20 Best Things to Do in Eden Prairie, MN

Eden Prairie, MN
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In Eden Prairie, you'll never run out of the best things to do.

Eden Prairie, the state's 12th-largest city, is located in Hennepin County, about twelve miles southwest of Minneapolis.

Eden Prairie, located on the outskirts of the Twin Cities in the far southwest, has been a sleepy, rural community for much of its history.

In 1962, Eden Prairie was incorporated as a village, and in 1974 it was incorporated as a city under Minnesota law.

According to local history, a woman called Mrs. Elliot named the town "Eden" in 1853 because she admired the "beautiful prairie" that occupied the town's southern portion.

Eden Prairie's proximity to the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan region means it has the best of both worlds.

Many Eden Prairie, MN attractions, such as parks, retail malls, and lakes, will entice you to return.

Here is a list of things to do in Eden Prairie, MN:

Play Soccer and Catch Planes at Flying Cloud Airport

A Plane at Flying Cloud Airport
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Soccer grounds abound near Flying Cloud Airport. The region where you may see planes taking off, and landing is hidden behind the fields.

Seating is available for those who want to relax and observe the flights from a shaded location.

Depending on the wind direction and day, many tiny planes may be seen landing here.

Aerial view of Flying Cloud Airport
Jim Penn / Shutterstock.com

Locals also like flying kites near the soccer grounds.

Because it is less often utilized, the lower field is the ideal location.

Kites will soar into the sky even if there is just a little wind since there is nothing but free space.

The grounds of Flying Cloud Airport
MarkTraceur, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Take a Splash at Round Lake Park

Is the beach your thing? If this is the case, a trip to Round Lake Park and Beach is definitely in order.

It will keep you entertained for a long time.

A skate park, splash pads, playground equipment, hiking paths, and several picnic areas are just some of the park's many features.

There is a dedicated swimming beach for those who like to spend their time in the water.

In addition, the Fourth of July fireworks are held in this lake area.

As a result, if you're going to be in town at that time, you should stop by.

A winter skate park was specifically designed for this location.

It implies that you may bring your ice rink or hockey gear and play with your family while on vacation.

Renting a car can ensure an enjoyable city tour if you don't own one.

Check Out the Viking Ship at Life Time Sport

Before moving to Eagan, the Vikings' training facility was Eden Prairie.

They had a massive Viking ship outside.

Vikings' supporters flocked to the area to get their photographs taken in front of the stadium.

However, the Viking ship is still on site despite Life Time Sport's takeover.

You can view the ship from the frontage road or highway 494 if you're delayed in traffic.

Life Time Sport is a great place to work up a sweat after seeing the historical landmark.

Its Winter Park site has a gaming room, cardio room, weight room, lounge for sports training, and outdoor natural grass and synthetic turf alternatives.

Drink Water from Fredrick-Miller Spring

For many years, the Fredrick-Miller Spring has been a popular destination for locals.

According to historical documents, the early European settlers used the water source.

The city of Eden Prairie purchased the land and has made a few upgrades, but otherwise, not much has changed.

The underground pipes transport the water in a never-ending stream.

If you can obtain fresh water from the ground, why not fill a couple of jugs up?

Eden Prairie's 9995 Spring Road is where the spring lies.

Go Hiking at Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area

View of Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area
jboyce1989 / Shutterstock.com

The Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area is rich in natural history, just 20 minutes from downtown Minneapolis.

Many oaks and even bald cypress line the route, often referred to as a "bottomland forest" because of the frequent periodic floods.

An informative exhibit and a seat are located to the left of the entrance, allowing visitors to take a breather.

The park's sugar maple trees and big basswood might provide some shade if you're looking for a break from the heat.

One of the few big wood forests in the region, it's worth the trip.

Common nighthawks, cedar waxwings, and great horned owls may be seen by hikers using binoculars and an elusive red-shouldered hawk's nest.

The birding chances are excellent without costly glasses, particularly when migration is in full swing in the autumn and spring.

Look for yellow-rumped warblers, which eat on seeds that have fallen to the ground as they migrate.

When the sugar maples change color to a bright red-orange in the autumn, the route takes on an orange hue.

Embark on a Winter Adventure in Staring Lake Park

Anyone in Eden Prairie can have a fantastic time at Staring Lake Park, especially during the winter.

Sledding, cross-country skiing, and an ice skating rink with a warming house are all available when the snow falls.

When the snow melts, you may enjoy hiking or biking at the paved walkway around the lake.

There's a dog park, a frisbee golf course, a performance amphitheater, a huge playground, and an entertainment center to enjoy all summer long.

That's all there is to it for the time being.

It also features an observatory on the lake and the Staring Lakes Outdoor Center.

One of the country's biggest telescopes may be found at the Observatory—a GPS-enabled 16-inch Mead telescope for commercial usage.

The Community Education program offers sessions once a month.

Eden Prairie has some light pollution to cope with, but nothing beats stargazing from the shores of a lake.

Pay Tribute to Fallen Heroes at Eden Prairie Veterans Memorial

Are you interested in history?

If so, pay a visit to the Veterans Memorial in Purgatory Creek Park.

This monument serves as a remembrance to the soldiers who gave their lives in the service of their nation.

One of the finest things to do in Eden Prairie, MN, is to see this monument since it is beautifully designed and has a powerful symbolic value for visitors.

You may have the name of a soldier you know placed on this monument by contacting us.

Fill out an application and secure the name you want.

Have a Great Time with Your Fur Baby at Staring Lake Off-Leash Dog Park

Unquestionably one of the finest dog parks you will ever see.

Starting Lakes pathways near the Cummins House lead to the Staring Lake Off-Leash Dog Park, a fenced-in area where dogs may run free.

There is another dog park in Eden Prairie, but it pales compared to this one.

In addition to a dog park, Staring Lakes has a woodland hiking track.

It provides more space for the dogs to go around.

If you don't want to go into the woods, there is also a grassy space.

Have Some Retail Therapy at Eden Prairie Center

Front View of Eden Prairie Center
Original uploaded by Bobak (Transfered by Rockfang), CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

While you're in Eden Prairie, MN, have you considered going on a shopping trip?

Eden Prairie Center should be on your list of things to do in Eden Prairie.

Situated in the southwest metro, this is a shopping center.

It's a terrific spot to go shopping, and there are plenty of alternatives for food and entertainment nearby.

The center is a perfect spot to dodge the weather and have some "me time" while in the little town if you cannot participate in any of the activities listed above due to cold or rain.

Shops at Eden Prairie Center
Tyler Vigen, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

International companies including Victoria's Secret, American Eagle, Von Maur, and Bath & Body Works can all be found at this location.

Also included are a large movie theater and a variety of restaurants.

Local merchants put up booths in the center on weekends to sell their wares, making it a great place to stroll about and take in the sights.

Visiting these exhibits is a great way to learn about the goods and artists in your community.

Even though the center is large, you won't feel exhausted strolling from end to end.

Try Different Outdoor Activities at Bryant Lake Regional Park

If you're looking for things to do in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, with your pets, look no further. Bryant Lake Regional Park is where to go if you want to spend the day with your dog.

There are dog-friendly pathways at this location where you and your pet may enjoy a stroll or a run together.

There are also several facilities where you may participate in various activities.

Biking, disc golf, fishing, hiking, picnicking, and swimming are just activities you may enjoy while you're there. It also has a children's play area for you and your loved ones.

This 170-acre regional park has a diverse landscape of grassland, forest, and wetland habitats.

In addition, hiking offers breathtaking views and the chance to see wildlife such as songbirds and animals.

Takes Photos with the Historic Barn at Green Acres Event Center

The Green Acres Event Center is a unique stop on Pioneer Trail.

Cow figurines adorn the front of the building, making it easily identifiable.

A fresh grazing site is discovered each year.

In Eden Prairie, Green Acres, Enchanting Event Center in a Historic BarnTM, a historic barn, was once the Goodrich-Ramus barn.

On March 1, 2013, Green Acres became the city of Eden Prairie's first and only event facility.

Eden Prairie's Historical Society and the City of Eden Prairie intervened when Hennepin County planned to extend Pioneer Trail in 2009 and discussed removing the barn.

A few years ago, the Historic Barn was turned into an event space where events may be held.

Buy Fresh Produce from Marshall's Farm Market

The farm's second-generation produce is cultivated and nurtured by fourth-generation farmers.

In 1920, George Amer Marshall founded Marshall's Farm Market, which offers high-quality produce and a wide variety of other unique items.

In the late 1980s, Harry Rogers handed on the farm market to the Marshall family after working with them.

Produce, presents, specialty foods, meats, cheeses, pumpkins, and outdoor furniture are just some of the many items that draw customers back year after year.

Marshall's Farm Market makes sure that there are no antibiotics or hormones used to produce its food, and all of its eggs come from pasture-raised hens.

Grab a Drink and Unwind at Fat Pants Brewing Co.

The company's name, Fat Pants, comes from regular days on the sofa and cold nights at the cabin, where all you do is snuggle up, get comfortable, and slip on your Fat Pants.

The full-service kitchen at Fat Pants Brewing Co. creates a changing menu that ranges from street food to NOLA-inspired fare.

The standard menu features a wide selection of pizzas, bread, and burger to match all tastes and preferences.

Using green products and sustainable technologies, they aim to establish a culture beyond "simply a brewery."

Fat Pants Brewing Co. also provides full-service catering with individualized menus, personnel, and drink bundles.

Enjoy a Round of Golf at Olympic Hills Golf Club

Olympic Hills Golf Club is an exclusive golf club that strives to offer its members, families, and visitors a welcoming environment and a first-rate golfing experience.

Among the state's most interesting and entertaining courses is this 7,400-yard, par 72 golf course.

Featuring gorgeously manicured greens and expansive fairways bordered by golden fescue, the golf course is both complex and pleasant for all levels of golfers.

Members also get access to a cutting-edge fitness facility, yoga studio, and putting green and practice areas.

Olympic Hills membership entails much more than simply a fantastic round of golf.

Skate at Velocity Hockey Center

Velocity Hockey Center is a regulated hockey rink mostly utilized for hockey leagues, hockey camps, ice rentals, and other creative activities.

It is the location of Minnesota's highest attendance and longest-operating 3-On-3 Hockey Leagues!

The teachers at Hockey Center will assist you in advancing to the next level developing your talents, and evolving into a great hockey player, whether in gliding, aiming, or stick handling.

Due to reduced ice sizes, players will improve their all-around hockey abilities more quickly at Velocity Hockey Centers.

For those families and players that want one-on-one interaction with any of their Hockey Performance Specialists, personal training sessions at the Hockey Center are a fantastic choice.

Prepare for Some Action at Sandbox VR

Try the most up-to-date virtual reality in Sandbox VR in Eden Prairie, Minnesota!

Explore the four virtual reality game rooms and one party area.

Their fully immersive interactive gaming experience blends high-quality haptics with full-body motion capture to deliver unmatched realism and total immersion.

Up to six individuals in a group may transform into their action movie while they freely traverse the VR environment, visit private virtual worlds, and play socially cooperative activities.

The distinctive, dynamic, and friendly Sandbox VR is the ideal location for friends and family to come together, from casual trips to birthday parties and group activities.

Delight in a Relaxing Massage at Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center

The welcoming Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center opened its doors in 2015 and is home to yoga studios, healing rooms, and various therapeutic and relaxing massage treatments.

Their only goal is to provide people the chance to recover and become healthy from the inside out.

Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center offers a serene, welcoming setting for yoga and healing.

Experience a wide range of holistic and integrative therapeutic approaches.

They have one of the neighborhood's broadest selections of integrative therapeutic modalities, ranging from acupuncture, massage, ayurveda, salt therapy, and infrared sauna.

Discover what their services and spa deals have to offer!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Peruse Various Shops at Minnesota State Fairgrounds

A Crowd in Minnesota State Fairgrounds
Pichit Kaewbutta / Shutterstock.com

Do you want to learn more about Eden Prairie, Minnesota?

It's just a 28-minute drive from Eden Prairie to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, situated in St. Paul.

These fairs include a variety of attractions, so what are some of them? With a wide variety of livestock, mouthwatering cuisine, exhibits, and performances, this state fair is sure to brighten your day.

A Crowd in Minnesota State Fairgrounds
Jacob Boomsma / Shutterstock.com

Permanent rides and music events put on by planners from across the globe are also available.

Many more events take place at the fairgrounds over the remainder of the year.

Several of the structures on these grounds may be rented and used to store camping trailers and boats in the winter.

A Crowd in Minnesota State Fairgrounds
melissamn / Shutterstock.com

See Stunning Exhibits at Minneapolis Institute for Arts

Front View of Minneapolis Institute for Arts
Designs2Rise / Shutterstock.com

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, A twenty-minute drive away from Eden Prairie, is another noteworthy structure to see while in Eden Prairie. Several exhibits, including the work of both local and foreign artists, are held here regularly.

In addition to these exhibits, there is a slew of other activities you may participate in.

Statue in Minneapolis Institute for Arts
Jeff Bukowski / Shutterstock.com

Free Ink Day aims to empower children and bring them together.

You can help keep the Minneapolis Institute for the Arts operational by making a financial contribution.

People from all walks of life may benefit from this institution since it is free.

Get Up Close and Personal with Animals at Como Park Zoo

Inside Como Park Zoo
TammiMild / Shutterstock.com

Thirty minutes away from Eden Prairie, Como Park Zoo is a great place to visit if you're a fan of animals and zoos.

What can you anticipate from this establishment?

The first step is to book a reservation ahead of time.

Outside View of Como Park Zoo
KARI K / Shutterstock.com

Once you've entered, prepare to be mesmerized by the conservatory's vast interior and rich outside gardens.

In addition to big cats and bison, there are also flamingos and other birds.

Meanwhile, the conservatory's exotic gardens are home to stunning flowers and plants.

Rhinoceros at Como Park Zoo
Kenneth L. Woods / Shutterstock.com

Final Thoughts

Even though Eden Prairie isn't one of the most talked-about cities in the United States, don't let that deceive you!

This city is a charming, up-and-coming tourist attraction in the suburbs of Minneapolis that is well worth a trip.

Some of the best things to do in Eden Prairie will astound you.

Taking a vacation and relaxing in Eden Prairie may be something you want to do again in the future.

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