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15 Best Things to Do in Round Mountain, TX

  • Published 2022/08/17

Round Mountain is a small town in Blanco County, Texas.

The settlement once went by the name Birdtown to honor the area’s first settler, Joseph Bird.

As a decorated Civil War veteran, religious minister, county judge, rancher, postmaster, and community leader, he helped Blanco County grow.

In 1857, the town built a post office, which triggered a name change to Round Mountain.

A subtropical climate prevails in Round Mountain, with hot, muggy summers and often mild to chilly winters.

Experience small-town charm with the best things to do in Round Mountain, Texas!

Scout a Home with the Round Mountain Reserve

Round Mountain Reserve is a prominent homestead neighborhood featuring beautifully designed homesites at the foothills of Round Mountain.

Generations of the Ebeling family owned the 2,000-acre historic ranch, which combines the conveniences of opulent homesites with the outdoor pleasures of the countryside.

Round Mountain Reserve strikes a lovely balance between community and privacy thanks to its acres of communal open space for interaction and exploration.

Homeowners can explore nature in countless ways, such as gazing at the stars, hiking the trails, and admiring the wildflowers.

You can also search for fossils, fish in the ponds, have a picnic, and see wildlife!

If you’re scouting for your next home in the Texas Hill Country region, personalized guided tours can help you understand the residents’ lifestyles.

Explore the gently sloping hills, breathe fresh air, and admire the breathtaking scenery.

The Round Mountain Reserve might be the perfect place for you.

Go RV Camping at Cypress Creek RV Park

The privately run Cypress Creek RV Park is in the Texas Hill Country.

This 20-acre park in Round Mountain provides a relaxing, comfortable, and quiet camping experience.

The facility includes a propane refilling station for your cooking and heating needs.

Moreover, they have a bathhouse and a laundry room with coin-operated washing machines and dryers.

Cypress Creek RV Park offers sites that you can lease for the short and long term.

Enjoy a Drink at Tottie’s

Tottie’s is a bar and event space on seven acres of land in the rolling hills of Round Mountain.

You’ll find it inside a white-painted single-story building with a colorfully-painted Tottie’s logo in front.

It has indoor and outdoor seating, hanging lights, live music, and karaoke.

You’re guaranteed to have a good time at Tottie’s!

Drop by for some cold, delicious beer and other beverages while having a good conversation with peers.

Tottie’s is also the perfect venue for your next big party as they cater to birthdays, weddings, bachelorette parties, holidays, and other special events.

Visitors love the ambiance, drinks, and hospitality at Tottie’s, making it one of the best local bars in the area.

Book a Glamping Experience at Three Points Ranch

The Three Points Ranch stands on family-owned land, offering a popular location for group vacations in the Texas Hill Country.

Sleep in style in one of their six vintage Airstream caravans, or get cozy at the Sleeping Porch with four queen beds, electric blankets, and screened open-air windows.

Enjoy game nights, morning yoga, bike rides, and pool parties!

Dine under the stars, warm yourself up by the campfire, and treat yourself to some s’mores for a whole glamping experience!

Three Points Ranch welcomes you to visit and create lifelong experiences.

Take a weekend getaway or a week-long health retreat with your family and friends.

Shop Vintage Furniture at the Library@Big Iron

The Library@Big Iron is one of the exciting locations you can find at Road Mountain.

This place sells vintage furniture and lets you enjoy drinks from local distilleries and vineyards.

Find a unique piece of furniture or glassware, read a book from the shelves, or play a game of pool.

Then, enjoy your favorite whiskey and wine.

The rustic barn-like setting makes for a terrific casual and affordable hang-out spot.

The Library@Big Iron offers tastings monthly with drinks from Texas Hill Country distilleries, craft breweries, and vineyards.

See Joseph Bird’s Log Cabin

Joseph Bird founded Birdtown, known today as Round Mountain.

In 1854, he built a log cabin in the area.

See a piece of history by taking a quick visit to see Joseph Bird’s Log Cabin.

Joseph, his wife Eliza, and their extended family lived in the log cabin.

Some portions of the house date back to the 1880s.

Later, the town joined two-single pen cabins to create a dogtrot cottage with limestone chimneys on both ends of the roof.

The construction of both cabins involved different methods and happened in different eras.

In 2005, Joseph Bird’s Log Cabin became a Texas historical landmark in 2005.

Taste Rum at Round Mountain Distilling

Round Mountain Distilling is a small distillery in Round Mountain specializing in rum cocktails.

They produce premium Texas rum in-state using sugarcane from Texas.

Likewise, they create triple-distilled and oak-barreled rum in small batches to ensure quality.

You can join a private tour and have a conversation with the distillers if you ask!

Round Mountain Distilling is a must-visit if you love rum or want to explore alcoholic beverages.

Trade Your Vehicle at CarsBikesBoats

CarsBikesBoats is a vehicle dealer providing good quality construction, contracting, and trading in unique and extraordinary automobiles.

They have operated for around 30 years, serving the Austin and Central Texas region.

They buy and sell various classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars, trucks, sports cars, Harley Davidsons, and even Indian motorcycles.

Likewise, they offer carefully selected boats, trailers, parts, and construction equipment.

Their automobiles include projects to exhibition cars!

You can also ask them to find your dream car, and restore or customize it to your requirements.

Otherwise, you can ask CarsBikesBoats to help you find a buyer for any vehicles you wish to sell.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Tour the Exotic Resort Zoo

The Exotic Resort Zoo is in Johnson City, Texas, 11 minutes from Round Mountain.

It’s the ideal destination for some family-friendly fun!

In 1995, Dennis and Marilyn Bacque discovered the perfect retirement place and decided to start the Exotic Resort Zoo.

They wanted to turn the 137-acre property into a private retreat.

However, when Marilyn took home a Canadian elk calf named Dottie, plans changed.

Thanks to Dottie, Dennis and Marilyn decided to tour the country in search of new animals to keep the calf company.

They acquired more than a hundred exotic animals in a few months!

The zoo currently has around 700 animals with more than 45 species.

Explore the park at your leisure or take one of the few available tour options.

Join drive-through and private guided tours to learn about the zoo’s conservation efforts.

The Exotic Resort Zoo also offers accommodations, with eight safari cabins open for overnight stays year-round.

Join the Blanco County Fair and Rodeo

Welcome to the Blanco County Fair and Rodeo!

The Blanco County Fair and Rodeo celebrates more than 90 years of fun activities for the residents and visitors of Blanco County.

Check out the exhibits, livestock shows, roping, rodeo, tractor pull, street parade, and more!

Founded in 1930, the Blanco County Fair & Rodeo Association manages the Blanco County Fair and Rodeo.

They aim to further citizens’ education, celebrate, and conserve the region’s rich agricultural and western legacy for present and future generations.

You can find the fair in Johnson County, ten minutes from Round Mountain.

Visit the Pedernales Falls State Park

Scenic sunset over Pedernales Falls State Park

JB Manning /

Along the banks of the Pedernales River is the 5,212-acre Pedernales Falls State Park in Blanco County.

Pedernales Falls State Park offers tons of activities that will create lifelong memories for everyone!

This park is in Johnson City, 28 minutes from Round Mountain.

Limestone steps at Pedernales Falls State Park trail

BrigitteT /

See the Pedernales Falls from the picturesque viewpoint at the park’s north end, where waterfalls crash on layered and tilted steps of limestone.

Experts believe that the limestone are over 300 million years old.

Observe the typical wildlife of Texas Hill Country, including coyotes, armadillos, white-tailed deer, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, and skunks.

Try to catch the fish in the Pedernales River like the bass, catfish, carp, and sunfish.

Spot over 150 species of birds, including doves, ravens, herons, vultures, owls, quails, western scrub jays, and rufous-crowned sparrows.

Then, explore wooded areas of elm, pecan, sycamore, hackberry, and walnut.

Wildflowers along a trail at Pedernales Falls State Park

Natalia Silyanov /

Go camping on one of their campsites (primitive or electrified) to make the best of your time.

You can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, picnicking, geocaching, bird watching, horseriding, tubing, and swimming!

Bring your family to the Pedernales Falls State Park!

Small waterfall at Pedernales Falls State Park

Daniel Mullins /

Learn New Things at the Science Mill

Explore the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) world at the Science Mill in the heart of Johnson City.

This place is 12 minutes from Round Mountain.

The Science Mill is a family attraction that provides an engaging learning environment for people of all ages through exhibits, games, and activities based on cutting-edge technology.

Put your kids on the road to a lifelong career in the STEM fields by giving inspiration and sparking their curiosity.

The Science Mill is inside an 1880 feed mill that ceased operations after over a century.

In 2012, the Science Mill bought the historic mill was bought and turned it into its current version, which opened in 2015.

They have preserved and repurposed most of the 17,000-square-foot historic mill and its silos.

This design represents the mill’s dynamic transformation from a site of industrial production to a venue that can generate future science leaders.

Watch a Show at the Hill Country Community Theatre

A small group of friends from Horseshoe Bay passionate about live theater founded the Hill Country Community Theatre (HCCT).

Since it began in 1985, HCCT has produced more than 200 plays and other special events, selling more than 7,000 tickets annually.

You can find this theater in Cottonwood Shores, Texas, 15 minutes from Round Mountain.

The theater attracts participants, spectators, and volunteers across the Texas Hill Country.

HCCT’s primary goal is to offer and promote high-quality theatrical events and programs that engage audiences, impart knowledge, and foster community involvement.

Watch their Annual Talent Show, a fun event that showcases a variety of local talent.

Otherwise, consider enrolling your kids in their Youth Summer Theatre Program!

The Hill Country Community Theater schedules shows every year.

Grab the chance to see one whenever you visit Round Mountain or nearby Texas Hill Country district areas.

Share Wine with Friends at Texas Hills Vineyards

Signage of Texas Hills Vineyards

JustPixs /

Texas Hills Vineyards believes in the motto: “Wine to Share with Friends.”

Texas Hills Vineyards serves award-winning wines and aims to make your experience one of the best you’ve ever had.

You can find it in Johnson City, 14 minutes from Round Mountain.

Developed in 1995, the vineyard now spans 25 acres in sandy loam soil over clay at an altitude of 1,193 feet, ideal for cultivating grapes.

Vineyard at Texas Hills Vineyards

Jon Lebkowsky from Austin, Texas, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Take a tour of the vineyard nestled on rolling hills reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside!

After the tour, visit the rammed earth-built tasting room, learn more about wines, and share good quality wine with friends!

Rent a Boat at Lake LBJ Yacht Club & Marina

Lake LBJ Yacht Club & Marina is Highland Lake’s most famous and easily accessible marina, near the famous Horseshoe Bay Resort.

This place is in Horseshoe Bay, 18 minutes from Round Mountain.

Boat slip tenants can access their boats anytime at this full-service marina.

Guests may charter one of their 150-HP motor boats for more boating power.

For extended visits, you can stay in the luxurious rental cabins on a grassy area overlooking the lake and the marina.

The beautifully maintained 20-acre grounds grow lovely at dusk and dawn when it’s always serene and calm.

The Lake LBJ Yacht Club & Marina is much more than a marina.

It’s a place where families come for pleasure!

Final Thoughts

Round Mountain is full of surprises!

As part of the Texas Hill Country, the town is close to natural parks, preserves, vineyards, and wineries.

With this list of the best things to do in Round Mountain, you should make the most of your trip to this part of the Lone Star State.

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