antebellum mansion that spans a little under 100 acres in size.

Originally established circa-1850, this mansion was built by Nathaniel Cheairs IV, one of the wealthiest men during this time and also served as a major in the Civil War.

During this battle, Rippavilla was converted into a hospital to tend to the wounded soldiers.

There have also been rumors of paranormal activity that occur within the mansion walls, haunted by the soldiers who passed in this very institution.

Rippavilla is packed with much history to uncover which you can learn all about in their guided tours that can range anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes long, including the Battlefield Tour, Ghost Tour, Classic House Tour, and more.

Don’t miss the chance to visit this historical landmark while visiting Spring Hill!

Enjoy the Outdoors at Fischer Park

Fischer Park offers its guests an escape from the busy routine of city life by surrounding them with nature.

Known as one of the most beautiful public parks in Spring Hill, Fischer Park offers a wide range of amenities for you to enjoy.

Kids can enjoy their expansive playground with a complete set of slides, swings, and climbing structures.

Another popular attraction is its walking trails where you can relax under the cool breeze of the trees as it winds through the woods and various lakes.

Fischer Park also allows guests to indulge in water activities like kayaking, canoeing, and even fishing.

There’s so much to see and explore at Fischer Park so make sure to stop by while you’re on vacation!

Unwind at Embers Tavern & Grille

Looking for a place to spend your night out with friends?

Check out Embers Tavern & Grille!

With an extensive menu packed with mouth-watering dishes, a warm, relaxing atmosphere, and live entertainment almost every night, this restaurant has everything you need for a gathering with friends!

On top of the live entertainment, this eatery also hosts various events each night, including Trivia Night and Poker Events.

You can also challenge a friend to a friendly game of darts or pool.

Their open bar serves your classic, favorite drinks including craft beers, cocktails, and more.

Enjoy delicious, fresh dinners or spend quality time with friends at Embers Tavern & Grille!

Learn about Local History at Spring Hill Self-Guided Battlefield Driving Tour

Spring Hill Self-Guided Battlefield Driving Tour offers guests a way to efficiently tour and explore Spring Hill by going on a self-guided driving tour!

The tour itself is well-marked so tourists will have no problem following the map to navigate the battlefield’s key stops and historical landmarks.

The stops include the historical Rippavilla Plantation, Main Street, Thompson’s Station, the Confederate Cemetery, and more.

Along the way, you can spot several artifacts and pass by important markers that’ll share the details of what occurred in the Battle of 1864.

Spring Hill Self-Guided Battlefield Driving Tour provides tourists with a new enthralling experience, as well as gives them a glimpse of the important role Spring Hill played during the Civil War.

Travel Back in Time at Victorian Seance Experience

Victorian Seance Experience is an event hosted by Rippavilla Plantation and allows tourists to step back in time to the Victorian era.

Complete with props, costumes, and other necessary equipment, this seance is led by a professional who will guide you through the session.

Each participant will hold hands as they use a variety of mediums to connect with the spirits on the other side.

This educational, and somewhat thrilling, experience can give you a feel of the Victorian-era fascination with supernatural and paranormal activities.

The Victorian Seance Experience is a unique experience that you can only get in Spring Hill.

Make sure to come dressed in your own Victorian costume to enhance your experience!

Shop ‘til You Drop at The Crossings of Spring Hill

The Crossings of Spring Hill is one of the most well-known shopping centers in the city, home to more than 85 shops and counting!

Located just minutes within the heart of Spring Hill, this mall is easily accessible for you to visit.

This mall features the city’s local retail shops, small businesses, and your favorite, popular brands.

There is also a wide array of dining options for you to try with the whole family, whether it’s fast food, specialty restaurants with unique cuisines, or just casual dining.

The Crossings of Spring Hill is the ideal place to go if you’re looking to shop for unique items, souvenirs, clothes, accessories, and more with all the shops and retailers they have.

Bring the whole family together and spend the day at The Crossings of Spring Hill!

Test your Skills at Panic in the Woods Escape Game

Panic in the Woods Escape Game is not your ordinary escape game!

This facility takes its challenges to the next level with added special effects, themed environments, and harder puzzles to solve.

Located just northeast of the city center, this immersive attraction can handle groups of up to 8 people, where their teamwork, critical thinking, communication, and critical thinking skills will be put to the test!

The game is played in a large outdoor environment where players need to find the scattered clues and solve them within a given amount of time.

Difficulty levels may also be adjusted according to the requests of the players to ensure a fun, enjoyable time.

Panic in the Woods Escape Game is a unique, immersive experience that you should indulge in with the whole clan so make sure to drop by!

Relax at Salted Peace

After a long day of exploring Spring Hill, you may need to relax those sore muscles.

Salted Peace offers a variety of massage therapies and other holistic treatments that can reduce muscle pain, alleviate stress, and improve your general wellness to bring out the best version of you.

This massage center is also known for its salt therapy, a unique kind of halotherapy that has been proven to relieve skin conditions, increase its resilience, and normalize the body’s pH balance.

You’ll be shown to a state-of-the-art salt room that allows you to breathe in the microscopic salt particles.

You can also sign up for other holistic treatments such as aromatherapy, Reiki, infrared sauna, and more if that’s more suitable to your taste.

Salted Peace boasts its highly-trained staff, estheticians, and massage therapists to ensure nothing short of a relaxing experience.

This massage therapy center also has the awards to prove their claims so stop by and get those knots out at Salted Peace!

Get Spooked at Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods

Add fun and fright while checking out Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods!

This haunted attraction is found just under 15 minutes away from downtown Spring Hill.

Tourists will be taken on an eerie walk through a dark forest where they will encounter all kinds of freaky and spooky creatures.

Complete with sound effects, props, dim lighting, and expertly crafted scene, this haunted mansion is dedicated to giving you an authentic experience.

Each aspect of this haunted house has a different horror scene where you can come across zombies, ghosts, monsters, and more.

Think you can handle it? Add Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods to your itinerary!

Spend Quality Time with Family at Jerry Erwin Park

Jerry Erwin Park is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and warm sunshine and is expansive enough to do a number of recreational activities.

Named after Jerry Erwin, a former city administrator who improved the city’s park facilities, this park covers over 40 acres of land space.

Kids are sure to enjoy the large playground which includes a complete set of swings, giant slides, and climbing equipment.

Jerry Park is also home to several fields and courts where you can play volleyball, soccer, baseball, tennis, and more.

If you’re looking to go on a relaxing stroll, you can walk through the nature trail that also provides a beautiful view of Spring Hill’s scenery and surrounding landscape.

You can also spend quality time with the whole family by setting up a lovely picnic at Jerry Erwin Park.

Try Axe Throwing at Faxons Hatchet House

Looking for something fun to do in Spring Hill?

Head on over to Faxons Hatchet House!

Axe throwing is a rising popular recreational activity that you can try out in a safe, controlled environment.

This veteran-owned facility allows you to play different kinds of axe-throwing games, including tic-tac-toe, line-up-four, and duck hunter.

They also feature a craft brewery that serves fresh tap beer and seltzers to keep you cool and refreshed.

In case you take a break from axe throwing, you can play other mini-games with friends such as Jenga or darts, or watch a game on their TV.

Faxons Hatchet House is also a great place to get de-stressed by throwing axes at a target, so try and stop by!

Play Classic Games at Joyfull Arcade

Joyfull Arcade is home to classic and modern video games if you’d like to kick it back to old school!

This arcade was designed to recreate a traditional arcade center complete with neon lights, colorful walls, and an energetic atmosphere.

Guests can play a wide range of games, including shooting games, racing, sports, and more.

You can also find Space Invaders and Pac-Man for a little bit of nostalgia.

Other sports can also be found in this arcade like air hockey and foosball where you can challenge your loved ones to a friendly game or two.

Make lasting memories at Joyfull Arcade and add this place of must-visit destinations in Spring Hill.

Go Golfing at Towhee Club

Towhee Club is a magnificent golf course, situated southeast of the heart of Spring Hill.

Boasting an 18-hole course, this layout was designed by “The King” known as Arnold Palmer, a legendary golfer in the sport’s history.

Seasoned players can also test their skills with the course’s challenging layout and natural terrain that features obstacles such as fairways, rough, and even ponds and streams.

Its scenic vistas and rolling hills also add to the difficulty level of the course, where golfers can further improve their strategies.

In case you get tired, head on over to the Birdsong Social where you can grab a quick snack and a refreshing drink to keep you energized.

Towhee Club is a well-known golfing destination and continues to expand over the years to become the finest public golf course in Middle Tennessee.

Watch a Movie at AMC Spring Hill 12

AMC Spring Hill 12is a part of the AMC Theater chain, one of the largest theater companies worldwide.

In Spring Hill, this theater is home to over 12 movie screens that showcases a variety of films across different genres.

From the latest releases to your favorite vintage films, you’re sure to find a movie you can enjoy with the whole family.

You can also grab your favorite movie treat at their concession stand, such as popcorn and soda to keep you full during the show.

On certain days, various events are also held at this theater ranging from advanced screenings, live events, and loyalty programs where you can win free tickets!

AMC Spring Hill 12 boasts a high-quality movie-going experience for both residents and tourists alike, so add this theater to your itinerary!

Final Thoughts

Spring Hill is a beautiful city with a vibrant and welcoming community and a rich, historical past.

Whether you’re bringing the whole family on vacation or looking for a peaceful retreat on your own, this city has all everything you need.

From outdoor recreational centers to historical sites and everything in between, Spring Hill offers much for you to see and explore.

Look no further for the perfect getaway and book your next trip to Spring Hill, Tennessee!

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