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15 Best Things to Do in Roseville, MI

  • Published 2022/12/28

The city of Roseville, Michigan, is a quaint but unique community that offers a variety of residential and commercial areas for everyone to explore.

Located in the southern part of Macomb County, Roseville is just a few minutes’ drives away from the greater Detroit area.

In fact, before 1950, Roseville was considered a suburb of Detroit.

During its earliest days, Roseville was also a farming community.

Today, the city has maintained a small-town atmosphere with plenty of green and open spaces.

You’ll find a good selection of retailers and restaurants along Roseville’s Gratiot Avenue.

If you’re looking to explore a new and quiet area with burgeoning establishments, give the city of Roseville a try.

Before heading out, check out this list of the best things to do in Roseville, Michigan.

Hang Out at Macomb Mall

Signage of Macomb Mall shops

Bruce VanLoon /

Go shopping or hang around the local shopping center, Macomb Mall.

It’s located along Gratiot Avenue, where you’ll find most of the city’s businesses.

Whatever you are looking for, you have a good chance of finding it here.

The mall has a selection of stores, from your fashion and beauty needs to electronics and service providers.

After roaming the building, you may stop by some restaurants to enjoy a meal or two!

Visit Macomb Mall if you want to experience what shopping is like in the city of Roseville.

Learn to Paint at Painting with a Twist

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint but have never gotten the chance, this is your time to finally try it.

Go to Painting With A Twist, a local art studio that caters to anyone interested in painting.

First timers are welcome to join the classes, where guides demonstrate the step-by-step process of painting using acrylic paints on canvas.

The place offers different types of painting events including Girls Night, Date Night, Trivia Night, and Team Building, among others.

Children are also welcome to join the classes for a family day or for the kids’ events.

Bring your kids to this place and help them cultivate an appreciation and passion for the arts.

Add Painting With A Twist, one of Roseville’s unique establishments, to your list of places to visit in the city!

Skate with Friends at the Great Skate

Go skating with your friends and family at the Great Skate.

The 30,000-square-foot facility features a smooth floor for skating, a DJ, and a state-of-the-art light show.

Don’t forget to check the open skate schedule to know when you can skate and party!

If you’re new to roller skates, you may also take lessons from the Great Skate’s amazing instructors.

The place also takes reservations for private parties, so you may look into that if you’re planning an event soon!

Stay Awhile at Huron Park

You’ll find plenty of open spaces here in Roseville that bring the community together.

One of those spaces is Huron Park, located on Frazho Road.

The 22.5-acre park has wide open spaces that are perfect for meeting up with friends and family.

You’ll find a playground, a pavilion, play areas, picnic shelters, a baseball diamond, and a walking track, among others.

There’s plenty of space to move around, stay active, or even just sit and relax.

If you choose to have some quiet time, you’ll surely appreciate the surrounding greenery.

When you’re in the area, you should spend some quality time at Huron Park.

Spend the Day at Rotary Park

Another park where you can hang out in Roseville is the Rotary Park on Utica Road.

It has a large green space where you can find a spot to go people watching, read a book, or just commune with nature.

You may use the diamond in the park if you or your kids like to play baseball or softball.

Younger kids will also enjoy Rotary Park’s playground!

Pavilions, picnic shelters and tables, and a grill are available if you want to share a meal with loved ones outdoors.

The small park is a charming space where the community of Roseville can come together.

Get Active at Veterans Memorial Park

Roseville’s very own Veterans Memorial Park is on the street of Chestnut.

The 15-acre park is an open space with plenty of opportunities for physical activities.

It features a baseball or softball diamond, a basketball court, horseshoe pits, an inline skate area, and a bike trail, among many others!

If you want to stay active and spend quality time outdoors, you should visit this area.

You may bring your kids too and let them enjoy the playground as well as meet friends.

Feel free to bring your own food and use the picnic areas after a long day of playing outdoors.

Play and Party at AMF Rose Bowl Lanes

Win or lose, bowling is always fun as long as you’re with family and friends.

If you’re looking for a place in Roseville where you can play bowling, AMF Rose Bowl Lanes is the one for you.

The bowling and arcade place has plenty of locations around the country and you’ll find one in Roseville along the Groesbeck Highway.

It has 48 bowling lanes, an arcade, a shop for pro bowling players, and a sports bar!

AMF Rose Bowl Lanes also has private rooms, so check that out if you want a private area for your get together.

Look for Your Favorite Vinyl at Blast in the Past

Lovers of vintage or retro pop culture will enjoy spending some time at Blast in the Past.

If you’re a music lover, you should stop by this place and discover new music from the shop’s selection of vinyls.

Located along Gratiot Avenue, the shop sells all kinds of vinyl records across different genres.

Besides music-related products, it also displays vintage toys and collectible items!

For sure, you’ll feel like a little kid again when you visit the nostalgic Blast in the Past.

Try a Local Favorite at Mr. Paul’s Chophouse

Mr. Paul’s Chophouse has served delicious steak and seafood in Roseville since 1968.

After seeing an opportunity in the former automotive and industrial area, Paul and Peter Gogo established the family-run restaurant.

The restaurant doesn’t just prioritize serving amazing dishes using fresh ingredients and giving customers a warm welcome and service.

There’s no better way to explore a place’s culture than to taste its own food.

Reserve a table and add Mr. Paul’s Chophouse to your list of places to visit in Roseville.

Grab Fresh Produce at Joe Randazzo’s Fruit and Vegetable Market

As the leading chain market in the Detroit area, Joe Randazzo’s Fruit and Vegetable Market also has a location in Roseville.

You’ll find it along Gratiot Avenue.

The family-run business has operated since 1953 and has established a name for good reason.

Joe Randazzo’s Fruit and Vegetable Market carries fresh fruits and vegetables from different parts of the world, all at a reasonable price.

You may also find specialty products like fresh roasted peanuts, imported pasta, a variety of bread, dairy products, olive oil, and fresh flowers, among many others.

Joe Randazzo’s Fruit and Vegetable Market is a one-stop shop for all your cooking needs.

See Unique Clocks at the Roseville Clock Shop

Check out the Roseville Clock Shop and see the most unique and wonderfully crafted clocks for yourself.

Collectors will especially enjoy looking at all kinds of clocks and learning about them.

If you need your antique clocks repaired, you may bring them here and get expert service.

For over 45 years now, this specialty shop and repair business has served people in and around Roseville.

Shops like this are also rare.

Roseville Clock Shop specializes in fixing grandfather and cuckoo clocks.

Roam the showroom, where you’ll find over a hundred clocks from leading brands, including Hermle, Howard Miller, Ridgeway, Seiko, Bulova, Rhythm, and Hentschel.

Other Things to Do Nearby

After exploring Roseville City, feel free to visit other attractions in the neighboring cities.

Appreciate Arts and Culture at Detroit Institute of Arts

Exterior of the Detroit Institute of Arts

Jon Bilous /

Take an 18-minute drive from Roseville to the Detroit Institute of Arts in Detroit, Michigan.

The institute serves as a “town square” of the local community, welcoming all kinds of people who want to connect through their mutual love for the arts.

Detroit Institute of Arts offers programs and learning opportunities through lectures and exhibitions about different forms of art.

Exhibit in the Detroit Institute of Arts

Jacob Boomsma /

In fact, the center houses a diverse art collection of over 65,000 works.

Detroit Institute of Arts also has various resources in its research and library archives.

If you enjoy cinema and live theater, don’t forget to check the Detroit Film Theater’s schedule, and you might catch a show or two!

Interior of the Detroit Institute of Arts

Jacob Boomsma /

Have a Blast at C.J. Barrymore’s

If you have more time to kill, drive to Clinton Township, Michigan, and spend a day at C.J. Barrymore’s.

Located 16 minutes from Roseville, this amusement park is a favorite among local families.

It is where you can feel like a kid, let loose, and enjoy the rides!

Some of its popular attractions are the ferris wheel, the drop tower, the spinning coaster, and the saddle sling.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not seize the experience and try every ride?

C.J. Barrymore’s is also home to a variety of food trucks so you won’t have to worry about where to eat after a tiring but fun day.

Try the Activities at Ford Community and Performing Arts Center

Exterior of Ford Community and Performing Arts Center

Rmhermen, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ford Community and Performing Arts Center is in Dearborn, Michigan, 28 minutes from Roseville.

The place has a variety of first-class amenities, including a fitness center, a climbing wall, a swimming pool, and a gymnasium.

It also has a Renaissance-style theater, the Michael A. Guido Theater, where you can watch all types of productions and an orchestra.

Interior of Ford Community and Performing Arts Center

Rmhermen, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ford Community and Performing Arts Center also houses the Padzieski Art Gallery in its west wing.

The gallery exhibits diverse works of art from emerging and established local and national artists.

It also hosts special art-related events where artists, art enthusiasts, and the general public can come together and connect through their shared passion.

See a Show at Redford Theater

Exterior of the Redford Theater

Dave Parker, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can’t miss the Redford Theater in Detroit, dubbed “America’s Most Unique Suburban Playhouse.”

Since 1928, the theater has operated continuously.

While it has undergone several changes, the theater remains an essential fixture in Detroit, promoting classic films and the arts.

Check the schedule to book a ticket for some classic and award-winning films!

The historic architecture of the Redford Theater is also another reason to visit.

Touring the place is like stepping back in time and realizing the enduring beauty of cinema.

Add the Redford Theater to your bucket list; it’s only 28 minutes from Roseville!

Final Thoughts

If you want to explore a city with a small-town charm, visit Roseville, Michigan.

The city will give you the peace you’re looking for outside the bustling urban areas while still having plenty of modern establishments.

Despite appearances, Roseville has a lot of recreational activities to offer visitors and residents.

Before planning your trip, read this list of the best things to do in Roseville, Michigan!

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