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20 Best Things to Do in Salem, NH

  • Published 2022/10/05

In New Hampshire’s Rockingham County is the town of Salem, located thirty miles from Boston.

Salem is a town that dates back to 1652 and spans around 67 square kilometers in size.

As of 2021, Salem has a population of 30,089 and is now one of the top ten populated towns in New Hampshire.

When describing the appeal of this town, there are plenty of sights and attractions you can visit, especially if you are into shopping.

From natural attractions to unique shops and an amusement park, you have a range of options in Salem.

Having that in mind, here are the 20 best things to do in Salem, NH:

Ride the Rollercoasters at the Canobie Lake Park

Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire

Vkelocity Images /

Enjoy a day of fun by visiting Canobie Lake Park and all of its attractions.

With a hundred years of existence under its belt, the amusement park features a variety of rides for you to try.

Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire

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From a seventy-two feet high rollercoaster to a range of water slides, there’s no shortage of fun.

Not only do you get to try multiple attractions, but the amusement park also offers different arcade and carnival games for you to play as well.

Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire

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If that isn’t enough, the amusement park also offers a selection of gift shops to browse and dining spaces to check out.

You can go to their website for further park details and purchase a ticket for the best time to visit.

Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire

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Make a Splash at Castaway Island

Located within Canobie Lake Park is what you can call a whole other park for you to enjoy.

That park location is called Castaway Island, and here, there is a wide array of water activities you can enjoy.

Whether you want to try out different slides or test out the interactive course, there are many ways you can splash around in this area.

Some notable attractions you can check out include a river you can bob around in, plus a spray area for the little ones to run around.

Once you’ve had your fun, you can take a break in one of the different drink or food stands in the area.

Consider Castaway Island as a fun tropical getaway when visiting the park, and check out the website for the best time to visit.

Explore the Trails at Salem Town Forest

Anyone who’s a fan of nature will want to check out the three hundred-plus acres of land of the Salem Town Forest.

In the Salem Town Forest, you’ll find a variety of trails that can accommodate different levels of hikers.

The trails are also great for strolls, cycling, or even riding a horse.

Another feature the forest provides is an option to do some hunting and fishing.

Other activities are available to try at this location, but you’ll need to fill out forms to do so.

Some of these activities that require authorization are camping and maple sugar sap collection.

To learn more about the options, you can check out the town’s website on who to contact.

Try Some Fishing at the Arlington Mill Reservoir

To further explore the outdoor activities options you can enjoy in Salem, head to the Arlington Mill Reservoir for some fishing.

Also known as Arlington Pond, this nature attraction provides not only some fishing spots you can try but also photo-worthy views to admire as well.

As a warm water fishery, there are only specific species of fish you’ll find at this location, some of them being smallmouth bass and bluegill.

The reservoir features over two hundred acres of land to explore and is open for visiting at any time.

Whether you want to try some fishing or enjoy rowing around the water, the Arlington Mill Reservoir is a beautiful spot to enjoy.

Experience a Salt Cave Treatment at Bien Soigne

Take a chance to unwind by booking a spa day with Bien Soigne.

You’ll be sure to get any beauty or relaxation needs covered by the wide range of services that Bien Soigne has to offer.

From hair styling to body treatments, there are plenty of ways you can get pampered at this location.

One unique feature you can check out when visiting this spa is the salt cave.

There are different service options you can try with the salt cave.

Not only that, there are different facilities you can experience as well.

If you are interested in what the spa can provide you, check out their website and consider making an appointment with them.

Aside from the spa services, Bien Soigne also holds different events and offers deals you can purchase on their website.

Check Out the Historical Organ at Methuen Memorial Music Hall

Historical Organ at Methuen Memorial Music Hall

Tneorg, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Methuen Memorial Music Hall is another beautiful historical site you can visit while in Salem.

As a venue that dates back hundreds of years, you’ll find plenty of history and stories involved with the music hall.

For any visitor, there is plenty to admire in this music hall, ranging from the architecture to the unique design of “The Great Organ.”

Featuring carvings of different figures and tall pipes with eye-catching paintings, you’ll surely remember this organ.

More than the different features you can admire in this venue, there is plenty of recitals, concerts, and other events you can enjoy as well.

To learn more about the different events held at the hall, you can check out their website for more details and purchase tickets online.

Listen to a Performance at the New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra, Inc.

If you are a fan of music, you can also head to the New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra, Inc. to listen to some classical music.

The New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra, Inc. is an orchestra that has been around since the 1900s and features a fair share of performances throughout the year.

From seasonal concerts to themed performances, the group offers a lot for any fan of orchestral music.

You’ll find all details on their performances on their website and allows for online ticket purchases as well.

In addition to the different shows you can book, the website also features a composition program you can join.

You can also provide donations for the orchestra if you are interested.

Paint a Portrait at Paint Party, LLC

Head to Paint Party, LLC, and have some fun with art by making a painting of your own.

The Paint Party, LLC is an art studio that provides different programs and classes for you to try.

Whether you want to paint with a group or want to try your hand at working with acrylics or other art mediums, Paint Party, LLC has a selection of options to accommodate you.

If you have no time to sit in for any classes or programs at the studio’s location, you have the option to order a set of materials you can pick up and check out their virtual options.

In addition to painting canvases, the studio also offers you the choice to paint other materials, such as glass and signs.

Reach the Sky with Infinity & Beyond Llc Hot Air Balloon Rides

Get a fantastic view of the city by booking an appointment with Infinity & Beyond Llc Hot Air Balloon Rides.

The hot air balloon service runs year-round and any day of the week but requires a reservation for any time slot.

You can float through the air for as long as an hour and fifteen minutes, not including the preparation process, and enjoy different seasonal views depending on the time you booked.

As a bonus for your trip through the sky, the staff offers you a glass of champagne once you land.

You’ll be sure to experience a fantastic service when booking a tour with Infinity & Beyond Llc Hot Air Balloon Rides.

Learn about Cigars at Two Guys Smoke Shop

For anyone interested in finding unique shops, the Two Guys Smoke Shop is the place to check out.

The Two Guys Smoke Shop is a cigar shop running for over thirty years and features a range of cigar options and accessories.

A few items you can purchase at this stay, aside from various cigar types, are cutters and humidors.

In addition to the array of cigar types and accessories, the store also offers a selection of air fresheners that include candles and sprays.

You can visit this store any day and check out their website for further product details.

Taste Local Brews and BBQ at Border Brewery

Are you into trying local drinks?

Then make a stop at the Border Brewery.

In this brewery, you’ll find a variety of ales and beers to try, along with some tender smoked barbeque.

Whether you are a fan of beer or not, you’re sure to receive a delicious meal with quality meat.

The brewery is open on Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends.

You can also order a meal from their website and pick it up from the eatery.

Either that or you can consider their catering services for an event.

Whatever you choose to do, Border Brewery provides an ideal stop for any food or drink lover.

Dig Into the History of America’s Stonehenge

View of America's Stonehenge

User: (WT-shared) Jtesla16 at wts wikivoyage, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every city has its tourist attraction, and for Salem, it is America’s Stonehenge.

What makes this attraction so unique is that after thousands of years, the stone structures in the area continue to stand, and the site itself has plenty for you to explore.

Both history and nature fans will have their share of exploration with the thirty acres of land on this site.

Even if you are neither history nor a nature fan, there are other features you can enjoy at this site.

America's Stonehenge during autumn

Stan Shebs, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One of them is the group of alpacas you can meet.

You can explore the site or visit the alpacas on any day.

Check out any other information on America’s Stonehenge website.

Go Shopping at The Mall at Rockingham Park

Food court at Rockingham Park

NWRGeek, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

While there are many different stores you can check out when visiting Salem, the best place to enjoy shopping is The Mall at Rockingham Park.

There is plenty of space in this mall you can explore with over a million square feet in size.

Featuring over a hundred stores you can peruse, The Mall at Rockingham Park is an ideal spot for extensive window shopping.

In addition to the multiple shops you can peruse, the mall offers a selection of dining places for you to enjoy, along with different deals and events.

The mall operates on weekdays and weekends and has a website you can explore for further information.

Play a Game at Campbell’s Scottish Highlands Golf Course

If you are a fan of golf, head over to the Campbell’s Scottish Highlands Golf Course to test out its course.

You can check out this golf course any day, but it would be best to make a booking first.

There are two sets of games you can try.

For some extra perks in your game, you can look out for course specials that occur during certain seasons and days.

You can also check out the course’s classes if you are unsure about your golf skills.

In addition to the golf course classes you can explore, some amenities include a store and eatery where you can take a break.

The best way to get a convenient time slot for you to play would be to make a booking on the golf course’s website.

Spend Some Time at the Field of Dreams Park

There are several parks you can visit in Salem, and one of them is the Field of Dreams Park.

The Field of Dreams Park offers different amenities for you to enjoy and a stand-out feature of this location is the wooden playground.

The park also provides a stage for different performances and a volleyball court for some casual games.

If you are looking to relax, there are also picnic areas for you to take a break and a selection of trails you can explore.

Simply put, Field of Dreams Park is a spot to visit for a short break and take in some nature and outdoor fun.

Pamper and Treat Yourself at the Sanctuary Salon & Spa

The Sanctuary Salon & Spa continually works to help its customers appear and feel at their best.

You will always feel great after receiving the diverse treatments they offer, thanks to their creative methods!

The spa provides assorted services, including massages, sophisticated skin care, waxing, nail care, tinting, and cosmetics.

Along with a variety of hair products, the salon offers services, including haircuts, coloring, and heart treatments.

Your demands for your aesthetic and wellness would be met by their skilled team of estheticians, therapists, beauticians, and skilled lash stylists.

Thanks to their highly educated and trained personnel and the most cutting-edge materials and technology, you can be positive that you’re acquiring the most thorough spa treatments and salon services.

Order a Cocktail at Cloud Lounge

In the heart of San Francisco, Cloud Lounge is a welcoming, relaxed well-liked lounge.

Its mission has been to provide drinks through a careful, extensive procedure that uses only the best ingredients to provide the most delectable and distinctive taste profiles possible since 2000.

Their drink menu provides a range motivated by regular freshness meeting delight.

Their alcoholic creations, which use seasonal ingredients and current flavors, are modeled after traditional cocktails.

Feel welcome to meet a buddy or two once you’ve browsed their constantly-changing spirit selections and given yourself some time to relax.

Enjoy the Scenery at Park View Inn

The Park View Inn is opposite Rockingham Race Track, in the center of Salem’s dining and tax-free shopping area.

The entertaining and fascinating Canobie Lake Park is close by.

Its recently restored guest rooms are tucked away among the grounds’ exquisite landscaping.

The Park View Inn provides Wireless Internet access, a complimentary HBO channel, a free breakfast, and more.

Each room has a coffee machine, cable Television, a fridge, and air conditioning.

For extended visits, Deluxe Rooms with kitchenettes are accessible.

Overall, the magnificent scenery, amenities, and top-notch service make a wonderful journey and a restful vacation at the Park View Inn.

Buy Handcrafted Items at Locally Handmade

Locally Handmade promotes local companies who produce handcrafted goods in one convenient place!

It is situated on the bottom of Salem, New Hampshire’s The Mall at Rockingham Park.

They offer the local population a regular craft fair opportunity where they may buy and sell their one-of-a-kind handcrafted items.

Raw honey, cotton candy with a maple flavor, maple candies, and more are all part of the featured assortment.

They provide a wide variety of goods, including food, kitchenware, home décor, apparel, jewelry, bags, and things for your pets and your health.

Don’t miss out on a wonderful day with your loved ones; go shopping all day for things you’ll need and want to save.

Have a Delicious Pasta at Trattoria Amalfi

Gerardo Cammarano’s Trattoria Amalfi, situated at the southern end of Route 28, is considerably more than a small restaurant amid a drab commercial center.

Traveling to Trattoria Amalfi, which is in its 13th year, is like traveling to Italy.

Visitors may escape their problems for a few hours for a quarter of the price by taking in the views, sounds, smells, and flavors that create the Mediterranean peninsula so unique.

Appetizers, Vitello, Gerardo’s Specialty Dishes, Seafood Dishes, Pasta Dishes, Specialty Pasta, and Side Orders are all available on their extensive menu.

For pasta lovers, try specialty dishes such as lobster ravioli, spinach ravioli, and fettuccine alfredo.

Savor delicious Italian food and outstanding quality service in a comfortable setting at Trattoria Amalfi.

Final Thoughts

Salem is a city that has plenty to offer for you.

Whether you want to enjoy some fun with a big attraction, such as the local amusement park, or want some relaxation, there’s always something different to do in this city.

From nature to arts, and different shops to try, there are various options you can explore in this city.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be sure to have fun.

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