15 Best Things to Do in Shawnee, KS

Shawnee, KS
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If you're searching for a little "me time," why not consider a weekend away in Shawnee?

Known for its rich history and dynamic culture, Shawnee, Kansas, features world-class museums.

Add the Rancho Shawnee Apartments, the Vista Ridge Mall, and Raging Rivers Waterpark, and you have a fun-filled getaway.

Shawnee's history dates over two hundred years since the Shawnee Indians made their first treaty with American settlers in 1804.

The Shawnee Indian mission was established at the site of the present city of Shawnee in 1831.

The city is also a sanctuary to one of the most visited cities in Southern Kansas.

The population density is almost 1,400 people per square mile — a little higher than most cities.

It is also home to over 65,500 residents!

If you are traveling through or live there already, here are the 15 best things to do in Shawnee, Kansas:

Back in Time at Shawnee Town 1929 Museum

Shawnee Town 1929 Museum has everything you need for a fun and educational day with your family.

There are available tours, exhibits, school programs, and a recreated 1929 farm town that you'll love to explore.

Some of the structures in the museum have been relocated or reconstructed from the 1920s era.

Some of these constructions date from a more recent period.

The museum also offers classes, special events, and hands-on activities relating to the time, such as quilting workshops and crafts days.

The exhibits include information about life in the 1920s, the early years of Shawnee, Kansas, and the history of farming in this area.

The school programs make it easy for teachers to educate their students about farming and life in the early 1900s.

Understanding Shawnee Art at Pioneer Crossing Park

Pioneer Crossing Park is Shawnee's newest Park with two Goslin sculptures.

Local artist Charles Goslin designed the park.

Goslin's first sculpture, a wagon train in life-size and 3-D, was re-created in brick for the 2.2-acre Park on land before a used car lot site.

Dick Williams, Wagon Master, is the second sculpture of natural limestone and metal.

This is not just a sculpture park—it also has 60 feet of benches along the sidewalk so you can sit and appreciate the artwork.

Pioneer Crossing Park opened in 2006 as one of the projects celebrating Shawnee's 150th birthday.

Get Authentic at the Transport Brewery

Good beer is a lot like a good conversation.

Shawnee's first brewery, Transport Brewery, started in February 2019, brewing in a historic building.

The founders want the community may unite over great, unique beers.

Former Johnson County Brewing Society and BJCP Certified Judges who got to know each other over a beer brewed together and hoped to share their beers with the people they care about.

The brewery has a small but mighty team.

Bartenders from all around the United States bring a wealth of experience and diverse skills.

Family Day at Charles J. Stump Memorial Park

Need a space where you can get away from it all? Look no further than the Charles J. Stump Memorial Park.

Charles J. Stump Memorial Park is a 60-acre park designed to welcome people of all ages and interests.

This Shawnee County treasure features a walking trail loop, playground, picnic shelters, and athletic fields.

Bike parking is available in the lot closest to the playground.

There are also private lots for parking.

The Park offers many amenities perfect for a family visit or time spent with friends.

Don't worry if you have little ones in tow—they'll be able to enjoy themselves. The Park is suitable for kids by parents like you!

Please Your Cravings at Pegah’s Family Restaurant

At Pegah's Family Restaurant, they know that comfort is a spoonful away.

They offer all the homemade favorites you love—plus so much more!

This Shawnee family-owned business boasts four locations in the area, two of which are open 24 hours a day.

Stop by to sample the delicious entrees or rent one of the meeting rooms for your following business function!

Moe and the other staff at Pegah's look forward to meeting you, greeting you with their "Comfort is just a spoonful away" slogan.

They also serve delicious made-from-scratch food in a family-centered atmosphere.

Their fantastic menu also offers business meeting rooms and catering services perfect for all occasions.

Come in to try it out and become regulars at their tables!

Fun Party at Listowel Park

Listowel Park is a great place to take the kids! With 8.4 acres of parkland, there are tons of things to keep them occupied.

A playground with swings, roller hockey courts, a baseball/softball field, and a 0.4-mile walking trail are all available for your little ones to enjoy.

Listowel Park also hosts birthday parties and futsal matches. The tennis courts have lights available for evening play!

In Shawnee, Kansas, Listowel Park features permanent restrooms and portable toilets during winter.

A Water Fountain is also available for your convenience.

Don't be shy about bringing the whole family: Listowel Park has handicap parking so that everyone can enjoy the fun!

Fill Your Basket at the Moonlight Markets

You can expect a fun-packed night full of live music, fresh produce, and locally made crafts at the Moonlight Markets.

There will be food trucks, vendors with local brews, and plenty of activities!

The Farmers Market brings the best local fruits and veggies to you.

Stroll through Shawnee's market and sample some delicious bites while you shop.

Don't forget to stop by the booths where local artisans display their handmade crafts.

You'll find everything from woodworking to jewelry!

While in town, check out the boutiques and bookstores, restaurants, breweries, and more—all within walking distance of the Moonlight Markets!

The Moonlight Markets are open from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and they would love to see you there!

Playtime at Black Hoof Park

The Black Hoof Park in Shawnee is a 160-acre park featuring diverse wildlife, trails, a picnic shelter, playground & lake activities.

Black Hoof Park offers two playgrounds to the public - Stone Wall Shelter Playground and Becker's Woodland Playground. Each provides different experiences for children of all ages.

Natural materials are used in the creation of each playground. Each play area has a hide-and-seek area, sandbox, log hopping, and rock climbing.

There are three playsets, all of which have wood mulch playground surfaces except for the sandbox.

One playset has tot swings, slides, monkey bars, and bridges for ages 2-5.

Two play areas are offered for ages 5–12 with slides, spinners, bridges, hanging zip lines, and many more!

Learn More from Medicine’s Hall of Fame Museum

You must be curious how your ancestors battled the common cold back in the day.

How did your great-grandfather treat his aching back on the farm?

Well, then, you're in luck! Because Medicine's Hall of Fame Museum in Shawnee, KS, offers a glimpse into the past with thousands of antique and modern tools of the medical trade.

You'll see dozens of "quackery" gadgets with no proven medical benefit.

You'll marvel at thousands of old and antique apothecary containers.

Get up close and personal with Native American healing practices.

The museum is home to a barber's chair used in a murder, an iron lung from the 1950s, and thousands more items you've never imagined existed.

Have More “Me Time” at Clear Creek Trail

What's not to like about Shawnee's Clear Creek Trail? It's a fantastic spot for biking or walking.

The route runs from Route 7 east to Gary Haller Trail and is roughly three and a half miles long.

Concrete has been used to pave the entire course.

The west half, which runs alongside Clear Creek, is particularly remarkable, with stunning views of the creek and a variety of wildlife.

The trail also passes through Gamblin Park.

It features baseball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, walking trails, a skateboard park, and a dog park, among other amenities.

Get Festive at the Theater in the Park

Theatre in the Park is Kansas City's premier community theatre.

Shawnee is proud to be the largest outdoor community theatre in the country, but it's not just about size—it's also about quality.

Each summer, the Park brings you five Broadway musicals and various special events, all with a cast and crew of committed volunteers who want to share their gifts with the community.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your picnic blanket, lawn chair, and snacks, and head out to Shawnee Mission Park to enjoy various shows!

Theatre in the Park is wheelchair accessible with reserved parking, ramps, and wheelchair seating areas.

Discover the Secret of Servaes Brewing Company

Servaes Brewing Company, located in Shawnee, Kansas, is a brewery that produces the highest-quality beer so you can have a delectable and dynamic experience with every sip.

The company is trying new things, reinventing products, and evolving quality taste.

Servaes Brewing Company is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

The taproom features 24 taps that rotate to keep the beer fresh and exciting for your palate!

They also have special event days such as trivia nights, live music or DJ nights, karaoke nights, etc.

The taproom is available for private rentals on Mondays and Tuesdays (except holidays).

Go High at Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Get the kids bouncing around at the state-of-the-art trampoline park!

At Shawnee's Sky Zone Trampoline Park, they offer a place where kids can bounce around to their heart's content—that way, they can work out all the crazy energy they have while having the time of their lives.

At Sky Zone, there's something for everyone!

You've got your freestyle jumping area, where kids can jump from trampoline to trampoline; a foam pit; dodgeball on trampolines; and fitness programs for older kids who want to get into better shape.

They also offer dodgeball leagues and fitness challenges for adults and kids alike.

The Park guarantees that you'll walk away from Sky Zone feeling physically and mentally refreshed!

Get Immersed at Aztec Shawnee Theater

The Aztec Shawnee Theater is a lovely single-screen cinema in Shawnee, Kansas.

They present some of the top local and regional musical performers in the refurbished auditorium.

Private events, such as class reunions, birthday parties, and corporate meetings are also available.

Their best occupancy is 270, and the current ticket sales allow for the best social separation and safety.

Upholstered vinyl seats were disinfected after each use in the auditorium.

The Aztec Shawnee Theater aspires to be one of the most pleasing single-screen theaters globally.

Through vintage and classic film screenings, visitors will be able to experience the "golden age" of cinema.

The Aztec Shawnee Theater activities will provide the "movie palace" feel.

The Aztec Group plans to put the Aztec Shawnee Theater on the National Register of Historic Places.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Nearby Shawnee, Kansas, you'll find a slew of top-notch pizzerias.

These fantastic establishments offer the best and freshest toppings available, and all their pizzas are made to order at these establishments.

The Hays, Kansas' Lomato's Pizza is all made from scratch using its unique dough and sauce, topped with a wide variety of fresh vegetables, meats, and cheeses that customers may choose from.

Jhett's Pizza is a popular local pizzeria. It is located in Holton's central square.

The homemade Pizza is sure to please your pizza cravings. It is hot, cheesy, and topped with a mountain of toppings.

Topeka is home to a family-run pizza parlor, which prides itself on providing top-notch Pizza to its patrons.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it — an adventure-packed weekend in beautiful Shawnee.

As you can see, there is plenty to do, both outdoors and indoors, in this small Kansas town.

If you live in or around the area, it is recommended to stop by some of these attractions.

You may not be sure what you want to do, but that's OK because you'll have plenty of time to figure it out.

There are a lot of fun activities in Shawnee, so you're bound to enjoy yourself should you spend some time here.

Enjoy your trip and explore everything this incredible community offers!

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