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15 Best Things to Do in Sequim, WA

  • Published 2021/10/29

The quaint city of Sequim in Washington state is best described as a charming community with a hidden natural beauty.

Also known as the “Lavender Capital of America,” Sequim is not as crowded as other famous destinations across the country.

Its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful landscapes of Lavender fields make it a must-visit place for anyone who wants to unwind.

Aside from its natural beauty, Sequim has a bustling downtown area teeming with diverse culinary choices, historical landmarks, museums, and a vibrant art community.

Ultimately, Sequim is the gateway to the Olympic Mountains and the Olympic Peninsula, filled with picturesque sunset views, majestic mountain ranges, and thriving wildlife.

This city of 6,606 people is part of Clallam County in Washington and is easily accessed through the inter-state freeways in Oregon and California.

It is also accessible from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Portland through the Westside Freeway.

Sequim is nearest to Seattle, WA, about a two-hour drive through the State Highway 305 NE and pass through the Hood Canal Passing Bridge along the Squamish Harbor.

There are tons of reasons for you to visit this place.

So, here are the 15 spectacular things to do in Sequim.

Mesmerize Upon the Scenic Bay of John Wayne Marina

Scenic Bay of John Wayne Marina

Birch Photographer /

The famous John Wayne visited Sequim’s bay waters on his yacht numerous times before he passed away.

He always talked about Sequim’s marina that is very scenic, making him come back for more.

Thus, upon his death, Wayne’s family donated more than 20 acres of land to construct the marina named after him.

Scenic Bay of John Wayne Marina

KJRSeattle, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nowadays, the John Wayne Marina is a popular tourist attraction in Sequim that you can enjoy.

The marina has numerous amenities such as picnic areas, banquet facilities, guest moorage, fuel facilities, public beach access, boat launch ramps, showers, laundries, and other excellent services.

The marina is also famous for its restaurant, the ‘Dockside Grill,’ popularly known to serve delicious food.

Set Out in an Adventure at the Olympic Discovery Trail

For those who want to experience thrill, the Olympic Discovery Trail awaits your arrival.

The entire trail that stretches 120-mile covering Sequim and nearby cities of Port Townsend and Port Angeles has tons of outdoor activities to do.

Aside from the usual hiking along the trails, visitors can camp out, ride bikes, and engage in different outdoor activities.

Olympic Discovery Trail’s best spot is the Elwha River going to the Lake Crescent, where it offers the most picturesque sceneries of nature.

The trail holds a lot of importance to the Native Americans as they consider this as sacred ground.

Uncover the Magic in Troll Haven

Troll Haven is the most unusual but very fun-filled place to visit in Sequim.

The rental properties there are turned into a home to hundreds of statues of trolls and other mythical beings like dragons, wizards, witches, giants, and elves.

Part of the property was converted into a faux-dungeon called “Gatekeeper’s Castle” to further give visitors a more immersive experience of its magical world.

Aside from the trolls, visitors can enjoy sampling fresh fruits such as pears, apples, cherries, and figs at the nearby orchard.

Troll Haven, a 200-acre property, is also a popular place for holding events.

This attraction is located between the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Peninsula’s northeastern corner, off Highway 101.

Celebrate the Beauty of Arts at the Blue Whole Gallery

This art gallery is a congregation of 35 different artists who display their masterpieces and creative works altogether.

It is a cool place for you to explore, especially if you appreciate art.

The gallery has a collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, patchwork, and other artwork from the featured artists.

In addition, you can sign up for workshops and demonstrations or attend exhibits scheduled year-round.

Every first Friday of the month, the Blue Whole Gallery organizes public receptions to showcase the most recent artworks of the gallery’s artists.

So, if you’re an art lover, you should spend some time at this gallery.

Say Hi to the Waving Bears at the Olympic Game Farm

Animals in Olympic Game Farm

Danita Delimont /

The Olympic Game Farm is home to dozens of animals that are endemic to the country and those that come from Africa.

But the area was originally purchased as a dairy farm back in 1942 by Lloyd Beebe and was later converted into a zoo.

The property then caught Walt Disney’s attention which later on became the main sight for their nature documentaries.

Animals in Olympic Game Farm

Danita Delimont /

It’s also where Disney’s famous waving bears were filmed.

Aside from bears, the farm is also home to deers, foxes, cougars, elk, zebras, bison, peacocks, and a whole lot more.

Today, the farm is a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike in Sequim.

Of course, they never forget to pass by the Grizzly bears that wave their huge paws at visitors.

Animals in Olympic Game Farm

The Old Major /

Munch and Shop at the Sequim Farmers and Artisans Market

The famous farmers and artisans’ market in Sequim has a collection of around 60 vendors that offer delicious farm-to-table food and locally-made products.

To add excitement, the venue has live musical performances from local artists, and ultimately, the market is full of activities year-round.

Thus, you shouldn’t miss visiting there to eat, shop and be one with the locals.

Visiting there is a great experience because of the community’s hospitality and the unique products to buy from local artisans.

Furthermore, your purchases also support the small family businesses that make up most of the market’s regular vendors from Sequim and parts of the Olympic Peninsula.

Hit the Jackpot at the 7 Cedars Casino

The 7 Cedars Casino is a small-town gambling facility that manages to offer a wonderful experience for its patrons.

If you want a different kind of entertainment in Sequim, this casino is the best place for you.

Aside from table games, poker, slot machines, and bingo, the casino is also packed with live entertainment scheduled on its calendar.

In addition, the casino also has special offers and tournaments, making each night extra exciting.

Despite being situated in a quaint community, this casino boasts an upscale atmosphere featuring new and sophisticated machines.

Be Part of Rich Tradition & History at the New Dungeness Light Station

This iconic lighthouse in Sequim witnessed countless fires, battles, and shipwrecks after opening in 1857.

Despite the test of time, the New Dungeness Light Station stood firm to its ground.

After more than a century, the lighthouse remained a crucial navigational guide to ships that pass through the Strait of San Juan de Fuca.

What makes this lighthouse an iconic historical landmark in Sequim is its tradition.

Until today, families are allowed to be lighthouse keepers for weeks which most lighthouses in the United States don’t have.

The lighthouse earned its much-deserved recognition by being listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993

When you’re in Sequim, the New Dungeness Light Station is situated about five miles before you reach the tip of the Dungeness Spit.

If you want to become part of its rich tradition, you can sign-up to become a member of its lighthouse keepers through the New Dungeness Lighthouse Association.

Discover Rare Wildlife Species at the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

View of Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Checubus /

This popular attraction in Sequim is situated just beside the Juan de Fuca Strait.

It has a vast 700 plus acres of protected land that is sprawling with wildlife.

The area is also home to more than 250 species of animals, so always bring your camera or binoculars for wildlife sightseeing.

View of Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Danita Delimont /

In addition, the management of the refuge also provides educational tours at their interpretation center for visitors to further understand the local wildlife and nature.

Outdoor activities such as hiking and trail running are also popular there for both visitors and locals.

Spoil Yourself With Delicious Food at the Famous Dockside Grill

The Dockside Grill is situated at the popular John Wayne Marina.

The restaurant is famous for having both a scenic waterfront and delicious seafood and steak.

Not too long ago, the restaurant opened in 2007, but it already built a tasty reputation in Sequim as one of the most recommended restaurants to dine in.

If you need more convincing, the Dockside Grills is Olympic Peninsula’s first restaurant to get nominated for the “Best Steakhouse” in a popular Washington lifestyle magazine.

Before heading there, always remember to book a table in its main dining room to enjoy its wonderful atmosphere.

But, if you value privacy, you can book private dining rooms also.

The restaurant’s most popular items on its menu are the bouillabaisse that is filled with delicious seafood.

Other specialties include portobello mushroom Ravioli and their crab & shrimp stuffed mushrooms.

Don’t forget to choose the restaurant’s extensive list of wine and cocktail drinks to pair it with your delicious meal.

Indulge in Good Wine at the Olympic Peninsula Wineries

Comprised of eight outstanding wineries and cideries, this popular attraction in the Olympic Peninsula regularly holds wine tours.

It covers the cities of Sequim, Port Townsend, Nordland, and Port Angeles.

If you want to taste excellent wines from these eight award-winning winemakers, their wine tour is the perfect activity for you.

Their wine and ciders are made from the harvested grapes on Washington’s eastern great vineyards.

While others harvest their grapes from their vineyards on the mountain slopes.

Each bottle of wine from these winemakers follows traditional methods to produce top-quality wins in Washington state.

If you want to tickle your tastebuds, experience hospitality, and appreciate the artisan way of winemaking, the Olympic Peninsula Wineries wine tour is one of the best things to do.

Witness the Oceans of Lavender in Sequim’s Lavender Farms

View of Sequim's Lavender Farms

© Steven Pavlov /

Another great thing you shouldn’t miss visiting in Sequim is its vast lavender farms that turn valleys into a sea of purple from the lavender farms.

To fully enjoy the experience, sign up with the Sequim Lavender Trail, which offers a tour around the vast lavender farms around Sequim and nearby cities.

The tour aims to promote Sequim’s agritourism efforts by showcasing the lavender farms.

View of Sequim's Lavender Farms

© Steven Pavlov /

The lavender farms are so huge it covers parts of the Dungeness Valley along the Olympic Peninsula.

If you want to bring home something, head to the shops of either of the farms along the Sequim Lavender Trail and buy products made from their lavender essential oil.

Get Captivated of Pioneer Memorial Park’s Beauty

This four-acre park boasts Sequim’s unassuming natural beauty.

Pioneer Memorial also features man-made grounds of well-manicured grass and a beautiful clubhouse of the Sequim Prairie Garden Club.

It first opened first in 1951, and it instantly became the favorite place for locals and visitors alike to hang out.

If you want to discover the park further, it has an arboretum that features Garry oak trees and lush green vegetation.

If you’re tired of strolling around, it also has a picnic area and benches, while the clubhouse serves as an event venue for different occasions.

Chow Mouthwatering Food at the Blondie’s Plate

Sequim is home to numerous restaurants that serve delicious food, and one of them is Blondie’s Plate.

Aside from Dockside Grill, you should try the food at Blondie’s Plate that serves farm-to-table ingredients from local farmers of Sequim.

Everyone knows that freshly harvested ingredients always bring out the best flavor of the dish.

Thus, list down Blondie’s Plate on your itinerary in Sequim to try their famous lamb shank drizzled with its signature tomato broth and the Hama Hama pan-fried oysters.

Before heading there, be sure to book a reservation since the area is packed with locals and tourists always.

Immerse in Nature With the Dungeness River Audubon Center

This attraction in Sequim serves as the lone rural center in the entire Washington state.

The Dungeness River Audubon Center is also the only one that has a Native American partner.

It means that its program is geared towards the preservation of the Dungeness River and protecting the environment and its wildlife.

Visiting the center lets you experience day tours and programs that teach you to immerse yourself in nature.

Their program is also perfect for groups and families.

The center, located adjacent to the Dungeness River, is just a stone’s throw away from the awesome Olympic Discovery Trail.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Shred Some Snow at the Hurricane Ridge

View of Deers in Hurricane Ridge

nathaniel gonzales /

Hurricane Ridge is part of the Olympic National Park, which is about 35 minutes’ drive away from Sequim.

It is a popular destination every winter because of its snow-capped mountains, perfect for snowboarding and skiing.

Aside from the fun-filled activities it offers during winter, it is transformed into a camping ground during summer.

View of Deers in Hurricane Ridge

nathaniel gonzales /

The ridge sits atop the Olympic National Park’s mountain ranges with a 1,598-meter elevation or 5,242 feet.

Driving along the ridge already rewards you with a scenic view of the mountain ranges, plus wildlife is also frequently seen there.

Final Thoughts

Sequim is the perfect reason for you not to travel abroad to experience nature, food, arts, and a whole lot of other spectacular things.

Sequim is your perfect travel adventure that is very close to home.

With so many great things to do there, you are already guaranteed a memorable stay there.

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