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21 Best Things to Do in Derry, NH

  • Published 2023/03/22

Derry is a town and a famous tourist destination in Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

It is the most populous area in Rockingham County and the fourth most popular in the state, despite being a town rather than a city.

Explore wineries, award-winning museums, and theatres, and join a walking tour through history.

Here are the best things to do in Derry, NH:

Join Events at Robert Frost Farm State Historic Site

Exterior of the Robert Frost Farm State Historic Site

Craig Michaud at en.wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From 1900 to 1911, Robert Frost and his family lived at the Robert Frost Farm Historic Site.

Many of Frost’s poems take inspiration from his recollections of his Derry years.

The site hosts academic seminars, poetry readings, and a world-renowned poetry conference.

Living room of the Robert Frost Farm State Historic Site

Jane023, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Free seasonal programs are presented to the general public from May to October.

The Derry house of Robert Frost captivates tourists from around the world, almost 100 years after its most famous owner lived there.

He worked as a poet and chicken farmer on this modest plot in New Hampshire.

One of the bedrooms of Robert Frost Farm State Historic Site

Jane023, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Grab Lunch at T-BONES Great American Eatery

The T-BONES Great American Eatery opened in the 1900s.

It’s a traditional small restaurant that serves made-from-scratch American cuisine amid an engaging, welcoming, and family-friendly ambiance.

T-BONES has ten locations, including Bedford, Hudson, Salem, Laconia, Concord, Manchester, and Derry.

They make every sauce, soup, salad, and dessert in their kitchens.

You’ll find homemade potato chips, buffalo chicken egg rolls, French onion soup, Greek salad, Cajun chicken sandwich, and more.

Savor the ultimate food experience at T-BONES Great American Eatery!

See a Show at Stockbridge Theater

Stockbridge Theater is a modern high school auditorium featuring professional music, dance, and theater acts.

The theatre aims to create a student-friendly environment by providing carefully designed, participatory, and relevant learning experiences.

Stockbridge Theatre hosts a range of live music, theater, and dance productions.

In addition, Stockbridge hosts student performances.

Students and patrons will meet and engage with some of the most influential artists of the day.

Take Photos of the Taylor Mill State Historic Site

Taylor Mill State Historic Site is one of Derry’s exciting locations and tourist spots.

In 1799, Robert Taylor, the mill’s namesake, purchased the land and began running an “up and down” sawmill.

The park protects the Taylor Up and Down Sawmill, built in 1799.

The sawmill is open for tourists on weekends throughout the summer.

Grab your camera to capture some breathtaking pictures!

Visit the Derry Museum of History

Are you interested in Derry’s history?

The History Museum preserves and displays items and stories from Derry and the neighboring communities.

It’s also open to the public and offers free admission.

Tourists and locals may tour Derry and learn more about Derry’s fascinating history.

Discover Derry’s beginnings as Nutfield in the 1700s through astronaut Alan Shepard’s adventures.

Enjoy a Meal at MaryAnn’s Restaurant

MaryAnn’s Restaurant opened its doors in 1989 to provide its clients with the best service, handmade cuisine, and atmosphere.

They waited on their customers despite having no prior restaurant experience.

Mary Ann’s Diner believes that customers deserve the finest.

They invest in high-quality products to guarantee their customers get the unique taste they are known for.

The food portions in Mary Ann’s keep your stomach full and satisfied.

The Little Red Corvette Sandwich, roast turkey dinner, Florentine Benedict, marinated steak tip salad, and loaded veggie omelet are among MaryAnn’s Top Favorites.

Don’t miss out on dining at MaryAnn’s Diner, where you’ll find a wide variety of meals and a welcoming ambiance.

Taste Exquisite Vegan Wines at Appolo Vineyards

Appolo Vineyards has created exquisite vegan wines since 2012.

Mike Appolo, the winemaker and owner, has created a portfolio including dry whites, red wines, and sparkling roses.

Appolo Vineyards focuses on cold-climate grapes cultivated in no-spray vineyards and vegan wines made with little intervention.

Sample exceptional New Hampshire wines created on-site and visit their outdoor tasting room among the vines.

Join wine and food pairings, notable launches, live entertainment, yoga, and barrel tastings at Appolo Vineyards.

Appolo Vineyards is where you go for premium dry wines in the area.

See a Show at Tupelo Music Hall

Signage of Tupelo Music Hall

John Phelan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Tupelo Music Hall is a well-known performing arts venue that hosts music, comedy, and theatrical performances.

The Music Hall opened in September 2004 in a restored 1890s farmhouse in Londonderry, New Hampshire, to provide people with infrequent music shows.

It features nationally acclaimed performers amid a welcoming, relaxing, appealing, and intimate setting.

Tupelo Music Hall has two seating arrangements to suit various musicians in an intimate setting.

They try to deliver the best music experience by using state-of-the-art sound equipment in an acoustically superior location.

The Tupelo Music Hall should be on your list of things to do in Derry.

Walk around the MacGregor Park

Don’t forget to stop by MacGregor Park on your Derry trip.

Throughout the year, MacGregor Park hosts various unique events in Derry, including the famous Summer Concert Series, Derryfest, Memorial Day traditions, Adult Volleyball, and several more occasions.

The park features a large grassy area, a bandstand, and various Veteran Monuments.

You can also see beautiful memorials honoring Derry’s veterans, notably Derry’s latest monument devoted to veterans of the Iraq-Afghanistan war.

Make the most of your time in Derry by visiting MacGregor Park.

Enjoy a Drink with Your Friends at Kelsen Brewing Company

Kelsen Brewing Company is an award-winning New Hampshire artisan brewery that pushes conventional styles to their extremes.

The brewery began with a modest tasting room and two beers on tap.

It has grown to a restaurant featuring hand-tossed pizza and other small plates that can accommodate up to 60 people.

The owners of Kelsen Brewing make beer that they enjoy drinking and that craft beer fans are looking for.

If you enjoy complex malt characteristics, distinctive hop tastes, and aroma combinations, go to the Kelsen brewery.

Guest can try draft beers on tap at the brewery and their handcrafted pizzas.

Growlers, cans, and bottles of beer are also available for takeout.

Grab a drink at Kelsen Brewing Company.

Dine at On the Corner Grill

Since 2018, the On the Corner Grill has offered the best cuisine at cheap pricing.

They are just minutes from Hampstead, Plaistow, and Salem, New Hampshire.

The On the Corner Grill is among New Hampshire’s most fantastic restaurants, with a special menu and a pleasant lounge available for customers.

Try one of their dinner specials, a beverage, or a glass of wine.

There is a full bar, an espresso cafe, and comprehensive lunch and supper menus inside the restaurant.

This well-known restaurant in Derry is a great place to satisfy your food cravings.

Have a Great Time at Midgard Comics and Games

Midgard Comics and Games is a warm, clean, well-lit tourist spot in Derry where men and women of all ages get together and share their passion for their favorite pastimes.

They’re a leading retailer of comic books, board games, and collectible card games.

You can enjoy your favorite games, join a tournament, or browse their vast collection of comic books.

They created a welcoming place for all types of competitive and casual gaming.

People who enter Midgard Comics and Games leave with a smile.

Taste Wine at the Links at Labelle Winery

Wine is an intriguing beverage with a personality and a narrative to tell.

Amy LaBelle’s winemaking tradition continues, producing wines that showcase the richness of character in wine styles.

Their extensive wine assortment will satisfy your thirst for variety without sacrificing quality.

Every sip tells the narrative of LaBelle Winery.

LaBelle Winery has built visually stunning locations to enjoy some outstanding food and beverages.

Likewise, Americus at LaBelle Winery Derry serves modern farm-to-table cuisine and a full bar featuring LaBelle wines, mixed drinks, beer, and beverages.

The guests may also bring a piece of the winery to their homes, thanks to the Labelle Market.

It’s a terrific place to get economical, nutritious, and convenient wines, healthy eating options, and snacks.

Buy Fresh Food at Derry Homegrown Farm & Artisan Market

The Derry Homegrown Farm & Artisan Market is a one-of-a-kind market you and your family will enjoy.

Derry Homegrown’s purpose is to offer a long-term sustainable outlet for local farmers and artisans in Derry and the neighboring regions.

They want to build a thriving marketplace where people can buy locally produced fruit, meats, eggs, poultry, natural and grass-fed dairy, and the best-prepared dishes and baked products.

You can also find excellent handcrafted items that are finely produced for tables and home decor.

Their market will satisfy your stomach with nutritious local options and your soul with joy for supporting the people in the neighborhood.

Grab Dinner at La Carreta

La Caretta cooks all its meals carefully, giving them authentic tasteful flavors.

They are committed to providing excellent customer service, greeting you with a smile and serving you like family.

La Carreta wants you to have a good time, so they’ll go out of their way to make you feel more comfortable.

They prepare excellent meals for their clients using only the finest ingredients.

They prepare food to order daily, using unique recipes to build their sauces from scratch.

After a day of sightseeing in Derry, treat yourself to a beautiful meal at La Carreta.

Get a Massage at Tea Asian Bodywork Spa

Tea Asian Bodywork Spa is a massage and beauty spa dedicated to reducing stress, relieving chronic pain, and improving customers’ health and quality of life.

They offer affordable, tailored treatments to fulfill clients’ needs in a clean and relaxing environment.

Tea Asian Bodywork Spa has a modern Asian ambiance that will make your experience extremely relaxing and rejuvenating.

Come in for a quiet weekend by yourself or with friends.

Go on a Boat Ride Across Beaver Lake

Make your getaway to Derry more refreshing with a splash at Beaver Lake.

This 137-acre lake is about 2 miles away from the downtown area of Derry.

Its shallow shoreline makes it a good spot for some waterfront meditation and picnics.

This lake is home to several boat launches for the public.

Surrounding the lake are cottages and native foliage that only add beauty to the lake’s banks.

So, why not go on a water excursion while within the town?

Beaver Lake also provides access to Gallien’s Town Beach on Pond Road.

Learn About Downtown Derry’s Past with a Visit to the History Mural

Downtown Derry’s art scene is more vibrant than ever with the presence of its murals.

One such example within its list of murals is the History Mural.

This mural depicts the timeline of Derry’s most iconic buildings, from the First Parish Church in 1719 to the Adams Memorial in 1904.

Many come by this mural to take a picture with them and their pets, too.

You can find this mural at the exterior of Cask and Vine on East Broadway.

Don’t forget to bring a camera with you!

Sled Down the Hills at Alexander Carr Park During Winter

When you come by Derry during the winter season, don’t overlook a visit to Alexander Carr Park.

This public park features a sledding hill and snow equipment rentals for visitors.

One of its amenities includes an indoor lodge area pavilion with a concession stand and tables inspired by cafes.

If you’re lucky, you might just catch one of the events hosted at this park.

Some of these include the Frost Festival and Senior Citizen Luncheons.

You can visit this park during any other season, too!

Its famous facility is the 2003 skate park that highlights a street-level course with concrete obstacles.

Alexander Carr Park is behind Parkland Medical Center on Pierce Avenue.

Spot Wildlife While Biking Along the Derry Rail Trail

The Derry Rail Trail is a historic recreational trail that runs around the cities of Windham and Derry.

It runs along the former route of the Boston & Maine railroad.

This trail is ideal for both hikers and bikers, so if you prefer any of the two, you can have fun exploring the route.

Extending to over 3 miles, it offers you a closer view of Derry’s downtown center and natural areas.

Marvel at the colorful trees and foliage you pass by along your way.

You might even spot some herons and ducks greeting you as you pedal by.

One of the striking attractions you may encounter is the Lovers Leap Bridge that’s often shown in many Derry postcards.

The Derry Rail Trail starts on North High Street and ends on North Lowell Road in Windham.

Join Free Family-Friendly Events at the Annual Derry Frost Festival

The Derry Frost Festival offers a family-friendly set of activities unique to the town.

This annual event started in 1924 and has come a long way in the town’s tradition.

It celebrates the coming of the winter season, as well as pays a tribute to Robert Frost, who considered this town his home.

Some of the activities you can do include ice skating, sledding, and making ice sculptures.

Let your child have fun at the bounce houses and puppet shows.

The Derry Frost Festival takes place in various locations in the town, so keep your eyes peeled for open parks and centers.

Final Thoughts

Derry’s tourist attractions connect visitors to local history, satisfy tourist cuisine cravings, and strongly emphasize relaxation, leisure, and entertainment.

Between day and night, you may experience indoor and outdoor activities in Derry.

Eat at renowned restaurants, join museum tours, go farm market shopping, join winery visits, and more.

Book your trip to Derry today!

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