15 Best Things to Do in Saugatuck, MI

15 Best Things to Do in Saugatuck, MI

Our exploration of the some of the lesser-talked about holiday prospects in and around the United States has brought us to the port town of Saugatuck. An offbeat destination with plenty of varied activities to offer, it is a magical place and has been one of the top romantic getaways in recent years.

From turquoise beaches to golden dunes, Saugatuck is a paradise on Earth. It is the ultimate getaway, perfect for both solo travelers and couples alike. If you are looking for recreation and rejuvenation, add Saugatuck to your bucket list today!

Soak Up the Sun at Oval Beach

Oval Beach
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The Oval Beach is one of the major draws of Saugatuck. Spread over a large area, travelers come here to relax and spend their afternoons near the sea. However, the beach is rarely overcrowded and is left spotless.

This is the perfect place to spend the day soaking up the sun and unwinding. With a beautiful backdrop, this is the perfect place for Instagram pictures.

However, with the water level rising there is significant erosion so it is recommended you take a visit to this scenic beach as soon as possible!

Meander in the Fenn Valley Vineyards

Are you fond of wine tastings? Do you love discovering  authentic flavors of wine? Then, stop by the Fenn Valley Vineyards for their collection of premium wines, offering both classic and  new flavors.

You can also attend one of the guided tours in their vineyards, which offer guests the opportunity to learn about the complete winemaking process.  The tours last for 2 hours and are perfect for wine lovers or those who want a day out.

Take Up the Saugatuck Dune Rides

A trip to the Saugatuck dunes is likely to become one of the major highlights of your trip. One of the most sought-after activities in the town, the Saugatuck Dune Ride is a wholesome family activity. On the ride - which is about 40 minutes long - you will get to see the natural lifestyle of Saugatuck.

And they are power-packed with entertainment and fun, you should not miss out on these phenomenal trips. The guide on the way will let you know a few amazing facts about the city and it is a different kind of experience, one you will remember for long.

Do Not Miss Out on the River Cruise

River Cruise in Saugatuck
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The Saugatuck River Cruise is a luxurious way to explore the waters here. Many tour operators in the city - including some of more popular ones as the Star of Saugatuck - provide these lavish cruise tours. You should take up one of the early morning rides or one the covers sunset ones as they will offer the most scenic views of the city.

They also serve snacks and beverages onboard and the trip over the steady waters of the river makes for a wholesome experience altogether.

Head Over to Mount Baldhead Park

Mount Baldhead Park is the best place for recreational activities in the region. Known for its peaceful environment, this park is offers hiking and walking trails and is one of the most frequented spots in Saugatuck.

The hike up is excruciating - plenty of steps to climb to reach the top - but you will enjoy the view. There are no specific activities in the park, but you can spend some time with yourself here.

The place is aesthetic and you can snap some amazing pictures there. The vantage point of the park offers gorgeous views of the city.

Hail the Saugatuck Chain Ferry

Saugatuck Chain Ferry
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The Saugatuck Chain Ferry is one of the most beloved activities in the city. It is an old-fashioned way to glide over the water, but is still impressive and enjoyable.

The costs are minimal and but the trip on the old-world cruise is sure to transport you back to a whole different era altogether. And that's part of why is one of the most sough-after activities in Saugatuck.

The operators provide informative insights about the place and the history of the ferry and waterways of the region itself.

You can visit it early in the morning to avoid the growing crowd and the afternoon heat. If you are a bit old school, you will absolutely love crossing the river through this ferry ride.

A Shopping Spree at the Butler’s Street

If you are a shopping enthusiast, then Butler Street is your spot to shop the best. A quaint and vintage, the locale also offers much more than just plain shopping benefits.

You would get to snap some cool street pictures of yours, while rummaging through an endless array of souvenir and gift items that you can take back home.

The atmosphere of the street is quirky and ever-so-lively. It is always bustling with activity and in addition to getting your hands on the best shopping merchandise, you can also taste some delicious street food.

It is an underrated spot in Saugatuck and you should definitely look to explore it on one of your lazy afternoon.

Read Your Favorite Book Near the Kalamazoo River

Kalamazoo River
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Are you the type of traveler who likes to carry a a book on all trips? The green spaces and docks bear the Kalamazoo river are just the ideal place where you will be able to complete the book.

The area around the Kalamazoo River is calm and serene. It is a silent place where you can sit and look forward to a quiet experience, basking under the sun  by the rocks with your favorite novel.

Bring along a packed lunch or some snacks and you can make a whole day out of your trip.

The Kalamazoo River is swift and does not make any noise. The only voice would be of birds chirping and leaves rattling. We assure you that you won’t get such a peaceful ambiance anywhere any day. So, pack your must-have items and head over to the Riverside to spend a day.

Seek Blessings at All Saints’ Church

All Saints’ Episcopal Church
Teemu08, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Victorian-style All Saints’ Episcopal Church is a popular worship place in Saugatuck. The church welcomes people from every faith.  The aura of the church is serene and blissful and you will feel an upsurge of positive vibes in the Church.

You can also come for the Sunday Service, but make sure you arrive early in the morning in time for the proceedings!

Savor Wine and Admire Art at J Petter

J Petter Galleries is a renowned gallery in town. It houses fine art pieces that you can marvel looking at them while savoring some lovely wine. The gallery has the best pieces and unique finds which won’t be available anywhere else.

There are 1000+ artworks on display, all of which have been curated to make the finest collection. It is an arts tour that you definitely do not want to miss out on.

To go along with the art pieces and everything else, they also sell the wine produce. So, if you loved the wine you tasted, you can take back a bottle with you. Though they can come across as slightly expensive, you probably won't mind spending.

Brew Beer at Saugatuck Brewing Company

Would you like to stir or brew your own beer? Well, here’s your off chance to do just that. The Saugatuck Brewing Company will help you brew your first pint of beer right on the site! Every pour is crafted authentically and the resultant beer is smooth and fresh as it gets.

Their refined menu is classic and has something for everyone. They also serve lip-smacking food for your dinner; their focaccia sandwiches are the best and you won’t be able to stop yourself from ordering brimming pints of beer.

It can get a little crowded during peak hours so make sure that you reserve a table beforehand.

Go Back in Time at Saugatuck Douglas Historic Museum

The Saugatuck Douglas Historic Museum is the city's one stop shop for all the history buffs out there! A rather small museum by area, the venues packs quite a punch.

Starting from old pictures to archives on the history of the city to interactive displays on the region's life and how it has evolved over time, the museum will give you will plenty to marvel at.

This local museum is as intriguing as one of the big city venues, offers a unique insight into the region's past and is definitely worth your time. There are different activities too that you can take up and gain knowledge out of it.

It is rather close to Downtown Saugatuck and can be reached via the ferry so make sure you squeeze out some time out of your schedule and visit this place.

Go Picnicking at the Coghlin Park

The lush Coghlin Park is among the most popular picnic spots in the city. It is a expansive green garden area with a picnic shelter. The park overlooks the Kalamazoo River and makes for quite a setting for your impromptu day outs.

The park is away from the buzz of the city and offers a tranquil atmosphere. You can pack snacks and relax at the park. It is not so crowded so you can almost have the place to yourself.

The atmosphere is calm and breezy, a quick getaway from the hectic city life. You can visit it in the evening hours to avoid humid temperatures. It is suitable for families as well.

Explore the Saugatuck’s Centre of Arts

The Saugatuck’s Centre of Arts is a lively place. It is a beautiful property, a venues that oozes creativity and art. There are a lot of creative events that take place all year round so make sure you check out the calendar before planning your visit.

The Centre also offer one-time workshops for visitors if they want to learn something new and innovative.

There is a live theatre too that showcases performances in the evening including live shows and music acts.

Their motto is to infuse cultural values in every individual and preserve art and they have a growing community of art enthusiasts who gather for these events. It will be a great opportunity to meet new people and strike interesting conversations with them.

Catch Hold of a Souvenir at Country Store Antiques

If you are fond of gathering vintage items, then this is the best store for you. The country Store Antiques has got unique and vintage items that will serve as the perfect reminder of your trip to the city.

There are a variety of crafts - mostly locally produced - that you can choose from. It might take you while to rummage through all the options, but you will definitely arrive at one or the other souvenir that suits your taste just right.

So, here’s the itinerary curated for you. All that's left now is for you to pack a bag and getting started with you trip? And if you think we’ve missed any spot, feel free to let us know!