15 Best Things to Do in Red Wing, MN

15 Best Things to Do in Red Wing, MN

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Red wing is a beautiful city located on the Mississippi River in Minnesota. The city is quite charming and is famous for its historical sites and boots.

The city has numerous outdoor activities to offer its visitors. From museums to flower valleys, from vineyards to parks, the city has something to offer to every visitor.

This cities’ museum are world-famous and stone artists are renowned for their unique creations. The city is a perfect place for anyone who is looking for some fun and light enjoyment amidst the busy world.

From a large number of visit-able places in the city, we are going to present you with a list containing the best 15 places that you should definitely visit in the city.

Barn Bluff

Barn Bluff
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Barn bluff is one of the most famous tourist attraction in the city. The place was named as “Barn” bluff because it resembled a barn.

The place is famous for offering some of the most picturesque and stunning news in entire Minnesota. Located on the banks of the Mississippi river, the entire place is more of a river valley.

It is also believed that the place is also associated with prehistoric exploration of the upper Mississippi area. The place is famous for hiking among visitors.

However, it is worth notable that the elevation of this area is quite steady, making it difficult for the first time hackers. The view from the top is breathtaking and definitely worth all your efforts.

Red Wing Marine Museum

The city of Red wing in Minnesota is very famous for its museums. The red wing Marine Museum is one of those museums.

This museum is located right along the river, making it quite close to the original site of the factory in which original Redwing motors and boats were made.

The museum basically has exhibitions of various historical motors and boats which were produced in the city. Along with that the Museum also displays engines, fishing tackle, and other objects that are used in rivers.

The largest river steamboat, the American queen, is also put on display in this museum and available for viewing by the visitors. The museum gives vintage feels with its decoration and is definitely worth a visit.

The American Ski jumping Museum and Hall of Fame

Another famous museum in the city, the American ski jumping museum was opened to public in the year 2014 and has been thriving since then.

Ski jumping is an activity that originated in red wing, and the museum is associated with the same.

The museum has a collection of the famous ski jumping equipments such as skis that were used during historical times when the sport started.

The museum also has a ski jumping simulator which helps to show the basic requirements of ski jumping. A lot of photographs, uniforms, and other items are also on display.

It is also an important fact that ski jumping was very popular in red wing from the year 1883 to 1950.

Lake Pepin

Boat in Lake Pepin
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Lake Pepin is a lake which is situated on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin, separating two states from each other.

Lake Pepin is the widest water section in Mississippi that originated without any human interference. Display is quite beautiful and offers a lot of temptations.

On the way to the lake, a lot of bakeries, bars, gift shops, and restaurants are located. You can also enjoy watching boats in far stretching waters of the lake and spend some peaceful time in this place.

Red Wing Shoe store and museum

The shoe museum in Red wing is located inside a shoe store of a famous shoe company in Red wing. The store as well as the museum are quite famous attractions among the visitors.

The place is exquisitely photo genic and hence attracts children more than the people from any other age group. The museum houses the largest boot in the world.

The museum also has a display which exhibits a great collection of shoes from old times. The guests are also provided with an option to dress up as a shoe maker and recreate the process of making shoes. You can buy some originally prepared shoes from the shoe store.

Pottery Museum

Pottery Museum
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The city of Redwing in Minnesota is widely known for its Clay industry. The poetry museum is dedicated to the same industry and has the largest and most extensive collection of clay products around the entire world.

The main aim of the museum is to preserve and expand the beautiful and rich history of the clay industry in red wing.

The museum has more than 6000 clay objects dating back to centuries. These objects include stoneware, dinnerware, folk art, and other crafted items. Spread in an area of 13,000 square feet, the museum has different types of exhibitions at each corner of the Museum.

The entire interior and decor of the museum depicts the legacy of the city and its clay industry.

Memorial Park

Memorial Park is famous as a spot where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding attractions such as the Barn Bluff, the Mississippi River, etc.

The park has a number of walking trails which are ideal for jogging and strolling. Other trails in the park provide great opportunity for mountain biking and hiking.

The same trails are used for skiing and snow showing during the winter season. Along with the trials, the park also has an arrangement for various picnic areas which are accommodated with picnic tables and a Frisbee golf course with nine holes.

Overall this place is a very good place for casual picnics and spending some time with friends and family.

Colvill Park

Colvill park is a famous spot for locals as well as the visitors alike. The park is famous as a place which provides a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities.

Just like other parks, this park also has picnic spots. However, it also has a tennis court and a fully air conditioned building where different types of events can be organized.

Along with the tennis court, the park has other courts as well which include a volleyball court, a shuffleboard court, a universal playground, a horse shoe pit, and a discovery garden.

The walking area in the park is not very big and only one-mile long. Located along the river Mississippi, this park is definitely a good catch.

Sheldon Theatre of Performing Arts

Sheldon theatre of Performing arts
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This famous theatre located in the downtown area of the city is known to be a “jewel box” for the city of red wing. Sheldon theatre of performing arts is a one-stop theatre which enlightens, entertains, as well as educate the people on various topics by the use of performing arts.

The theatre has beautiful architecture having well-maintained arches, unbelievable interiors, decorative paintings and cultures. The theatre also organizes national level events for small town artists and visitors.

You can easily take a tour of this theatre that has been standing in the same place for many ages now.

Falconer Vineyards

Falconer vineyard is situated in the bluff Valley area of Red wing. The vineyard was opened in 2003 and covers approximately 6.5 acres of land.

Apart from being one of the most famous wineries in the city, it is also one of the most beautiful and photo genic place in the city.

The winery grows its own grape crops using local and traditional method to ensure that best quality raw material is available for further processes.

In addition to using its own crop, the winery also uses produce from local producers, mainly belonging to northern part of the area. They also have a wine yard bistro which is available and takes in customers during the summer seasons.

The bistro is quite famous for its wood fired pizza and certain other food items. Specially crafted wine is also served in the bistro which has a lot of sitting space.

Red Wing Arts Association

The oldest organization in red wing was formed back in the year 1952 as an arts association. Red Wing Arts Association was set up as an educational program for art.

The association mainly focuses on educating people about the art and artists of the region. It also helps the local artists of the city to come together and help in their growth.

The association provides a lot of exposure and promotion to these artists and their work. Red wing Arts Association has also set up a lot of galleries and art shops in order to further the objective.

These shops sell the works produced by local artists and provide them financial assistance. The association has also been organizing a lot of events related to arts in order to create awareness among the people of community and increase their participation in arts.

Sargent’s Nursery

Sargent’s nursery is a place in Red wing which has taken on its shoulders the responsibility of beautification of the city.

Set up in the year 1928, the nursery has a beautifully maintained property which attracts the new and old customers alike. The nursery is owned by a private family and its collection is different from other nurseries in the town.

All the plants grown in this nursery are different and some indigenous varieties are also available. The atmosphere around the nursery is quite pleasant and personalized. The guests are also allowed to browse through the gardens and greenhouse facilities of the nursery.

You can also ask questions about the plants from the staff members. Along with exploring the nursery, you can shop and enjoy the small yet magnificent plant store.

The staff of the nursery is very friendly and helpful and guides you to select the best plants as per your need. With its great collection and quality, the nursery is definitely one of the places that you cannot miss visiting in the city.

Vintage Kitchen

Vintage kitchen is a famous eatery in Red wing city which is known for serving fresh food made entirely from locally produced ingredients.

The kitchen serves mouthwatering pastries, coffee, and fresh snacks. It also offers gluten-free food for people who are gluten intolerant.

The place is quite famous for some of its items such as cupcakes, cookies, coffee cakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and their gluten free variants. They also have spicy roasted nuts with caramel corn which is also quite famous among the locals.

On your visit to vintage kitchen, you can eat as well as buy freshly produced products coming right away from the local farms at the same time. The kitchen is also a famous spot for community gatherings, making it a very socially enriching and convenient experience for all the visitors.

Kellys Bar

Kellys bar has been presented with the title of the restaurant of the year more than once by the chamber of commerce in Red wing.

This is a tap house bar and Grill service which offers the best quality food on all days of the week. Along with serving the best food and handcrafted wines, the bar also has some of the most magnificent views from its top.

This place is open later after midnight and allows you to enjoy the night views of the city. The bar is also known for having the largest taps in the entire city.

Its collection of drinks is vast and unbelievable. It serves locally crafted as well as world famous drinks at one place. From its food menu to the bar menu, Kellys bar is definitely a place you would want to check out.

The city of red wing is nothing short of a bliss of locally produced items. With its world famous restaurants and bars, the city is quite adventurous and offers a lot of fun endeavors.

The parks of the city are beautiful maintained and the people take their culture and traditions very seriously.

The folks of the city are also welcoming and helps you with all your requirements. Set up in the lap of nature, the city of red wing is a place that would take away all your blues.