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26 Best Things to Do in Port Angeles, WA

  • Published 2023/03/27

Located in the state of Washington, Port Angeles has it all, from picturesque trails that connect people to nature to beaches where the sun seems never to go down.

Hurricane Ridge, located inside Olympic National Park, gives a bird’s-eye view of the entire region that completely stupefies people with its beauty.

Those who love the great outdoors will surely fall in love with this city, which is home to majestic waterfalls, stunning lakes, and a lot more natural attractions.

Port Angeles is a city of wonder, as it contains many geographical features and several adventurous activities.

Here are the best things to do in Port Angeles, Washington:

Hike to the Majestic Marymere Falls

Scenic view of Marymere Falls

Marisa Estivill /

Located within the premises of Olympic National Park, Marymere Falls attracts the eyes of the tourists with its majestic presence.

To reach the falls site, visitors need to walk a long dirt trail, which only adds to the fun.

View of the Marymere Falls from the forest

Amanda Wayne /

The waterfall is 90 feet high and is definitely a sight to behold.

This is a prominent spot for a photography session as it is also easily accessible; hence, carrying equipment would not be an issue.

Numerous connected trails are scattered around this area, and visitors are welcome to explore them.

Nature trail of Marymere Falls

Nina B /

Admire the Views from Hurricane Ridge

Aerial view of the Hurricane Ridge

bjul /

Hurricane Ridge is located in Olympic National Park and offers a scenic view of the park due to its altitude.

Seventeen miles need to be covered from the main center of the city to reach the top.

Along the way, there are many campgrounds and lush green views that are appreciated by the tourists.

There is a Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center that provides tourists with essentials such as a map of the place, brochures, and camping advice.

A park ranger discussing Hurricane Ridge weather to tourists

Ken Schulze /

The center also provides restrooms, exhibits, and presentations to understand the surroundings better.

The entire area is scattered with picturesque trails, which gives locals and tourists the locals and visitors an opportunity to experience the gift of nature in all its tranquility.

The winter season offers a different but equally unique view of the snow-capped mountains.

During the fall season, uphill traffic is allowed from Friday to Sunday.

Hurricane Ridge Ski and Snowboard Area arrange sledding and snowshoeing.

Beautiful wildflowers along Hurricane Ridge

tusharkoley /

Take a Bath in the Natural Hot Springs at Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

Exterior of Sol Duc Hot Springs

S. Winter /

Nature has a way of making its presence felt, one of the most interesting being in the form of natural hot springs.

Located south of Lake Crescent, the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort is considered to have the best hot springs in Washington.

It resides within the premises of Olympic National Park, and the beauty of the place attracts visitors.

The Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort offers the visitors an opportunity to book a night’s stay and appeals with its rustic decor.

The resort has three mineral hot pools and a freshwater pool, both of which can be accessed by guests and the public.

Sol Duc Falls is another site to visit, as it is well known for its scenic view.

A number of trails surround this area and provide outdoor adventure.

Catch a Glimpse of Beautiful Whales

The waters of Port Angeles Harbour

Dee Browning /

It is not just anywhere that people get to observe one of the earth’s largest mammals.

Port Angeles is Washington’s renowned whale sighting spot.

Several kinds of whales, such as minke, humpback, gray whale, and orca, make themselves known throughout the year.

The Whale Trail, Salt Creek Recreation Area, and Tongue Point are internationally acclaimed whale watching sites.

Guided tours are conducted by different popular boating companies in the area.

Take a Boat Ride on Lake Crescent

Gorgeous sunset reflecting on Lake Crescent

Checubus /

Olympic National Park houses another gem in its area.

Lake Crescent has a natural appeal with its crystal clear water and scenic view.

This is one of the most prominent spots for picnics and romantic outings.

Non-motored boats are used to give a tour of the lake.

Empty kayaks on Lake Crescent's shore

Sveta Imnadze /

At both ends of the lake, there is a public dock.

This is also a favorite spot among hikers, as the trails provide scenic views, especially the view of the splendid Marymere Falls.

Lake Crescent Lodge is loaded with historical significance and has a beautiful stone fireplace and warm setting, perfect for spending a cozy night.

The calm waters of Lake Crescent

Dmitri Kotchetov /

Enjoy the Great Outdoors at Ediz Hook

Rocky shoreline at Ediz Hook

Underawesternsky /

The shoreline of Port Angeles has a crescent-shaped sand spit that is famously called “the Hook” or “the Spit,” but its official name is Ediz Hook.

The specialty of the place is that it gives a spectacular view of Port Angeles with Mount Olympic as its backdrop.

The hook protects the shoreline from rough waves, making it suitable for kayaking and canoeing.

Sunset over Ediz Hook

Mike Denny /

On clear and cloudless days, the shoreline of Port Angeles appears like a painted picture.

A bicycle ride along Ediz Hook Road is a must; connected trails are also available.

Numerous water activities are available in this area that might win the heart of an adrenaline junkie.

You can go scuba diving, ride motorized vehicles, go paddle boating, and more.

Learn about Unique Marine Creatures at the Feiro Marine Life Center

The Feiro Marine Life Center is located near the Olympic Coast Discovery Center and gives a glimpse of a plethora of marine creatures that are native to the region.

The museum opened to the public in 1892.

There are touch tanks and aquariums that are filled with seawater from the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Since its establishment, the museum has aimed to educate its visitors and provide them with hands-on experiences.

Guided tours, exhibits and lectures are conducted by ocean experts who give detailed accounts of the marine species and its habitat.

Some of the unique marine creatures present in the center are hermit crabs, giant pacific octopuses, starfish, and sea cucumbers.

Sunbathe at Rialto Beach

Sea stacks at Rialto Beach

Marina Poushkina /

Port Angeles has a plethora of geographical features ranging from mountains to beaches, which draws tourists to the city.

It faces the Pacific Ocean, and the 70-mile-long coastline is part of the Olympic National Park; hence it is well protected.

View from under a stone arch at Rialto Beach

Pierre Leclerc /

Rialto Beach is one of the most sorted beaches in the country because of the mesmerizing view of the Olympic National Park.

Situated near the Mora Park area, it has a classic view of the golden beach and the mysterious forest.

There are very many beaches in Port Angeles; the southern beaches are more tranquil, while the northern beaches are more rugged in nature.

Tall trees at Rialto Beach

Mariusz S. Jurgielewicz /

Get a Taste of Local Wine at Harbinger Winery

Harbinger Winery is a true gem of the Olympic Peninsula as it captures the true essence of Olympic in its enigmatic wine bottles.

The tasting room of the winery is alive with entertainment and music where visitors can have a taste of local wine and local food.

The interior of the winery has warm tones, rich wooden decor, and barrels, which add to the aura of the place.

Go on a Luxurious Cruise Tour with Black Ball Ferry Line

Black Ball Ferry cruising the waters

Underawesternsky /

Black Ball Ferry Line offers a luxurious tour of Washington, British Columbia, and Victoria.

The company recently celebrated its 60 years in this line of business.

The Black Ball Ferry loading up vehicles

Underawesternsky /

It gives an impressive tour of all the highlights of Port Angeles.

Visitors of all ages can board the cruise, and the guided tour lasts for nearly two hours.

Far view of the Black Ball Ferry

Max Lindenthaler /

Check Out the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

Once owned by Esther and Charles Webster, the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center was modified by the famous architect Paul Hayden Kirk to turn it into his personal studio.

The eye-catching structure is made of brass, timber, and plates.

People visit the art center to marvel at Kirk’s architectural brilliance.

There is a wooden structure park within the premises of the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center that houses the work of several renowned artists.

Experience Nature along the Olympic Discovery Trail

The Olympic Discovery Trail starts at La Push and ends at Port Townsend.

It covers a distance of 120 miles on the north side of the Washington Olympic Peninsula.

The trail was built on a neglected road by three cyclists so that people could be one with nature without any modern diversions.

No automatic or motorized vehicles are allowed on this trail, but the best way to explore the trails is with the help of a bicycle.

Currently, the trail has paved roads, bicycle paths, and gravel roads.

The Olympic Discovery Trail also leads the way toward the spectacular lavender Field of Sequim.

Some destinations that are must-sees while traveling through this trail are a lighthouse, Railroad Bridge Park, Lake Crescent, and Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge.

See the Remains of Elwha Dam

Daytime view of Elwha Dam

J Daracunas /

Port Angeles gives visitors the chance to explore the remains of a broken dam in all its glory.

The Elwha Dam used to tower over the entire landscape as it was 180 feet high.

Aerial view of Elwha Dam

Ben Cody, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The dam was demolished and removed in the year 2012 so that the river could be restored to its original state and it could take its own course.

Some remains of the dam are present at the site, which attracts the attention of visitors.

The drive to this dam is quite pleasant and scenic.

Go Biking along the Spruce Railroad Trail

Scenic view along Lake Crescent Trail

Jeremy Janus /

Port Angeles is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers as it has a plethora of trails.

The Spruce Railroad Trail is frequented by both bikers and hikers, and it is said to be at least four miles long.

It has a picturesque view as it runs parallel to Lake Crescent; hence, it is also popularly known as the Lake Crescent Trail.

Spruce Railroad Trail's tunnel

Sara Valenti /

The trail can be accessed easily and has a head at either of its ends.

Moreover, the trail is suitable for both beginner and expert hikers as the ground is properly leveled.

While walking through the trail, the visitors can also visit the bridge on top of Mcfee Tunnel, Devils Punch Bowl Bay, and Harrigan Point.

Spend a Relaxing Day at Clallam Bay Spit Community Beach County Park

Birds flying over Clallam Bay

sallystap /

Clallam Bay Spit Community Beach County Park covers an area of 33 acres.

Locals and tourists who are interested in birdwatching visit this beach as it provides them with an opportunity to interact with the animals in close quarters.

It is particularly a favorite site of the ornithology aficionados.

The beach is also frequently visited by marine animals, which makes it even merrier.

Apart from animal and bird sightings, the beach is a prominent place for swimming and sunbathing.

It has a picnic area for family gatherings and perfectly maintained restrooms,, making it a perfect place to relax and enjoy a day out.

Watch the Sunset at the Port Angeles City Pier

View of the sunset sky from Port Angeles City Pier

Checubus /

The Port Angeles City Pier is a great place for summertime activities.

It’s got easy access with incredible views of the ocean and the sunset.

It even houses a publicly accessible tower for whale watching season.

Crabbing from the pier is popular in the spring and summer, as are fishing trips.

View deck of Port Angeles City Pier

Angela Dukich /

In addition, you can even watch the Black Ball ferry come and go.

Most importantly, visitors love looking at the snow peaks in the Olympic Mountains behind Port Angeles.

Near the pier, you’ll find restrooms, a science center, and some fantastic murals.

The most popular attraction is the observation tower.

Climb to the top and get an amazing view of the Olympic Mountains!

View of Port Angeles City Pier's observation tower

Checubus /

Attend the Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival

Through the tradition of the Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival, residents from all over the Peninsula come together to better understand the land, the Native American heritage, and a range of environmental issues.

Exquisite and satisfying food, drinks, and live music are served at the festival.

The First Fed Crab Central Tent hosts this event near the Gateway Pavilion on the City Pier.

There are other attractions and forms of entertainment during the festival on the pier, such as crab-to-go (whole cooked Dungeness crab ready to eat).

You can also watch the US Coast Guard Air-Sea Rescue demonstration during the festival.

During this time, a 5K Fun Run and a demonstration from the Port Angeles Rowing Association also take place.

The Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival is usually held every October, and admission is always free!

Pop in for a Show at the Port Angeles Community Players

The Port Angeles Community Players have provided the community with creativity and entertainment for more than 65 years.

A lot of community effort went into building the Port Angeles Community Playhouse, which one can now visit at Lauridsen Boulevard after it came into being in 1971.

The Port Angeles Community Players have entertained over 100,000 people throughout their storied history.

They’ve managed to stage more than 350 musicals, dramas, and comedies.

Their productions involved hundreds of people in every step of the process.

The Port Angeles Community Players have received numerous praises for their exceedingly funny plays and phenomenal actors.

Visit the Seasonal Tasting Rooms at Camaraderie Cellars

Camaraderie Cellars is your premier destination for a Port Angeles wine adventure.

For more than 25 years, this winery has offered wine varietals in different flavors.

Its top-of-the-line scenery and its luscious gardens onsite only add to the high-class winery experience it promises.

Some of its amenities include an outdoor fire pit and detailed sculptures.

Its tasting room is open seasonally, so be sure to check it out if your schedule aligns.

This winery also hosts special events throughout the year, like fire pit get-togethers.

You can find Camaraderie Cellars along Benson Road.

Wander along Forested Pathways at Peabody Creek Trail

Add a bit of spice to your usual family bonding with a hike across Peabody Creek Trail.

This short trail spans about 5.6 miles on a roundtrip.

Its route winds down a wooded ravine and a canopied forest.

This is why the spot is ideal for a bit of tree studying.

Spot big leaf maples and cedar trees, all while enjoying the sounds of the rushing creek overhead.

This trail is also ideal for hikers of all expertise levels, casual strollers, and even families.

So, note this attraction on your itinerary.

Peabody Creek Trailhead is on the outskirts of Port Angeles at the Olympic National Park Visitors Center.

Unwind with Views of the Sea at 9/11 Memorial Waterfront Park

There’s no better way to spend your break than at 9/11 Memorial Waterfront Park for some self-reflection.

True to its name, this park features majestic views of the harbor.

Its active area has play structures for children and picnic areas overlooking green spaces.

And at the center of this park stands a monument that pays tribute to the service men and women of the tragic events of 9/11.

There’s also a statue of a seal, so get your cameras ready!

If you’ve visited Port Angeles years in the past, you may remember the name Francis Street Park, which was 9/11 Memorial Waterfront Park’s original name.

This park provides access to the Olympic Discovery Trail on North Francis Street.

Host a Rustic Party at Elwha Klallam Heritage Center

Got a major celebration coming up?

Host it at Elwha Klallam Heritage Center.

This tribal event venue offers rentals for three of its rooms.

Make sure your wedding reception is as memorable as possible by spending it at the center’s Great Hall.

If you’re preparing an intimate gathering, the Art Room (Raven’s Edge) may do the trick.

And lastly, for your formal and semi-formal events, the center is ready with its Conference Room (Eagle’s Nest).

What makes this center a cut above the rest is the taste of culture it offers.

From its outdoor copper sculpture to its interior tribal decor, Elwha Klallam Heritage Center never disappoints.

Book your next event at this center on East 1st Street.

Learn More about Tribal Villages at Elwha Klallam Museum at the Carnegie

On South Lincoln Street, Elwha Klallam Museum at the Carnegie tells the story of the tribal village of č̕ixʷícən.

This restored library building is home to various artifacts of the long-ago tribe.

Some of these artifacts have been in use since the BC period up until the 1930s.

The museum also brings to life the events that happened before and after the Elwha River Dam removal project.

Embark on a unique historical excursion at Elwha Klallam Museum at the Carnegie; you won’t regret it!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Surround Yourself with a Sea of Lavender

The gorgeous Sequim Lavender Fields

RF Clark /

The neighboring city of Sequim is known to be the “Lavender Capital of North America” for all the right reasons.

Even though it has several breathtaking sights, the sight of rows and rows of lavender is as perfect and splendid as a painted picture.

Located 18 miles away from the main center of Port Angeles, Sequim is just a bike ride away via the Olympic Discovery Trail.

A wooden chair surrounded with lavenders at Sequim

Danita Delimont /

The weather condition supports the growth of lavender, which is mainly cultivated by local farmers and their families.

The best time to visit the farms is during the month of July, as it is the blooming season.

The Washington Lavender Festival occurs during this period, along with several other small events.

Close view Sequim's lavender

Trong Nguyen /

Visit a Recreational Center

Sunset illuminating the Salt Creek Recreational Area

Jo McGuire /

Salt Creek Recreation Area is one of the best places to enjoy outdoor activities near Port Angeles.

It is located 15 miles west of Port Angeles.

The park covers an area of 200 acres and was a military base camp called Camp Hayden during the Second World War.

Nature trail at Salt Creek Recreation Area

Jo McGuire /

Presently, the park has immense historical significance as it contains the ruins of the forts built during the 1940s.

Apart from this, it is also a prominent spot for a day out as it has a basketball field, a picnic shelter, scenic hiking trails, a baseball field, camping sites, and horseshoe pits.

Daytime at Salt Creek Recreation Area

Danita Delimont /

Final Thoughts

Situated in the state of Washington, Port Angeles offers the finest natural attractions in the form of scenic hiking trails, pristine beaches, and awe-inspiring waterfalls.

Let this town be your next vacation destination, and use this list of the best things to do in Port Angeles for the best experience possible!

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