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21 Best Things to Do in Sherman, TX

  • Published 2022/09/15

Are you looking for a trip that will give you a unique experience you’ve never had before?

Want to visit different museums that will give you a lot of new knowledge and discoveries?

If you answered yes to all these questions, adding Sherman, TX to your next vacation trip is the best thing to do, whether traveling alone or with your friends and family.

You might think that Sherman is just a tiny town in Texas, but don’t underestimate it, as it has many unique things and experiences it could offer.

From historical museums, galleries to escape room adventures, this place will surely satisfy your travel cravings.

So, what are you waiting for?

Here are the best things to do in Sherman, TX:

Groove Along Sherman Jazz Museum

Exterior of Sherman Jazz Museum

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whether you are a Jazz musician, a trumpet lover, or merely a person who is curious about the origin of jazz music, you should never miss visiting this museum at least once in your life.

This museum is located in downtown Sherman where they started as a record collection and later upgraded into a Jazz Museum.

It surely did a brilliant job in preserving the collections of different Jazz musicians, including Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Maynard Ferguson, Doc Severinsen, and so much more.

So, if you want to experience a nostalgic feeling while walking down the jazz memory lane, put this destination on top of your to-do list in Sherman, TX.

Be Creative at Board & Brush

Another fun way to travel in Sherman is to visit Board & Brush.

Their friendly staffs offer different workshops that teach how to create unique wood decor from scratch.

You won’t have to bring anything since all supplies are already prepared for your arrival; they will even give you a drink of your choice!

Here, you can let out your creative side and have fun while creating your masterpiece with your friends and family.

What’s admirable with this experience is that you are not just bringing home the knowledge of making wood decor, but you are also bringing a souvenir that every one of you will treasure forever.

Make Your Own Pasta at Cellarman’s Pub and Brewery

Due to its creative theme, Cellarman’s Pub and Brewery is a popular pub in Sherman, TX.

They have the largest selection of beers and are still creating more to give every customer a new experience each time they visit this pub.

All their beers are hand-crafted, making them distinctive from all other breweries, and they have been serving since 1998.

They make sure that every beer they make has the best detail, flavor, and quality.

You should also try out their stone-baked pizzas, wines, specialty mixed drinks, or try other foods from their menu.

If you are up for a creative meal, purchase a build your own pasta and create a masterpiece by choosing different toppings of your choice.

Watch Your Favorite Films at Cinemark 339

Worried that you’ll miss your favorite films because you are outside of your hometown?

After having a nice meal, you can go visit Sherman’s movie theatre: Cinemark 339.

This movie theatre displays the popular and latest movies, ensuring you are updated about your favorite films even though you are in the middle of a trip.

This is also a great way to relax and chill after a long day of traveling around Sherman or maybe just to kill some time during your leisure period.

So, grab your popcorn and your drinks and enjoy the show.

Shop and Dine at Kelly Square

Exterior of Kelly Square

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every tourist will never skip the chance to buy a souvenir, and that is why you should also never miss visiting Kelly Square.

This is a shopping center located at the heart of Sherman, where you can find boutiques for clothes, accessories, and souvenirs.

They also have antique stores with unique ornaments that will match your extraordinary experience in Sherman, TX.

Once you are done strolling around and shopping, make sure to try out the cafes and restaurants around the area.

Be Educated at Harber Wildlife Museum

It may be impossible for you to visit the safari and observe different big game animals, but Harber Wildlife Museum will make it possible for you.

Without having to travel to safari, this museum brings to Texas, the most complete collection of big game animals from anywhere in the world.

A place for all nature enthusiasts and kids that love to explore, Harber Wildlife Museum has 11,500 square feet full of interesting displays, libraries, waterfalls, and a conference room.

You will get to see a lot of different big game species that are preserved through animal taxidermy here, such as lions, giraffes, antelopes, and many more.

They will also share interesting educational facts as you walk inside to explore the different species.

All these experiences assure that Harber Wildlife Museum fulfills its mission: to educate and continue the legacy for future generations.

Challenge Yourself at Downtown Escape Rooms

Are you looking for a fun way to spend the day with your friends and family?

Try visiting the Downtown Escape Rooms!

This will challenge all of you to think fast and solve every puzzle to survive the game.

You and your friends can choose from the different escape rooms such as The Cabin, Uncle Gil’s Will, The Lost Teddy Bear, and Blackbeard’s Challenge.

Each room will give different scenarios and an hour to complete the challenges.

This is perfect for a group of people, so if you and your family and friends are up for the challenge, put this on top of your destination list in Sherman, TX.

Try the Award-Winning Beers of 903 Brewers

Enjoy a lively nightlife in Sherman by spending your time here in 903 Brewers.

Creating their craft since 2013, 903 Brewers has made different award-winning beers such as the Kilt Switch and Sasquatch Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout.

Aside from their fantastic beers, tourists also spend their time here because of the fun events this brewery offers.

They have live music, trivia nights, and movie nights that all their customers can enjoy together.

903 Brewers also has a great ambiance perfect for a lovely dinner with their delicious American meals such as burgers and chicken wings.

Bring your family and friends here, and have the most amazing night in Sherman.

Be Amazed at A Touch of Class Antique Mall

Exterior of A Touch of Class Antique Mall

Renelibrary, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are you an antique enthusiast or a collector who wants to discover unique and amazing kinds of stuff?

Prepare your wallets for you are going down for vintage shopping.

Have a look at A Touch of Class Antique Mall, also listed as one of the National Register of Historic Places.

From adorable items to rare Italian Rennaisance furniture, this mall will never fail to amaze you.

It features 168 different boutiques where you can shop many ornamental displays, furniture, and collectibles that are unique and are rarely seen in other antique shops.

It is located inside a 141-year-old building and is listed as a Texas Historic Landmark.

Don’t miss your chance and shop here before going back to your hometown.

Rollerskating at Sherman Skateland

Another exciting place to try out here in Sherman, TX, is the Sherman Skateland.

This is perfect for all ages, including children, where you can all have fun and enjoy yourself together with your friends, family, or even with your newfound acquaintances.

Concerned that you are not used to skating yet? Don’t worry. They offer skate lessons to guide you in your every ‘roll.’

The Skateland has different admission fees for every day of the week and is closed on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Ensure your slot beforehand by contacting them to guarantee your spot.

Walk Back in Time Inside Outlaws Trails Museum

Are you a big fan of Titanic? You will surely enjoy visiting the Outlaws Trails Museum.

This museum is located inside the A Touch of Class Antique Mall and houses the collections from 181 years of history of North Texas.

You will see a lot of historical displays such as vintage toys, civil war weapons, titanic displays, and even antique typewriters and telephones.

Exciting stories are also exhibited in the museum like the local railroad history, President Teddy Roosevelt’s visit to Sherman, old yearbooks, directories, and newspapers.

All these were made possible because of Ivert and Jeanette, the museum owners who love collecting vintage items.

Don’t miss this opportunity and make sure to visit the museum.

Try the Exciting Slides of The Splash Family Aquatic Center

What’s the best way to end an exciting adventure in Sherman with your friends and family?

Swim in the pool and enjoy a sunny day with them!

Visit The Splash Family Aquatic Center welcomes people of all ages.

Whether you have kids, teens, or seniors with you, this park has different facilities prepared for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoy the drop slide, two-story water slides, 1,200-foot current channel, and many more water features.

You can also try out their aquafit classes, learn how to swim, or try becoming a lifeguard.

Play Golf at Stone Creek Golf Club

Do you want to spend a day trying out golf in Sherman, TX?

Stone Creek Golf Club will be your destination for that.

This golf club stretches up to 7,428 yards and is an 18-hole championship course.

Golfing is also one of the best things you can do while visiting Sherman as it is good for your health.

Doing this will help you become more active and enjoy your travel in Sherman, TX, more.

So, if ever you want to improve your cardiovascular health and have fun at the same time, visit Stone Creek Golf Club.

Be Delighted at Finley Cultural Center – Sherman Community Players

Exterior of the Finley Cultural Center

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you have free time during your trip to Sherman, don’t miss the theatre plays to be performed at the Finley Cultural Center.

Finley Cultural Center gives the best theatrical plays and performances to all their guests, which Sherman Community Players lead.

Adding this to your trip will surely make it a more memorable and enjoyable one.

There are also a wide variety of genres you can choose to watch here, such as musical plays, dramas, and comedies.

Make sure to visit their website to buy tickets and see what plays are available during your stay.

Attend an Event by Painting with a Twist

The whole point of Painting with a Twist is to spend time laughing and catching up with friends over wine and treats.

Painting with a Twist had modest roots in 2007 when two enterprising ladies, Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney, began contributing to the recovery of their area after Hurricane Katrina.

The modest business that Cathy and Renee initially named “Corks & Canvas” has grown into a full industry, from organizing the earliest event in Cathy’s “barn” to presenting events at 300 franchise sites around the country.

At Painting with a Twist, their goal is to positively impact people’s lives while offering a carefree retreat.

A painting program to benefit a nearby or regional charity organization is held monthly at the Painting with a Twist facility.

Turn Back Time and Explore the Sherman Museum

In 1976, the Sherman Museum in Sherman, Texas, was established.

A non-profit academic organization called The Sherman Museum collects, preserves, translates, and presents artifacts with long-lasting ethnic, historical, and academic significance connected to Grayson County and the surrounding Red River region.

The museum situated in the old Sherman Public Library is one of the few surviving Carnegie Library structures in Texas, constructed in 1914.

A second location was purchased in the late 1980s; the ancient Church of Christ building across the door was used to store the collection’s items.

Over 50,000 artifacts are now in the collection of the museum.

Museum workers computerize archives and have already finished over 14,000 papers, 9,000 old photos, and 800 volumes.

The museum may expand its reach by offering off-site displays, kid’s workshops, and traveling exhibits to campuses, clubs, and groups.

Fill Your Day with Adventures at Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille

Since 1926, Texas residents have enjoyed various family entertainment activities at Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille.

There are many different things to select from, including a movie house, bowling center, bar and restaurant, arcade, climbing course, stone walls, and axe throwing.

Twenty cutting-edge bowling lanes with computerized scoring are available, featuring six private alleys, at their bowling venue!

You’re guaranteed a good time when you factor in the gigantic TVs, excellent food, and refreshing beverages provided right at your lane.

You’re likely to find what you’re searching for at their arcade, which boasts more than 40 games that range from virtual to traditional.

Schedule birthday parties; it is a great venue for children, teenagers, and adults!

Order Famous Steak at Texas Roadhouse

In Sherman, Texas, the Texas Roadhouse restaurant takes great pride in its hand-cut steaks, bone ribs, homemade sides, and freshly baked bread.

Their team put hours of effort and thought into making their delicious dishes stand out.

They make practically all of their cuisine from scratch and offer larger amounts so customers may enjoy their meal for much less expense.

After a heavy and satisfying meal, Texas Roadhouse also serves ice-cold beer and renowned margaritas.

Visitors will surely appreciate a visit to Texas Roadhouse, from their line dance to their jukebox to their kind waiters.

Admire Natures Wonders at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

The waters of Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

Cheri Alguire /

The 4581-hectare Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge is a nature paradise and one of the nicest spots for families to explore in Sherman.

It primarily comprises a lake, marsh, and highland environment and serves as a haven for migrating birds and other species.

A short footbridge at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

Cheri Alguire /

This tourist spot, inhabited by many animals and plants, is recognized for its attractive winged inhabitants, notably the Canada geese.

Great heron at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

William Cushman /

The Hagerman National Animal Refuge’s mission is to maintain and restore the habitat necessary for wildlife species to survive.

Tourists may go hiking, see animals, hunt, and fish all year.

A bird at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

Audrey Whaley /

Other Things to Do Nearby

Relax With Bella Fontana Day Spa

Traveling for many days can be both fulfilling and exhausting.

Because of that, having a pamper time within a day is a must to remove all the exhaustiveness and prepare you for another day.

Lucky enough, Bella Fontana Day Spa in Sherman has the best spa in town.

You can go and indulge yourself in a relaxing therapeutic massage of your choice.

Whether you want a Swedish relaxing massage or Swedish gymnastic stretching, this day spa will give you the satisfaction you need for your pampering.

You can also avail of their salon services to take care of you, from hair services to manicures and pedicures.

If you need beauty services, they can also do that for you.

They have facials, treatments, eyelash extensions, and waxing services.

All you have to do is relax and enjoy the service they will provide for you.

Final Thoughts

Sherman, TX, undoubtedly has so many amazing destinations that you can visit.

No wonder it is visited by many tourists all over the country, no matter how small this town is.

With that, make sure to explore all these best things to do in Sherman, TX, and have the historical vacation of your life.

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