15 Best Things to Do in Brentwood, TN

Brentwood, TN
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There's a certain charm in smaller cities.

Even if you're just in town for a few days, Brentwood will quickly become your new favorite location.

With so much to see and do, you might not want to leave the city.

The city of Brentwood lies in Williamson County, Tennessee.

A suburb of Nashville, it is part of the Nashville metropolitan area and is known for its music.

According to the 2020 United States Census, the city's population was 45,373.

There are several high-profile residents, including celebrities and CEOs, who call the neighborhood home.

Residents have access to high-quality schools, a wide range of recreational facilities, and a convenient location just a few miles from Nashville.

While Brentwood is a desirable place to live in, the city also has a variety of activities to do, such as dining at some of the area's best restaurants or simply meandering about town.

There are several excursions and day trips in Brentwood, so if you'd want to see some of the city's most famous attractions, we got your back.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Brentwood, Tennessee:

Admire Heavenly Bodies at a Closer Look in Dyer Observatory

Outside View of Dyer Observatory
ShadesofCyan, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This astronomical observatory, owned and administered by Vanderbilt University, stands on one of the area's highest mountains.

Students enrolled at the institution, and the general public is free to visit the observatory and learn about the wonders of human spaceflight and astronomy firsthand.

The Dyer Observatory, made in 1953 and named after astronomer Arthur Dyer, has a dome that spans 24 feet broad and holds a reflecting telescope built in honor of the astronomer Carl Seyfert.

Today, the observatory primarily serves as a teaching tool and a means of igniting children's interest in the subjects of science and engineering.

Spot Indigenous Wildlife at Deerwood Arboretum and Nature Area

Taking in the beauty, going on a short trek, or having a picnic by the river are all enjoyable ways to spend a few hours at Deerwood Arboretum and Nature Center, which is also completely free.

On Granny White Pike, take the first left further into Belle Rive Subdivision, and the park will be on your right.

Continue down Belle Rive Road till you reach signs of the park leading to Deerwood Lane, at which point turn around.

The park has 27 acres to explore and is close to the Little Harpeth River for about half a mile.

After its conversion into a wastewater treatment plant in the late 1980s, it opened its doors in 1992.

A Tree Identification Guide is available at the park's parking lot that you may use to identify the trees as you go through the route.

The park received its certification as an arboretum in 2002.

There are two artificial lakes on the property, totaling two acres.

The construction of a modest outdoor theater and the outdoor classroom began in 2001.

It is a fantastic site for environmental groups or students to visit.

Grab a Good Read at John P. Holt Brentwood Library

With access to more than 350,000 books, and a wide range of other items such as music CDs and DVDs as well as ebooks, audiobooks, periodicals, and newspapers, there's a lot to learn in Brentwood Library.

A vast space is also available for community activities and meetings of local clubs.

Located at the Brentwood Library, the Children's Room is a tree-lined space with display cases, books for children of every age group, and a reading area made from a fire engine.

The Reading Room, which has comfortable sitting behind stained-glass panels with newspapers and magazines from all over the world, is ideal for senior people who like reading.

Visitors may also have a look at the diverse collection of artwork on exhibit around the library.

Have a Blast at Brentwood Skate Center

Brentwood Skate Center is a roller rink with an arcade, DJs and LED light effects, a snack bar, and other attractions.

It provides a new level of client service.

Customer service at Brentwood Skate Center is a whole new level.

They would all go out of their way to help you.

Since the 1980s, it has been a locally owned and operated brand that locals feel sentimental about skating here.

They go out of their way to ensure that the environment is welcoming to families.

As a time capsule, the Brentwood Skate Center serves as a reminder of an earlier era.

You get a lot for your money, including a lot of entertainment options.

Everything you need for a fun time is right here.

Visit Owl's Hill Nature Sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary, Owl's Hill's purpose is to stimulate discovery and lifelong environmental protection.

In 1959, Huldah (Cheek) Sharp sold her family's home, Cheekwood, to Nashville, which the city developed as a community garden and arts center.

Huldah and Walter Sharp bought a 140-acre property from the Roy Elams and began building the stone walls on the edge of a hill overlooking their new fields.

They spotted a Great Horned Owl calling from the ridge shortly after the Sharps finished the house.

In honor of the owl, they named their farm Owl's Hill Farm.

After Walter's untimely death, Huldah gave the land to the University of Tennessee Nashville for study and preservation as a nature preserve.

After being passed to different owners, the park became an autonomous non-profit in 2007.

The Nature Sanctuary presently protects over 2,000 native plant and animal species on over 300 acres.

It protects almost 2,000 kinds of native plants and animals that live in our 300-acre nature sanctuary's hills, woodlands, rivers, ponds, and meadows.

People of all ages are welcome to enjoy the outdoors, learn about Tennessee wildlife, and experience nature.

Let Your Kids Enjoy at the Monkey Treehouse

Rainy-day plans with your preschoolers may be necessary.

The Monkey's Treehouse is a fantastic solution.

This indoor playground serves toddlers, and preschoolers are its patrons.

As an indoor playground for kids ages 0 to 6, the Monkey's Treehouse is the best.

Co-workers, drop-offs, special events, and exploratory learning may all be possible in this space.

In Monkey's Treehouse, children may unleash their imaginations and express their creativity.

At preschool heights, there are wide tables with various items for children to touch and examine.

Have a child who is fascinated with trains?

They have ones for your young ones!

How about Tyrannous Rex as the first word for anyone else?

A lot of dinosaur-themed fun is available as well.

Around the playground, you'll find plenty of opportunities to have some fun.

Have Fun at DEFY Nashville Trampoline Park

DEFY Nashville is Brentwood's most intense trampoline park, previously known as AboveAll.

Aerial skills include trampolines, a high-end air track, and a ninja course.

This trampoline park features a big free-jump area, a foam pit or airbag, as well as a basketball hoop.

DEFY Nashville trampoline park is a great place to get some exercise as you enjoy trampolining.

Be a member of the DEFY Flight Club and celebrate your future special occasions, such as birthdays, reunions, or parties in style!

Visit the Historic Primm Park

Primm Park is a 31-acre park that houses the five ceremonial mounds made by the Mound Builders, the last Native Americans to dwell in the area.

The chief of the tribe was likely to have lived in the mound that is visible today.

The mounds serve as archeological sites, and some of the artifacts are now under the care of the Smithsonian.

You may also access the Brentwood Bikeway from the park.

The Little Harpeth River meanders through the park.

The park is also home to Boiling Spring Academy, a private school founded in 1833, has two classrooms.

Six Brentwood schools implement The Boiling Spring Academy Classroom Project, where students in third grade go to Boiling Springs Academy in period clothing lent to them by the Historic Commission.

The schools also teach students about schoolmarms and using slates and slate pens just like the children of the 1800s.

Tours of the building are available on the third Sunday of each month, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., from April to October.

Jog at Maryland Way Park

The Maryland Farms complex contains a 7-acre park named Maryland Way Park.

It lies at the center of Brentwood's business district.

It is host to the first 4th of July event and fireworks show and the location of Brentwood's library until it moved to Crockett Park.

Use the jogging paths if you're feeling up to it!

At the heart of this park, a map kiosk provides joggers with information on the distance they will cover.

In addition to 11 workout stations, the park has an outdoor jogging/walking trail.

You may take a break and stretch your legs here.

Look for the historical plaque at Maryland Way Park or visit the Traveller's Rest Plantation stud-farming exhibit for additional information.

Play Ball Games at Crockett Park

Over 170 acres, Crockett Park is the second-largest park in Brentwood.

Its attractions include seven tennis courts illuminated at night, two historic residences; a community playground; picnic shelters; and the Eddy Arnold Amphitheater.

If the weather permits, it's possible to play soccer, lacrosse, and flag football at Crockett Park's indoor arena.

Brentwood's annual Fourth of July fireworks display takes place here as well.

The Eddy Arnold Amphitheater at Crockett Park in Brentwood has an annual summer music series open to the public and free of charge.

Relax at Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Seven days a week, the Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Brentwood, California, offers professional spa treatments at reasonable prices.

A full-body massage is a welcome respite for tense muscles and migraine-inducing tension in today's hectic world.

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, and more are all available!

Those stressed out by deadlines and hectic work schedules have a hot stone massage.

A couple's massage is also available.

Have you tried out their facials?

Hand and Stone's certified estheticians perform facials customized to your needs.

They also offer exfoliation services that are gentle and effective without requiring any downtime.

They also sell gift cards for all kinds of occasions.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Swim at Percy Priest Lake

View of Percy Priest Lake
David Newbold / Shutterstock.com

You'll want to put your toes in the sand from time to time.

Visit Percy Priest Lake, roughly 20 minutes away from Brentwood!

You'll love this attraction that is a terrific way to have fun at the beach without having to leave Nashville.

View of Percy Priest Lake
Chandler Barnes / Shutterstock.com

There are also grills and picnic tables once you've entered the park, which costs $5 per car to access.

Inexperienced swimmers might be restrained by the 4 ft depth barrier, while more confident swimmers can explore further.

The beachy sun is plentiful, but there's also a lot of pleasant shade.

Come as early as possible if you plan to go on Saturday or Sunday to have a table and grill for yourself.

Hike at Radnor Lake State Park

Boardwalk at Radnor Lake State Park
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The 1,368-acre Radnor Lake State Park is only a nine-minute drive from Brentwood, Tennessee.

The plethora of animal watching chances, environmental classes, hiking options, and its position in an urban area make it distinctive.

The 7.75 mile-long track in the park is only for hiking, nature photography, and animal observation and is not open to the public.

View of Radnor Lake State Park
Abaseen Afghan / Shutterstock.com

Otter Creek Road is the only designated route for running, jogging, and cyclists.

Those with all-terrain wheelchairs can use the Lake Trail.

Owls, herons, and ducks are just some of the birds and animals that you can see in the park and several types of amphibians and reptiles.

View of Radnor Lake State Park
Shania Mauldin Hansen / Shutterstock.com

Hundreds of varieties of wildflowers, ferns, mosses, mushrooms, and other vegetation, as well as trees, vines, and shrubs, contribute to the area's natural biological richness.

Canoe trips, wildflower hikes, astronomy nighttime hikes, nature walks, and off-trail land acquisition excursions are just a few of the many ranger-led events offered throughout the year.

Introduce Your Kids to STEM at Discovery Center

The Discovery Center lies in Murfreesboro, less than a 40-minute drive from Brentwood.

It began in 1986 as the Children's Museum in Rutherford County, which provides hands-on educational opportunities for the community.

Young parents organized a massive grassroots movement that resulted in purchasing a facility and the development of exhibitions and educational activities.

Children ages one to six and their guardians can participate in the Discovery Center's SPARK Program, which focuses on hands-on STEAM exploration and plays.

Allow your kids to take part in various activities with Discovery Center staff, including music and movement, story-telling, and more!

Discover Tennessee's Past at Travellers Rest Historic House and Museum

Outside View of Travellers Rest Historic House and Museum
Wayne Hsieh78 / Shutterstock.com

Just 10 minutes away from downtown Brentwood, residents and tourists alike should not miss a tour of Nashville's oldest historic residence.

One of Nashville's few remaining colonial-style mansions, Travellers Rest, was constructed in 1799.

Although not all of the furniture came from Tennessee, most of it is.

Studying the design of Travellers Rest will be like studying Traditional Home and Country Living magazines. If you're looking to live in a historic home, this is it.

Sign at Travellers Rest Historic House and Museum
Thomas R Machnitzki (thomasmachnitzki.com), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The enormous dining room has magnificent yellow wallpaper that illuminates the space at night and the basic rural rooms.

Tour guides put on period garb at select events, as seen here on a Civil War reenactor.

Out in the open, a group of young women in long robes show traditional crafts from the American colonies. There is much to see in the way of everyday life in the classroom, the kitchen, and the smokehouse.

With plenty of room to park at the end of a long gravel road, Travellers Rest is rarely crowded.

Final Thoughts

As inspiring as Brentwood's gorgeous cityscape may be, it's the sense of genuine community and culture that creates a unique kind of charm here.

If you've ever wanted to experience Williamson County in a new way, here is the place for you.